Rule #18: Have a teeny tiny tail

Would you please just look at Master Fluff. Yes, the same Master Fluff of "Doc-tare Pepp-are Manshons" fame. She has the smallest cutest tail ever captured on film. And if you lean really close to the screen, you can snorgle her ears.


Remember the deal; "If you bring me dee treats, I come out of dee manshon." Wise, wise, words, Master Fluff.



  1. CurlyGirly says:

    CO has turned me into a bunny person!

  2. Sweeeet! Want one! Well, two, one for me, and one for my girlfriend 🙂

    PS: Noen norske her?

  3. perfection of white bunny fluffulence. what more could you ask for.

  4. Peacebunnie says:

    I must know what type of rabbit Master Fluff is T_T

  5. Aaaw. Too cute.

    Trond Helge: Nix, men en svenska. 🙂

  6. dear Master Fluff,

    when are you adding the Vans expannshon to dee manshon?

    and, will i fit?

  7. omg.


  8. Technical question: do you “snorgle” with your nose?

    Way cute little bun bun. I’m thinking more and more I might need one of my very own. Can they cuddle with you in bed at night?

  9. Anybody's says:

    Whats “snorgle”?

  10. wait ’til you’re 13.

  11. Anybody's says:

    I’m gonna turn 13 in a couple weeks, tell me dude, and how do you know I’m twelve?

  12. Master Fluff is female, actually, despite the name. Might want to fix the pronouns in the post. But this makes no difference to the KYOOT!

  13. Meow House says:

    That bun is the undisputed epitome of an Easter rabbit. You know, the perfect Easter rabbit that exists in everyone’s childhood dreams. Absolutely gorgeously delicious. I wonder what he weighs?

  14. Y’know, I think “Mistress Fluff” is the better name. Perfect balance of menace and mooosh.

  15. …also I think we might need a Cute O. FAQ, the way Fark has a Farkisms page. Here’s a start:

    1) “Squee” — the sound that comes out of your head as it caves in from teh uttr kyootness. Completely involuntary, and audible only to dogs.

    2) “Snorg”/”Snorgle” — to mash one’s face and nose into a soft fluffy bunny/kitty/puppy belly, while making kissy goo-goo noises.

    3) “Prosh” — 1 part Precious, 1 part Posh. (Snorgled, not stirred.)

  16. It would be really hard to resist squeeeeeeeezing the bunny poop out of this cudgee bunny! awwwwwwwww! :o3

  17. you guys r silly says:

    good god in heaven…tiny ears, tiny feetsies, tiny tail….and ALL of it FLUFFY!!!…is this much *cuteness* even LEGAL???

  18. you guys r silly says:

    P.S. GREAT definitions, Theo!!! Thanks!

  19. Beauregard says:

    OOoh. Theo, great idea!

  20. DunkelBots says:

    Bunny looks a little grouchy. Cute little grumpledy bunny!


    /totally voluntary

  22. Theo, I totally agree—a glossary has been on my list to do for weeks!

    Also must add: “ehn!”

    And I think we should ban the word “widdle”.


  23. Ya missed a “he,” Meg.

  24. E. Collison says:

    >>Also must add: “ehn!”

    And I think we should ban the word “widdle”.< <

    Oh YEAH, on both counts. I like the FAQ idea a lot, too – y j’taime le petit lapin! C’est trop, trop charmante. Excuse-moi, j’ai un swoooooon.

  25. AuntieMame says:

    You don’t have to understand, Anybody’s. E. Collison wasn’t talking to you.

    Je comprends parfaitement, E.C. Le petit maître Fluff, il est (elle est?) tres joli(e).

  26. You definitely need to get more bunnies up in this shizzle, fo sho!

  27. E. Collison says:

    >>il est (elle est?) tres joli(e).< <

    “*He* has the smallest cutest tail ever captured on film. And if you lean really close to the screen, you can snorgle *her* ears.”

    Moi, j’ai le “fit” de “snorgle(s).”

  28. Just too precious!

  29. AuntieMame says:

    Just for a giggle, I put Meg’s intro through babelfish, English to French, and this is what I got:

    “Voulez-vous svp regard juste au duvet principal. Oui, le même duvet principal “Doc.-tarent Pepp-sont de la renommée de Manshons”. Il a la plus petite queue la plus mignonne jamais capturée sur le film. Et si vous vous penchez vraiment près de l’écran, vous pouvez snorgle ses oreilles.”

    I notice that babelfish doesn’t know how to translate “snorgle” either…

  30. E. Collison says:

    Oh my!

