SBM Seeks Cuddle Partner in Blue Bed

Single Brownish Male Seeks Cuddle Partner in Blue Bed. Partner must be warm, totally nummy, and equally as sweet as yours truly. Limit: one, so only answer if you’re super duper prosh. Experience preferred.


Thanks, Fitz…



  1. im first!!!
    omg, that little doggie is too anerable for words!
    i am esperienced cuddler!! oooooo, pick me please!!!!

  2. ooooh, i neeeeeeed it. so arorable and fluffable!

  3. hey. i’ve got a Blue Couch of Fabulousness to match your bed.

    i’ll even truss ya if that’s your bag.

  4. Where is his body?? He’s buried in his bed!

    That is one darn cute puppy.

  5. Hey, you guys stole another one of my words: nummy! And before this it was tie-tie (or was it ty-ty)!

    Love the little fluff ball!

  6. Osh Prosh B Gosh… I want one of those!


  8. Last post today… I SWEAR… I really need to hammer some SQL out…

    …but how many disembodied cutie-poos have we had here, now? Is this the third? Fourth? Just what constitutes a Cute O “Category,” anyway?

  9. showmecutethings says:

    So cute! Anyone know what kind of dog this is??? Cause I want one!!!!!!!!!

  10. Is that a baby ewok?

  11. THEO! YOU KNOW SQL! You may be the ONLY person who knows more about it than I do!

    Would you mind if i ever hit you up with a query question? 😀

  12. Demonstar… that link…


  13. I know Theo would love being asked inane questions relating to SQL and what I am sure would be surprisingly easy SQL questions which would make him want to punch me in the face 🙂

  14. Theo: you stole the idea right out of my head.

    “Disembodied animal heads”–might not be the *best* way to put it. But it should def. come under consideration for a category.

    [happy SQL’ing]

  15. christina says:

    Thats so cute it hurts!!

  16. hehe, it does look like there is a hole in the floor and he is sticking out of it, holding on w/ his paws crossed. 🙂

  17. blondiemae says:

    me me me me

  18. I can’t help wondering about the scale – how deep is his bed, or (putting it another way), how tall is the pup?

    Love the little sliver of puppy tongue, too.

  19. The Guy Over There says:

    That dog’s got a debonair look about him, like a rennaisance dog. I wonder if he graduated from Harvard?

  20. Sweet Pea says:

    I know it’s an optical illusion, but something looks very wrong with this pup’s right eye. Like its deformed or even missing.
    Anyone else see this?

  21. AWWWWWW!!!

    hrm…is that a lhasa apso pup?

    and what is SQL? squeeling?

  22. SQL=Structured Query Language

    From my pitiful understanding, it is the language used to interact data from databases. It is unlike programming languages because of the nature of what one does and can do with tables of information.

    Ya know how this site has all of these entries? That information is stored in a datebase, and is accessed using SQL with ‘server-side’ code. That is, when you go to this site on your browser, the file you are accessing on the server has code on it, which is processed by the server, doing what the code tells it, and then sends you the page as it was intended by the code. for example, coming to CO, there should be code like “show the 20 most recent posts”, whereas if you click on one of the categories, it will say something like ” show all of the posts that have the ‘kitten’ as a category”

    Its very cool 😉

  23. Sweet Pea– I think it’s just some of it’s hair covering the eye. I noticed that too but I think it’s prob fine :o)

  24. Hmm.. I thought I put it pretty understandably. :-/

    oh wells.

    *cries in a corner, clutching his D&D Player’s Handbook*

  25. I thought you did a good job explaining, Hashi. You can come out of the corner now. . .

  26. *rolls his twenty-sided die*

    *rolls a 14. Studies his character sheet*

    Hm. The dice said its okay 😀

  27. ManekiNeko says:

    Oh, hashi, don’t cry – I thought it was lovely and very understandable. But I’m a SQL-geek, so maybe that helped.

    For the super-un-initated/uninterested:

    SQL is a way to do queries, or what you might call “searches”.

    Basically, you’re telling the computer to find things – and *how* to find them.

    If Meg asked you to go through the CO archives and find every picture with a kitty in it, it would take you forever, altough I can think of worse ways to spend an afternoon.

    But if she labels each kitty picture that comes in as “kitty”, then with the magic of SQL, she can say, “Computer! I command you to render unto me all pictures labeled ‘kitty’!” And lo, it shall be done.

  28. *claps* very well done!
    Now if only computers only do what you want them to do *correctly* all the time…

  29. the problem with computers, hashi, is that they do exactly what you *tell* them to do, not exactly what you *want* them to do. that’s why i’m a hardware person 😛

  30. Brak_Silverbone says:

    I love the very slightly come-hither look on his face. So cute!

  31. What is that? Looks like a Morkie?

  32. ElfOwl — tell me, how often does a custom rig work right, the first time?

    Mm-hmm, that’s what I thought. (“Hardware person” myself. And SQL person.)

  33. dang, this is seriously cute….it does look like an baby ewok.

  34. Teddy-bear dog! And all ready for some heavy-duty snugglin’!

  35. Ohhhhhh this Yorkie pup
    is too cute. He looks so
    precious you could just
    eat him up…

  36. Theo – Well, if it’s the two custom test boards I designed, then both! 😉 But your point is spot on, and I’m a much worse coder than I am a solderer, so I stay away :-P.

  37. what does prosh mean?

  38. Theo, you need to work on that Cute Glossary soon.

  39. Rodin (chuckle) — I will compile & submit a draft to Meg, but I think she’s got something in the works already. Meanwhile I’m still mired in recalcitrant SQL data-export procedures.

    I do have a good strong mocha, though.

  40. By the way, ElfOwl — I can’t solder for sh!t. Good on ya.

  41. CAFFEINE!! the secret power source of multitudinous computer systems. (+ chocolate = extra power)

  42. Theo–btw har the Rodin reference. It took me a few minutes. You will notice please the indefinite as opposed to the definite article in this case. . .

  43. That dog is absolutely adorable. You need to enter more picks of that puppy in our cute dog photo contest. We’d love to have them!

  44. “A” Thinker — yeah yeah, my mom was an 8th-grade english teacher. I sometimes take small liberties in the interests of humorous effect. (I’m clear, though; I’ve got full language exemption on my Artistic License.)

  45. What happened to her arms,legs and body?!

  46. Suddenly this Nala person starts to sounds reeeeally familiar…

  47. ya think?

  48. Theo: 😀

  49. Jennifer says:

    What kind of dog is that? Anyone know?

  50. Jennifer, it looks almost like a Maltese-Yorkshire-Terrier Mix (“Morkie”). Or maybe a Yorkshire Terrier-Shih-Tzu Mix? Not sure. Cute x 2!