CO Discovered by /. Nerds

OMG! Like the emotionally stunted Slashdot Fanboys (pictured below) have totally discovered Cute Overload. W00t!


Since they’re all l33t hax0rs, who are smarter than all of us combined, we should relinquish the comments and let them debate:

1. Why Microsoft sux!

2. Why you are so lame for not encoding your music to Ogg Vorbis.  What a luser!  You probably listen to Britney anyway, so what’s the point.

3. Why Jerry Taylor is, like, a total dick.

4. How you should delete Windoze and install FC5.  It’s like totally easy to use.

5. Some endlessly stupid circular argument that got started because one of their egos is as delicate as a butterfly fart.

So everyone put away their My Little Pony dolls and pop an Anime disc in your DVD, because the comments sections are going to be worthless until the Slashdot Effect passes.

Then again, if you’re really nice and bat your eyelashes, you can probably convince one of these guys to fix your WiFi connection.  (You, like, totally should be running WPA2 security.  *snort* *snort*)

And for every Fanboy that buys a t-shirt, we’ll set you up on your first date.  LOL!



  1. I love it. Those are truly the best slams toward slashdotters I have heard in a long time.

    … although wanking wasn’t mentioned at all…the second most favorite activity of a slashdotter, Followed by the number one activity, being condescending.

  2. OMG that blondie with the jeans is HOT!

  3. This picture of the group of guys, this really scares the crap out of me. I am hoping that military official in other countries don’t think this represents the average male here or we will be invaded tomorrow! Also, the second guy from the left ; what is he looking at? Does he need help or did he just come out of a seizure? The guy in the very back seems disgusted and right fully so!

  4. mangamuscle says:

    who would have tought that the usual posters of this site would make rude comments just becuase they receive a visit from slashdot. Totally uncute and uncool. Get a life people!

  5. D.R. Tong says:

    A little too close to home, Manga? Wah!!!

  6. aboyandhistree says:

    What is with the unwarranted hatred of nerds? I mean if they did something to the site or whatever, its understandable. But it seems so out of the blue…?

  7. Harpalus says:

    “Followed by the number one activity, being condescending.”

    You express support for a post like this, then call people from Slashdot condescending?

  8. Anonymous Coward says:

    I actually might take you up on that T-shirt deal…

  9. freegrid says:

    ‘Tis true that many a Slashdotter has no understanding of cute, except that it scores four points in Boggle. Not all are like that and I might will bookmark this page now I’ve discovered it.

    (Just so that nobody from Slashdot thinks I’ve totally lost it, I did teach my cat to play pinball.)

  10. Sparkster says:

    LOL, Anonymous Coward, LOL…

  11. Paco103 says:

    Ha ha – way to take the slashdot effect with a sense of humor. I love it – and I might shop around tomorrow and buy a shirt just because of the wonderful humor. But I gotta work in the morning selling computers and wifi with WPA2, so for now I’m off!

  12. I take it our website redesign was a flawed investment in human labor that evidently saw no return in the form of increased appeal to those whose demographic may be in line with this and other cuteness-oriented websites.

    Please submit suggestions for improvement to


  13. Christine says:

    Hey guys…I think Meg was joking. A lot of what she says is pretty tongue-in-cheek…I think she was just being satirical, not malicious.

    That being said, I think it is awesome that Slashdot discovering Cute Overload happened at the same time as Slashdot did a lovely pink redesign, complete with “OMG Ponies!”, for April Fool’s! It just…fits!

  14. coward of the anonimys type says:

    wow i never knew this much cuteness was in one spot by the way youve also been dugg

  15. First, “Anonymous Coward” best handle EVAR, and second, WELCOME TO THE CUTE, my little NERDS [arms open wide]

    With the exception of BoingBoing listing us, getting Slashdotted is the equivalent is the BEST thing to ever happen to us.

    I might have to retire the site now—I mean, what ELSE IS THERE!?

  16. l337 h4x0r says:

    that’s l337 h4x0r you insensitive clod!

  17. Sparkster says:

    l337 h4x0r, I’m so busted as a wannabe Slashdot fanboy. LOL!

    – Sparkster (Gets his Slashdot via RSS)

  18. I might have to retire the site now—I mean, what ELSE IS THERE!?

    More cute. There is always more cute, if only because of the principles of probability.

  19. Quiet_Desperation says:

    In Soviet Russia, cute overloads you!

    Can you make a Beowulf cluster of cute kittens?

    Eh… it just isn’t the same. 😦

  20. DUPE!

    Mod parent up.

  21. darkniobe says:

    Maybe not a beowulf cluster of kittens, but I’d think one might be able to connect teh cute kittens in a grid of some kind, and generate a massive charge of static electricity. If we could ever figure out Tesla’s notes, maybe we could use the kittens to power a beowulf cluster.

    That’s even better than powered by Hamster Wheel.

  22. freegrid says:

    In Cute Russia, Soviet jokes overload you!

    It wouldn’t be a beowulf, wulfs are canine. It would be a beotyger. And, yes, anyone who has worked in animal rescue knows that a cluster of cute kittens has awesome power – usually for computing total destruction of furniture, but awesome power nonetheless.

  23. Disputo says:


    This site is way funnier than /.

  24. [leeth4x0r]fun fun. i wanna see the ‘bandwidth limit exceed’ apache. muhhuhuhauha *evil laugh* [/leeth4x0r]

  25. Re: slashd0t

    You must be new here.

  26. First post!

    Let’s see if the slashdot
    effect can overload the cute servers.

    PS, I’m a slashdotter that was here before it was slashdotted. I’m old school.

  27. Do your worst, SlashDotters! This is on TypePad’s ass, not mine! [Choosey Bloggers Choose TypePad]

  28. haha thank you internet you just made my life 2 years longer, i will laugh all day and have a good feeling in my stomach for the rest of the night because of this duel, hahaha
    cant stop

  29. I like kitties^h^h^h^h^h^h^h Linux!

  30. damppuppy says:

    Penguins are cute. So is the Apple remote. And maybe capacitors… Post some cute geek stuff.

  31. AuntieMaim says:

    Hmph. Where did my post go?

    And here’s your cute geek stuff:

  32. I’m not a geek. I’m not a nerd. However, I too believe in the Power of the Penguin.

  33. i don't dare say says:

    Is that a promise? If I buy a tshirt, I can get a date?

    How many you got?

  34. i don't dare say says:

    Is that a promise? If I buy a tshirt, I can get a date?

    How many you got?

  35. i don't dare say says:

    Is that a promise? If I buy a tshirt, I can get a date?

    How many you got?

  36. i don't dare say says:

    Is that a promise? If I buy a tshirt, I can get a date?

    How many you got?

  37. i don't dare say says:

    Is that a promise? If I buy a tshirt, I can get a date?

    How many you got?

  38. i don't dare say says:

    Is that a promise? If I buy a tshirt, I can get a date?

    How many you got?

  39. Ahhhh! Nothing like cute nerds? At least your site is still up >.>

    Besides, if you survive the slashdotting… you could always hope for the dupe next week. Then you know you can handle it.

    Keep posting cute stuff! Someone /.’ers actually appreciate this site

  40. holy fuck says:

    this site is ridiculous OMG!!!

  41. Wow this post is so ironic and absurd! The whole internet has collapsed in on itself!

  42. OMG!! Who’s your host? If your image-heavy site survives this, please post who they are so I can get an account.

  43. I can’t stand all the tension! Mommy! Daddy! Don’t fight!

  44. Geeks and cute stuff actually mix extremely well (see: Apple products, Nintendo, and the sheer number of small toys and plushies that the average programmer collects)… we just have a slightly different definition of cute. For example, I happen to love concentrated cuteness of the tentacled variety — little octopuses, squiddies, and Cthulhu-spawn have such big round eyes and flailing tentacles that you can’t help but love them.

    Could we at least see some penguin pictures, though? 🙂 It would appeal to even the most sexually-insecure Slashdotter, and even the regulars here have gotta admit that a baby penguin is damn cute.

  45. Obviously, the threat of us being overloaded by cuteness is nothing more than FUD, and I refuse to listen to any more of it.

  46. whtzitallabout says:

    Wonderful! Lovely! I only read /.
    -no…can’t do it. Must say slashdot…anyway-
    I only read slashdot through the RSS, but I was quite amused to stumble upon your site. I wish all April Fools day pranks could be as fun as this. 😀

  47. … And then I went and found a whole website ( full of extremely cute penguin pics…

    You should go steal some for this site, Meg 🙂

  48. D00d, I heard there were ch1x0rz here! I haven’t seen one of those since the last time I talked to my mom!

  49. Communist Desperado says:

    I don’t even KNOW these guys, and they’re definitely not cute. Bring back the dang animals, Meg.

  50. Anonymous Coward says:

    Wow I never new sites like CO existed before.

    What a strange world we live in.

