Teeniest of ears, beadiest of eyes


Benji: Sniffle.


Thanks for posting, Lauren 😉



  1. aaaaaah! those sniffles are just WRONG! it’s TOO MUCH!

  2. Wow, do I have first comment? Yay! Gerbils taking the world by storm! You heard it first on CO!

  3. That snifflage is scary!

    *Pulls up some carpeting and hides under it*


  5. wow! that is one darn intensely cute gerbie

  6. . . .and abundantest of whiskers. What a cutie!!

  7. Roomba?!?! No, say its a tall tale! It must be untrue! Roombas were killed off in the War of the Five Armies!

  8. I love gerbie ears, they are so thin and soft..

  9. lmfao, i LOVE the sniffles!! omg too cute!!!
    who knew gerbils were so anerable???

  10. Hashi — that was the RUMBA. They killed off lounge-dancing, my man. Sadly, karaoke survives.

    Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

  11. Wisefool says:

    Thanks for spreading the word of rodent cute-cuddliness! Destructive in a granary, but lovely fluffkins in a pocket.

  12. I think he looks a little evil… demonically cute

  13. The sniffle is too, too much!

  14. the Sniffle made me Sneeze. for reals.

    Sparkster: BEWARE OF ROOFEE.

  15. Stripey hands! Squeeeeee!

  16. ManekiNeko says:

    You need to install a snorffling option on EVERY photo! Everything’s cuter when it’s snuffling!

  17. OMG – i didn’t realize that it sniffled and wiggled. too much – i love it even more than before.

  18. wittle nose, I’ll bet you WOVE karaoke … those wittle hands grasping the mic….
    “it’s not unusual to be loved by anyone”…..

    (sorry theo)

  19. Sooo very cute, and love the sniffle! I want to eat this gerbie up, that’s how much cute he’s got!

  20. The Guy Over There says:

    YAY! Gerbil <3^10th

  21. I think the animation is rockingly cute, but does it give anyone else a headache if they look too close or watch for too long? Thanks for making it only an option, Meg!

  22. JessJess0214 says:

    AHHH! The nose wiggles are killing me!!! And the ears! Too cute to handle! *dies again*

  23. EEEEK a mouse!

    O wait it a gerb, ok, just don’t tell my ex that I find this guy to darn cute!

  24. he looks like my gerbie… but mine won’t pose for a camera!!

  25. I WANT him! PS: post some chinchillas now please!

  26. who let the jerk in?

  27. why do you even care?

  28. Megan, don’t you have chores to do?

  29. Don’t feed trolls, people. It will be handled.

  30. demonstar says:

    you are completely correct theo. thank you for pointing that out. it just makes me angry that people dont have anything better to do than pick on people and things they dont even know. im a hot headed irish lass and sometimes cant control my temper!!!
    again, thank you theo for making me shut the hell up!!!;))

  31. adorababy says:

    somebody dressed up a Roomba as the frog from Frogger and tried to get it to cross the highway. there were pics I was kinda hoping would be cute. but they weren’t really.

  32. is that a siamese gerbil?? i have siamese-marked pet ratties, but i didn’t know gerbils had that variation too, how cute!!!

  33. More gerbils?!

    *clicks on link*


    Thank you, Meg. I’m glad to see gerbils are finally getting the cute recognition they deserve!

  34. Can’t help wondering what’s on their playlist!

  35. Okay, can I ask an embarassing question, did anyone else have one of these as a kid and get a bit freaked by the pop off tail issue? I had that happen and thought I harmed my precious pet… never really dared to hold it much after that… these little guys are absolutely adorable but need warning labels! I still love looking at them but that feeling of dread at “breaking” one again… still kind of gives me the woogies… the sniffle helps though

  36. M—- Are you serious? I didn’t know their tail would break off (well, unless under extreme circumstances) Now I’m very curious because I was thinking about getting my little boy one. I am so glad I read your post first! Have had that happen to a chameleon before(and THAT was freaky enough as a child)OMG, THANK YOU for the warning! I’m the one embarrassed, now :^#<

  37. Wait…pop off tail???? What does that mean??? Wait. Best not to tell me. I’m prone to nightmares.

  38. motherbrother says:

    I remember when I was little I accidently closed the cage door on my gerbils tail and all the skin came off…it was frightening. Poor thing.

  39. Lazy, I also thought that thing is looking siamese. Cat & mouse combo 😀 I want one too

  40. The “pop off tail”. Gerbies have an escape mechanism – if you try picking them up by the tail like a mouse, the tail just will probably come off.

    Trick is, leave the tail alone at all times.

  41. Benji IS Siamese! At least that’s what the color is called. And Benji is a SHE.

    It’s funny that Benji says “sniffle” because she has to take antibiotics everyday for a respiratory infection that the vet can’t seem to cure. It came in with a new gerbil from a pet store. Don’t get your gerbils from a petstore, find a breeder!

    If you think you can handle it, here are some more pics of Benji and her neighbor Dusty: http://www.flickr.com/photos/iwasteela/sets/72057594074448145/

    I told Benji that she was famous, but she just stared at me in disbelief.

  42. Ol’ Beady Eyes is back…

  43. I don’t usually think Gerbils are that cute, but this one is sooo sweet!
    just want to kiss that siamese-pointed nose!!

  44. Cenn— Thanks for the confirmation on this. They really should put a warning label (as M- says) on them. I had never ever heard this before! Thank you, both!!!!

  45. motherbrother says:

    too bad the tails dont grow back like some amphibians and reptiles

  46. *faints* OMG, it’s a cutie! Clearly next top model!

  47. luva da rodents says:

    i swear its like “i knew you were going to do this so go on. admire me, you know you want to!” i do! i do want to adore and admire you cutey cute cute gerbil overlord!

  48. I do, I wish I had that little gerbil in my hands and cuddle with him!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Oh, and Tom, what a way to show affection,you are so mean.

  50. Whoops!!! Sorry, my last comment was for another pic, sorry.

    *bangs head on walls and wispers to self ‘stupid, stupid!’*

  51. Finally, someone I know is famous!

    Nice pic Lauren.

  52. can i have one to power my computAr?

  53. Lauren— she is gorgeous! I thought “siamese” as soon as I saw her, but didn’t know that’s what they were actually called. If I DO get one it’s going to be this color. Thanks for the heads-up on the pet store. I’m going to check that link you sent.

  54. If you do need to find a gerbil breeder in the US, check out the American Gerbil Society website, they have a list of breeders: http://www.agsgerbils.org/Breeders.html

    The UK also has a gerbil society, and other countries might as well.

  55. luva da rodents says: