For your conveeeeience

If CuteOverload ever has a store, we must provide shopping bags like this at the door. (For the convenience of customers, of course.) Holy Squirmy McSquirmersons in there.


Barbara B—give us a BREAK! Good God, woman! And THANKS to Woolen Rabbit! owner of the pups.



  1. Bag’O Pups – my fave!

  2. Or, Chock Full ‘O Pups, or….

  3. are those cavaliers?

  4. StormCat says:

    OH my GOSH!!!!! Aren’t they anerable?!?!?! I’ll take two…No wait, three…No no, make it four…OH heck, give me a half of dozen…

    What’s that? What’ll my Cats say? Um…good question…Shoot…

  5. puppybagpuppybagpuppybag!

    Love it!

  6. demonstar says:

    bag-o-pups. omg, i cant stand it. going
    plo ************dies*********

  7. Alessandra says:

    I LOVE the puppy piles.

  8. My eyes! My eyes! I’ve been blinded by the cutetacularness of that picture! Eeeeeeee!

  9. Oh, I’ll bring you a doggy bag honey, oh, its ok, you’ll get to go to the restaurant next time…

  10. I want the lil’ one who’s looking right at the camera. He’s fiesty! Looks like he’s saying “Hey, you! Get me outta this friggin’ sack!”

  11. Adrienne says:

    EEE!!!! cutest puppies EVAR!

  12. Seven puppies in a bag.

  13. “Doggy bag”… HA!

  14. Bag-O-Pups! I love it! It hurts…

  15. We all feel the pain, Anna, its just too cute to handle!

  16. can i be beaten by a bag of this, instead of the hot nickels?

  17. When you get your Cuteness in bulk, it’s more economical in the long run.

  18. Costco has things in bulk, maybe….. ok guys I’m gonna go ask the store manager to put these up in stock!

  19. If we would just improve the puppy immigration process in the US then people wouldn’t have to sneak them across the border this way.

    Puppy cuteness visas FTW!

  20. Once that bag tips over I’m just gonna have to get behind the fence with those angels, lay down, and let them wiggle and squirm. Of course, I’ll be wiggling and squirming too but —that’s the point…

  21. Think of all the wagging tails in that puppy parcel that have been for the moment subdued.

  22. lol doggy bag! just wanna take them all home in the baggie

  23. Erica E. says:

    Just when I think you couldn’t possibly top the last picture…. voila!

    I’m not a dog fan… but damn that is cute!

  24. Doggie Bag is right, all right…
    Subclass: Sack O’ Spaniels?



  26. I own a Cav and they are seriously that cute. Every single one. Oh, and awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!

  27. the conveience of killing me dead!

    it’s NOT fair.


  28. are those king charles cavalier puppies?

  29. Hmmmm…

    At the going rate for Cavalier King Charles pups, that bagful of cuteness is worth more than my car.

  30. mejezabel says:

    I screamed ‘oh my god’ so loud that the boss lady found me out!!

  31. I want one!!!!

  32. JessJess says:

    OMG!!! AHHHHHHHHH! *snuggles the bag-o-pups before running away with it*

  33. I was starting to get worried I was becoming desensitized to cuteness from visiting CO every day. But then I saw this and gasped out loud. At work. Thanks!

  34. I want them all;
    I want the NOW;
    and, I want them in a bag!

    Thank you for shooping at Pup-Mart!

  35. Bubbles says:

    When going puppy shopping, it’s better for the environment to bring your own reusable tote bag.

  36. They don’t have them at Costco!!!! Darn…. I’ll try Petco, maybe I’ll find them there… anyone care to join me?

  37. Oooooh, it’s a bag of PUPPIES!!!! I bet they smell so good, all that little puppy breath. CO, you’ve done it again.

  38. OMG. Bag O’ Puppiness!

  39. Hammy — Actually, the PetSmart stores around the Twin Cities all have adoption centers (like, through local Humane Societies).

