You are… so snarfable

You are so snarfable…to me.
You are sooo snarfable—to me.
can’t you seeeeee?

You’re everything I hoped for
You’re everything I neeeeeeed
You are…so snarfable… to meeeeeeeee! [voice cracking]


Big thanks to tiny "Kuropome."



  1. Yey! First post! I love the doggie. I love its hypnotyzing eyes! o_o

  2. wee fluffy puppykins.

  3. Suddenly…the world…seems right again… Shnarf, kiss, and wiggle.

    I’m not sure what that is but holy shlamoly I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  4. I think it’s a rodent, but a cute one nevertheless!

  5. What ever it is, it’s veryly cute!

  6. what a BEEBEEEE!

  7. Its a doggie with a big head… =3 Awwwwww.

  8. I said “Oh my God!” out loud when I saw this.

  9. Subhangi says:

    Looking out to the horizon
    Awaiting the sun…
    This black, fluffy cuteness
    Little aware of its own luminence.


  10. **Foofy**

  11. I long to kiss the wee nose.

  12. SNARF! *Faints*

  13. Woods walker says:

    Supercute puppy. Hammy being called crazy is complimentary. It infers confidence to try things others consider difficult. I know I am crazy it makes life interesting especially for people around me. If you are not crazy you must be more boring than white bread and margerine.-Woods Walker

  14. One of the most intriguing profiles of a non-humn animal I have ever seen.

    Look at the depth in his/her gaze!

    Wonderful piture ;>

  15. What is this animal??

  16. motherbrother says:

    I think that’s a little pomeranian puppy!
    They can have either a ‘fox face’ or a ‘baby face’, this one definitly has a baby face hence the teeny little snout.
    I just want to shove my face into the fluff!

  17. pistache268 says:

    Dooweeeeeee that is le cute to me.

  18. little miao says:

    Awwwwww… it looks like a little puppy-kitten!

  19. Yum, yum, yum, I want to nibble on it’s teeny, fluffy little ears! OMG, what cuteness. It’s almost unbearable!

    Is it really a pom pom pup? Every time I check in at Cute Overload I see another cute little bundle of irresistable soft fuzziness that I must go out and get for myself!

  20. is puffy puffy widdo baaaaaby dooog!

  21. ふわふわ ぽん!

  22. mejezabel says:

    Can you draw Blinky?

  23. Rayndrop says:

    Subhangi: right on the money. It’s so funny not just because he’s so ADWAHRUHBUUULL (*cough*) but also because he looks so… pensive. Like he’s pondering the secrets of the universe or something. *smothers with kisses*

  24. I can’t believe no one’s commented on his super cute hairstyle! It’s totally-I just woke up hair!!

  25. i definitely think that is a pom.
    i know somebody who has one that looks like that, but most people say they have never seen a pom with that salt-and-pepper coloring.
    ssooooooo cute.
    i <3 poms...

  26. Snarf from ThunderCats?

  27. I have no idea what that was, but it was damn cute.

  28. I have no idea what that was, but it was damn cute.

  29. AuntieMame says:

    You can see the wheels turning.

    Is he pondering the mysteries of the universe? Or just planning whose shoes he’s going to tinkle in?

  30. I was thinking it was a Japanese Chin but now that you mention it I guess that is just fluffy fur on his widdle nose and it’s not as smooshed-in as I thought, looks like a pom. He’s gonna be a yapper when he grows up! 😉 All these puppies make me want to aggressively demand my puppy is put on the site, like a crazy person.

  31. You are so… adorable!

  32. He’s so widdle…and precious!

  33. hm, a Pom with a large poofy hairstyle…A Pompompadour?

  34. Proof once and for all that some breeds of dog are acerebral.

  35. uh, this is soooo sweeeeet! 🙂

  36. darbysangel says:

    I have a little mini pom… he’s a tri-colored cutie, and he had this same hairstyle when he was a wee pup! Especially when he’d get a blow-dried ‘do after his lil’ bath 🙂

  37. j0c3lyN says:

    OMG. that is sooo kute. is that ur dog?