Question for you: the next T-Shirt

My co-worker almost always starts off talking to me by saying: "OK, question for you…" So I always have to get my hand on the buzzer to be ready to answer. Seriously, a question for you: the poll for the next T-shirt—what makes your top 5 list?

And, side note, there is only ONE WEEK LEFT to order the World Peace Hamster Shirt. and after that it will no longer be available! I’m like, totally not joking about this.

So, what’s your top five for the next T-shirt design? I’ll make a poll. I’m thinkin’:

1. Chihuahua in a cup
2. Princess Pup
3. Pom Paws Up
4. Bunny in a dish (sans carrot)
5. Yin Yang kittens

and for old time’s sake, ’cause it rocks (but I know I’ll be outvoted)
1. "Get it on"

What do YOU want to see in the T-shirt vote?


  1. Jessica B says:

    Yin-yang kittens! It’s the cutest caught/startled kitten look ever– times 2!

  2. the yin-yang kittens.. they totally have cute down.

  3. My fav is Paws Up, last pic of the three.

  4. Chihuahua in a cup

  5. Princess Pup pleez.

    It’s the come hither. Resistance is futile.

  6. oh my goodness, you have to bring back Licking Kitten for the vote!!! We were so close last time.

  7. Princess pup!!

  8. Kitten puddle!!!

  9. Antigone says:

    Pom paws up!
    second place goes to princess pup!

  10. Bunny in a dish!

  11. The white bunny tugging on the covers! Anything with a bunny!!!!

  12. first choice: get it on
    second: princess pup

  13. princess pup!!!!

  14. Has to be Pom Pup Paws Up, I mean yeah the Ying/Yang kittens are verely cute, but no one beast the Pom Pup!

  15. Ying Yang Kittens, all the way!

  16. Either Princess pup or Yin Yang kitties – they’re both so anerable!…

  17. Bunny in a dish!

  18. kagomechan21 says:

    princess pup or the pom! and why wasnt kittie puddle on there?

  19. duodenum says:

    Princess Pupppp pleeeease!

  20. gotta go with the pom paws up! the last one!
    and second choice goes to chi-how-how in the cup

  21. Kelly S. says:

    Pom Paws Up!!!

  22. Two people with votes here,
    Chihuahua in a cup and Pom paws up!

  23. Out of the choices you posted, ying-yang kittens totally rocks the proverbial cuteness socks. However, you accidentally neglected the cuteness that is Kitten Puddle. With a capital K and P. My boyfriend (allergic and anti-cat) even stopped and put on a mushy face at that spectacle of adorableness. Soooo… maybe you could consider the point of view of Sarah and I =D


  25. Yin-Yang Kittens PPPLLLLEEEAASSSEE!!! So effin’ cute.

  26. Yin Yang Kittens

  27. bunny!

  28. Ok, I vote for RUFUS! The one of him in his little hip hop hoodie!

    Oh, wait, thats not one of the choices?

    Caught in the act is my first choice

    Ying Yang Kittens is my choice of the ones that will actually be considered 🙂


  29. quigglette says:

    get it on–first choice
    yin yang kittens — second choice

  30. Bunny in a dish, of course. That was an easy choice!

  31. Holly Kim says:

    My choices are:

    #1 Get It On aka Caught in the Act

    #2 Ying Yang Kittens

    #3 Kitten Puddle

    #4 Licking Kitten

  32. Obewan Kenobe says:

    Oh please please please Princess Leia Pup. She creates a great disturbance in the force.

  33. Yin Yang kittens! But whatever happened to Licking Kitten?

  34. 1. Yin Yang Kittens!
    2. Get it on 😀

  35. Yin-Yang kittens would looks awesome on a shirt. Do iiiit!

  36. Pom Paws Up! Because I’ve been going back and looking at it every day since you put it up. I’m totally in love with her!

  37. So many choices…

    1. Yin Yang kittens
    2. Get it On!
    3. Chihuahua in a cup

    but but what about the German shepard licking the kitten?

  38. thumbs up for poms paws up!