  51. lol, we’re just foolin’.

    Seriously though, are you a ch1x0r? I mean, for real? Not like the guy on WoW that claimed to be a girl and I cybered with and he posted it online for everyone to see?

    But perhaps I’ve said too much… um… uh… bye!


  52. Remember Anonymous Coward, websites don’t exist until they’re slashdotted, at which point they again cease to exist a few hours later.

  53. P.S. – M$ sux, and this site doesn’t have proper support for browsers that are using Opera for OS/2, version .62 beta.

  54. I think the real April Fool’s Joke is that the time limit on ordering the t-shirts has run out, so, sorry g33k-boys, there will be no dates.

  55. artificialj says:

    I, for one, welcome our new cute overlords.

  56. Well said, Cowardly Anon, you’re the first winner of a puppy AND you have five minutes left to win a date.

    Now, what’s a ch1x0r?

  57. MonsterMünster says:

    Hey, I’ve been reading both sites for ages. Or cuteoverload for recent months.

    And besides, the typical conversation in /. is “Why is this news?”, “Dupe. This article was posted two days ago.”, “OMG, GWB is at it again. This would never happen under Democrat party government”, “Yes it would”, “No it wouldn’t”, “Yes it would and you’re a Nazi.”

    … but it creates a feeling of security, as nothing ever changes.

  58. Kate Orman says:

    It took me a quarter of an hour to get this. I am so pwned.

  59. Maureen says:

    …I don’t… get it. Is it cute?!

  60. ..::[Hobbit]::.. says:

    OMG!!! Must resist the urge to rightclick and save!!!

    p.s. Hobbits are sooo cute!

  61. It’s true tho…this place is cutesy to the max…

  62. Awesomest slam on slashdot ever. 🙂

  63. Sadly, We nerds aren’t cute. but we are rather hobbit like, and hobbits are cute.

    Perhaps by hypothetical syllogism, we too are cute!

    (I wish I had a server rack at my house. I’d take a picture of my cat sitting on top of it for the “Cats-n-racks” section as a momento present to the site for this hillarious April Fools’ day. =) Anyone willing/able to take such a pic?)

  64. Maureen says:

    But, but but butbutbut… it was started befoo0oore April 1.

    Good point, though. I’ll be on guard for the next 24 hours.

    /remains on guard

  65. /. loves you, learns from you, even copies you. Look at now, all pink and hearts and stuff.

    I guess your page and slashdot are a wonderful couple, so cute, OMG, *screams* *dies*

    Can I throw some rice at the marriage?

  66. In response to Meg:

    “Now, what’s a ch1x0r?”

    Ack. Umm… I don’t think any of us have ever actually seen one. We /.ers kind of figured it was like Bigfoot. There’s some fuzzy and pixelated pictures of them, but you could never really meet one. It’s like a faith thing. We believe them to exist.

    ( =) again =) Oh, this is fun! We need to have CO-/. co-minglings more frequently.)

  67. Bob Johnson says:

    I want to buy a shirt that says: “I doled out the ./ efffect to”

  68. In all seriousness, this is a pretty hearty server to survive such a severe /.-ing. Well done Meg! And bravo on what is actually a pretty neat idea for a site (waits to be beaten to death by his nerd brethren).

  69. l337 h4x0r says:

    that’s /. you insensitive clod!

  70. nice regards from Brazil

  71. “Hey guys…I think Meg was joking. A lot of what she says is pretty tongue-in-cheek…I think she was just being satirical, not malicious.
    Posted by: Christine | Mar 31, 2006 at 10:20 PM”

    I would like to think so, and most of the post is pretty funny taken in that spirit, and obviously written by someone who’s read Slashdot. But reading it, I was surprised by what felt like a hint of nastiness. I mean, if I were going to joke about a stereotypical Slashdot nerd, I wouldn’t *call* them “emotionally stunted,” I’d let the joke imply it.

    “Re: slashd0t

    You must be new here.

    Posted by: Air Conditioner, Alternating Current, Anodized Cardboard | Mar 31, 2006 at 10:45 PM”

    Well, I’m relatively new, so I can’t tell if that refers to feelings about Slashdot that have been expressed here before, or if it’s just a tongue-in-cheek use of a Slashdot-ism (which is funny either way).

  72. Oh, and Air Conditioner etc., I finally noticed the AC reference — duh! Pretty funny!

  73. Anonymous Coward No.2 says:

    1) Plug CAT5 cable into kittie
    2)Load linux

  74. HEY!! I knew about CO MONTHS before seeing the link on slashdot! I think you need to change your opinion because i’m right and your not so right. so there!

    Insert witty sig from /. or something.

  75. Anonymous Coward in America says:

    What does “wanking” mean?

  76. wtfnoob? plz dun dis /., even if your generalizations are founded.

  77. i think nerds can legitimately be called cute…if circumstances allow

  78. ponyboycuteiomg says:

    BE the cute! New MLP RPG @

    thats comingling for ya.

  79. you insensitive clods i prefer FreeBSD to FC5.

    now can one of you cute loving beeotches be so kinda as to introduce me to this wonderful thing call sex i’ve heard so much about?

  80. I don’t know what slashdotting is, but I think nerds are aDORable! and if i was still in high school, the guys in that photo would be the only people in school to not hate me, so i thank their nerdiness and wish them good luck in the mathalon, or whatever it is they’re doing.

  81. I for one, think nerds are totally cute. I want to see the blond one munching on some giant corn.

  82. karen b says:

    Yeeeesh… For a blog whose entire raison d’etre is the reposting of third-party pictures found on flickr, maybe a little more grace about this kind of thing would be in order. :\

    (Not to be mean, but I’m guessing that someone who runs a blog about Cute Animals is maybe not exactly partying with Paris Hilton, which is great, but being mean to “nerds”, um, pretty sure those are your people.)

  83. bademailname says:

    why has no one mentioned the obvious:

    all your cute are belong to us.

    groovy site!

  84. *sob* you only want us geeks when you need us to fix your computer, the rest of the time you just want us to go hide in a closet somewhere.

    We just want to be looooved…

    *gulps, dries his tears on a toy fluffy kitten*

  85. Why is everyone being so mean? *sob* I can’t take it anymore! *pout* OK: ./ers are nerds. I’m a nerd. Therefore, to me, /.ers are cool. I like cute. CO is all about cute. Therefore, to me, CO is cool. Now that we have that out of the way, *What’s The Big Deal?*

  86. Steve Ballmer says:

    F*cking Cute Overload is a f*cking pussy. I’m going to f*cking slashdot that site, I have done it before, and I will do it again. I’m going to fucking kill Cute Overload…..

  87. “I might have to retire the site now—I mean, what ELSE IS THERE!?”

    Kittens. There are always kittens…

  88. hey ladies, who wants to smoke the pole?!

  89. Lingping says:

    I love nerds _and_ kitties. and hamsters. and puppies. and cute overload. and computers and WoW and all that. but i love nerds the most 🙂

  90. Oh, this is all kinds of hilarious.

  91. Are you serious about the t-shirt=date thing?

    Email me if you are, I might buy a couple of them.

    No really, please email me if your serious…


  92. pjeremyh says:

    May I be the first to say, that I for one welcome our new cute Overlords

  93. Thanks ArkhanJG,
    you actually made me cry… it’s true though and thats the worst 😦

  94. ka9q's wife says:

    hey i love CO and i may not be a geek but i married an ubergeek. I love my sweet nerdy hubby and i hit CO all the time. Sometimes i even look at /.
    If i can’t have a Mac can i have Debian and KDE?

  95. ka9q's wife says:

    hey i love CO and i may not be a geek but i married an ubergeek. I love my sweet nerdy hubby and i hit CO all the time. Sometimes i even look at /.
    If i can’t have a Mac can i have Debian and KDE?

  96. ka9q's wife says:

    hey i love CO and i may not be a geek but i married an ubergeek. I love my sweet nerdy hubby and i hit CO all the time. Sometimes i even look at /.
    If i can’t have a Mac can i have Debian and KDE?

  97. ka9q's wife says:

    hey i love CO and i may not be a geek but i married an ubergeek. I love my sweet nerdy hubby and i hit CO all the time. Sometimes i even look at /.
    If i can’t have a Mac can i have Debian and KDE?

  98. ka9q's wife says:

    hey i love CO and i may not be a geek but i married an ubergeek. I love my sweet nerdy hubby and i hit CO all the time. Sometimes i even look at /.
    If i can’t have a Mac can i have Debian and KDE?

  99. ka9q's wife says:

    hey i love CO and i may not be a geek but i married an ubergeek. I love my sweet nerdy hubby and i hit CO all the time. Sometimes i even look at /.
    If i can’t have a Mac can i have Debian and KDE?

  100. This is the best unlikely meeting on the web ever. Who would have ever thought geeks would hang on a cute girly site. I love the comments they are leaving, it’s like a ‘silly boys’ against ‘soppy girls’ playground argument when we were six but with Ub3r speak and sharp feminine wit. Classic.

