Elven gerbils on a quest

\\This just in!\\
The owner of this photo has been found!

Michelle the Cruise Director (of Live Journal fame) posted an entire series of Gerbil adventures 2 years ago. It’s wonderful commentary and so funny.

More Gerbil Adventures

Her sons came up with the idea and shot the photos. They are brilliant! I’d also like to apologize for not getting the credit right on this one. CruiseDirector and sons, will you forgive me? <bowing head>

\\This just in!\\

Throw on your +15 tunic and pull out your +5 mace, my friends, this is GOOD STUFF. The "Elven" gerbils below are prepping for an exploratory journey around their carboard home. Join us, won’t you? Get in the boat! [trippy music starts]


Sent in by Tina R. Aragorn and Boromir photographed by Michelle and sons.



  1. Whew, that’s spooky. 🙂 Are we going to get more of these pics?

  2. They’d be cuter if their little eyes weren’t glowing demon red.

  3. “even the mice were more prepared than FEMA.”

  4. Redwall! lives!!

  5. Finn–that’s too good…!

  6. Michelle says:


  7. i think they should redo epies of the show hammie the hamster. i would so watch that

  8. waiii~ one of them is playing with the horn of Gondor XD

  9. Tina Rhea says:

    Frodo and Sam here are gerbils, by the way. They come in a lot of colors now. Love Boromir’s horn and the sword, but they need some oars… and some water….

  10. you guys r silly says:

    Tina Rhea, you stole my thought!!! I was JUST going to say that the gerbils are OBVIOUSLY reenacting the scene from “The Two Towers” where they are exiting their boats along the shore, before that final battle where Boromir dies trying to save Pip and Merry….
    !!!! &:o)

  11. eee! I love gerbils! and ruby eyes may photograph strangely, but they’re beautiful in person. I have a pink-eyed white myself right now. gerbils are the sweetest little animals, so much friendlier than hamsters 😛

  12. The Guy Over There says:

    Rodents and a nerdy theme. I truly am in heaven. ^_^

  13. yay deirdre! it’s obviously matthias and a mate, wondering how the heck they boated straight into a cardboard box.

    Very sweet indeedles.

  14. Meg, you are dangerous for productivity. I can’t focus on work today now that I’ve found your site. Must. Do. Work. But just one more pic…


  15. Ahoy, bilge rats we t’aint, matey! Bring the grog an’ hornpipe, talk up and be merry!! There be cardboard ahead!


  16. Courtney says:

    YAY!!! Gerbils!!!

    I have been waiting for the day gerbils would make it to Cute Overload. I love it when they stand up on their hind legs and look around cutely.

  17. More like Virgil and Dante disembarking after their journey across the river Styx…

  18. is that chris de burgh i hear in the background??

  19. krimur: LOL.

    That’s even better than the LOTR reference.

  20. Finn: Don’t even fix his bike.

  21. Redwall? Nice one, Deirdre!

    Even if they ARE gerbils!

  22. Oh, and I’m with you on that, s.

  23. dunnndundundunnnnn! danananananadundundunnnn
    lord of the rings music lol

  24. G&S

    Gerbils & Sorcery!

    Ok lads, girdle yer loins, the dungeon is right up ahead!

  25. Anyone else read this as “Eleven Mice on a Quest,” and then wonder where the other 9 went?

    (Rafael — I think you mean “gird.” “Girdling loins” sounds like a euphemism for spaying & neutering.)

  26. Christine says:

    You get mega awesome points for the Dungeons and Dragons reference with the +15 tunic (though only a crazy DM would let the players have that :P) and the +5 mace.

  27. er… mice, gerbils, elves, whatever…

  28. +15 TUNIC!? He’s totally epic! It must be a Fiery/Frost Vorpal Keen Masterwork Tunic of Mighty Cleaving and Throwing and Returning and Blending!

    D&D Nerditry! Woo!

  29. Though upon further thought, the tunic I’ve mentioned would be around +27ish…

  30. thx hashi. i feel like i’m back in high school.

  31. I HAD to look this up…

    +1 for flaming, +1 for frost, +5 for vorpal, +1 for keen, +1 for mighty cleaving, +1 for throwing… and for blending and returning, I’ll tack on +1 each… that leaves us with a +11 tunic…

    OH OH OH, here we go for a +15 tunic.. “melee weapon”…


    And you are most welcome, dear finn. 3

  32. Yey! Gerbils! I want more!

  33. Aww… now I miss my greatsword of throwing and returning and distance. 😦

  34. hashi u forgot trussing.
    + 2 for TRUSSING.

  35. dude. that’s HOT.

  36. Hey! you can’t be linking sites like that to here! Thats unGodly and very very naughty! Someone dislodge this stick in my rectum!

  37. “+15 tunic and pull out your +5 mace,” Is that a WoW reference on Cute Overload! My mind is freshly blown.

  38. wow. i have officially found my peeps. lover of things nerdy AND Cute. i’m in heaven!

  39. how does a vorpal tunic work? o_O i’m not wearing that!!

  40. E. Collison says:

    *Love* the Dante-Virgil reference!

  41. Ahha! The people have spoken and they want more gerbils! *waits patiently for her gerbil pic to be posted*

  42. Assuming the tunic can be used as a slashing… tunic… then it will behead … those whom use the tunic as a weapon. I suppose if you tackle or check someone, then they may be beheaded. I make a fun DM 😀

    Aaron Suggs, it is actually a Dungeons and Dragons reference 😉

  43. Ponygirl says:

    I totally mis-read it as eleven gerbils. I only just realized it was elven which makes a whole lot more sense.

  44. this has sid and marty krofft all over it. i hope they find marshall, will and holly while on their quest.

  45. Kinleigh says:

    Goodness gracious. Did no one else notice that Frodo and Sam are not, in fact, elves but hobbits?

  46. >”+15 tunic and pull out your +5 mace,” Is that a WoW reference on Cute Overload! My mind is freshly blown.

    I’d say more of D&D reference (not sure not having played it though)

    But yea I did accosiate it with WoW

    PS: anyone except me think they look more like rats?

  47. Having delved far deep into the annals of nerditry, I am quite well-versed in the origins of such references.

    Hello, my name is Hashi, and I’m a nerdaholic.

  48. I know! Ain’t it great? 😀

  49. We shall see 🙂 Code’s not for anyone, so s’all good.

    I’ve always imagined gerbils to look more like guinea pigs. I don’t know why…

  50. EEEK!!! Demon Rats!

    This is probably the least cute pic that’s ever been posted on this site, and yes I’m including the baby snakes and lizards and snails that are posted sometimes.

    UGH! heeby-jeebies!

  51. STILL laughing–girdling the loins–obviously for the plump rodent..

  52. Creepy red-eyed mice in a shitty cardboard box with a few plastic toys scattered about. How is this supposed to be cute? Shame on you, Cute Curator!!!! *SLAP SLAP SLAP*

  53. No worries, Anybody’s. My last comment did not mean to offend. I was simply stating that not everyone’s all up on SQL and such. 🙂 It’s all good!

  54. Yay! Somebody besides me has read Redwall!

    But, sticking with the LOTR theme, where are they going? Hamdor?

  55. Ahh, I thought I detected a hint of offense. Sorry for misreading you, Anybody’s. 🙂

  56. I’ve just never seen one, is all :-p

  57. Dustbunny says:

    60-something gerbil comments and not *one* Richard Gere reference! I’m seriously disappointed with the snarkiness (or lack thereof) displayed here.

  58. We come from the land of the ice and snow from the midnight sun where the hot springs blow ..

    Hammer of the gods
    will drive our ships to new land
    to fight the horde
    and sing and cry
    Valhalla I am coming..