  39. Princess Pup!!! xo

  40. I can’t get over how cute that pom paws up is. I want that dog!!! It is so precious. My number one vote for all time cutest on this site (other than the baby otters)

    Pup with pearls, so grown up and loverly.

    Yin Yang kittens makes me think of a hallmark of felinity in the comic _9 Chickweed Lane_ of “The eternally unanswered question…What?”

  41. My first time posting. I Wuv this site. I vote for the ying yang kittens. But I do like get it on. :*

  42. Ying Yang Kitten would be perfect on a shirt!

  43. my 1st choice is bunny in a dish and my 2nd is ying yang kittens.

  44. cutieusagi says:

    ahh, so hard to decide!

    1) pom paws up
    2) bunny in a dish
    3) yin yang kittens


  46. I second (or fourth, or whatever) Kitten Puddle!

    IMO, Princess is scary. If I have to pick from the list, Pom and Yin Yang.

  47. Um…write-in vote for the poofy haircut doggie. You know, with the trapezoid cutout for his eyes?


  48. Definitely the Yin Yang Kittens. It’s just the t-shirt material…

  49. paws up 🙂

  50. The ying-yang kitten one, for sure. It’d probably just look the best on a shirt.

  51. i agree w/ duncan. ying yang kittens would look best on a tshirt.

  52. yin yang

  53. Amanda Lou Snow says:

    Number 5. Ying Yang Kittens.

  54. fshingcat says:

    It just has to be the ying yang kittens, the cutest by far and could look just striking on a tee!

  55. Yin Yang Kittens!!!

  56. yin yang kittens for god’s sake…


  57. yin yang kittens!

  58. ‘pom paws up’ please!

  59. 1) Get it on

    2) Ying Yang Kittens

  60. The Ying Yang Kittens!!

  61. Princes Pup!

  62. Definetly:
    5. Yin Yang kittens
    1. “Get it on”

  63. Yin Yang forever!

  64. The one with the chick on the tiny tractor. Anerable, hilarious, and his angry little silhouette would look great on a t-shirt. No one can be sad when there’s a baby chick on farm eqipage.

  65. Princess Pup!!!!

  66. Of those posted, I’d choose Yin Yang Kittens every time. Not to belittle the other choices, but kittens just send my maternal instinct into overdrive.

    To choose my own: Jedi Hamster!!

    P.S. Please make a T-shirt with a better pic next time. I wasn’t happy with the hamster T, so didn’t buy one.

  67. pom paws up!

  68. Princess Pup is the best choice to put on a tee 🙂

  69. Definitely the yin yang kittens. I don’t normally buy T-shirts, but I’d definitely make an exception for them. 🙂

  70. Bunny please

  71. Yin Yang .. it would look great on shirt with the contrasting colors and what not .. and just how cute cute are they!!!

  72. paws up.

  73. pom paws up! then yin/yang kittens.

  74. pom paws up, cause nothing beats that 🙂

  75. Space Pastry says:

    While I do think that pom paws up is the cutest one, I have to admit that yin-yang kitties have more oomph. Yep, yin-yang kitties on a t-shirt would certainly be a conversation starter.

    My vote: Yin-yang kitties

  76. Pom Paws up!

  77. Bevesocth says:

    yin-yang kittens for the win 🙂

    I agree that princess pup is adorable, but would I be seen in a t-shirt depicting her? nope. 😉

  78. Catherine says:

    The 2 kittens, please!

  79. I totally think that the Ying/Yang Kittens would be the greatest!!!!!

  80. Definitely the yin-yang kittens.

  81. Pom with the paws up!!!!! Can I vote more than once?
    He/she is the cutest thing going.

    I also looooooooove “caught in the act” The look on the dog’s face is priceless.

  82. BUNNY!

    Why doesn’t the company that manufactures these shirts make an equal amount from all the poll choices and let the buyer choose their favorite?