    I love the site by the way:
    Keep it real, keep it cute.

  101. I believe this is going to be bookmarked for future Cuteness adiction treatment.

    About the world peace threw Cuteness…
    Ur right!
    Only the rodent should be carried by other of his kind in a silver plater.

  102. I believe this is going to be bookmarked for future Cuteness adiction treatment.

    About the world peace threw Cuteness…
    Ur right!
    Only the rodent should be carried by other of his kind in a silver plater.

  103. I believe this is going to be bookmarked for future Cuteness adiction treatment.

    About the world peace threw Cuteness…
    Ur right!
    Only the rodent should be carried by other of his kind in a silver plater.

  104. I believe this is going to be bookmarked for future Cuteness adiction treatment.

    About the world peace threw Cuteness…
    Ur right!
    Only the rodent should be carried by other of his kind in a silver plater.

  105. I believe this is going to be bookmarked for future Cuteness adiction treatment.

    About the world peace threw Cuteness…
    Ur right!
    Only the rodent should be carried by other of his kind in a silver plater.

  106. I believe this is going to be bookmarked for future Cuteness adiction treatment.

    About the world peace threw Cuteness…
    Ur right!
    Only the rodent should be carried by other of his kind in a silver plater.

  107. drlecter says:

    I for one welcome our cute overlords.

  108. Oops, sorry Garfield, was aiming for slightly tongue-in-cheek, but I think I just channelled my teen self.

    Anyway, I just realised where I know this site from. I was researching cute fluffy kittens for a previous comment on slashdot, and ended up sending lots of links from here to (successfully) cute-overload the other half, and now I’m posting here as a result of the two worlds colliding again. Maybe there’s more overlap between the nerds and the cute-addicts than we previously thought…

  109. Just wanted to say that although I came here from Slashdot, I agree with freegrid above.

    I wish I had discovered this site in a non-Slashdot context though, given this sort of post. 😦

    I will be bookmarking this site and subscribing to the RSS feed.

  110. yeah …

    that .. sharp .. feminine wit.

    it’s a good thing you mentioned it, or it would have somehow mysteriously gone unnoticed.

  111. 100th poster says:

    0mgZ!! 100th poster!!

    I’ll pwn j00 n00bs!
    Ima /.er! yarr!!

  112. Order of freakout

    1. Look at /. homepage.
    2. LOL
    3. Check out articles.
    4. LMAO
    5. Sees Cuteoverload article
    6. Senses shitstorm
    8. lol.

  113. “4. How you should delete Windoze and install FC5. It’s like totally easy to use.”

    That’s WRONG, and I can personally testify about that. If there’s one thing that FC5 is not, it’s easy.

    Piece of shit? sure. Only usable to download an Ubuntu/Archlinux/Whatever disc? sure. Easy to use? no.

  114. Love the fluffy penguin Meg. 🙂
    It’s the wallpaper on my Ubuntu desktop now.

    Love the /. rand to btw (*snort* *snort*)

  115. That was a pretty immature post; can we grow up a bit please?

  116. slartifartfast says:

    What gives ? No pictures of cute beavers ?

  117. Hmm, well I was actually actually already a regular cute overload reader as well as a regular slashdot reader, but that emotionally stunted comment was a bit harsh :/

    There are plenty of geeks that aren’t 14 you know…

    Still, this comments page is pure gold. *saves*

  118. OMG nerds rool! Love these guys!

  119. CB—- with YOU on that! lol! The “nerds” were always the nice guys all through the school years. To ALL you young ladies out there—-Marry a NERD and not a BAD BOY! :o)))))

  120. In Korea, cute is only for old people!

    hehehe…. but the all-important question is: how long does it take to “USE=’-cat’ emerge cute” on my Pentium 4 HT 3.2GHz? And has the “cute” package been unmasked by the Gentoo devs yet???

    (I myself am not a cat person…)

  121. Haha, awesome XD So was this coordinated with slashdot?

  122. Now this is funny (I mean what you say about slashdotters…)

    Anyway… your blog is quite interesting and cute…

  123. AAWWWWWWWWWWWWWW look at all the nerds!
    *snorgles the nerds*

  124. Nerds – it’s OK to luv ur ‘puter as long as u don’t LUV ur ‘puter and keep away from those IO ports, OK?

  125. Carlisa says:

    Oh… and to Sparkster….”BUTTERFLY FARTS”???!!!! rotflmao! That goes in my “memory bank”

    …also loved ArkhanJG’s post…so true! (grabs a tissue) I am a total moron when it comes to “poot-ers”

  126. I feel a confession is in order here. When I was 10, a friend of mine had a cat which bore a litter of kittens. To celebrate this, I constructed, out of yarn, glue, and cardboard, an entire “kitten fort”, complete with tassles and all sorts of spots for the kittens to lurk, peek, sneak, and pounce.

    As an adult, I find cats a murderous menace, and my dog is constantly finding their slain neighborhood rabbits. Incidentally, my dog, Buster, is a Bichon Frise, and there is nothing cuter than watching my youngest child go up, yank his ears like they are supposed to detach, then hug him, while he whimpers under the merciless throes of the cutest toddler embraces.

    Incidentally, Buster does not know that he is cute, so please don’t bring it up with him if you see him. At 14 pounds, I think he is an impressive sight, as on one occasion, he fanatically drove off a large, stinky black lab who dared to trespass and was amid soiling the lawn. I forever cherish Buster’s fervent devotion to territory.

  127. I am a /.aholic, diggaholic, Cute Overloadaholic, etc. 😛 Nerds and geeks rule!

  128. Cutey Wooty says:

    All your cuddley pandas are bearlong to us.

  129. Carlisa says:

    ..(thinks of the V-8 commercial and slaps self in the forhead!)…”I could’ve had a NERD!”

  130. I, for one, welcome our pink-colored, keyboard-wielding Slashdot Overlords.

    I bought 6 t-shirts!

  131. I, for one, welcome our pink-colored, keyboard-wielding Slashdot Overlords.

    I bought 6 t-shirts!

  132. You know, when I first read this I was a little confused, because it seemed, well, a bit mean.
    And mean is not cute at all, is it? And then I actually took the time to look at the slashdot link and that’s when I really just DIED. OMG Ponies!
    HA! Too funny!
    (but now I am a even more confused…are they the ones being mean? or is it…just…ironic?)
    Maybe I am just being simple…

  133. Wow, I’ve been dazed by slashdot’s new discovery, I’ve fallen inlove with a website, omg

  134. Cute_Lil_nerdworshiper says:

    Nerd are the cutest things i have ever seen. I tend to collect and love them. It even better when their fuzzy…..

    so good word bath of ya.

    Nerds are tooo cute.

  135. OMGWTFBBQ we’re being made fun of!!!111!

    thanks for the laughs.

  136. Gadzooks!

    Here I am, freshly arisen, showered, and plied with finely brewed mocha, ready to sink into a lazy Saturday stupor with my best friend Internet. And then, AND THEN, so rudely am I shaken from my reverie that all that is left of my mocha is what my plushie piggie slippers were able to absorb! Oohh, that smarts!

    I can hear you all saying: What is it, Anybodys, that can be affecting you so, that has skewered thy heart like the very rotisserie in a Greek deli? Why, good friends, behold! I have at last found true love, for the very first time. Look at that magnificent specimen! The sporty blues, the daring red, the jaunty crew-cut… if only my gaze could linger a while on his rugged countenance, alas. Someday, I will know this stud’s face, and he will understand his destiny. This I swear!

  137. Lets all enter HTK and end the discussion there.

  138. d00ds, I am DYIN here.
    O to the M to the G to the
    oh wait, that is all

  139. HTK — regrettably, I cannot speak Catalan.

    theO, if I may be so bold as to inquire: Who is your daddy?

  140. Wow, nerds and cute girls actually conversing, wonders never cease.

    “This concept of wuv confuses and infuriates us!”

  141. Cats suck.

  142. Cats suck.


    is damn cute cat cafe in Japan!! You can play with cats in this shop. awwwww

  144. OMFG this is one slashdot joke gone really wrong LOL

    These guys have the mindsets of 3 year olds. Thats hilarious! Grow up peoples.

  145. “cute” only scores ONE point in Boggle. shows what you know, pssht!

  146. Um that skating dog is funny LOLOL

  147. I just have to add my comment that this little feud between slashdot and CuteOverload is hilarious! I have enjoyed both sites for a long time now and they’re such a perfect match! They should get married or something. ^.^

  148. Just wanna set the record straight (click my namelink)

  149. Carlisa says:

    Can we NOT just admire the cuteness here?! These dudes need to have a calendar made …*sigh!* I am in L~O~V~E <3

  150. I may have miscalculated. Jerry, let us make little roly poly babies, forthwith.

  151. Carlisa says:

    Let’s see….we have Mr January, Feb, March, April, May and June. We need 6 more hunkie bunnies! apply at

  152. Well, HELLO /.

    And Sadly No, Maureen, yes, somebody (our resident geek Theo) has already done a “cat-in-server-rack” photo. Enjoy.

