Can you find the kitten in this photo 2

‘Remington Tire Manshon’ was home to a big ole litter behind Nat and his wife’s house. As Nat says: "This might qualify for the "sad or cute?" section. But we saved them all [the kittens not the tires, -Ed] so it’s not sad, it’s cute. When we say sad, we say it like "sa-yad" for extra emphasis."


Tha-anks, Nat and wifey. 😉

P.S. Rebecca S., *this* is the photo I was telling you about yesterday!



  1. Beauregard says:


  2. de p uit w says:

    born to run ???

  3. ooooooooooch! that wittle nosey .. I love it.

  4. That is one well-camouflaged kitten. Normally, I wouldn’t say cats and Remingtons mixed. However, in this case it seems to have worked. . .

  5. I was just thinking that “Pimp my Ride”ought to have more kitten-based car accessories….Maybe there should be a new “Cute my Ride” category?

  6. adorababy says:

    the kitten is too well camouflaged.. i can’t see its little stripey pansy face at all

  7. “Peek-a-boo!!”


  8. mejezabel says:

    Holy Kitten Cute!!

  9. awe da poor wittle boopy baby. it’s like she’s saying “hewp, hewp, hewp”

    i am glad to hear there is a happy ending 🙂

  10. Higher rez! HIGHER REZ PLEASE!

  11. Subhangi says:

    Looks like Peeky McPeekerson Jr oughta come out now!

  12. Awwww!! Look, it’s my little buddy Axelrod!

  13. Wow! I can’t see it, whoops there it is! So cute!

  14. Wow, what a cute camouflaged kitten! I love it!!! x3

  15. Okay – it seriously took me 15 minutes to find the kitten in this pic…soooooooo cute!!!! *Grin*Tear*Goofy feeling overwhelming body*

  16. Every one took 15 minutes, I did, don’t worry, all of us did,Torie. (you did guys, don’t be liars!)

  17. Firecloud says:

    kitten tire! Now I’d buy THAT car in a second! ^_^

  18. The Guy Over There says:

    It’s a new version of the Michelin ad!

    Because so much is riding on your tires.

  19. Woods walker says:

    Kittens seem to be getting into everything these days.-Woods Walker

  20. Sad, but with a happy ending. Would that all the little kittens in sad situations have such an ending.

  21. kagomechan21 says:

    *in norm from cheers voice* yeap…i found out whats wrong with yer tire….i seem to be in it.

  22. Covert kitten cuteness… thats so sweet… just remember people its not how the story starts its how it ends that matters. Good luck in life little furry soul…

  23. I think you should make a “Peeky McPeekerson” category, for all the pictures of peeky kittens.

  24. Would you say that this kitten is TIRED?????

    HAHAHahhaHooooooo oohhh

    thanks..I’m here for at least forty more years.

  25. Every one here is toddspal, I’m here as long as Meg keeps posting cute animal pics, like this cute kitty!

  26. Rebecca S. says:

    That is too much. Hilarious! Thanks for telling me …

  27. ooh toddspal that is bad!!! I am laughing my a** off over here!

  28. THANK YOU THEO! That video was about the funniest thing I’ve EVER seen. In my LIFE. THANK YOU!!

  29. Aubrey1872 says:

    I saw this dear little
    hub-cat immediately.

    There. This is my first post. Be nice to it!

    Happy Friday, kids!

  30. Darcy — no problem. Welcome to teh INTARWEB.

  31. Toddspal, Aubrey — sadly, puns are always fair game here.

    [stading, raising paw] …guilty, Your Hamster.

  32. er, that’s “standing” with an “n”.
    I probably need a drink.

  33. Aubrey1872 says:

    Even more sadly, puns are often all I have to offer. I must prepare for the sharpening of claws, then?

  34. Oh man that video was waayy to funny! Theo thanks for the link, it’s already imbedded on my blog!!!!

  35. luva da rodents says:

    seriously, it took me 15 SECINDS to find this cutey, he sticks out i mean you see the ear andthe eyes that should tell you “hey im here”.

  36. HAHAHAHAHA “I was just thinking that “Pimp my Ride”ought to have more kitten-based car accessories”


  37. Those are the most brilliant videos in the history of humankind. Thanks, Theo, for regularly dishing out the best of the cat-related internet. . .

  38. I’ll second the motion for a Peeky McPeekerson category.

  39. Carlisa says:

    Guarantee that puss gets around! :oP haha!

  40. Carlisa says:

    Just noticed one little ear sticking up. Haha! That is a Good’Ear tire folks!

  41. Good gracious, it seems to have required in excess of twenty minutes of intense concentration and scrutiny, but lo! Kitty in the middle!

  42. Nice photoshopping

  43. moptopmouse says:

    At first seemed slightly charming, but then I see bright red and blue Japanese text transforming this image in a commuter FM radio ad for billboard, paper, magazine, sat. tv, all media.. and whata cute bebechat..