Welcome! Welcome all!

Penguin 1: Where are we?
Penguin 2: I’m confused—where’s the technology?
Penguin 3: Run awaaaay!

C.O. ❤ ❤ ❤ /. !!!


Thanks to Cool Antartica.com and great idea, "A".



  1. omfg first comment! i looove penguins they is soooo fluffy!

  2. Dang, so close, but I love cute little penguins!!!!!!!!!

  3. At last… penguins where they deserve to belong! you just made my day!

  4. TUX!!
    They use SLAX.

  5. Anonymous Coward says:

    I came here too late and missed the shirt :(((

  6. pobrecito hablador says:

    this he is tux, the mascot of linux

  7. Yey, another Spanish speaker, hey, say some thing in Spanish “pobrecito hablador”!

  8. Listening to Charlie Barnet, digging on the penguins…things just don’t get much better.

    Cool Antartica indeed!

  9. What a beautiful picture. The colors are gorgeous!

  10. cute tux!

  11. I am so relieved to see this fuzzy group–not that geeks can’t be fuzzy…

  12. I soooooo agree with you Jaypo, the geek pic had no meaning, now that cute animals came back, I’m sane again!

  13. /. loves you <3

  14. You love who?

  15. Hammy, I scrolled through that whole damn page looking for a name I knew. I was jonesin’ … then ahhhhhhh, Meg threw in something for the rest of us. *Thanks* Meg! We so rely on you, it’s not funny. 😉

  16. most of the non-geeks will not get this. . .

  17. We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.


  18. Eh what’s going on here? My nerdish boyfriend seems to understand but I want the cuteness back! Should I force him to cough up his geek secrets? Mmm penguin cuteness.

  19. Holly:
    Another Scooby Doo mystery!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. A thinker, you mean “most of the geeks…” right?!

  21. Whattttttttttttt?????????

  22. "I'm not giving my name to a machine" says:

    YAY cute tux’s! 😀 They should use Damn small linux http://www.damnsmalllinux.org/
    It can fit in a cute little usb stick.
    BTW, Hammy ” /. ” means “slashdot” not ” I “.

  23. jaypo: ah ambiguity. you are also, perhaps, correct.

  24. Awwww, so cute!

  25. Has anyone heard from WoodsWalker?

  26. Woodswalker who? I haven’t seen anyone with that name post comments.

  27. Just WoodsWalker… They were posting last week but haven’t seen anything from them since. Good comments and posts, too, so I was just wondering.

  28. those are adorable.

  29. Maybe their online time is down, or they can’t use the computer, hey who knows?

  30. I’m glad you decided to put this picture up! I was hoping you would when I sent it. 🙂 Penguins are so adorable… *snuggles them*

  31. Oh, but /. boyz REALLY luv *devil* penguins:


    (P.S.: These lil’guys and gals are awfully prosh!)

  32. jaypo: hope that didn’t sound rude. The penguins are a bit of a joke because they are the symbol of Linux, a free/open-source operating system favoured by “geeks”. Thus, non-geeks may not appreciate the implication; and you might be right that geeks won’t enjoy the fuzzy animals. But I tend to think they probably will. . .

  33. Hey! Geeks don’t like fuzzy animals? Thats just wrong, but hey, at least they like penguins!

  34. Woods walker says:

    jaypo you missed me posting yesterday. I normally post late. Hammy I thought being crazy was a requirement to be a cuteologist.- Woods Walker

  35. Are you saying that I’m crazy?

  36. Hey, I never called you crazy, what do you mean?

  37. A thinker–no, it didn’t sound rude at all. I am such a non-geek. I have no idea what all that stuff was about. But I know a cute penguin when I see it.

    Hi, Woods Walker.

    There’s cuteness ahead…

  38. You’ve been slashdotted. That’s the same as “scarred for life”. Its effects have only but begun to show up.

  39. The Guy Over There says:

    Futurama put it best:

    “It’s like if puppies and kitties could have babies!”

  40. Subhangi says:

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Juvenile Emperor penguins!!!

    BTW people, have you checked out this movie ‘Happy Feet’? Looks like a must for penguin-lovers.

  41. DAMN… took me like SIX FREAKIN HOURS to get out of that stupid minimalist art box… what’d I miss??

  42. crystal says:

    wow,they are cute!

  43. Good night, what precious little babies!!!

    I’m sure they’re all oily (water birds are), but they *look* so fluffy! And they always look so happy, too! 🙂

  44. ka9q's wife says:

    awwwww so cute…and babies too. Funny how those tiny chicks get all big quick. Did you look at the Cool Antartica site? They have baby weddel seals, Now they are ca-yute.


  45. ka9q's wife says:


    and this one…seriously people i can’t stop ooooing and awing over those round eyes and that flipper over his nose.

  46. Lacrossedragon says:


  47. yaaaaay! penguiiiins!


  48. looks like theyre trapped on just one block of ice!!! ahhh!!!! dont sink!!!

  49. Penguins!!! We need more penguins on this site. Look how cute and fluffy they are!

  50. I’m a little late on this, but here’s a little sumthin from StuffOnMyCat…

  51. Hunter D. says:

    Yeah… The caption below the caption was *kinda* geeky…

  52. Every time I see penguins, I think “Who called this meeting?”