New levels of Stooptitude!

If you think I’d stoop so low as to try and cater to the Slashdot crowd with this "Hamster + Logitech" image…


You’re ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. Oh, and it’s Soooooo Rule #14.


Baroo? [little Hammie looks up]


A thousand thanks, Trey G.



  1. Just look at those teeny feeties.

  2. That is so cute I think I just popped a vein! I TOTALLY needed that. Now I can go home from work in the best mood thinking about a hammie the size of a quarter…. that means its like the size of a peanut in the shell… but FUZZY…aiiiii tooo cute!!!

  3. awww! THE QUARTER!

  4. they are, too cute!!!!


  5. Yey!!!!!! First post!!!!!!!
    I love hamsters!!!!!!!! This is the reason why my name is Hammy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m noticing that one of the cute lil’ brown ones likes money…

  6. Whoa! Sorry, I meant THRID post!!!!! Hehe! Sorry!

    *thinks to self ‘idiot, idiot!’*

  7. Awww!!! They’re RECHARGEABLE!

  8. That is so cute I think I just popped a vein! I TOTALLY needed that. Now I can go home from work in the best mood thinking about a hammie the size of a quarter…. that means its like the size of a peanut in the shell… but FUZZY…aiiiii tooo cute!!!

  9. Aranaska says:

    oh my god!!!!
    that is a HAMSTER,ok?
    and it is the size of a QUARTER!
    that is absoulutely miniscule! how do they come in sizes sooo small!
    this makes mee feel better…
    *i luuuurve them aaaaallllllll*

  10. oi gosh. That is too much. An “A-1 flock” of hamsters, connected to boot.

  11. they are cute!! i hope their mommy doesn’t eat them now that they stink like human hands. i’m so morbid.

  12. ladykiss says:

    omigosh,omigosh,omigosh!! hammies!! hammies!! hammies the size of a quarter!! eeeeeeeeee!!
    ***brain implodes***

  13. motherbrother says:

    hahaha missboo you are so right,

  14. WAAAH 😦
    so cute.


  16. Bothered says:

    Hamsters stuffed into electronic devices? Squirrels in cups? Terrified looking dogs with squirrells on their heads and human hands around their necks? This is all starting to be very un-cute … and posting these pictures may make people think doing these things is okay. It’s not ok. I think the next cute rule should be something about no forced cuteness … those hamsters are perfectly cute on their own.

  17. …”Stooptitude”?

  18. you just made phone my friend about this.

  19. Carlisa says:

    OMG! OMG! OMG! Just want to Squarsh em!

  20. I love it “stoopitude”, such a classic!

  21. Oh, why not admit that we were *all* traumatized by our folks’ insistence on taking pics of us when we were teenytiny infants?!

    Theriously, I liketh “stoopitude” most muchly. Even.

  22. I never thought hammies could get any cuter but I was WRONG!!! Want my cheek on one, my nose on another– Kissing the other two at the same time!! Soooooooo precious I can’t stand it…

  23. …but methinks his widdo eyes hurt fwom bwight lights and new wubbewy wegs can’t cawwy him away fwom it! I save you, beebee, don’t worry…[click and darkness]

  24. The loving-ness of all of use has shone through with the graphics on this page! Such cute lil’ hammies!

  25. sadie_asher says:

    Them little hammies just made my day…. nay, my whole week!

  26. an old yorkie's mom says:

    rechargeable?? hahaha that’s absolutely brilliant!
    esp since the hammies are asleep and literally in need of recharge… hehe

    Bothered & E. Collision, absolutely, I believe most of these domesticated animals thrive with attention anyways~ the more reason the better; it’s like the mama cat annoyed at the adopted puppy for chewing on mama cat’s tail, but mama cat pulls the puppy closer so she can lick adopted puppy clean & shiny…~

  27. These hamsters won’t remember the bright, flashing lights or the Big Mean Quarter… They’re thinking about eating, sleeping and pooping right now. Not scary humans. (After all, the big nasty humans give them food, no?) 😉

  28. I’m the one that took these pictures, and sure they are cute, but you are a STRANGE bunch of people…

    Don’t worry, these dwarf hamsters are FINE, their mother didn’t eat them afterwards, and they all grew up to be happy healthy “hammies”.