  153. Carlisa — but what of my sweet July baboo???

  154. A Thinker — This name “Theo” to me is… anathema. Mention it not.

  155. Wha huh??

  156. Carlisa says:

    Anybodys- yeah…. okay… ..only thing is that here at CO we’ve already seen your centerfold. 😉 Was hoping for some “sweet cheeks”

  157. Unknown User says:

    … although wanking wasn’t mentioned at all…the second most favorite activity of a slashdotter, Followed by the number one activity, being condescending.

    Sounds like the OP is a member of the slashdot crowd too.

    Isn’t this site like a bad April Fools joke anyway? I mean, c’mon, how many people actually go to this site. Slashdot probably just put the number of page hits for this place into double digits 🙂

  158. Cuteness-Loving Nerd says:

    Have you ever checked how many hits you get from MIT? I’m a cuteness-loving nerd, and between my research experiments, really makes me happy. Should I quit visiting CO knowing the treatment that nerds get from the CO folk? Sad…

  159. Na, na, na-na na na
    Na-na na na, nananana na na…

  160. More? You want more fine specimens?

    No, seriously.

  161. Damn it, the picture didn’t work 😦

  162. A really cute pic of the OP:

  163. Anonymous Coward says:

    “4. How you should delete Windoze and install FC5. It’s like totally easy to use.”

    FC5 is a joke. A true nerd uses FreeBSD.

  164. AC — I don’t THINK so:

  165. Get real, use Vista Beta.

  166. can we maybe get back on track with what this site is really all about…not a place for computer nerds to air their reclusive anxieties……..but a place where some come for the needed positive effect that the CUTEOVERLOAD forum has provided for many children to adults. Take your absurdness elsewhere. THANK YOU on behalf of all of us who regularly smile at the images provided by a hard working woman….and the participants who give her the subject matter to do so.

  167. You call patching your favourite OS a “reclusive anxiety” ?

    Since you are now slashdotted, we will write as we please. THANK YOU.

  168. Hakubi_Washu says:

    > Maybe there’s more overlap between the nerds and the cute-addicts than we previously thought…

    Yep, it’s called “Furries” ^_^
    Now where’s my cuddly little kitten, er, wife…

  169. Meh,

    I frequent both CO and /. on a regular basis. I think this is actually a wonderful way for the two sites to interact. Kudos to Meg and the folks over at Slashdot for this wonderful idea!

  170. computer nerds ARE cute! (But then, I’m a self-professed dork)

  171. Carlisa says:

    ummm….(flips thru pages of the dick-shin-airy)…”reclusive”… that’s “repulsive” …where the *F* are my glasses?!!!

  172. Tomokatsu says:

    What is this??? A site without uber-1337 ajax, ruby-on-rails , php backend is actually /.ed? Argh. Brain about to fry!..

    Pretty funny, despite the rather hurtful attacks at our “fragile egos”…

    L1nux PWns

  173. HA! Excellent summary of slashdot posters…but it makes me wonder, since you are so current, are you a closet slashdot poster yourself?

    Glad I clicked through, this made me laugh much more than /.’s lame attempt.

  174. This is great! Great! I’m a reformed nerd so I’m sortof on the fence here.

  175. jebus, their cats are called matrix and pixel!?!?! nerds are so……..predictable.

  176. I mean it’s like getting peanut butter in your chocolate, or chocolate in your peanut butter. Really.

  177. Anonymous Coward says:

    I find this nice site on April First due my favourite pinkdot page, and yet there are no t-shirts to be had! It says 3/31 was my last chance to get one! And the link is dead! 😦

    –Anonymous slashdotter

  178. moptopmouse1 says:

    ‘take me to your leader’..

  179. I think maybe CO is in need of some sort of moderation system… But then again, this mod. thinks doesn’t quite work @ ./ either….

  180. Hey! I’m still cute!

  181. Elmo the Cat says:

    As a cat, I find this site exploitative!!!! In most of these pictures, my fellow cats are not wearing any clothes!! They are just exposing themselves — and many seem underage!! SHAME SHAME SHAME!

    What you call “cute” I call OBSCENE!!

  182. In Response to A thinker:

    Fantastic! Someone beat me to the idea (the cat in a server rack =) ).

  183. in all seriousness, i’m finding these guys a bit mean, YOU ARE MEANIES! i’m not sure i want to play with them anymore. (takes her tonton action figure and kitten in a dress) i’m staying home today!

  184. P.S. – I like how whoever made that pic used the cat from the “Every Time you Masturbate, God Kills a Kitten” picture.

    And I’ll now go shoot myself for recognizing that specific cat.

  185. Awww, don’t go Z! Like the average schoolyard bully, we lash out in anger at that which scares us and which we don’t understand.


  186. I like mint.

  187. Ami: um, you don’t have to read all the comments if you don’t want to?

  188. What’s incredibly funny is the fact that I actually did set up WPA2 in a woman’s apartment to get laid two weeks ago! She had been using WEP and lets just say she was VERY grateful…

    Your /. comment is right on the money.

  189. My cat’s name is mittens.

  190. LunaKate says:

    Awww..nerds are so cute and cuddly!! Their brains are so sexy!! Plus, they’re really good in bed!! (…or at least my nerdy husband is…^_^)

  191. zomg lol /.

    I married a geek and have two cats. 🙂 I love the “marriage” of /. and CO! 🙂

    and /.ers….I like the pinkness!

  192. Yay nerds!! My cat’s names are Darwin and Pascal. Turtle is Archimedes & dog is Sagan… Go science!

  193. College Student says:

    This strange collision of web worlds reminds me of a certain co-ed house on my college campus. Think sorority+fraternity=mayhem. All the guys are dorks. All the girls squeal at cuteness. They watch anime together. ‘Magic: The Gathering’ cards are scattered around the place, mixed with glitter… And I have never met a raunchier group of sex-addicts in my life.

    Alpha Theta, this one’s for you.

  194. Carlisa says:

    I DO NOT see /. in this dic….ANYwhereeeeee! Sup?

  195. all i gotta say is nerds are cute. no, totally hot. i grew up in an engineering house hold, and there is nothing closer to me than nerdy boys. *sighs* if only i could find one of my own. meg, you could set me up on a date with one of the t-shirt buyers! (and no, this isn’t an april fools joke. i [heart] nerds.)

  196. I can’t wait till tomorrow.

  197. “There’s always, tomorrow, for dreams to come true
    “Believe in your dreams, come what may…”

  198. Carlisa says:

    …sure it isn’t \

  199. Adrienne says:

    *waves to all the geek boys* hello geek boys!! i would go on a date with you, if i wasn’t already dating one of your numbers!
    *gives hugs all around though*

    thanks for coming to the land of the cute!




  203. [quote]
    who would have tought that the usual posters of this site would make rude comments just becuase they receive a visit from slashdot. Totally uncute and uncool. Get a life people!

    Indeed.. I’m a long time patron of both websites, and I know which one I won’t bother to visit anymore.

  204. Lucas:

    I love april fool’s on the web. Crazy stuff happens. The fact that I regularly visit both sites makes it even more amusing.

  205. Jefferson Fredrick Dole III says:

    Am I the only one surprised by how many posters say that they would date nerds?

    Maybe if we went outside for more then 3 hours we’d all find girlfriends…

  206. hah so many people I know have been on this site all day after seeing it on /. or rather having their bf show it to them after seeing it on /.

    I’ll be coming back for sure 😀

  207. AuntieSane says:

    The difficult thing about April Fool’s Day online is that it’s so hard to figure out who is seriously offended and who is just joking.

    I do recommend that everyone take the comments with a grain of salt. If they are meant to be offensive, screw ’em. Life is too short to get pissed over stupid stuff.

    And if they’re meant as jokes, you’re missing a good laugh.

    I, for one, had never visited slashdot before today, and I might have to go back to visit sometime. When they get rid of the Pepto Barbie pink.

    (Oops, I’m a squealie girlie. Should I admit that I loathe pink?)

  208. Freakin’ hilarious!

    (wishes her geekly crush wasn’t already married…)

  209. Hello, my name is ElfOwl, and I am a nerd. I refuse to believe they’re smarter than me ;-).

    Nerds are my favorite people, nerds can have the *best* senses of humor, and there’s NOTHING hotter than a cute nerd with a soft spot for puppies, kittens, and batting eyelashes.

    I’ve been trying to hook some of my more Slashdoting friends on CuteO, and this might have done the trick. Thanks Meg!!!