  31. oh my gosh, masta fluff is just tooooo cute!! I want a bunny like that… I wonder what breed he is?! (T W T);;;

  32. E. Collison says:

    “smallest tail ever captured on film” makes me long for a Master Fluff video clip…

  33. Ahhhh, Master Fluff returns! He was a celeb for a while on the LJ Baaaaabyanimals community 😀

  34. Master Fluff looks rather like my Momo and Otto bunnies which are both Netherland Dwarfs.

  35. Jellybeanz0 says:

    AWW!! I missed seeing pitcures of Master fluff. Use to see her pictures on Baaaaayanimals.

  36. The technical term for a “teeny tiny tail” is also cute.


  37. Pandemic says:

    If it were any cuter it would be farting pink bunnies

  38. Mr Fluffy says:


    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaait a minute, that thing does NOT look real.

    It’s too impossibly cute.

  39. Woods walker says:

    I think the bunny is a variety of Neatherland Dwarf rabbit. They are the smallest variety of rabbit. The largest for anyone’s informaton is the Flemish Giant. Anybody’s remember you told everybody your age.-Woods Walker

  40. Subhangi says:

    I came, I saw, I snorgled. And now my nose is as flat as a Persian kitty’s.

  41. **gasp** is bunny!

  42. falnfenix says:

    woods walker, i believe, is correct. i seem to remember her owner saying she was a netherland dwarf.


  43. Ooh! A real, live toy bunny! Time for a snuggly nap!

  44. Boisterous Bunny says:

    Here comes bunny cotton tail…boppin down the bunny trail…bippity bop bop bippity bop bop cuteness all the way…

  45. Christine says:

    “anerable” needs to be in the glossary too

  46. Tony James says:

    With apologies to ABBA…

    Bunny, bunny, bunny,
    Must have bunnies,
    Hold ’em in my hand.
    Bunny, bunny, bunny,
    Always bunnies,
    Hold ’em in my hand
    All the things I could do
    If I had a little bunny
    Hold ’em in my hand.

  47. Master Fluff brings my bf and I together. We’re both in college right now and love quoting the “Doct-are Pepp-are Manshon” bit all the time (we also quote the lee-zard caption quite a bit). Yesterday I printed this picture out with the caption “Master Fluff lofs you! and so do I!” and he loved it 🙂 [Even though he pretends not to because he is very manly, of course]

  48. E. Collison says:

    ( )
    ” “

  49. Peacebunnie says:

    “If it were any cuter it would be farting pink bunnies”

    Pandemic, you read the loserz comic, huh?

  50. Christine says:

    Tony, that was truly awesome, even though it took me a minute to get it.

  51. this lil bunster is sooooooo soooooo munchable! kinda looks like a marshmallow bun. hehehehe

  52. Meeestress Fluff says:

    Dee title for dees peekture should bee “Haf a tiny tail.” That would beeee more conseeestent wit dee way Master Fluff speeeks. Tank you. Meeestress Fluff.
    P.S. If you bring me da treats, I come out of dee manshion.

  53. I’d argue that hedgehog tails are even smaller.

  54. awww MY BUNNY is up here again:) he says thank you to everyone for the lovely comments………


  55. Naomi Gibbons says:

    I really do not appreciate what you said about that first bunny. That is so mean. you get a really bad reputation from me and my friends. That rabbit was created very cutely. I will not go on this web site again and i hope to here from you so we can talk.

  56. ^ I.D. ten T ^

  57. Oh dear. Okay, it seems I was wrong, he’s male after all. Although I was operating on the info previously given by the owner.

  58. yeah he’s a boy..he’s reading everyones comments right now…:)

    Naomi i found your comment to be a bit weird..what on earth are you talking about?

  59. it is soooooooo cute. and has teeny tiny ears. awwwwww bless it’s little ears!

  60. luva da rodents says:

    does anybody here know what snorg or snorgle means? i see it all the time here and i have no idea what it means

  61. luva da rodents says:

    nvrmd i found out what snorgle is

  62. I really do not appreciate what you said about that first bunny. That is so mean. you get a really bad reputation from me and my friends. That rabbit was created very cutely. I will not go on this web site again and i hope to here from you so we can talk.

    does anyone know what she’s talking about?!

  63. I demand more pictures of Master Fluff. He/she is so adorable.

  64. Animal Lover says:

    He is the cutest little bunny I have ever seen…such small features.

  65. So cute! I wanted to find out from you or anyone here…where can I find or buy bunnies, dwarf bunnies? I recently found out they don’t sell it at Petco anymore.

  66. omg u cant believe, the bunny i keep is 100 times larger than this!

  67. Barbara says:

    Here is the glosssary that I found for C.O.

    and the bun is anerable!!