Cute Overload gets the biggest props of all time: Slashdotted!

SlashdotPicture April 1, People—and your world turns upside down. Slashdot goes Pink! Best joke ever. Or… is it!?




  1. woot first post!

  2. I’ve never been first before I told you if I did the puppy face I’d take over the world and its coming true mwahahaha!!
    i dont know what to say about the pic. umm, cool?!

  3. This isn’t cute! it’s cruel! and sad! and death!
    /Posting all commentroversy early to get it all over with

  4. ROFLMAO. someone will find something. probably me haha.
    i just realised its not cool to be first tonight, because im the saddo still in while everyones out partying.

  5. I’m confused. Are we in a time warp, or is this a CO’s Greatest Hits trip?

  6. What the….????

    Sabrina, I can say for certain that you did NOT get FP on this… it was from April 1 (note the date) and I have no idea why all the comments vanished. This was a pivotal day in Cute Overload history.

  7. 😉 …yeah, I saw that the posts (and comments) on either side of the pink ponies were intact.

    Wait. OK. This post never WAS in Cute Overload until just today, then. So, duh, no comments vanished, and…. Sabrina did get her informative “woot first post” after all.

    Okey dokes, then.

  9. Haha that’s cute, but where did this really come up? I went to and didn’t see it — it’d be a great notion to cuteoverloadify just about every website. I wonder if you applied Cute Overload to itself, what the progeny would be!

  10. Sorry, Dewds, I’m bringing all the press posts over from Frostdesign, and made an error with the post date! There is now a new press section…

    Theo, my darlingk, not to worry, the Post heard around the world is safe here.