You’re jumping on the poll options

LIKE WHITE ON RICE you are THERE—giving your opinions! (365 comments on the T-Shirt question below, hello!) You’re jumping to the chance to answer! with your thoughts! your wish list! your DREAMS for the subject of CuteOverload T-Shirt #2!

The question dangles in front of you and you have LEAPT TO ANSWER IT!

OK, People, let’s make it official. I hear you loud and clear. The top options are now in a poll on the left, waiting for your vote. What will America SAY!? What can we design for you? What do you want to see on the next T-SHIRT?


Oh, and if you want me to add more options to the poll, HOLLER!



  1. identity crisis says:

    we hear you!

  2. Add the licking kitten!!

  3. and sidenote: Can the next tshirt have a little “” on the sleeve instead of the cute flower?

  4. *roots for ying yang kitties*

    I need a ridiculously cute kitty shirt. X3

  5. JessJess says:

    I say this guy be added to the poll!

  6. I agree with Blondie–website address = good. ^^
    Also JessJess is totally right. I am hollering right along with ’em.

  7. Antigone says:

    Oh! Please put the au naturale corgi on a shirt… pretty pretty please ???

  8. kagomechan21 says:

    kitten puddle!

  9. Agreed. Kitten puddle.

  10. Kitten puddle & I cannot BELIEVE I have this stupid haircut.

  11. Please, I beg of you, the cutest kitten picture yet—the one of the momma kitten napping with the slightly snoring baby. Only slightly snoring. I have it on my wallpaper at work, and they almost die every day.

  12. blondiemae says:

    i have two sugestions
    1-“Hold all calls please”, the one with the BEAUTIFUL puppy over the cell.
    2.”Dude, I have HAD IT!”
    the one with the doggy that look like snoopy sleepping ADORABLE
    i think both are from february !!!!!!

  13. blondiemae says:

    he he , its me again, sorry
    if i send a picture of my pup, can you post it? or i just can send you links?!


  15. oooh, stealthpuss.

  16. Meg— Is there anyway they can show what the top pics would look like and then we decide? (because soom might show up clearer than others)

  17. i voted for yin yang kittens but I WANT KITTEN PUDDLE!!!

  18. That is a scary thing to see running at you 🙂


  20. KITTEN PUDDLE!!!! Please, please, please. I wouldn’t buy any of the others but I probably would if it was kitten puddle. . .although I’d prefer a more photographic treatment than the hamster got. . .sort of distressed-retro-style photo. KITTEN PUDDLE! KITTEN PUDDLE!

  21. Kitten Puddle should be added! Where’s the democracy?!?

  22. A-nonny-mouse says:

    Can you turn the names of the poll options into links? The poll doesn’t let me see which ones are which and I don’t remember all of them…

  23. Yawning hedgehog!

    Or any of the scottish folds we’ve seen lately.

    … I just really don’t care for puppies.

  24. Oh! “Dude, I have HAD it” is SUCH a natural for a shirt.”

  25. Bun in the hand! Bun in the hand!

    Yawning hedgie is also cute.

    I also don’t go in for puppies.

    Did I say, “Bun in the hand”? Because I do LOOOVE me some Bun in the Hand.

  26. NYREEEEEEOWMMMMMMMM!!!! Go kitty go!
    This is DEFINITELY being added to my “flying fluffball” photochop collection.

  27. Yin and Yang Kitties! Dogs suck ass big time…

  28. “Like white on rice”?

  29. One, well, two of my favorites were the hedgehogs! The one with it’s tongue out and the one yawning! Too Cute!

  30. Vacko — yeah… but it’s better than “Like stink on stool.” Or something.

  31. Lest we forget…the blushing birdie and his wee piece of crapulence!!!

    And of course, wee yawning Hedgie!

  32. What about “Help Me, Cute Overload?”

    If not that, then the yawning hedgie.

  33. could the poll get the pictures added to it?

  34. cheeky mccheekerson, or that other jowly dog saying “baroo?”

    the licking kitten


    what ever happened to snailio?

  35. Look at the determination in it’s eyes! That is a REAL mouser there! For hours of non-stop fun—–get a long strip of elastic and tape it to the ceiling with a pom-poms and bells at the end (just far enough where the kitty has to jump to get to it) It’s hilarious!

  36. Anybody's says:


  37. Licking kitten!

  38. kisekileia says:

    I want “possibly the cutest bunny in the world” from the CuteTracker. Bunnies are adorable.

  39. Please add the little white kitten under the Cuteologist Profile heading to the poll!!!!!!

  40. Anything that’s a cute kitten. That is what I want on my T-shirt.

  41. Cookie-thief bunny

  42. Oh. I forgot about kitten puddle.

    Definitely kitten puddle.

  43. Kitten puddle please!!
    But bunny tongue and the clapping bunny would made cute shirts too.

  44. I love the Yawning Hedgie!

    But I’m also partial to the Kitten Stack, Mommycat Snuggling Kitten, Cheesedoodle watching herself on the monitor, guinea pig nose (“Just the Two of Us,”)…wow, I could happily wear plenty of these images!

  45. Might I add that we are not all Americans 😛

  46. i think a flying sugar glider should be an option.

  47. Licking Kitten!

    I also think this guy would look great on a shirt, it’s just so awesomely goofy:

  48. Oh man! I totally vote for Snailio, the third one down, but it has to be with the caption printed onto the shirt too.


  49. KITTEN PUDDLE!!! xoxox

  50. Another great nominee would be Lil Sophie :o) She’s soooo cute and since it’s a close up and with all those lines in her pug face it might make for a great t :o)

  51. I vote for pictures on the poll, too. Can’t remember what all of those are.

  52. “Always keep your eyes on the prize”

  53. “It’s the eye of the tiger, it’s the heat of the fight
    “Risin’ up to the challenge of a rival…”

  54. wow, 2 threads simultaneously degenerate into the 80s.

    surely something can be done with the duckies.

  55. What, the 50s weren’t good enough for the duckies? I already brought this up…

  56. adorababy says:

    I don’t know about a t-shirt, but I’m getting that jumping grey cat tattooed on my forearm

  57. Adorababy: Seriously? That’d be amazing.
    We’ll want pics.

  58. *Perhaps* something could be done with Rufus and his “Note of dee Love”?

    I’d buy multiples…