Remember Lucy 2.0? This is her paw.

You’ll remember that Lucy 2.0 is a sweet lil’ hammie that’s burnin’ rubber over in the Netherlands. Under the careful guidance of Mathijs "The Paw" van der Paauw, Lucy hopes to run 400 thousand meters on her treadmill. This, Ladies and Gentlemen, is her paw.



  1. That pink pinkiosity is ubersweet!

    Me likey!

  2. fuzzy widdle hammie paw!! fuzzy widdle hammie paw!!!
    I LOVE IT!!!! i just want to touch the fuzziness!!
    i try to touch the fuzziness on my own little russian hammies, but they wont hold still long enuf, major issues with having to run the wheel !!!!

  3. i love lucy

  4. JessJess says:


  5. Whoa.
    Just… whoa.

  6. Oh wow. That is *some* intense macro photography.

    I would like to know what lens he used to achieve this uber-closeness to a tiny Hamster Hand.

  7. We dutchies are crazy😦

  8. Moggie_Cat says:

    A PAW…a widdle pink paw!

    Touch my cheek…

  9. blondiemae says:


  10. hahahaha – so CUTE! i love the pink skin and ultra shiney white fuzzy fur🙂

  11. Ummm… W O W ! It doesn’t look real… its just so AMAZING… wow… I bow to the amazing photography skills of this master!!!

  12. Beauregard says:

    OH my shaeszeafvvAM! Widdle pawsy! Teensy leetle footins! Oh man! Hammies = LOVE

  13. Adrienne says:

    cute little pink paw!!! squeee!

  14. How in the world did the photographer get so close to Lucy’s foot without her moving? I mean, that’s one heckuva hammie paw shot!
    Very cute nonetheless…

  15. Well, if’n that ain’t the cutest little paw I ever did see!!!

  16. persimmontree says:

    is there some kind of corollary rule of cuteness where skin pinkness lending its glow to fuzzy numnum fur is extremely freeking cute? or is that just me?


  18. I’m with Theo

  19. It’s Pauuw’s Paw!!

  20. Gurgle. So soft and sweet. Must put it in mouth.

  21. Pretty amazing shot, but I would so *not* want to kiss a hamster’s paw….!

  22. why are little pink paws so cute? is it the suggestion of helplessness? i love hammie paws.

  23. tee hee
    but what if i love hamster tails? can you request he shoot that next?

  24. Subhangi says:


    I wonder if theres any religion with a hamster-god. I’m converting!

  25. angelina schu says:

    Lucy 2.0 is the cutest hamster I’ve ever seen in my life – a great job you did on this one, Mathijs ‘The Paw’!

  26. Thats too cute!!!
    Soooo fuzzzy…
    sooo tiny….
    I love paws!!!

  27. jennifuh says:

    I’m thinking Lucy’s owner could have a post here. Rrrrooowwrr!

  28. Make ‘Jaws’ into ‘Paws’!

  29. Actually… that wasn’t bad. Four words total, but it got the point across, and even was kinda funny. This is what I’m talking about, girl.