    Squea–a–ak, squeak!
    Squea–a–ak, squeak!

  59. sock monster says:

    omg, they have freaky eyes. they look like mutant rats that just came out from a lab or something.

  60. Anybody’s — this is the last time I will address you.

    Your comments keep getting deleted because you keep posting them, even though you’ve been warned, coached, cajoled, and repeatedly banned. You, sir, are persona non grata, and you can damn well look that up for yourself.

  61. OK, so there are FINALLY some gerbil pics on the Overload. I agree that they might not be the cutest gerbils, but the theme is cute.

    Here IS one of the cutest gerbils, and her name is Benji.


  62. Look at those little foots! And the tiniest of hands … schweet.
    Lauren’s pic of the Benji-gerbil is also cute–I see it’s got a baby-otter-ears thing going on.

  63. So I’m wondering how many rats get named after Mrs. Frisby and the like…

  64. And duh, mice, too, since Mrs. Frisby is a mouse after all with 4 mice children…

  65. They’re MICE, not gerbils.

  66. They looks like gerbils to me. Superb funny! LotR hahaha!

  67. They are definately gerbils.
    *compares picture to her 2 gerbils one foot away from desk*
    Yep.. gerbil.
    And their eyes aren’t naturally red all the time.. camera flash brings it out. That happens with my tan coloured gerbil but not my black one.

  68. anyone who lives in a new york city apartment would NOT find this cute at all! mice in a field are cute. mice in any other environment are shriek-inducing!

  69. cute and demonic at once.

  70. this pic isn’t even cute

    itt looks more like those things are possessed!

  71. I had a great gerbil, named Yerb. He lived for four years! I guess he was a pretty happy guy to stick around that long. Always so very industrious. Makes me smile to remember him.

  72. Silvanis says:

    The gerbils aren’t called Frodo and Sam, they’re Aragorn and Boromir. I know the person they belong to (who isn’t Tina R), and I recognize the pic.

  73. MC,
    omg, the viking kittens…that thump a minute ago was me, falling off a chair. excuse me, i have to go dress up a kitten now.

  74. This photo is stolen — it was first posted in my LiveJournal two years ago. These are my sons’ gerbils Aragorn and Boromir, and you’ve taken both the photo and changed the information without permission. Please remove this immediately.

  75. Michelle — I’m sure Meg will post credit and link to your site as soon as possible; the photo was submitted by a reader (like me).

    Hey Meg —

  76. Um. A little bad news here… Aragorn the gerbil sailed to the Gray Havens four days ago.

  77. Thanks to Meg or someone putting “Frodo and Sam sent in by Tina R.” under this photo, which I had absolutely nothing to do with supplying– all I did was post a comment like 76 other people– I got a pissogram from cruisedirector calling me despicable. Thanks a lot. In future, leave me out of things I have no responsibility for. And I will certainly never leave my email address on this site or any other again.

  78. Eek.

  79. Hi peeps, My apologies went out to Michelle and Tina R. for the confusion with the photo credit. Michelle and her sons are the rightful owners of this photo and they’re terrific. I especially like the whole series.

    We always try and get the photo credits right, and every now and then, there is a mistake or someone sends in a photo with a mistake.


  80. I think the red eyes cancel out a lot of the cute factor.

  81. littlegator says:

    I miss having gerbies. these two are especially cute, their liddle feets, their beautiful liddle ruby eyes…*swoon* They are the *best* domestic vermin.
    And A&B look so young and fine in that picture, full of energy and untouched by the things age does to us all.

    I had mine 30 years ago when they only came in basic agouti and black, with only black eyes.

    Im sorry you lost Aragorn, who seems to have been the sweeter of the two. It’s always painful to lose a loved one of any species.

  82. Anonygerbil says:

    Tina R, don’t feel too bad. That’s cruisedirector’s MO. Whine, stopm her feets, cry and send out threats if something gets otu of her control, harmeless or not. Feel bad for the grebils.