  210. Mateo_LeFou says:

    Mod parent sideways

  211. Anonymous Coward says:

    Slashdot = only the coolest site eva’

  212. WHAT THE HELL IS A SLASH DOT? HEY, isn’t he the lead guitarist for Guns and Roses??

  213. Michelle says:

    Best. Comment thread. Evar!!!!!!1one

  214. Teh Pwnz0r says:

    Now that /.ers have found the cuteness of kittens, maybe they will heed the advice of teh d0m0kun, and stop killing the kittens.…_God_kills_a_kitten (wiki link for the uninformed)

  215. Oh, and AuntieSane, RIGHT on the money. Amen, sister!

    And while this squeeeeely sort of girl doesn’t *loathe* pink (it goes very well with my eye-lash batting persona), I do loathe non-ironic over-use of pink.

    Okay, I *really* need to haul myself away from nerds and cuteness and get some work done. Dood, Meg, best time-killing site EVAR!

  216. Carlisa says:

    OMG, JFD…… With a long of a name do you really think any woman wants to have to write “MRS”. before that? Looky-see—..Mrs. Jefferson Fredrick Dole 111—that’s chilling!– (beginning to sound like the “Fruitcake Lady” haha! (consider shortening it to “Jiffed” or sumpin!

  217. JS and Anybodys, you guys are killing me…..
    i agree, this merge sure has spiked the punch

  218. hello laydeees 😉

  219. hello laydeees 😉

  220. hello laydeees 😉

  221. hello laydeees 😉

  222. hello laydeees 😉

  223. hello laydeees 😉

  224. I would TOTALLY do these guys. Nerds are great in bed–especially when they’re grateful.

  225. Mr. Jefferson Fredrick Dole III says:

    If you actually think that that’s my real name; I’m just going to have to kill you.

  226. I would TOTALLY do these guys. Nerds are great in bed–especially when they’re grateful.

  227. Yeah, I’m going to have to go watch some HAPPY TREE FRIENDS to get this out of my system.


  228. Looks like you guys are about to experience the digg effect too…You might wanna put something witty about that, before you run over your limit.

  229. steph3n says:

    there’s multiple, they can stand like humans, they’ve got good ear to hear ratios. cute trifecta!!

  230. lameolas says:

    got some asian beavers? no.. it’d be alot cooler if you did.. right mr. chow? love.. love.. <3

  231. Carlisa says:

    AnswerBunny….shush shush!… We want a save some of the “goodies” for ourselves! ….awwwwww…! so cute!

  232. So Slashdotters think they can just invade this site like an LOTR-tee-shirt-clad army, waving their LED lightsabers and frothing at the mouth in their BAWLS-induced berzerker frenzy…?



  233. Phyltre says:

    To the “college student” who posted above: Something about anime, cuteness and sex seen to go together.

    Sex addicts are dorks and cutelovers, end of story. I know the type.

  234. So what was that about a date?

  235. Oh, I love you nerds! Sooo sweet – especially when you are shy and a wee bit nervous. Date me-ee-e nerds, I’ll take good care of you… And of course I’m cute. And oh! I need some help with my, er – whatever that connection thingie is called.

  236. Hashi — ping! — found the answer to all your SQL woez…

  237. delicate as a butterfly fart. this is my new favoritest saying ever.


  239. ChinaMan says:

    Cats are delicious.

  240. Babylonian says:

    Hahahaha, found this post on Digg and it freaking rocks.

    By the way, if you want to update your post to be even more patronizing of those agonizingly pseudo-intellectual guys at slashdot, make sure to update every use of the word “Microsoft” to have a dollar sign instead of an S, as in:


  241. How is it possible that the Ying-Yang Kittens are loosing? And by 1% nontheless!

    Dang. If only I would’ve noticed that the last day to order was yesterday…

    Can you make an exception?
    Hell, I won’t even ask to be hooked up!


  242. Meg, now you’ve gone and made me cry 😉 Nah, this is kickass, never thought I’d see /. and CO posting in the same forum… and some people are actually conversing back and forth! Hooray for april 1st:)

  243. PUFFY!! oh no you didn’t. you put your picture without tellin me first? bad kitty! bad kitty!


  245. dum de dum says:


  246. Someone waaaaaay back up in the comments asked what a “ch1x0r” was.

    ch1x0r defined:
    (disregard the website’s name – definition was the simplest I could find in 30 seconds)

    Just in case it hasn’t been figured out by now, here’s “/.”:
    “slashdot” = “slash” + “dot” = / + . = /.

    I like ‘splaining things.

    And yes, I love my coding geek – wonderful husband who pointed out CO before I sat down for my daily read of /. You’d be suprised how cute a lot of geeks are.

    Love the site! Makes me love the world again when my clients/higher-ups are making website changes for the nth time.

    — a cute-overloaded ch1x0r

  247. pr05h! =D

  248. CO and /.

    The weirdest combo ever. It somehow works…

  249. But I *do* encode my music as Ogg Vorbis! sulks…

  250. Did anyone else notice that today is April Fool’s Day?! Perhaps Meg was playing on that!?

  251. cutedot or slashcute? 🙂

    Fabolous, Meg! Best post ever, best retliation ever and OMG /. theme is absolutely ROTFL…

    You cheered my day 😉

  252. SJ Zero says:


    To the girls who believe that geeks are cute, I say to you: CEASE THIS TRAIN OF THOUGHT, lest you find yourself trapped in a dark world from which there is no escape!

    If you believe they are cute, obviously you know not how they think! Behold!

    You must run — run before your SOULS are corrupted! I wish I could join you, but I’m a doomed lost soul, trapped beneath this thin veneer of flesh, doomed to see the world via numerals until the end of time!!!!

  253. DUPE


    1) SOOO hungover.

    2) oh crap, i can barely hold more than one thought in my head!

    ppl seem to ignore that ‘sparkster’ made the post and not meg, unless I’m reading it wrong.

    You foolish Plebes. You shall all be hewn like so many stalks of wheat, for I am the Lord’s thresher.

    One last question: Do you have stairs in your house?

  255. /. pwns u!

  256. /. pwns enigmatic spelling practices and obfuscating Internet browsing techniques! Firefox? Seriously. You all smell.

    Like foxes.

    On Fire.

  257. I LOVE April Fool’s Day! And baskets full of puppies and baby squirrels. But that’s neither here nor there…

  258. Much like your own fruitless life, S. Feeble ANT of a person, realize your own insipid failures and cast the binds of life, lest you wish for I to do so!

  259. bab-ush-niik says:

    Wow. This is interesting. Reminds me of the time they double booked my comp sci ethics class with a nutrition class.

    I spent the first 10 minutes trying to figure out why there were so many other girls, and why they all had perfectly curled hair. I only stayed because I recognized by CS friends.

    When the proofs came in and figured out the problem, the nutrition majors had to leave. All the guys were like, “No! Stay! Computer Science ethics is fun! We’ll bash M$ together!”

  260. Aye, and bashed like Multiple Sclerosis, so shall your own dreams be struck down, bab-ush-niik! May the fall with a hearty crash, with so many hopes and admirations following through, from the end of such a life-ending mace!

  261. Hamster with daisy > /.

  262. Hamster with a daisy, Hugo? So you, too, are familiar with ancient symbols of your own death and misfortune! A harbinger of your own swift and punishing end, much like the daisy-laden hamster. Swift and Punishing.

  263. Cute Overload is even weirder than /. or digg.
    At first I was reading it like Cute Overlord and tought it was something *evil* and *geek* but it’s just cuteness, pastel coloured cuteness… boy does this bring sex war memories back. But…why the hell do you people exploit animals? Why the hell do you dress them with clothes? Are you people sick? Have you no respect for animals? This is worst than pornography.

  264. What is “worst” than pornography is your own misgivings for how soon your end will be, by my hand, artur! As soon as my curled fingers grasp your neck, your maw gaped in horror, your nightmare will end.

  265. Please keep the shirts untucked, guys.

  266. I wonder how many readers actually understand that the /. story was a jab at Digg in the first place. It was a joke, and it’s getting funnier and funnier. The fact that Digg picked up the /. story, this site retaliated against it, and then the Digg people came here to post stuff like “OMFG this is one slashdot joke gone really wrong LOL” makes it so much more funny than the /. story alone ever would’ve been.

    In fact, in case you DIgg people don’t get it I’ll cue you in early… most of the stories on /. today are direct jabs at you. EG: Caps, exclamation points, acronyms in the story title, etc..

  267. Carlisa says:

    Is that HASHI or HASHISH? ~~~~floats back to the 70’s~~~~ ………

  268. <3 <3 <3 Geeks!!! <3 <3 <3
    Don’t you just want to make cute little geek babies with them? Muah! :*

  269. Yes, yes, this is all very nice. However: where are the kittens?

  270. You should find some pictures of cute baby penguins to welcome them.

  271. Carlisa — you could always have a nerd who LARPs a bad boy 😛

  272. Eeyore, your a guy!!!!!!!!!! I woulda thought you were a girl, considering your name is “Eeyore” (not many guy’s are fond of Eeyore as a name). Anyways, that is just sick!

