She’s such a bitch.

Those girls in the background are sooo saying that! You know I’m right. Look! The girl in the front, she’s like, totally getting all the carrot! Look at her!


From Lou the Lou’s Flickr files. Lou, standing ovation.



  1. OH, bunnies are the cutest things on earth!!

  2. those two rabbits look so jealous! but cute. they should stop being so mean to the lucky one…

  3. Beauregard says:

    Uhoh. I guess we should expect some hoopla over the captions today. But the buns are cute as ever at least. (Except Master Fluff, but no one can touch her and we don’t expect them to).

  4. Holly Kim says:

    My friend Eppie says it looks more like Bun & the Bunnettes. IE the front bunny is the lead singer and the two in the background are the backup singers.

  5. So cute! and here I thought jealousy was an ugly thing.

  6. you guys r silly says:


  7. Meg you are genius. This is sooo freakin adorable!!!!!!!!!! AWWWW! I want three rabbits! 🙂 They would line up and i would feed them each equal pieces of rabbit (but only if they were good girls)

  8. Poor precious onlookers. Will they never know the glory of the microphone?

  9. emily, I think you wanted to write “carrot” – at least I hope so…

  10. Courtney says:

    Hee! Poor background bunnies.

  11. It’s a poison carrot! Put there by the Tooth Fairy!


  12. This site is nuking my noodle… first, it turns out to be two gerbils (not eleven mice on a quest) and now it’s three bunnies (not a hoitie-toitie lady dog). What’s next?

  13. she who dares it
    gets the carrot.

    doggerelblogger, what did the Tooth Fairy ever do to you??

  14. Awwww! I love those bunnies!

    I’m coveting the dish they’re eating out of! Lucky bunnies!

  15. Please don’t pick the bunny for the t-shirt…

  16. awe!!! wook at da bunnies!! dere soooo cute!!

    okay. back to work.

  17. Anybody's says:

    Theo, they don’t like you anymore, so they wanna confuse you and make you miserable.

  18. Bunnies really are the *best* dang cutest, serious little faces in the Kingdom. Any kingdom!

  19. Subhangi says:

    I could have SWORN I actually saw the bunny’s mouth moving as I read the comment!

    I hope I never live to see the days bun-buns start bitchin’ like humans.

  20. pistache268 says:

    Look at the narrowed eyes of the beigish bunny!

    It’s a loathsome stare.

  21. This site is wonderful! It makes everything cute and fluffy 🙂 even jealousy

  22. hey cool none of those overprotective moms are taking over the comments!
    v. cute, by the way!

  23. Sylvie et al. — interesting article from CNN yesterday:

    It’s bitchin’.

  24. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner! says:

    ooo yeaville! The bun buns are back in town. Ther’s your”cuteness trifecta” right there!

    *Slight name change folks!
    dwarf rabbit owner too! & the added(No I’m not a dwarf…my bun bun is though)…Same poster more precise & shorter moniker…name, is all.

  25. i love logging on the first thing in the morning when i get to work and getting my CO fix – i definitely lol today

  26. christina says:

    The caption on this just makes it so much cuter cause you so know thats what they are saying

  27. Nala — Huh? “cool website?” You mean

    (btw — a single click on the “post” button is all it takes)

  28. haha yes imeant to write carrot not rabbit OOOOOPS!! dont hate me!

  29. anyone else notice that the big bunny getting the carrot has a trace of fur thats the same exact color as the brown rabbit on his forehead CUUTE! Is he the daddy? mommy?

  30. “Oh my gawd, Becky, look at her butt. It is so big.”

    THAT’S what they’re snickering about.

  31. Nala — the “who” appears to be AP national writer Jocelyn Noveck.

  32. And Becci — LOL. I like cute buns and I can not lie!

  33. Riiiight…here is what the bunnies are really thinking:

    bunny #1: (insert white noise)
    bunny #2: (insert solid tone)

    main bunny: food! (then…insert whooshing air sound)

  34. Main bun – *sniffs* Carrot seems all clear..

    Back buns – Yeah thats right… keep on eatin Easter boy… we’ll see who’ll be delivering eggs THIS year!


    OH boy. The bunnies in the background are SOOOOOOO SAYING THAT!

  36. It’s Cinderbunny and her wicked stepsisters – after years of abuse, Cinderbunny is claiming her prize, the perfectly fitting carrot, while the stepsisters look on, wishing they had been nicer to her so she’d give them a bite.

  37. The caption made me burst out laughing!!!

    ( )
    ” “

  38. hahahha, so funny!!

  39. Michelle says:

    That caption is hilarious! Becci: hahahaha!