    Now, as far as ever getting a specific *breed* of dog through an adoption or rescue program, well, that’d take a lot more research & luck.

  40. Thanks Theo, but I didn’t ask, well, I was trying to put in a comment, not an advertisement, but its good to know if I have a question on adopting puppies, or any other animal, I can ask you, right? Well thanks anyway! 😉


  42. How could you think if your head exploded?


  44. BinkyBink says:

    Apropos of nothing (except puppies), check out this video, Puppies vs. Cat.

  45. BinkyBink — Awww! They’re all shy & nervous! I love it when the one pup steps right on the other pup’s head…

  46. OMG…I want them ALL! *Owns a tricolour Cav*
    The one at the bottom looks JUST like my puppy *squeezes them and faints*

  47. Excuse me, I seem to have lost my big bag of pups…oh, nevermind.
    I am in love

  48. Kristen, the last time I daid that….

    BTW, I guess I should have said”

    “Shop Smart, Shop Pup-Smart!”

  49. Many more pics of these lil guys at the Woolen Rabbit… one of my favorite bloggers, btw!

    (Me clapping wildly!!)

  51. Mmmm…white and milk chocolate, or white and dark chocolate? Too much yumminess…

  52. Rafael:

    I believe you dropped your Cute Stick. (Groovy.)

  53. The Guy Over There says:

    Pounds of pound puppies!

  54. Oh my GOD! That’s cuter than a sackful of puppies….wait a minute, that IS a sackful of puppies. Never mind. ;o)

  55. Give me the bag o pups and no one gets hurt.

    *bag* *o* *luv* me wannit WANNIT

  56. Carlisa says:

    Just think of all the kisses you’d get if you stuck your face in that bag! so adorable *sigh*

  57. Oh, man – check out this pup pic from last month:

  58. I bet that bag is full of puppy breath.

  59. Cute puppy breath!

  60. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner! says:

    Bag o Barnards!

  61. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner! says:

    “Doggy bag”
    HAhahahaha! Good one!

  62. Are you talking to me?

  63. This picture is GREAT!

  64. Subhangi says:

    PUPPY BAG!!!


  65. Woods walker says:

    Cute puppies, I hope they get good homes soon. I have seen dogs mistreated and for a dog lover it is heartbreaking.-Woods Walker

  66. Carlisa says:

    BinkyBink—-The video was so cute! Thanks! :o3 Poor kitty was surrounded by the “pup patrol” huh?

  67. Lynne and Nellie says:

    Oh, the CKC Spanielness of it all! I just exploded.

  68. wigglers!

  69. AuntieMame says:

    Waiter, I’ll have a doggie bag, please!

    (Poor kitty, my foot! They outnumbered her 10 to 1 and she still had them completely cowed. LOL!)

  70. AuntieM — I agree (go kitty!)… but the little pups were curious and just wanted to play. Cute but sad, a little.

  71. Theo, AuntieM– it was cute. I think the responsible owner probably took good care of them all. Even if the kitty is indifferent, at least the puppies will get socialized to cats.

    I love when the Mom (or Dad) Golden comes over and is like “OK, kids, stop pestering Mr. Socks..”

  72. AuntieMame says:

    It’s a shame they cut the video off so soon. I wanted to see what the puppies did when the giant scary monster kitty was out of the way. 🙂

    You could almost hear the cat’s thoughts. “C’mon, punks! The first one of ya’s that gets too close is losing an eyeball!”

  73. The Cat Herder says:



  74. Well, my grandma had a small dog and a cat, the dog chased after the cat all the time, that is until the cat had kittens, the one swipe of the paw to the nose from the cat to the dog and the roles where quickly reversed!

    I think the cat was intimidated while the puppies where curious, but mom was not about to let the cat have her way with the pups.

  75. I refer to this picture as Bag of Baroo?

    I have 2 cavaliers. They make the cutest puppies (and stay that way).

  76. OOOOOOH! the only thing more fun than one Cav puppy is a whole bag!!!!!