  83. Yin Yang. I think it will translate best if you’re going with the flat solid color format like the hamster shirt.

  84. What happened to the #2 from last time: Licking Kitten? I was hoping that would be a shirt sooner or later. I wanted to buy it 🙂

  85. Ying Yang Kittens!

  86. Princess Pup!

  87. 1)Yin/Yang Kittens (for social reasons)
    2)Bunny in a cup(coz it’s cuter than kittens)
    3)Bunny with tongue sticking out.(not on list)

    Ooooh head hurts from trying to decide cutestest!

  88. Yin Yang kitties
    or Kitten Puddle

  89. rachel nicole says:

    ying yang kittens ((cause they rock my cute-thing-loving sox!!!)) 😛

  90. Definitely the bunny. :3

  91. Hypnobarb says:

    I has to be Get It On, followed by Yin Yang Kittens.

  92. I’d go for “bunny in a dish”, but if I’m allowed to vote for something not on the list, I’d be most likely to order a t-shirt if it had Kitten Puddle on it!!!!

  93. Kathryn Young says:

    Yin-Yang kittens are not only
    superlatively kitteny….
    they will make a better,
    clearer graphic on a shirt, if the format is to resemble
    the hamster.

    Paws-Up, however, is…
    Mommy, can I have it?

  94. Yin Yang Kittens!!!

  95. staranela says:

    NO! NO! NO!!!! It has to be the cutest bunny in the universe…. the one clapping his itty bitty paws … posted in the cuteness trifect column on Dec. 21. He could melt anything with his cutieness and would so so so so ROCK on a t-shirt!!!

  96. pom paws up!

  97. Pom Paws Up!! =]


  99. Vorfalath says:

    I am having way too much difficulty choosing between Pom Paws Up, and Bunny in a Dish.

    But I must choooooooose

  100. yin yang kitties all the way!

  101. michelle says:

    ying yang kittens for sure!

  102. yin yang kittens.

    Looks like the black’s thinking “Do you MIND? Wait your turn, plenty o’ fuzzy death to go around!”

  103. please POM PAWS UP! i’m always up for more pom paws!

  104. yin yang kittens

  105. UsagiRyu says:

    Yin/Yang kittens definately! I love kittens! *squeee*

  106. I agree with Kathryn Young — the yin-yang kits very much lend themselves to a high-contrast graphical treatment, and they trip all my KITTYKITTYKITTY breakers.

    I’d like to add one option: The pic of Rhum (smiley upside-down ginger tabbie) has to be one of my favorites of all time, paws down. Getting the stripes right would take time, but it’d be perfectly do-able in a 3-color scheme. Look, you even get the whole kitty in the frame, with no cropping issues to fix!

    As for the Pup-o-ccino pic — hmm, it’s just plain funny, and I might even have a (very) rough draft around here somewhere…

    BTW… I do like the “Get It On” pic too, but again, more because of the humor in it, than raw AWWWWWWH power.

  107. Yin-yang kittens must win!

  108. the easter bunny says:

    Princess Pup.

  109. Subhangi says:

    Pom Paws Up, pic#2 or pic#3. But if I’m allowed to vote outside the list …


  110. I’m with you Meg… Get It On…

    I’d totally buy one!

  111. Definitely the yin-yang kittens!

  112. KristoCat says:

    Either yin-yang kittens or paws up. can’t decide 🙂

  113. pom paws up or ying yang kittens!

  114. Yin-yang kittens would look hot on a tee.

  115. i vote chihuahua in a cup

  116. first vote: princess pup
    second vote: bunny in a dish

  117. YinYang Kittens

  118. I’d have to agree with the one person above that said princess is scary. She’s cute, but has potential to be scary on a tshirt. I really feel strongly about that. My choices are:

    #1 POM PAWS! I want a dog like that.
    #2 Kitty Ying Yang
    #3 Get it on.

  119. #1: Yin yang kittens
    #2: the pom

    Last on my list is the princess pup … I dont’ see the appeal in that pic. It look like those things could hurt her ears, and she doesn’t look happy. I’d rather see cute au’natural.