  273. Carlisa says:

    Becca….no comprendo! What did I miss?! I want one of those, toooooooo! (or three …or four…) I must have one of these larpy thingies!

  274. Michelle says:

    Geek-lovers: shhhh. Stop advertising the yumminess of smoldering, gooey geek love. Mmmhm. We keeps them for ourselves!

  275. nerdybird says:

    wow, i am really impressed with the pointed satire, very well informed and funny. This is great, feel the love!! i <3 Cute Overload!

  276. Crystanna says:

    I happen to own both Anime DVDs and the first season of My Little Pony ~_^

  277. ZoomieDood says:

    Hahahah! I haven’t laughed so hard in awhile! Found this from /. and

    I figured since Slashdot hasn’t yet approved my submission, I might as well put it here.

    Slashdot has used a Borgified Bill Gates as the symbol of all that is bad about Microsoft.

    In a surprise news release, it was disclosed that Bill Gates was operated on this morning to actually have hardware REMOVED from his body.

    His large house was built with an extensive monitoring system that would allow guests or Bill to move from room to room and have the audio/video system “follow you” in playing your preferred music/video program.

    Melinda Gates, Bill’s wife, put her foot down and insisted the hardware be removed as she grew weary of the channel changing each time Bill came to bed.

    That’s right Bill… time to buy batteries… and find the remote.

    My other pending story had to do with HBO putting out a new show called “Bigger Love” in which the “Big Love” theme is combined with a reverse “Beauty and the Geek” and “The Apprentice” theme and a new husband or wife is added each week.

    Interested actors/actresses included Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman, Toby Maguire, Hillary Swank, Jessica Rabbit and Anna Nicole Smith who stated that she was looking to go intergenerational and get it on with the creepy father and the son.

    And for the record, this geek is CUTE in his wife’s eyes. I’m just dad (eyes rolling) to the 5 kids though. 🙂

  278. I don’t think Maddox would particularly appreciate this site….

  279. Stereotyped says:

    Some of us get cute!

    I’m a Slashdot reader and a guy. I just got a pedicure with one of my female coworkers and have pearlescent red nail polish. I have pink sandals, a pink shirt, pink sweatpants, and a matching pink carry-on bag. I also have a girlfriend and am straight. So much for stereotyping!

  280. Is it ok that I think the slashdot parody is fucking hilarious?

  281. Raindrop says:

    Hm… I’m a “Geek-Lite” gal (the only manifestations of which are things like my ability to understand most 1337, obsession with RPGs, frightening degree of knowledge and enthusiasm as regards the Star Wars universe, lack of any social clue, and fear of sunlight) and so all of this uber-geek stuff awes/scares the tar out of me. My dad is uber-geek, so of course I’ve HEARD all about Slashdot… but I clicked the link to there just now and barely managed to escape without my brain exploding.

    Personally, I love making fun of geeks, both lite and uber, and so I find it slightly off-putting that anybody could actually be offended by Meg’s post. That’s just kind of wierd.

    And since more geeks might conceivably be posting after me, there’s something I’d like to ask: What is with this purported war between ninja fans and pirate fans? I read about it on Wikipedia, but I’ve never actually seen evidence of it. And I am SO a pirate ninja queen!! OMG I PWNZ j00!!


  282. Am I the only person who sees the irony here. Anime is the product of the culture of cute. Slashdotters and cuters have much move in common than you might think. I smelling romance in the air! Or at least cheap deodorant and even cheaper patcholy.

  283. Love the photo

  284. Lol half the people here didnt even know this site existed until it appeared on slashdot so in one way you should be happy you have all this traffic getting your name out there..

    But on second thoughts the slashdot effect hurts.. my site was slashdotted when songbird 0.1 come out and they used my site for a main mirror!

    – Tom |

  285. “What is with this purported war between ninja fans and pirate fans?”

  286. The difference/war is that pirates rock!!!! And ninjas are lame.

  287. CHAOSHAX0R says:

    Slashdot is the least of your worries. You must now succumb to the almighty DIGG EFFECT. *muhahahahha*

  288. fluffyhelen says:

    Oh wow! We got featured on /.! I nearly had a fluffyfit when I realised.


    Now my two worlds have met.. will I cease to exist? O.o

    freebsd+kitten what more can you want 😦

  290. thx for that website it’s rly funny. But seriously, why wont this site run out of bandwidth? Not that I want it to, but it’s getting hit by slashdot AND Digg now.
    I luv kitties CO marry me!!

  291. i like the one with the pants pulled up to his nipples.

  292. Raindrop says:

    Yeah, okay, the thing was pretty amusing. (Why have I never thought of the FLYING thing? Note to self: Ninja alter-ego can totally fly.) And though it showed evidence of ninja/pirate hatred, it was void of any sort of explanation. Why? Why must I choose…? *sobs*

  293. Sorry, what’s slashdot? I love this site but being British don’t really understand half the references. Thanks.

  294. is the best technology site on the Internet. It is a blog of sorts, but thousands of people post comments to it, and latest fads, science, and inventions are discussed.

  295. At least the guy in front of the B looks semi-normal (with his why the f*** am I here look on his face).

  296. Thanks for the explaination Saskboy, I was like “WTF!” when I heard about Slashdot, I didn’t know whot it was! Thanks!

  297. Ehm…if being a girl entails hanging out on an asinine site full of baby animals and thinking anyone who understands computers is a nerd, i would like to hereby relinquish my vagina.

  298. This site makes we want to vommit

  299. 64bit, nobody likes you huh? Thats why your pinning your anger on this site.

  300. They could at least show more pink stuff LOL

  301. Hey,if Meg don’t wanna put pink, she don’t gotta, now if you don’t like this site, fine, but keep it to yourself, ok. And no, not
    LOL. LOL!

  302. This isn’t flamebait… just a comment.. not all nerds look as bad as the one in the picture… I promise… then again I’m a geek… but still I can understand the loathing of any fundamentalist…

    The link is to a pic of geeks which run the gammet from so-so to ok.

  303. 64bit: I think you’re looking for SuicideGirls, lots of nerds, lots of pink.

    I’m not quite sure that goth sluts in ponyfalls count as cute but…

  304. Don’t worry Concerned Nerd/Geek, every one’s gotta look good in a pic some day!

  305. You go Julie, way to get em’

  306. Wheres the cute beaver? LOL

  307. Look in unusual animals, but I don’t think there are any beavers here.

  308. I just love devil penguins!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks E.Collison.

  309. Rayndrop says:

    YeaaaaAAAH… @Julie… What the…? I’m usually a very polite (okay, semi-civil) person, but… get a friggin’ grip? Yes, the majority of CO frequenters are girls – but that’s just because there aren’t so many guys who like cute stuff. And there are probably more guy /. frequenters as well. So Meg (and everyone else) was making humorous generalizations on such a premise. Girlygirls+Nerdyguys=Humor. If such an equation doesn’t work for you, you’re free to roll your eyes and move on.

    Meanwhile, I can name at least three guys whom I have personally witnessed cooing over one or more pictures on this site. (Incidentally, said guys could be qualified as geeks, or other varieties of social outcast, but that wasn’t really my point.)And I know PLENTY of geek/nerd girls. Just go to, I consider “geek” or “nerd” to be, in most contexts, a convenient term for quick personality summations. When *I* use it, it’s in a very flattering sense indeed.)

    You know, I don’t think the CO comments have reached this level of tensity since somebody took offense to the liberal use of the “trademark” sign.

    …every so often, the war-like nature of human kind ceases to horrify and begins to amuse me. ^_^

  310. Andrew Whalan says:

    Girls, just remember who invented computers, wrote the software you depend on, and fixes your pc when it dies.


    So give us a break 😛 we don’t all look like the guys in that pic,just like you don’t all look like britney or whoever else is fashionable at the moment. Who cares what they look like anyhow? Its excessively worrying about self-image that pushes girls to anorexia.

  311. Good comeback! Without nerds there would be no ‘CO’ LOLOL

  312. For a moment, I briefly considered answering that with an intelligent response but then I realized that a) you made little faces out of alphanumeric symbols and b) you are well versed in the history of this site’s comment section.

    Baby animals & clip art from birth announcements = totally what being a girl is all about, if you are 6.

  313. You are soo right Andrew!!!!!!! Not all nerds are supposed to look like the dudes (not doods, like some people say)up top, and not every girl wants to look like Britney Spears anyway, and yes, I believe I don’t wanna be a Britney Spears either, and yes, I believe that people telling kids, “oh, your so fat” leads to anorexia and other eating disorders like it.

    PS: Not just girls have anorexia, Marylin Manson (famous goth rocker, and he is a guy) has anorexia, and thats why he is so freakin’ bony.