  40. I have to say that curse words are not so cute.

  41. “oh. my. god, becky! look at her butt! It is SO big!”
    “she looks like one of those rap guys girlfriends. slut.”
    “no one understands those rap guys”
    “they only talk to her because she looks like a TOTAL prostitute, okay?”
    “i mean her butt, its just so big, i cant believe its just so round its like out there, ugh, gross. shes just so BLACK”

  42. [Michele — you go, girl!]
    Does anyone else think these are Destiny’s Bunnies? Look at how Beyonce is hogging the carrot AGAIN and STILL. Kelly and Michele are dancing their asses off back by the bowl, but all anyone ever sees is Beyonce on the carrot!

  43. This is the funniest caption yet! I love this site.

  44. LOL. I like big BUNS and I cannot lie—nicely done. LOVE the Sir Mix Alot lyrics—that’s the best video ever made, too.

  45. >OH, bunnies are the cutest things on earth!!

    Anya didn’t think so.


    Excellent captions, Meg!

  46. OK, this isn’t a bunny pic, but it’s from the same “Lou the Lou” Flikr stream as the bitchy bunnies ‘bove:
    Is that not the sweetest doggie candid you’ve ever seen??

    And *this* is just kinda cool:

  47. *Clearly* kelly (8:38 am) is the only one in this thread who has met a real live bunny. Thanks for typing my sentiments…although I thought the bunny was thinking more along the lines of:

    Bunny: …… …

    Mind you..they *are* very cute!

  48. hey! where did the word “poop” go that I tried to insert in the above “….. …”

    Technology eludes me…sigh…

  49. Caroline, I’m with you. Bunnies are extremely cute but have to be about the most empty-headed animals there are (I used to own them). Good thing they’ve got the Cute going for them. . .

  50. adorababy says:

    I have to say that some curse words are indeed cute… ‘nookie,’ for example, is a cute word just because it sounds like ‘cookie’ Personally, I think ‘twat’ is a cute word and makes me think of Pascal the hedgehog yawning.

    Anyhow, the picture, captions, and postings for Cinderbunny/Bun & the Bunnettes are cute and funny, and censorship is not cute or funny.

    Richard Cheese’s cover of the Mix-a-Lot song is cute & funny.

  51. Hey ‘sylvie’ (the ditz who wrote “hey cool none of those overprotective moms are taking over the comments!”)

    I have two suggestions:
    1)get a clue
    2) go pound sand up your buttocks. (and not one profane word was used in the previous phrase.)

  52. I dunno, “Tom”, your mean-spirited response sends a much nastier message to the kids than any so-called profanity I’m aware of.

  53. not nice, Tom.

  54. Awww so cute!

    As to the comments above… I own bunnies, and they’re rather smart. and cute. Smarter than dogs for sure, and they know just how to beg for treats. ^.^

  55. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner! says:

    My bun bun is very smart…Don’t blanket statement all rabbits please…Spend time(very little needed)& love ’em and they are happy & eager to learn & love in return.No worries…I’m just sayin’.

  56. My bun was very dumb, but he sure was cute!! He loved making flying leaps in the living room. Nothing like shag carpet for some traction! Apparently, nothing like shag carpet for eating, too…

  57. So cute, we have a wild rabbit in our garden, but he disappears whenever he sees us!

  58. The bunny with the grey ears and mask reminds me a bit of my mate, Trent, although his ears were black and he had black markings around his eyes–like Alice Cooper’s makeup. I really miss him. He died just before Christmas. But my friend Trinity the Cat visits with me so I’m doing ok.

  59. violingirl says:

    Hahaha.. emily, I’m *still* laughing about the “equal pieces of rabbit”… classic, just classic. I guess I must a slightly sick sense of humour.

    This has got to be the funniest picture on this site yet… everytime I look at it I burst out laughing again. GOD…it’s so freakin’ HILIARIOUS!!!

  60. “Oh my God Becky,Look at her
    butt, I mean she looks like one of those black guys girlfriends, I don’t know what they see in her”
    (lyrics from “Baby Got Back”)

  61. I’ve gotta say – this is one of my favorite photos on the site! It’s just too funny.

  62. “oh. my. god, becky! look at her butt! It is SO big!”
    “she looks like one of those rap guys girlfriends. slut.”
    “no one understands those rap guys”
    “they only talk to her because she looks like a TOTAL prostitute, okay?”
    “i mean her butt, its just so big, i cant believe its just so round its like out there, ugh, gross. shes just so BLACK”

    You go Michele, that is the funniest comment I have seen!

  63. Oh yea, Tom, what a way to show affection, you are so mean!

    Wow. Those girls are rlly jealous…lol