  120. Michelle says:

    I’m with the others. I think Ying Yang Kittens would look the best on a tee. Maybe not quite the cutest, but has the most graphic potential. Plus, I’d buy it.

  121. Ying Yang kittens. It’s cute, without being unnatural. The others imply that it’s ok to put pups and bunnies into things. Not accusing the photographers/guardians of those animals of any foul play at all–just saying, let’s not encourage people to put pups in cups. There are a lot of, well, not so thoughtful people out there.

  122. Michelle says:

    I’m with the others. I think Ying Yang Kittens would look the best on a tee. Maybe not quite the cutest, but has the most graphic potential. Plus, I’d buy it.

  123. Yin Yang kittens, definitely! 🙂

  124. yin yang kittens

  125. I was one of the few who voted for “GET IT ON” I thought that one was soooo funny! :o) My next choice would be the PRINCESS

  126. yin/yang kitties!!! 🙂

  127. anmlvr21 says:

    POM PAWS UP!!!!

  128. Pom Paws Up and Bunny in a Dish! So cute.

  129. definately yin-yang kittens!

  130. Can I do a write-in vote? You HAVE to include Spooning Kitty! I’ve gone back to that picture so many times, I’ve lost count!!

    But, if we only get to choose from those five, well, then it has to be the ying/yang kitties.

  131. Bunny in a diiiiiiish!

  132. My vote’s for Paws Up – I love it, and I’d love to see what you can do with the design of it. If not that, though, it has to be bunny in a dish. Aah, so hard to decide, SO much cuteness!

  133. To truly capture the essence of Cute Overload, I’d have to vote for Chihuahua in a Cup.

    May I also suggest getting the girlie version in larger sizes this time? Some of us are not the skinny-minnie type. 8-]

  134. Michelle says:

    yin yang kitties 🙂

  135. Princess pup!

  136. Pom Paws Up is the only one that would make sense on a shirt. the others would just make people go “huh? what is that supposed to be?”

    but actually the coolest would be the “moxie chasing sexy chicken” pic. was that on this site? that would be a crazy great t-shirt.

  137. sadie_asher says:

    Bunny Bunny Bunny!!

  138. Yin Yang Kitties! Down with the puppies – there’s tons of puppy-related things out there.

  139. Pom paws up – and I’m not really a dog person! 🙂

  140. I’m totally voting for Bunny i n a dish!!

  141. Bunny in a dish!!!!!!!!

  142. i’d get the bunny in a dish shirt for sure.

  143. i’m ordering a bunch if it’s “Bunny in a dish”

  144. Pom paws up! I have it as the background of my computer AND my cell phone right now.

  145. I’d definitely buy Princess Pup. And I usually don’t go for dressed up animals.

  146. definitely yin-yang kittens for the tee!

  147. Bunny in a dish

  148. Pom paws up all the way!

  149. I’m still pulling for “Get it On”! (but ying yang kittens could maybe work for me.)

  150. Kristine says:

    ying yang kittens!!!!

  151. GET IT ON!!! or the ying yang kitties, they’re both such funny adorable pictures,

  152. bunny bowl if it were for spring………..but ying yang kits.with some funny …”ooops” kinda text! SCHWEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!!!

  153. POM!

    or Bunny Cup o’loving

  154. miss_thing says:

    Yin Yang Twins, definitely. It’s the epitome of cute, and also graphically very satisfying.

  155. definitely either Bunny in a Dish or Yin Yang Kittens. those are the two I’d consider buying.

  156. yin yang kittens paws down!

  157. Yin Yang kittens…as miss_thing said, “graphically very satisfying.”

  158. pistache268 says:

    I reckons the last of the Pom Paws Up pictures.

  159. thefilmchick says:

    lil bunny in a dish please! oh so cute!

  160. Princess Pup!

  161. Princess Pup…what a great look!

  162. Just a tip: Kittens are ALWAYS cute. More kittens please

  163. Bunny in a dish!

  164. Pom. Paws. Up.

  165. i think for graphic reasons, #1, cup of dog (no mcd’s logo, tho)
    #2, bunny (sans penis carrot)
    #3, yin yang

  166. The bunny in a dish, and paws up (the last pic)!! 😀

  167. yingyang kitten!