  314. chackler says:

    I find nerds, especially engineers, adorable!!!!

  315. I [heart] nerds. Seriously. I think I will marry one.

  316. Are you a guy or a girl AThinker, cause I think I know some one perfect for you!

  317. Rayndrop says:

    @Julie: Yeah, unfortunately/fortunately/whatever, part of the whole “Geeklite” thing involves excessive time spent foruming. Some of which don’t have preprogrammed smileys. And since I have been part of more than one board that met a fiery end because of miscommunications, I’ve taken to smileying whenever I dagnab well please. Saves explanation of intentions and besides… they’re cute. =P

    Hey, if baby animals ain’t your style, ‘sfine by me. I’m just saying your style may not be(read: is obviously not) the style of everyone else. There are 18 year old girls who **DIE** for the pictures on this site (Case in point moi), and there are 6 year old girls who don’t. One of my good friends is a guy who always steals the scarves and hair jewels I wear to church to wear himself. His sister professes readily that she played with hotwheels when she was little. (They both spent half an hour looking over my shoulder at this site and its links.)

    Just like we should be glad there are geeks or we wouldn’t have computers, we should be glad there are girls with overactive maternal instincts, or half of us would probably have been run over at a young age while we played in the road. o_O

  318. Bravo Rayndrop, Bravo!!!!

  319. Carlisa says:

    Whoa…..! Just hold on there a minute Bob-a-Louie!!!!

    Dudes!… Remember who gave birth to you over-intellect FAT-heads! wasn’t a man!

    Women RULE!!!! :o) (we just let u guys believe YOU do!)

  320. Oooh, the geeks-vs-cutes battle turns into gender war. Could be interesting.

  321. Rayndrop says:

    Really, I’m not a flame-happy witch. I’m actually pretty nice, from all I hear, I just tend to come across as witchy when one of those topics that miff me come up. Hence the “semi-civil” thing. People being insulted by the Gender Generalities is just one of those things. They just seem to serve pretty well, and be more often than not at least partially true. Girls wear skirts and boys wear trousers… girls play house and boys play war… not always, of course, but often.

    I don’t like enemies and it doesn’t excite me to make a new one… sorry about the perhaps inappropriately snappish language I used above, Julie. *bows* Peace pipe?

    (Disclaimer: As much as it pains me to do so, world-in-general, I did use the word “Gender” instead of “Sex” here. This is incorrect, but prevented confusion in this case and also enabled me to indulge in some nifty alliteration. Remember: Words have gender. People, bless their little hearts, have sex. O.O)

  322. Just look at your typing. Your use of smileys and short cuts is really quite advanced. Alot I have never seen LOL. Think you should have a long look in the mirror before calling us geeks 😉

  323. Carlisa says:

    No question which would win THAT war!

  324. Carlisa: We aren’t worshiping guys, we were just sayin’ that not all nerds/geeks look like the guys above.

    PS: Men know that women rule, they just wanna seem strong, like men could give birth to a child, puh-leez, every body knows women rule, without us, there wouldn’t be any of us, unless a guy wants to have a baby..(spooky)!

  325. Oh please not the “women rule” thing.

    Lets face it, only about 3% of politicians are women. And those are mostly minor roles.

    Women don’t rule LOL

  326. The only reason why women don’t rule (like they should) is because men are stopping us.

  327. So in fact its men who RULE!!!

  328. Rayndrop says:

    ..Dude’s got a point, Ham.

  329. Yes 64bit, you have a point, but not letting women vote until the 1920’s, and not having a women president (or a African American one) is unfair.

  330. Carlisa says:

    Thank you Hammy! Ti-bit needs to go sleep on the couch!

  331. Huh? Who’s Ti-bit? And what ever I did right, uh, your welcome! :)What are you talkin’ about Carlisa?

  332. Nope, waterbed for me.

  333. Rayndrop says:

    Fact is, there are plenty of stuff guys do better than girls. But their (general) utter cluelessness in the relational area is what makes them our slaves. Without women, guys would just sit around all day and blow each other up.

    … aaaand, to make it fair, without men, gals would sit around all day gossiping and holding grudges about piddling slights. See, if you spread it all around, you can’t be accused of being partial! My insensitive generalizations are free to EVERYONE! Yaaaaay!

  334. Having a baby is a bodily function. No one expects a round of applause when they take a dump and having a child is every bit as voluntary. Claiming that you are owed respect because you utilized the organs you were born with is retarded. Maybe logging off the baby animal site, getting an education or a viable skill, getting out into the world and proving that you “rule” for actually contributing something of substance is the best idea. This is the only way to change the fact that only 3% of world leaders are female. I guarantee women didn’t earn rights by sitting around spitting out Spice Girl catchphrases.

    Girl Power!

    That said, cute stuff is neat but it makes me kind of ill to think that grown ass women think this stuff matters or that grown up conversations about technology and politics are “nerdy”.

    Now, pass that pipe. I get greens.

  335. Got a very good point Rayndrop, but without women, no babies, without men, can’t make baby’s, so it all ends up bad.

  336. Carlisa says:

    Hammy, lol —was making fun of 64bit by calling him “tibit”…. the thanks is to the following….

    The only reason why women don’t rule (like they should) is because men are stopping us.

  337. Rayndrop says:

    Yeah, the whole women have children thing always kind of confused me, too. And the thing is, my making-a-difference, however much of a ‘difference’ it may be, INVOLVES being not-necessarily-high-up-on-the-quote-mature-unquote-scale, since my life goal is to win the Newbery Medal (highest honor in childrens literature). Glad there are people like me, glad there are people like you. My apologies again, “Feminists” and any diatribe smacking of their doctrines just get my panties in a knot, and I tend to flip out when certain sets of keywords float by, regardless of their relevancies to my feminism hotbutton.

    (P.S. I’m not “Anti-female rights” or anything. It’s the ridiculous lengths they take it to. Like the political incorrectness of words like chairman or waitress. OR, if you REALLY want to get me mad, start me on the use of “they” as a singular pronoun. See, take off all the layers and what you got underneath is really just a disgruntled linguist. -_^)

  338. Ah!!!!! Your welcome, I was trying to make a point, women do rule, its just some (some, not all) idiotic men that want all the power for themselves.

  339. Your an author? Whats your pen name Rayndrop?

  340. not nerd girl says:

    nerds are sexy anyhow. They know how to have a conversation, and they are really grateful for the action 😉 hehe A jock would cheat on you and ignore you, but a nerd would worship you for life!!

  341. Says who? Nerds may end up cheating on you, and Jocks may end up worshiping the groung you walk on, just another typical stereotype.

  342. Maybe logging off the baby animal site, getting an education or a viable skill, getting out into the world and proving that you “rule” for actually contributing something of substance is the best idea.

    Well, you might want to start by educating yourself about the fact pregnancy isn’t always voluntary.

    Then, you can continue your education and realize just how assinine the word “retarded” really is. Just think of it as the equivalent as calling someone “gay” for say, having a unique blouse on or for a guy holding his pinky up when he drinks. If you need further clarification on either of these issues, please feel free to stop by my blog and peruse the latest theme of Disability Awareness Week (and be sure to log off every now and again to peruse the *disablity* blogs linked on my sidebar).

    Which, btw, includes such ideas as, hmmmm, that women with varying abilities can’t always have a kid because society won’t let her….

    Oh, and last time I checked, being a mom was something to be proud of because we are raising the next generation of nerds.

  343. Carlisa says:

    Someone is 36kbs short of one full MB!….and tisn’t I! LOL

  344. Who is this directed to “a nut” (who are you talking to?)

  345. Carlisa says:

    OR…….you can easily earn twice the salary just for those “dangling participles” Ohhhh!…. Now I get it!…..BALLS RULE!
    Hey, Lady friends let’s go check eBay!!!!

  346. OK, Carlisa…. no.

  347. Carlisa says:

    por que? i say something wrong? just funning! sorry!

  348. Esta bien Clarisa, pero, no te agas la chistosa, con esas cosas, me comprendes?

    Brief translation: Its ok Clarisa, but don’t get funny with that kind of thing, understood?

  349. Carlisa says:

    No problema! This is my very last post! Was not to offend, so sorry!!! Good night ans I shall never comment here again. BTW my name is NOT “Clarisa”…it is spelled C-A-R-L-I-S-A ….Comprende?

  350. Stereotype says:

    Hammy wrote “PS: Men know that women rule, they just wanna seem strong, like men could give birth to a child”

    I had kidney stones. The female doctor who treated me had given birth and had suffered from kidney stones. She said that the kidney stones hurt way more.

  351. Appalled! says:

    What a completely unwarranted post Meg! Shame on you. Retract, retract, retract!!

