OMG!!! Ponies!!!

[13-year-old voice] LOL!!!!!!!! BBQ!!!! OMG, Sooooo kewl!!! CUTEST PONIE EVAR!!!
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! *dies*. *dies again*. ^_^  KBYE! [/13]


Hugs, Slashdot! (And sender-inner Rosie B.)



  1. That looks more like a miniature horse… Very cute and small though, looks like a baby should be riding him.

  2. SaintedAunt says:

    OMG, ponies! LOL!

  3. It’s a live horsie doll! So fur-r-r-r-r-ry! And look at the adorable white spot on the forehead.

  4. Alfalfa the pony?

  5. Subhangi says:


    *snorgles lil’ horsey*

  6. freegrid says:

    It’s got to be too small for a Shetland Pony or a Dartmoor Pony (although both are very small and very cute). Of course, the burning question one must ask at a time like this is: Do they prefer The Matrix or Star Wars?

  7. A darling little pony. Things suddenly seem so much better.

  8. Christine says:

    BBQ? But I don’t want to BBQ the pony! It’s too cute! *cuddles it protectively*

  9. *pulls out the flame broiler*

  10. kagomechan21 says:

    horse burgers! fed nothing but horse for that double horsed in flavor! we dont have horse coke, is horse pepsi ok? neigh. (its a line from a tv show so dont get all mad at me 😐 )

  11. blondiemae says:

    MOM, i want a PONY!

  12. pooooooonies, they make poo

  13. ponyboycuteiomg says:

    Omg, now we can BE a pony in the my little pony roleplaying game

  14. therese says:

    its a fallabella

  15. blond web designer says:

    You could save some bandwidth by recompressing that 690×518 image, e.g., from 337387 bytes to 125296 or so with no visible loss of quality.

  16. Its SAMMY DAVIS JR. the PONY

  17. They are miniature horses actually. . .look at that fluffy baby darling.

    Minis differ from ponies in that they have the conformation and character qualities of a horse. Some people even use them for driving. . .

  18. I’m glad slashdot mentioned ponies on their site because we need more cute ponies on CO!

  19. 6Yankee says:

    “Some people even use them for driving”

    But how do they reach the pedals?

  20. Dustbunny says:

    “Some people even use them for driving”

    But how do they reach the pedals?”

    Not only that, but without opposable thumbs how do they grip the steering wheel??

  21. 6Yankee, Dustbunny: har har. I *knew* by that reference I was going to provide fodder for silly jokes by non-horse geeks 🙂

  22. “my little pony!”

    So that’s where they got the inspiration!

    SO snorgable!



  25. actually 13 year olds dont really talk like that. only the total preps. but for the preps thats pretty accurate. only its now “OH EM GEE!!!!!” not omg.

    but that is an adorable pony

  26. “6Yankee, Dustbunny: har har. I *knew* by that reference I was going to provide fodder for silly jokes by non-horse geeks :)”

    If there’s an opportunity for a bad joke or pun, I’ll take it : P

  27. I’d ride it.
    First, I’d paint it like FireFox.. then add a mobile hotspot on it.

  28. like, omg~! I love teh poneys!!! they are soooo cute. *hugs teh poneys*


  29. Gillian says:

    Brie, I think you’re right about them being Miniature Horses.

    I wish they stayed teeny weeny like when they’re babies.

    I really wish there existed house-cat sized giraffes.

  30. emily, dont even let me get started going off on you about “preps” because it would get nasty and this is a family site… in more positive lights, i loves the pony hes so fluffy and soft looking, very cute

  31. Dustbunny says:

    “I really wish there existed house-cat sized giraffes.”

    Ooh, excellent idea! Science should get to work on this immediately instead of wasting time cloning boring sheep.

  32. OMG POnieS!

  33. As a proud horse geek, the bit about driving had me on the floor.

    And yes, folks, these are *miniature horses.*

  34. Poney story #1
    I once saw a guy riding it right in the middle of the street! (Brazilian here) His feet almost reached the floor! lol

    Poney story #2
    I was riding my normal-sized horse and we went by a pony so my horse tries to step on it and goes on two legs! I almost fell off!
    funny doh!

    Note: My horse wasnt castrated so he tended to become irritated when in the presence of another horse

  35. E. Collison: why? guess I should have phrased that differently. . .

  36. Err… “Why?” what? (No undairstandee.)

  37. “had you on the floor”

    nevermind, no importante


  39. The horse on the left looks like an Icelandic, to me. They’re pony size, but they’re technically horses.

    Miniature horses are knee high, about the size of the baby in this picture.

    What’s really cute, though, is that a lot of times Icelandics will mistake minis for Icelandic babies and try to take care of them. It is ADORABLE.

  40. oh my gosh, why does everything seem so big?!

  41. … I thank God I’m fourteen. Haha.
    Aww. Cutest little pony.

  42. edenwillow says:

    he looks to be about apartment-sized, right?


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  45. Nice bit of bait-and-switch there, Tom. That “Pussy Cat Fight” thing (which is actually about credit cards???) has got to go. Plz no mo spam, m8.

    The one about owning a dog seems OK though.