I *told* you I wanted a CuteOverload T-shirt.

Today is the FINAL day for ordering your CuteOverload T, People. After today, you’ll not see the World Peace Hamster Shirt EVER AGAIN! So, Do the right thing, and order now! Glarkware operators are standing by.


Thanks to Chachi and Jamie for the button-down awesomeness.



  1. OMG, I love the expression on that cats face!!

    “what the hell do you think you are doing!? you should know that Stripes make me look fat!”

    (yay first comment)

  2. aww he looks so offended! haha

  3. omfg! that expression is absolutely priceless.

  4. Funny! Cute!! HaLuoreis!!!@1111!11!1!1!@!!!!111!eleven!

    (I love doing that.)

  5. Do you have permission from the owners of the photos to use them on shirts that you will be selling?

  6. lizard queen says:

    Being a nerd about shirts I just need to say that this is not button-down but cut-away 🙂

  7. **This site is to much**

  8. ‘Dude, I mean, seriously, CUT it out!’

  9. Awww!!!
    Those fat cats in their fancy shirts…

  10. That cat looks like he’s saying “Why do you insist on treating me this way? After all I do for you…”

    Off topic, anyone think that is an odd place to hang a mirror?

  11. Space Pastry says:

    “Why, WHY do you do these things to mee???”

    LOL! I love this picture. I can’t stop looking at it. And yes, that is a weird place to put a mirror. o_0

  12. Oh, that is one p*ssed off kitty! He’s mad!

  13. someone’s planning a very ill-placed crap!

  14. Chantelle says:

    Haha, that cat looks so incredulous to the fact that he’s wearing a shirt. Animals wearing clothing is definitely one of the cutest things ever. Except cats just tip over if you put clothes on them, lol.

  15. Hehe, it is true that you don’t know what fun is until you have dressed up a cat.

  16. Cat: “Listen, dude, I don’t think the resemblance is strong enough. They’ll *never* fall for it at the office.”

  17. Man: “aah…it so cutie cutie cat”
    Cat: “Wait until our next live..then I will be dressing you up! Mraaauw”

  18. Cat to man: Is THAT what you’re wearing…?

    Man: I’ll put on a tie.

  19. Javi is up and posting on Baruchito’s homecage. Hip-hip-Hooray!

  20. clothing on animals makes me smile….

    I WANT a well dressed pet!

  21. Beauregard says:

    Whoa! It’s Daniel Franco!

  22. that cat is thinking, “yeah, you gotta sleep SOMETIME, bud”

  23. Lauren, I was just looking at the Homecage. Little Nana, how to eat tofu…it’s way too cute and soooo adorable. I love how much Javi loves his tiny friends! They’re *very* lucky little hammies (and gerbies).

  24. cat says/thinks (in scottish accent:

    what are yu thinkin’, man? how, man? how on earth could even THINK of doing somethin’ like this to me?

    the nerve!!

  25. Another entry in the “The cat is saying:” series:

    The cat is saying (in surprised voice): “You really WANT me to kill you, don’t you?”

  26. Oh, I don’t think kitty’s all *that* pissed… his ears are forward and he’s not doing the Almighty Squirm.

    I think Thinker has the caption nailed. That’s what I think.

  27. Whoa, he looks pissed ooooooooffffffffffffff! Some one get a cute over loead t-shirt before he startrs bitchin’.

  28. AuntieMame says:

    I’m too sexy for my shirt too sexy for my shirt
    So sexy it hurts
    And I’m too sexy for Milan too sexy for Milan
    New York and Japan

  29. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:

    Cat says: “Maaan, you got me one of those Irregular sizes AGAIN?? Look, the right sleeve is toooo tight and the left is too baggy!”

  30. Whoa, he looks pissed ooooooooffffffffffffff! Some one get a cute over load t-shirt before he starts bitchin’.

  31. Whoa, he looks pissed ooooooooffffffffffffff! Some one get a cute over load t-shirt before he starts bitchin’.

  32. Whoa, he looks pissed ooooooooffffffffffffff! Some one get a cute over load t-shirt before he starts bitchin’.

  33. 😀 Thanks, Theo.

  34. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    The real highlight of this act comes when the guy drinks a glass of water while the cat sings “Oh Danny Boy.”