  29. an old yorkie's mom says:

    logitech should SO use this idea for some advertisement hehehe; perhaps megan can submit it and get some extra dough to spread more viral cuteness around the world :9

  30. Strange we might be, but most of us think your lil’ hamsters are the ultimate in Cute-itude.

  31. Thats why my name is Hammy!!!!!!!!!

  32. woah.. they are TINY!

  33. Whoa, Ladykiss, I barely noticed you here! Sorry!

  34. I love the symmetrical arrangement of the various feet/hands in the top pic. Nicely done.

  35. Yes, thanks Meg!

  36. Imagine a beowulf cluster of hammies! [/obligatory slashdot comment]

  37. Heaven… I’m in heaven…

  38. COaddict says:

    they look like gerbils that i had! awwwwwwwww!

  39. Anonymous Coward says:

    Being one of the /. crowd that is still around on this site I do appreciate the connection of cute and hi-tech. *dies* *dies again*

  40. Amazing they are so small

  41. Subhangi says:

    I’m so rendered speechless that I’m forced to post an old comment:

    New born Hamster baby
    Drives CO fans crazy
    Dream of Hamsterfornication
    Dream of Hamsterfornication.

    *struggles to regain speech*

  42. Woods walker says:

    I know that the slang for baby mice is popcorn. What is the slang for baby hamsters?-Woods Walker

  43. nnnyaawwwww hes widdoooooo!

  44. Stop him!!! his nicking money!!! but the money too big for him to hold!!

  45. I’m English. How big is a quarter? about an inch/ 2cm?

  46. Slang for hamster bambini–hambini.

  47. Tony James says:

    Dawn – for reference, about the size of the old 10p piece.

  48. Chippy's Mommy says:

    Just for the record, the doggies in the squirrel pictures were not being choked. Someone was just holding their head. And the squirrel likes it in the cup, its nice and cozy. They are all very happy animals and very spoiled. The dogs may not want to acknowledge Chippy exists but I know when I’m not home they all party hard together. Continue on with the cuteness!!!!

  49. AIEEEEE!!!!!

    I love that you made lil hammie say “Baroo,” and I imagine it sounding more like, “Baruuuhhh….” Cos he’s sleeeepyyyyyy!!!!

  50. no way more like the 20 p piece. old 10 p is pretty big…

  51. The Guy Over There says:

    I agree with the chippy mom! Rodents love their tiny spaces since it makes them feel all comfy safe. The hand takes some time to get used to, but it’s not like the doggies are in pain (just in freaked out WTH expressions).

    That Logitech device runs of 4 triple C(ute)s!

    If you could play the 2001 theme with the quarter, you’d get this completely different effect with this set of photos.

    Right as the hammy touches the quarter, it scurries into the Logitech device and it turns into a spaceship!!!

    …I am such a geek. :p

  52. Tony James says:

    S – whoops, goes to show how long I’ve been out of blighty! The diameter of a quarter is precisely the length of the last joint on my little finger (right hand), which according to reliable sources is 24.26mm in old money.

  53. so cute, I just pooped a little bit

  54. /. *still* loves you <3


  56. That is so abso-friggin’ cute! Wook at the widdle hamsters with dem itsy bitsy feetsies…*melts into a puddle*

  57. That middle picture reminds me of the Kitten Swiffers, including the Mendelian distribution of coloration.

  58. i want to muuush his face! he’s sooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuute!

  59. afinlarc says:

    Jeezus! It’s so unbelievably cute, I’m crying. Literally brought ot tears by the cuteness. That nose! those little feet! And look at the proportion of the body to the head- they are equal. Too cute!


  60. so tiny!

  61. Jessica says:

    anybody have the site that these are from? gotta have the hammie pics!!!! <3

  62. those things are teeeeeeny!!!!!!! so very snerfable.

  63. geekydewd says:

    Arg! I can’t stay away from this site since it was on /.

    I’m gonna’ have to buy one of those t-shirts so I have something else to do!

  64. you guys are all freaks.
    grow up, fuckers.

  65. LoveySxyBonBons says:

    Jeez kid, if you dont have anything nice to say, dont say it. didnt you learn that in kindergarden? or have you not gotten past that grade yet.