  168. Yin-yang kittens!

  169. Why aren’t we given choices such as the pure white persian posted on 3/17/06, under the title “Cuteologist Profile”?

    Now THAT is worth wearing!

  170. Aargh, I’m torn between Yin-Yang Kitties and Pom-Pom Paws Up!! I love them BOTH!!


  171. yin-yang kittens!

  172. Glasseth says:

    I love the bunny!

  173. Robert M. says:

    ‘Torn between Pom Paws Up and Bunny In Dish; the later looks more like a T-shirt design to me, admittedly, but that Pomeranian puppy really seems to be closer to being a poster animal for the site.

  174. bunny in a dish!

  175. Princess Pup.

  176. POM PAWS UP!!!!!!!

  177. totally the yin-yang kittens-adorable with a capital A

  178. BUNNY IN A DISH, WITH A CARROT!! Perfect for a t-shirt design and (besides being the ultimate in “cute”) advocates for the eating of healthy vegetables, all around the world! It’s two causes in one, people!! :^ )

  179. Yin-Yang. The world needs a little more balance.

  180. fawn lust says:

    pom pom pom pom pom pom pom pom pom!

  181. bunny in a dish. I love thje other choices but i dont think they will look that good on a shirt

  182. The kitties!!!! The kitties!!!!

  183. Yin Yang Kittens get my vote.

    Princess Pup creeps me out. That poor pup.

  184. Ying Yang kittens

  185. bunny in a dish

  186. yeah, I voted twice…

    not illegal, I hope

  187. yin-yang kittens!!

  188. zomg!!!!11 princess pup please.

  189. bunny in a dish!

  190. licking kitten… bring it back.

  191. Kittens! Although get it on is hysterical 🙂

  192. Princess Pup is my favourite, but I think Pom Paws Up would look best on a t-shirt ^^;

  193. boosgirl says:

    KITTEN PUDDLE PLEASE!!! or Princess Pup

    How about a t-shirt for every rule?

  194. Nellie and Lynne says:

    We vote for Bunny in a cup because it is indeed REALLY CUTE, but it should also lend itself best to illustration.

  195. Princess pup, totally.

  196. HazyMazy says:

    Totally Princess pup!

  197. Ying Yang kittens

    or Rhum kitten!!!!!

  198. I’d buy Princess Pup.

  199. princess pup and bunny!!!

  200. Ying Yang kittens!!!

  201. Ranunculus says:

    I’m between Princess Pup & the bunny. I like the pup better, but the bunny would look best on a t-shirt. Is there any way to get a preview of what they might look like?

  202. Bunny in a dish!

    BUNNY. IN. A. DISH!!!

  203. Adrienne says:

    pom paws up!!!

  204. PAWS UP WOO!

  205. kristina may says:

    Bunny in a dish would make the best t-shirt, I think…but the Princess Pup is a good choice too!

  206. I say “Licking Kitten” as well, but if that’s not available, then we’ll go with The Pom Pup

  207. crasta yo says:

    get it on!! get it on!!

  208. #1 vote for kitten puddle!!
    #2 choice – Yin-yang kittens
    #3 choice – Pom paws up

  209. Pom Paws Up!

  210. oh! bunny in the dish! all the way!

  211. Bunny in cup!

  212. Yin Yang kitties! TOOOOOOOooooooo cute

  213. #1 kitten puddle (even my hubby said “ok, that IS cute”)
    #2 bunny in a dish
    #3 yin yang kitties

  214. mejezabel says:

    if those are my only choices… I say bunny in a dish


  215. kisekileia says:

    Bunny in a dish! Or bunny pulling on covers, but I know that’s not an option.

  216. emily s. says:


  217. Chihuahua in a cup!

  218. Princess Pup! she’s so cute.

  219. sally cannioto says:

    yin yang

  220. Get It On, or Ying Yang Kittens.

  221. tie between princess pup and yin yang. anything on here is cute approved.