  352. Oh wow, that’s actually really funny. I’m a special educator at the Devereux Foundation in Santa Barbara, CA. I run the Independent Living program teaching occupational and domestic living skills to mentally retarded, schizophrenic and developmentally disabled adults. I have 10 years experience in the field and a Master’s Degree in Special Education. I personally take no offense in the word retarded when it is not being used as a name or as a derogatory term for a member of the disabled community but when I first became involved in advocacy I did. I have absolutely no smart ass remark because I have so much respect for what you are doing. I am 100% with you in the struggle toward raising awareness for the disabled minority and cannot wait to see what the coming years bring as far as civil rights for the disabled.

    Quite ironic that I’m being lectured by a member of the community I have worked tirelessly for, but if anything it reminds me to be vigilant and aware of the hypersensitivity some have toward certain verbage.

  353. what i want to know is when are all these /. people going to become my ‘friends’? and who is this witch- claiming that the animals of cute overload don’t MATTER?! you watch out- i just might have to cuddle you all to death.
    Oliver Donovan


    And you look crooked in pink.

  355. Christine says:

    Hey, people who were offended by this entry…I’d like to draw your attention to part of the next one: “C.O. <3 <3 <3 /. !!!"

    I think that confirms my hypothesis that Meg was joking in her criticisms of slashdotters. 🙂

  356. “All this pitting of sex against sex, of quality against quality; all this claiming of superiority and imputing of inferiority, belong to the private-school stage of human existence where there are ‘sides’, and it is necessary for one side to beat another side, and of the utmost importance to walk up to a platform and receive from the hands of the Headmaster himself a highly ornamental pot.”
    – Virginia Woolf

  357. Wow, this thread has really become a microcosm of all the good and bad from slashdot, with the flamewars, trolls, useless repeated in-jokes – along with plenty of gentle teasing, humour and insightful comments.

    At least you’ve plenty of new material to parody /. nerds with next time, you couldn’t make some of this stuff up…

    Hope the visit’s not been too traumatic, I at least found the crossover parody of each other to be the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. 🙂

    Have fun with the CUUUUTE! *waves*

  358. ok just one question about this pic. Is this pic going to end up in Unusual animal or in Cute or Sad? Just wondering..
    Kimberly Stylist to the Ubergeeks..well just one but it is a full time job.

  359. ok just one question about this pic. Is this pic going to end up in Unusual animal or in Cute or Sad? Just wondering..
    Kimberly Stylist to the Ubergeeks..well just one but it is a full time job.

  360. ok just one question about this pic. Is this pic going to end up in Unusual animal or in Cute or Sad? Just wondering..
    Kimberly Stylist to the Ubergeeks..well just one but it is a full time job.

  361. ok just one question about this pic. Is this pic going to end up in Unusual animal or in Cute or Sad? Just wondering..
    Kimberly Stylist to the Ubergeeks..well just one but it is a full time job.

  362. ok just one question about this pic. Is this pic going to end up in Unusual animal or in Cute or Sad? Just wondering..
    Kimberly Stylist to the Ubergeeks..well just one but it is a full time job.

  363. ok just one question about this pic. Is this pic going to end up in Unusual animal or in Cute or Sad? Just wondering..
    Kimberly Stylist to the Ubergeeks..well just one but it is a full time job.

  364. what’s all the fuzz about? Gender discussions and god knows what. Come on, that’s silly Lets just take one nerd each and make out with them. (please nerds, come hither!)

  365. me,me,me,pick me…

    hmm, maybe less red bull.

  366. ka9q’s wife: LOL. Repeatedly. Best comment here. (Meg, which one’s it gonna be?)

  367. Oh mordain, I cho-cho-choose you! <3

    Sad though that you are the only nerd who responded. Hmmm, is there a LAN party going on that I missed or where are all the geeks?

  368. Nerd Hunter says:


  369. Meg, if I buy a shirt can I have my date with the girl that had the kittie in her shirt?

    /me pulls out credit card.

  370. Mr Fluffy says:

    I see that MATT has discovered the Cats ‘n Racks Category

    MATT: you can’t have her, she’s MINE!!!! :p

  371. It was still worth a shot :). I probably would have caught hell from my wife anyways.


  372. Elsie in SK says:

    I’ll volunteer to date an adorable lil nerd. Just sent it him to South Korea. I’ll be waiting. ~_~

  373. what a bitch – meanest site ever – whore

  374. Norman Maclean says:


  375. ellenbrenna says:

    Julie for someone who claims to be interested in serious subjects your lack of knowledge of human biology is astounding.

    Pregnancy is more than just pushing really hard for a couple of hours it is a 9-month process that requires a great deal of hard phyisical work and still kills 420,000 women a year worldwide.

    You may get extra points for bashing other women in your circle of friends but try opening your mind. Many of us are just as capable of discussing politics and history as we are the relative merits of pugs and shih tzus. This is not CNN its CO so we stay on topic.


  377. Julie – will you marry me? You are awesome!

  378. ellenbrenna: So bashing computer nerds is on topic on a cute site huh?

    heartless cunt

  379. She isn’t offending you Offended Nerd.

  380. giggles

  381. I <3 /., it's on my homepage thing I made..

  382. l33t hax! l33t hax! l33t hax! l33t hax! l33t hax!

  383. Aaaw! Look at all the adorable nerds/geeks!

    (seriously, I’m marrying one! – of course, one who loves cute almost as much as I, particularly when it comes to his kitties.)

  384. ellenbrenna says:

    Heartless cunt? My friends the programmers, developers and scientists will be shocked by that characterization but I am not surprised in the least by your choice of words. I neither defended the above post nor criticized it. I criticized Julie’s characterization of all of the regular CO readers as frivolous and uninformed.

    A cursory reading of this site by anyone with any sense of proportion indicates that the writers do not take themselves very seriously. I cannot say the same for some of our more recent verbally-challenged visitors like Offended Nerd.

    Give it a rest and get a sense of humor.

  385. anonymous cowardice says:

    now that cuteoverlad has been slashdotted, i think the site could borrow its code for the ‘Comments’…grouping comments together and showing the most viewed etc comments…

  386. Great idea, Anonymous Cowardice. If TypePad offers it, I’m there. Threading comments would be sweet.

    Julie and EllenBrenna—can’t we just all get along? Don’t answer that…


  387. anonymous does not forgive says:

    This site is disgusting. Slashdot > you

  388. ellenbrenna says:

    Of course we can get along, as long you keep bringing on the bunnies…and kittens…and ponies.

  389. Deal!

  390. Dude. Invest in lives. Who cares who visits? This site is as audience specific as SlashDot and as such just as easily mockable. So whoever put that up, I’d just like to say Boo.

  391. Candypants is a cute band with a cute girl singer that have a song called “Nerdy boys”.
    lyrics excert-
    Just 4 little eyes and I’m weak in the knees
    I wanna live his junior high fantasies
    Just one giant brain, and I’m his unopened toy
    I’m just a sucker for a Nerdy Boy

    You can download it here:

    I am not at all affiliated with them, i just was reminded of it by the /.+CO commenters.

  392. On the left pane of this site is a poll asking readers to “Click the cutest image”. However, there are only two images, of which one cannot be a superlative. Therefor, the heading should read, “Click the cuter image”.

    Was that cute or what?

  393. All your geeks are belong to us.

    (and they’re kinda cute, too…)

  394. Cadencia says:

    Ya know, I came from slashdot and my 6 month old daughter and I love looking at the pictures every morning! BUT… everyone else there is as you said so I forgive you.

    (girl irl btw)

  395. co/diggity. says:

    Wow. /.ers, cf_hardcore, anti-feminists, gamers, pirates vs ninjas… This flamewar has everything, yo.

    All we need now is for Kevin Rose to show up and have a cute geek-off with, like, Nathan Fillion or sump’n.

  396. urrrr…. *drool* Kevin Rose *AND* Nathan Fillion….

    CO, you’ve brought together two of my favorite things – cute geeks and fluffy critters.



  397. Back in my day, we left babies that looked like that out on a mountain for the turkey vulture. We were selectin for cuteness. Mothers today are too soft.

  398. Back in my day, we knew that cute babies become cuter babies, and not so cute babies, will turn into cute geeks, or cuter babies, its the basic sameness.

  399. SweetPea says:

    *****I always wondered what happened to the original cast members from
    “Children of the Corn”.
    I guess some child actors actually do go on to lead normal lives, as computer nerds.
    Thanks for clearing that up.*****

  400. Hammy, I was talking to Julia.

    Julia, since you work “in the field” then you should know the term *retarded* doesn’t ever work. It’s one of those words, such as gay, n*****, spic, etc., that just shouldn’t be used, though gay is used when referring to a homosexual male.

    And interesting, how can one know another is in the same field when such words as retarded are used so regularly and almost in a derogatory manner since you are thus labeling the target of such a word as “stupid” or “incompetent”.

  401. You’ve got a point “a nut” those kinda words shouldn’t be used!

  402. adorable little nerds aren’t they.

    must. squish. now. 🙂

  403. whatever dudes