  35. Hmmm, I love a guy who has the nerve to dress up a cat. Is he single?

  36. I wondered that too. But check the woman’s scarves on the hook just behind him. . .’course they could be a roommate’s. . .

  37. Other Mike — how about Ben Stein or Steven Wright as the voice of Chachi? (Um… not Scott Baio.)

  38. Designer cut-away shirt: $42
    Funky mirror to hang over doorway: $58
    Getting a picture of your cat wearing the shirt onto Cute Overload: Priceless

  39. Kelly, Thinker — look at the little pastel-yellow shoe bench by the door. This dude’s not only married, he’s got kids (of the 2-legged variety).

  40. kittypie says:

    Cat: You don’t think the blue clashes with my eyes?
    Heehee, that’s one stylin’ kitty!

  41. Jan Spencer says:

    Too funny…cat is like “dude, does this make me look fat?”

  42. Cat:Why don’t you get it over with, but dress me up like a real man, not a kitty crossdresser!(LOL)

  43. Cat:Why don’t you get it over with, but dress me up like a real man, not a kitty crossdresser!(LOL)

  44. Cat:Why don’t you get it over with, but dress me up like a real man, not a kitty crossdresser!(LOL)

  45. I agree with the Theo – that kitty’s not pissed. He’s saying ‘Yeah, you really think I look good in this? I wasn’t sure about the stripes, but they’re really in right now, and if if you think so….”

    and kudos to jaypo (i’ll put on a tie) and the other mike (oh danny boy) – brilliant.

  46. Man: “Hey you look great!”

    Cat: “Fine, but I’m not your GF! She is the one that looks great wearing your shirts, not me!”

  47. “I don’t want this shirt! I want my Van Halen tee…whattaya mean you washed it?!? That was a genuine vintage, complete with autographs! Oh nooo…”

    This pic rocks. Seriously.

  48. moptopmouse says:

    Now son, I am going to teach you how to shave..

  49. “Now son, I am going to teach you how to shave..”

    Classic story about growing up, with a creepy father…

  50. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    “… you mean you only learned the spell to turn me INTO a cat … and not the one to change me BACK? Brilliant, just brilliant.”

  51. Yeah, Theo, you could be right. . .*sigh*. . .

  52. moptopmouse says:

    ‘once upon a time there were 3 little pigs..’

  53. I dunno — when I tried to dress up my cat, he clawed my arm up good. Perhaps I shoulda buttoned up the shirt before putting it on him?
    Now is there a 9’2″ person living in this loft? Trying to figure out the mirror…

  54. sheila b says:

    best photo ever

  55. Screw the cat, who’s the guy???

    Oh, wait, that would be a totally different site…

  56. does this qualify for cats & (man)racks? I think so.

  57. I think we might have the cat to contend with before we get near the guy. [sigh too…]

  58. But then you know, who owns who in this pict? Look at their faces… Both adoring.

  59. I kind of want to know about the copyright/permission situation with the t-shirts, too. I’d like to know if the original photographer actually knows that their image is being sold before buying a shirt, since I’m an artist myself, and want to support folks. Thanks!

  60. “Don’t look at me like that baby. Listen, I have to go to work. We’ll talk about this when I get home.”

  61. Cat:”Wait, where are you taking me, and why am I wearing blue, I don’t like blue!”

  62. “I wish I could quit you.”

  63. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner! says:

    Cool pic! & now bold type Meg…? Cool x 2! Nice change.



  65. Sally! *Perfect!*

  66. Carlisa says:

    Kitty is ready to biff-mitt daddy-o in the face!!!!

  67. wow..this pic is awesome!

  68. lol, what is the world coming to! I think my cat would probably try and beat me up if I tried anything like that on her 😀

  69. I want that guy’s phone number!!!XD

  70. Cat:im the star here im supposed to look good.Who the hell hired this man to be my Fashion Designer????????????????????

  71. Gosh, that’s exactly the look Max gets before he rips your bloody head off.



  72. Ah Meow says:

    Cat: Erm Bob, are you sure?
    Bob: Don’t worry, there’s no sugar!

  73. Dude: Aw, wook at dat widdle kitty. Who’s the cutest kitty of dem all? Eh? Yes, you are with tour widdle kitty shirt!

    Cat: shut up. I hate you. I.Hate.You. I.HATE YOU.

  74. Why isn’t this is Cats N Racks? That boy got some rack!