Vet Voodoo

Brooklyn-Pup is about to rip into The Vet. Watch out, The Vet! (Mr. Vet seems to have mixed feelings about this, and a sweet hairstyle.)


Props, Zubhair A.



  1. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! Its eyes are wide with confusion, “Why the vet, am I sick? Or is it time for those dreadful check ups?”

  2. Yep, that pop-eyed dog has it out for his vet. Now all he needs are a few pins…

  3. What a great idea, a vet toy for dogs. . .

  4. (yay, second poster!!!) SO CUTE! Is he wearing a sweater? What is that green thing???

  5. The green thing is his collar, and no, I don’t think he’s wearing a sweater.

    Should he work with the eyes, or a bit lower, around the waist (if its a guy! LOL!).

  6. Wow. Get em!

  7. His eyes go two different ways!!! XD


  8. V for Vet-detta

  9. “Cha”—so true—he’s looking at first, but shooting for third!

  10. christina says:

    i feel bad for the vet when mr. bright eyed and bushy tailed gets bigger lol loves the doggy with the big eyes …..S.W.A.K.

  11. OMG!!!

  12. Pop eyed pup pops vet to his place…. POW!

  13. I need to get one of those toys for my dog…what a great idea! 🙂

  14. The Guy Over There says:

    He looks so innocent as he does this, but in my heart I know that if that vet somehow manages to fly around, bury himself into a concrete street, and/or suddenly leaks of brown gravy, then I know who to point the blame finger at.

  15. Stephanie says:

    I’d like to see an “after” picture.

  16. This naughty pup has just put that vet’s hand in his water dish, I just know it.

  17. Kate Orman says:

    That little dude is the spit Nibbler from Futurama! (Only with less eyes.)

  18. I’m not as big a fan of squished-nose doggies as I am of some other breeds, but this little guy is *too* adorable!

  19. the puppy is like “turn the camera off… must… leave… no… evidence… muahahaha”

  20. Oh man, those eyes remind me of Steve Buscemi… Haha!

  21. Elizabeth says:

    Goodness gracious! Black puggies are the keeyootest!!

  22. This is great! I would love to help you rip into the vet.

  23. awwww!!! he is soooo cute!!!!

  24. Beauregard says:

    Oh crap! That is the greatest toy ever!

  25. Look at those eyes. This pup is in training to be a chameleon.

  26. Anybody old enough to remember the actor Peter Lorre? The resemblance is astonishing!

  27. this is brooklyn and SHE’S even cuter now!

  28. The Guy Over There says:

    “Rick, it’s the Fat Vet!”

  29. daisy16 says:

    THose eyes, I just want to eat him up. so fricken cute!!!!!!!!!

  30. moptopmouse says:

    Lil’ Brooklyn-pup is a K-9 supercuty, too bad no bideo streaming of this ‘precious memry”..

  31. or maybe stoned on Neo.

  32. I don’t think the puglet is going to hurt The Vet. I think they are best friends and I would imagine that he carries the friendly vet with him everywhere he goes.

    I want a picture where this little guy and The Vet are sitting at a tiny table having tea. MAKE IT HAPPEN!

  33. It’s hilarious! XD I *NEED* a toy like this for my dog, he hates The Vet!

  34. I gotta know, where’d you get that toy? Such a great idea and such a cute pug!

  35. The toy, it does nothing for me.
    The pug, I just wants to kiss and kiss and kiss him forever! Buggy eyes RULE!

  36. Nastassia Yalley says:

    ahh! look at its little face!!!!!!!! so cute

  37. Yvette W. says:

    THE CUTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. he is soo saying “look away, this aint gonna be pretty” harharhar

  39. darthhellokitty says:

    I love how baby pugs’ eyes so often look in different directions. They usually kind of focus when they get older, but OMG the baby buggy puggy eyes!!!