Rad Skateboarding Pupitude

Dood! Shut UP!
That did not just happen: It’s a skateboarding dog movie.

\\ This just in: Photos of Tyson the skateboardin’ Bulldog! \\

He’s got friends and sponsors and shows and pet cats!


Shakka, Cody W.



  1. Finally first!!!!!!!!! The scake boarding dog is cool!!!!!!

  2. Sorry, I meant ‘skate’

  3. Meg, um, you spell dude, like this D-U-D-E.
    Not D-O-O-D.
    just a friendly correcting!

  4. luva da radents says:

    dood it funnier but still kind of cool but its nice u corected him mrg.

  5. mejezabel says:

    dood…let’s go get pizza and spark one up.

  6. AuntieMame says:

    Nope, it’s definitely “dood.”

    Especially when it’s a skateboarding bulldog.

    Hang ten!

  7. There’s a whole website!


  8. Sorry AuntieMame, its definetly ‘dude’ but I think dood, is kinda nice too! 🙂

  9. Aubrey1872 says:

    Regular or goofy foot? I couldn’t tell.

  10. Haha, rock on skater doggy!

    in other news, someone forgot to close their bold tag 🙂



  12. An image of this dog riding his skateboard needs to be put on a t-shirt and worn by millions of people (not-so-subtle HINT) … And that will be the first step in my campaign, “Tyson-Dog for President.”

  13. I’d wear that shirt! But can someone PLEASE confirm that CU either holds copyright or at very least has gotten permission from the copyright-holders of the images to use them on t-shirts? I really want to order the hamster shirt, and I can’t find the answer anywhere.

  14. I saw this doggy on TV–Animal Planet, I think. . .

  15. And as for the bold, there are a couple of unclosed bold tags in the t-shirt description. . .don’t know if that’s the problem. . .

  16. Holy cats! (er… dogs.) All he needs is a blue couch! http://www.skateboardingbulldog.com/tyspup2.jpg

  17. Luv der dog!

    Re. the world peace hamster, it’s one of K. Akagami’s. You’ll find a link to their home page under “links.” Cool?

  18. Fiji — Meg made the graphic for the World Peace Hamster T-shirt herself. It was based on the photo in this post:

    Buy it if you like, or don’t.

  19. I have that slide show thingy on my site too, and it dosn’t work right now either?

    Does anybody know why?

  20. Theo, no need to snap– we’re not talking about respecting the copyright of giant corporations here. I presume that if you’d taken a really cute picture, you’d want to be asked before it was merchandised, no?

    I think it’s a reasonable question, and I appreciate the reasonable answers! Thanks, guys.

  21. Heh… trust me, Fiji, if I snap, you’ll know.

  22. Carlisa says:

    uuummmmm……Is that dog chasing an onion?**cough cough**

  23. Carlisa says:

    I saw this video a while back and I thought it was awesome…Reallly funny!… I think my cuz sent it and it seemed to take 4ever to download but well worth it :o)

  24. Wow, you are amazing! You make me proud to be a dog

  25. gillian says:

    Cool trick. But bulldogs are most definitely not “cute.”

    Stupid pet tricks, sure. Cute Overload? I don’t think so.

  26. Prepare to get Slashdotted.

  27. anmlvr21 says:

    General trivia…Does anyone know what the bulldog was originally intended for???? Let you know tomorrow!

  28. It’s the apocalypse… A site like this gets slashdotted…. 😦

  29. PaintedPants says:

    OMG, ponies! LOL

  30. MiamiGenny says:

    anmlvr21: bull dogs were originally used for fighting bulls in medieval circuses. Am I right? I remember reading that somewhere.

    I think the skate-boarding bull dog is cute. Isn’t “imitating humans” a rule of cuteness? So he’s even by the rules cute.

  31. anmlvr21 says:

    Yes…bulldogs were originally intended for fighting bulls because of their strong bite. They could grab the bull by the nose (which if anyone grabs a bull by the septum between their nostrils, hard enough, they will stand perfectly still), but the bulldogs bite is very strong and could bite the bull on the nose and make it stand still! Pretty cool, huh?

  32. Grind, doggie, grind!

  33. hammy, i believe “dood” is found in the street dictionary along with “kinda”. and it’s meaning is slightly different from dude, we’re not all illiterate

  34. My daughter has seen Tyson doing his thing at Huntington Beach. He’s a cool doggy dude!

  35. whoah.i’ve seen skateboarding dogs, but this one, whooooooahhhh….

  36. It needs a mobile hotspot.

  37. check out another video on Doug the skateboarding dog here:

    doug http://www.petcentric.com/DogVideos.aspx
    3rd one down on the right

  38. All I was saying is that “dude” is spelled dude, not dood, ok.

  39. You don’t have to get mean “z” just ’cause I wanna use short words and cool words like “dude” and “kinda” doesn’t mean I can’t read or have a lack of education, in fact, I’m very educated.

  40. the dog is so rinkly!!

  41. Way cool 🙂 And most of all… CUTE!

  42. Being the owner of a bulldog, I can assure you that bulldogs are most definitely cute. Certainly cuter than the vast majority of rodents. And I am not biased in the least.

  43. I tried to contact them in Aug of LAST year to say I wanted to redesign their web site (for FREE no less) and I never heard back from them 😦

    This is what I did