  222. Bunny in a dish!!!

  223. Pom paws up. 😀

    Princess pup was great too, but not so good for a t-shirt…

  224. Very tough choice!

    My favorites are the bunny in a bowl, and the ying-yang kittens.

  225. Yin yang kittens! Yin yang kittens! Does that count like 2 votes?

  226. POM PAWS UP. Please, please.

  227. kittens! bunny! two shirts, please – I can’t decide!

  228. Bunny in a dish!! 🙂

  229. Pam paws up!! It’s too cute to resist.

  230. Bunny in a dish! Bunny in a dish! PLEASE! Cute & simple. The perfect image for a t-shirt.

  231. yin yang kittens PLEASE

  232. Bunny in a dish.
    Or pom with paws.

  233. pom paws up!

  234. kittens, kittens, kittens

  235. Oy Vey, tough choice!
    I’d go with either… the Yin Yang kittens or the pom. 🙂


    do it.

  237. Get it on!

  238. As much as I love kitites, I am going to have to say Princess pup!!!

  239. Patricia says:

    Yin-Yang kittens followed by Bunny in a Cup.

  240. Bunny in a cup! Bunny in a cup!

  241. Yin Yang kittens!

  242. Yin Yang kittens!

  243. Wow, I’m amazed to see the # of responses here! OK, I’ll set up the poll… and I’ll set up a ‘write in’ category too. We might have to do more than one design!

  244. Elizabeth says:

    Ying-Yank kitties! Can’t we all just get along?

  245. Pom paws up! o-o

  246. Write in vote for Kitten Puddle!

  247. 5. Yin Yang kittens

  248. bunny in a dish!!!

  249. paws up or bunny in a dish!

  250. I agree with the Cuteologist Profile!!!!!

  251. bunny in a dish

  252. Bunny in dish! <33

  253. bunny in a dish!!!

  254. E. Collison says:

    Bunny in dish – 1

    Paws up – 2

  255. Kitten Puddle!

  256. pom paws up! the second pic of the three.

  257. Ying Yang kittens…but Get it On is great too!

  258. yin yang kitties.
    fer sure.

  259. Definitely, Bunny in a Dish!!

  260. Yin Yang kittens first, Get It On second. Yin Yang would posterize soooo well. Kittens, kittens, kittens!

  261. Chihuahua in a cup

  262. Aranaska says:

    yin yang is cool, and incorporating kitties makes it even awesomer!
    kitties all the way!

  263. jayirwin says:

    Yin Yang Kittens, fur sure. I’d most definitely buy that t-shirt.

  264. Ying Yang cats

  265. Ying Yang cats

  266. Ying Yang cats

  267. I would definitely have to say princess pup . . . Shoo cute ^~^

  268. Hey hey now, try to limit yourself to one “vote.”

    (Rhum the smiley tiger cat! Yes oh yes! But, the yins and yangs are OK too. More than OK.)

    …right, I meant, two “votes.”






  270. Kitties!!!!! Kitty kitty kitty!

    Or Get It On…that one’s so adorable.

  271. JessJess says:
  272. hehe i like 3 and 4

  273. I’m torn between Bunny in a dish and Princess Pup. I can just see her on a tee w the words “Help me cuteoverload, you’re my only hope!”

  274. Stephanie says:

    Pom Paws Up

  275. My vote is also for the kitten puddle.

  276. Princess Pup! She is simply too delectable!

  277. pom paws

  278. my vote: Dish-Bunny

  279. Yin-Yang kittens!

  280. dish bunny would look so cute on a t-shirt!

  281. Has to be bunny in a dish.

  282. I’m all about Princess Pup.

  283. Yin Yang Kittens, I would sooooo buy that shirt!!

  284. bunny all the way.

  285. kitty ying yang

  286. Pom Pup Paws Up

  287. Chihuahua in a cup

  288. Princess Pup, duh….

  289. #1 yin yang kit kats
    #2 pom pup paws up!

  290. motherbrother says:

    I love them all, but I think the yin yang kittens would look the best on the front of a t-shirt…the perfect little composition!

