You’re jumping on the poll options

LIKE WHITE ON RICE you are THERE—giving your opinions! (365 comments on the T-Shirt question below, hello!) You’re jumping to the chance to answer! with your thoughts! your wish list! your DREAMS for the subject of CuteOverload T-Shirt #2!

The question dangles in front of you and you have LEAPT TO ANSWER IT!

OK, People, let’s make it official. I hear you loud and clear. The top options are now in a poll on the left, waiting for your vote. What will America SAY!? What can we design for you? What do you want to see on the next T-SHIRT?


Oh, and if you want me to add more options to the poll, HOLLER!


But, I…

Look, it’s PERFECTLY reasonable for me to sit here. I’ll simply be the first to the food. IF we ever get fed again, that is. I’m starved. Who do you have to nip around here for a little chow?

You know what? Forget the bowl, I’ll just open wide "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaghe" [waits]


This crafty, fluffy puppulence currently wins 81% of his battles on the CuteTracker

Question for you: the next T-Shirt

My co-worker almost always starts off talking to me by saying: "OK, question for you…" So I always have to get my hand on the buzzer to be ready to answer. Seriously, a question for you: the poll for the next T-shirt—what makes your top 5 list?

And, side note, there is only ONE WEEK LEFT to order the World Peace Hamster Shirt. and after that it will no longer be available! I’m like, totally not joking about this.

So, what’s your top five for the next T-shirt design? I’ll make a poll. I’m thinkin’:

1. Chihuahua in a cup
2. Princess Pup
3. Pom Paws Up
4. Bunny in a dish (sans carrot)
5. Yin Yang kittens

and for old time’s sake, ’cause it rocks (but I know I’ll be outvoted)
1. "Get it on"

What do YOU want to see in the T-shirt vote?

Tiny, crawly, desk turtles

The latest fun from Dynamism, the same folks who brought you USB Sushi;


"Walkie Bits" Turtles for your desk! (tail wagging included.) You can almost hear them go; "ehn-erhne, ehn-erhne" with each step.

Scottish fold AIM icon

Allie_iconAllie_icon_1 Ahnn, now that I know it’s a "Scottish Fold" cat, I could help but look them up on Google. So prosh! Here is a little one for your AIM collection…

On Albert R.’s site.

Smallest ear to head ratio….Ever?

I’m not familiar with this type of cat, but he has a SUPER tiny ear to head ratio. Can Anyone enlighten us?


LOVE the paws crossed, Emigre from NYC.

Kitten Puddle

Looking suspiciously like a Tribble or a shoe shiner, "Kitten Puddle" is kicking tiny, furry asses EVERYWHERE on the CuteTracker™. This kitten is holding a solid lead over "Pretty Much the Cutest Bunny in the World" and of course over "Cute Overlord".


Hey, where have you guys been?

I’ve been waiting ALL DAY for you to post something!

What have you been DOING!?


Stherweeously, I’m sorry for the delay, I was held up in L.A. today and couldn’t… reach… computer….!

I think it’s time for the CuteOverload internship program—this kind of delay should NEVER happen again! There are no exscuses for doing a first post at 8:26PM PST. Any takers? I think I have to write up a job descripshe.

Your humble Cute Pusher™,

Homage to

Yes, People, this is a cute kitten. But it’s no ordinary kitten, I assure you. This is *the* cliché kitten. He’s one of the favorite go-to images within Fark Photoshopping contests.


For all the Farkisms, check here.

Please don’t ask me how this happened

I mean, the staging, People—check it out! Hello Kitty shizzle everywhere, the delightful colors, the ribbon and —IS THAT JUST A HEAD!?


If it is, it’s perfectly packaged. On towels for comfort. Will someone please heyx-plain this to me!?