What a nice couple


Camilla: It’s a good thing these pens have grips to hang on.


Steve: Yeah? my perch is way scarier—check it—no grips! And our two-pronged hands aren’t helpin’! At least I can show the camera my sweeeeet hiney!


Look a—Whoa! We’re leaning! we’re leaning here!


Camilla: (glances back at Steve) Oh, brother.

Thank you, Chrissy;)



  1. Erk! Their tails look just like green curlyfries. Nummers, I love dem!

  2. Cool! Chameleons!
    Or, um, a chameleon! (?)

  3. Great choice, Meg. I love their expressions…

  4. demonstar says:

    i LOVE chameleons!!! so cute!!! love the way the eyes look in different directions!!

  5. jeepers
    where’d you get those peepers?
    where’d you get those eyes?

  6. merp!

  7. Oh, how funny!! Great captions, Meg.

    These critters are so tiny that if you need reading glasses, you might miss them.

  8. charma charma charma charma charma charmeleon
    you come and go
    you coma and gooooo

  9. Aww so cutee!! =) that would be awsome to have them on a shirt right? i mean crawling on the arms or back =P. YAY!!

  10. OH OH OH me LOVES them!!!

  11. Who’s got segmented EYES?!?

  12. SilvorMoon says:

    Eee, chameleons! I love their funny little toes, and their little curly tails. I wish I had one…

  13. “See chameleon, lyin’ there in the sun
    “All things to everyone, run run away”

    (Finn! Help! The 80s are back!!)

  14. OMG!!!! That’s HILARIOUS! Meg kills me with the comments. This hit me so funny! I can’t stop laughing. Ohhhh, my sides ache! Look at their expressions and the eyes! Too too funny…Haha! I get tons of jokes from friends and family via email all the time and this has to be one of the funniest things I’ve looked for quite some time. LOVE IT!

  15. They’re positively adorable, and the commentary is just the best.

  16. Wow! I had no idea they are so tiny… are these full sized? They are so cute! They don’t look real… they look like little toys… have to go research them… utterly facinated by the cuteness!!!

  17. Beauregard says:

    Ahh!!!! So little! So cute! What a hiney!

  18. Flundimbio says:

    OMG that so cool! Hey can you do me a HUGE favor? Place that little guy on a mirror and take a piccie. I have always wondered what color they turn! 8o)

  19. you guys r silly says:

    oh my god….the eyes – the eyes … the wee hands – the wee hands … the silly curly tiny tails — the teeniness — the *FANTASTIC* captions!!!!! === I’M DYIN’ HERE!!!!!!!

  20. Dustbunny says:

    They look like they’re thinking: “We are not amused.”

  21. The pen has given me an idea. I want one for my desk (or two would be better). They can crawl around and I will feed them little buggies and they can turn different colours and keep me amused.

    (Seriously, M-, I think these two [or one] are so small because they [it] are babies. Full-grown chameleons are not that big but are bigger than this.)

  22. These guys remind me of those smart-a** chameleons from the Budweiser commercials back in the 90s. Bud-WEISS-errrr!
    I’m trying my hardest, but I don’t find these guys cute…more like “creepy”.

  23. Must…acquire…reptiles of….adorableness….*dies*

  24. What teensy li’l hands, holdin’ on for dear life!

    Eyes on the human, here, they are verrrry concerned about what the human’s gonna do next…!!

  25. he he…*HE HE*…!HAHAHAHA!!!!..
    I can’t stand it!!!!!…and Meg just had to put the word “hiney” in there.

  26. Heh heh, talk about dead-pan. I love them! Such perfect little toes!

  27. Does anyone remember this little song as a kid?(giving away my age…lol)

    I see your hiney…
    so nice and shiny…
    If you don’t hide it…
    I’m gonna bite it!

  28. Whoa, that’s kinda scary. I used to work at the animation studio that did a commercial for that pen and one of the bits was of Matt T. (our resident athletic-looking animator) climbing up the little grooves, just like Camilla’s doing! Little did I know, they really *can* be used for climbing! Weird.

  29. This is the ULTIMATE Paper-mate sales ad! Just think…! Geico has NOTHING on US!…(still laughing)!

  30. Has a coroner ever cited, “Death by cuteness via extended liliputian chamealeon exposure” as a cause of death??




  32. Nose-fur-atu says:

    As I stare at those crazy eyes, I alternate between being creeped out and being cuted out.

  33. Subhangi says:

    LMAO … Love your captions Meg!!!

  34. Villeline says:

    “See me go blue! Look now! Ta-da! Magic!”

    That fellow is SO cute – and your captions are indeed adding quite a bit to the attraction, Meg! Gods, I love this place! 😀

  35. JessJess says:

    Hehehe, so silly and so cute and itty bitty!

  36. Aww so sweet, I have always wanted a chameleon, they are so cool.
    I’d be scared of losing it though.
    What if you put one on a chess board?

  37. zounds! i want one for my pencil case. those are so gorgeous. and tiny. and gorgeously tiny.

  38. Cute! Makes me want to go install SuSE Linux on my PC!

  39. Chantelle says:

    I think they’re so small because they’re pygmy chameleons. I saw some at the pet store and I swear, at first glance, you might confuse them for a large bug or something. So cute though! Normal sized chameleons definitely get larger than that.

  40. fawn lust says:

    i had no idea their little feet were all two-pronged like that. a little bit scary. but then they’re so teensy and almost fuzzy-looking, so it all works out.

  41. He has tried to turn blue when sitting on the pen! That is CUTE!

  42. Never thought that they where cute…till now!

  43. I thought they looked creepy (little sister watches “Zaboomafoo” and I always see camelions (don’t know how to spell it)and now, I love ’em!
    Pa ra ra ta at, I’m lovin’ it!

  44. “Little sister” eh? You’re not fooling anybody(s)…

  45. Okay, you figure me out, I lke watching Zaboomafoo because of the puppet, and all the cute cats that come on the show!

  46. Gillian says:

    hahaha. chameleons rock. i wish i could do that thing with my eyeballs.

  47. He looks like my little guy. Baby chameleons are the cutest things ever! I love their litty grabby feet!

  48. Oh and to “Who?”, that’s actually a baby chameleon… Pygmy chameleons have short stumpy tails.

  49. omgz can i have one to put it on top of my pc screen?