Kitten Bidet

Japan used to kick our asses in the best fancy robotic toilets, but now we have ’em BEAT!


\\Forgive moi, had to change the name of the post, I know it’s bad netiquette, but it’s too funny! -Meg \\


  1. meep!

  2. msumissa says:

    Too cute. Make sure you look before you sit!

  3. now there’s a *proper* bidet.

  4. 😀 hilarious.

    somebody wasn’t careful enough when he took a drink. . .

  5. Anybody's says:


  6. Meow House says:

    Oh the poor kitten. He done must have fall in. Someone must scoop him out!

  7. cute kittie! help him out!

    on another note: vote PORN PAWS UP people!!! <3

  8. My daughter had one of her cats trained to the toilet… but it was big enough to sit on the seat w/o falling in! LOL


  10. Don’t flush him!

  11. you guys r silly says:

    I’m wondering if the toilet is being newly installed (looks like a tool to the left? and kitty’s head doesn’t appear wet) which would mean there may be no water in the toilet???

  12. you guys r silly says:


    A tiny tiger
    Lurks where you’d least expect him…

  13. kagomechan21 says:

    this is what happens when kitties go crazy in home depot.

  14. this is exactly why i keep the toilet seat down – i know my two kitty-boys would fall in because they have this thing for water. i think their mama must have took them swimming when they lived in golden gate park before they were rescued

  15. Garfield says:

    *splut* I hate mondays!

    Thanks CO, for always cheering me up on a bad day. Even mondays 😉

    PS: my first post here.

  16. I labeled this picture “Murphy’s Law” in my collection of bizarre images with words on them.

  17. what did whoever eat for lunch? it must have been the cutest meal ever!

  18. Oh, my gods, dc, that is disgusting, and so, so funny.

  19. Virginie says:

    It’s not cute; it’s shocking!!

  20. I’m surprised nobody made the joke about guys who leave the seat up all the time.
    Print this picture out and tape it to the back of the tank on your biffy!

  21. oh no! that kitty is probably dirt-ridden now. if this were used in an ad for a toilet, i’d totally buy that brand. 😛

  22. Eeek! A Peeping Tom!

  23. Garfield says:

    It doesn’t matter why its not wet… it’s cute!

    And it has this very funny look, both bored and upset:
    “So, you’ve installed this new thingy here in my territory. My feet are wet, it’s cold and it’s boring… what’s the big deal?”

  24. “Peeping Tom” — lol… why didn’t I think of that?

  25. Its not wet because it looks like they are just installing it. He is just checking it out to make sure its not faulty!

  26. you guys r silly says:

    Maybe the kitty is the Plumbing Inspector…

  27. put some soap in close the lid and flush and kitty gets a bath!

  28. E. Collison says:

    Now we know Peeky McPeekerson’s secret identity – s/he’s a CIA undercover op!

  29. fawn lust says:

    he might be having fun now, but he’s going to get a nasty surprise when he goes to hop in after it’s actually been properly installed and in use for a while.

    i love his little face peering over the edge though. “mee-row?”

  30. Where can I buy a toilet like that?

  31. LOL—dc—must’ve been a Happy Meal :o3

  32. LOVE IT!

  33. *ha-HA* No one expects the kitty inquisition!

  34. Excuse me…

    excuse me…


    Shut the damn door!

    The next stall is empty…

    Now where is that toilet paper!

  35. This would be Princess Feezybee if I didn’t always leave the lid down. And she is *why* I always leave the lid down.

    That cat loves sitting in cold water.

  36. anaKonda says:

    People eat the strangest things these days…!:-D

  37. Mr Fluffy says:

    Flush. It. Flush. It. Flush. It. Flush. It. Flush. It. Flush. It. Flush. It. Flush. It. Flush. It. Flush. It. Flush. It. Flush. It.

    //you know you were thinking it too

  38. Cute kitten but still,..

  39. lol that dude reminds me of a trap door spider, all hidden in plain sight, then along prances the unsuspecting victim… and then… oh the humanity!

  40. Kitty in the potty! cUUUUUUUUte!

  41. Click my Name to see the cutest Kitten ever.

  42. I couldn’t resist making this picture into a movie poster ala Snakes on a Plane.
    [click my name to see :)]

  43. That is the cutest “cat turd” I’ve ever seen. lol

  44. awwwwwww dts so cute!!! get im out!!!! looool. lvin da pic its so cute!

  45. Jackie — niiiiiice! LOL!

  46. I’d flush.

  47. mr fluffy and misty gave me an idea — what if there were a button to “flush” and every click were a donation to charity? (as long as it’s not the Red Cross or Humane Society. bunglers.)

    that way you’d be achieving good though evil, like.

  48. Jackie… lol redonkulous. loves it.

  49. “Redonkulous” — there’s another one for the Cute O -isms page.

  50. I love how you can see his little toy ball to the right of the toilet. Like it bounced in there and he said, “hmm, what’s this?” OOPS.

  51. Kitten Bidet. Name reminds me
    of some stripper I saw on the

  52. Methinks that kitty is too young for toilet training!
    I got one of those kits to train my cats to use the toilet. But all they did was eat the catnip. They never did learn to do their biz in the toilet, so I’m still forever cleaning up after them!