Head bigger than booooody! [singsong]

This one goes out to Theo! Sent in by Maryann P. (P for purrrrrrrrrrrrr)



  1. YEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

  2. ooooh weensy teensy orange kitten.

  3. ohhhhhhhhhhh – little orange tiger baby – i just wanna kiss that big head of yours

  4. Oh, how precious!

  5. well, at least we got _part_ of a body with this guy.

    what does Mr. Bounce think?

  6. StormCat says:

    Ohhhh Little Kitty…
    I want to lay with you…
    Play with your little feets…
    Play with your big ears…
    Rub your warm little belly…
    I want to hear your purrrrr…..
    I want to trace the little “M” on your forehead that marks you as a pure Tabby…
    What a little Kitty….

  7. Oh my goodness! I just wanna kiss those little feet and snuggle with that kitty. Look at his little tail! I want an orange tabby…. *sniff*

    You did it again! Fueling my cuteness addiction. I’ll have to show it to my fiance, he pretends to be a big tuff man, but lil kitties are his weakness.

  8. Michelle says:

    Gah! That is so cute! He’s so teensy he doesn’t even flatten the nap of the fleece he’s laying on… he just sorta floats on the tips. ::twitch::

  9. he has humongo head and wiiiiiddo body!

  10. I gotta say, the flexibility of cats never ceases to amaze me! Almost terribly adorable!

  11. I seem to detect some differences between “Michelle” and “Michele” here.

  12. that’s ‘diferance,’ theo.

    yesterday dante, today derrida.

  13. AuntieMame says:

    Heh! One good gust of breeze and that kitty will go sailing. 🙂


    Fluffy, big-headed
    KITTIN! I snargle your ears
    As you softly purr.

  15. kagomechan21 says:

    my grandmas kitty would come sleep right up against my back at night under the blankies so i couldnt roll over….*sigh* ebil kitty pictures, cause its gonna make me go sneak a kitty home while my bf isnt looking!

  16. Adrienne says:

    hee hee i bet he tips over when he stands up! my puppy used to….bestest thing evar

  17. and now i am forced to violate my lease agreement. “no animals” my eye. i am getting one as soon as i can distract my roommates long enough to hide it in my room.



  19. that is the most fantasticly adorable giant-headed kitten i have ever seen!
    “why is his head so big, why is his head soooo big?” -Gir, invader Zim.

  20. Once again – the paws, the paws!!!

  21. I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuurvvvvvvvve teh kittehz!!!!1!1!1!!!!eleven!!!!!!!1!!1!!11111!!!

  22. JessJess says:

    AWWWWWW!!! I just want to nibble on his wittle paws and wittle ears and snuggle it into my rack (cause that’s where cut wittle kitties belong of course).

  23. JessJess says:

    cute**** >_<

  24. hoo boy. Not the right picture to see when I’m sleepy already. I’m just gonna curl up under the desk now.

  25. kawaii!!!!

  26. Theo lol Im glad she has 2 “l’s” and I have only one, or there could be much confusion

  27. Awwww…. you can almost here it do that sqeak/meow noise all kittens make… how absolutely adorable!!!

  28. What a precious giant head and tiny drumstick!

  29. Very cute, but I hope the rest of it’s body catches up, all it will be all sleeping and no playing, and kittens are so cute when they play.

  30. I had a dream where I was TICKLING a cat…

    so odd.


    That kitten is too cute. 🙂

  31. persimmontree says:

    cinnamon. jellybean. tootie-paws.


  32. Prosh, prosh, prosh!!! Oh my god, he reminds me of my sister’s cat Ed when we was that little. Can’t you just he the little guy go “Honk-shuuu…honk-shuuu….”?

  33. cutest kitten i have EVER SEEN. (besides my own, of course)

  34. “Honkshu”!! Yep, that needs to go in the Cute O Glossary too.

  35. such proshness, my head may explode.. he looks like my youngest cat.. his name is aptly “itty bitty kitty”.. can’t stop the snargling…. such smoochieable ears. the orange ones always stay cute, no matter how big they get.. punkin kitties.

  36. ..and the weensy pinkie pads of his feet!!!!!! So tender and warmles. LOVE that little guy!

  37. What? No thought at all for that kitten’s pooooor momma? I can vouch for the discomfort of birthing a large-headed offspring!Ouch! lol! Sweet baby!

  38. More cute-paw action. I agree “jaypo”…exposure of “Weensy pinkie pads” is a big plus here. Double points.

  39. awww this is so Kauute!

    I love this picture!!

  40. sadie_asher says:

    ahhhhhhhhhhh — that makes my day!

  41. Whitney – I could just hear Gir saying that when I read your quote! invader ZIIIIIIIIMMMMM – rocks.

  42. Yeah… Honkshu in the glossary. I’d appreciate that.

  43. I take it all back. THIS should be on the t-shirt.

    Widdle Kitty!

  44. Awww. I’m glad there’s someone out there who likes kitty feet, too. Maybe I’m not so weird…

    My kitty has a big lump on his chest that hurts–he cries when I touch it. :o( We’re going to the vet tomorrow. I hope it’s nothing serious!!

  45. Awww that is what make the picture cute.

  46. Subhangi says:


    Sqweet lil’ paws and BIIIG head. Awwwwwwww.

  47. what a precious lil ginger kitt i wanna snuffleize it!

  48. Nose-fur-atu says:

    This is the cutest kitten ever to appear on Cute Overload, and that’s saying something.

  49. So you like cute tiger tabby Kittens eh?

    take a look at this poor thing

  50. Jes— good luck with your kitty at the vet—I hope it’s nothing serious, too.

    cute kitty pic :o)

  51. Aww, it’s so cute!
    Not as cute as me, of course…
    But a close second!

  52. By the way, Meg & Maryann — thanks again. I do loves me them tiger tabbies. Sigh.

  53. Remind me of a cat I had her name was Sissybear, she went nuts after her first litter. I had to have her institutionalized.

  54. to huff, or to snorgle, that is the question…they say the gingery ones are the best…


  56. Yes, yes, the cuteness of that kitten (reminds self of “Big Head First Dogs” but as a cat!)