  291. my the force be with you says:

    princess pup!!!

  292. my the force be with you says:

    princess pup!!!

  293. Bunny in the dish!

  294. Much as I love Pom Paws Up and YinYang Kittens, I think Bunny in a cup will make a better t-shirt image. Based on the way the World Peace Hamster worked out. I just think the other two photos will be too complicated to turn into that type of graphic.

  295. Bunny in a dish!

  296. Ying Yang kitties.

  297. Lauren Odom says:

    yin yang kittens are cute… but not so much on a t-shirt. I’m going with either:
    1. Pom paws up
    or 2. Bunny in a dish

  298. bunny please says:

    Bunny in a dish would def look best on a shirt!

  299. Since there is no licking kitty, I vote for the bunny in a dish.

  300. Yin Yang Kittens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please oh please oh please oh please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  301. Yin Yang Kittens because it’s perfection.

  302. It should be either the “Am I Funny to You?” or the “This Sucks” entries under pups. SOOOoooo CUTE…and next shirt just has got to be a pup:)

  303. stephanie says:

    pom paws up!

  304. Ashley Joyce says:

    Is there even a question? Pom Paws up!

  305. With Princess Pup in the running, why even take a vote?

    Princess Pup!Princess Pup!Princess Pup!Princess Pup!Princess Pup!Princess Pup!Princess Pup!Princess Pup!Princess Pup!Princess Pup!Princess Pup!Princess Pup!Princess Pup!Princess Pup!

  306. Oh. god. Bunny in a dish. Please?

  307. Yin Yang kittens please!!!

  308. Happy Hippo says:


  309. Definately pom paws up, the last one. How could the others win! It is the cutest by far. pLEASE!

  310. Princess Pup!

  311. Priness pup.

  312. Agreeing with LizR–though all of them are awesome, princess pup makes the best graphic for a tee, same way the hamster does. No mistaking what you’re looking at.

  313. littlegirlwoo says:

    Yin Yang kittens ALL the way!

  314. Kathleen Lowrey says:

    princess pup! princess pup! princess pup!

  315. Princess Pup!!!

  316. Christine says:

    My original second choice in the first poll was “Get it On”, and that is now my first choice (‘specially since my original first choice in the first poll won).

    My second choice would be the Yin Yang kittens. I like kittens.

  317. princessss puppy!!

  318. get it on coz it’s so unusual and marvellous!

  319. ying yang kittens!! or kitten puddle! kitten puddle is the cutest ever!

  320. B. Modern says:

    You CAN”T do better than little Mr. Cutestuff you posted today…but if it’s between the 5 you mentioned, it’s GOT to be Pom, paws up!

  321. Yin Yang kittens please. They are the only image I would buy on a t-shirt.

  322. I would totally buy a kitten puddle T-shirt. I would totally buy 5 kitten puddle T-shirts.

  323. Pom paws up all the way!

  324. Buuunnnnnnny in the diiiiissssshhhhh!!!!!!

    I want to see the bunny on my breasts!

  325. bunny in a dish

  326. yin yang kitties, definitely!

  327. if you do the yin/yang kittens (my personal favourite), do include the “what?!” caption as well!

  328. Princess Pup. 😀 Its on my desktop.

  329. bunny in a cup! the color constrast makes it perfect for a shirt!

    paws up pom looks like it wouldn’t translate well to a tshirt and the princess pup, while cute, looks uncomfortable with her ears folded back.

  330. yin yang kittens!

    and i agree with meghan… i just don’t think animals are very comfortable when their ears are folded up.

  331. yin yang kittens!!!

  332. Yin yang kitties, please!

  333. Kitten_Soup says:

    The Scottish Fold with the teddy bear! Oh, please???

  334. KITTIEZ!!! or caught in the act.

  335. Mallory Schwarz says:

    bunny in a dish!!

    bunny in a dish!!!!

  336. Bunny in dish… the cutest evah!

  337. yin yang kittens!

  338. get it on!!!!!!!

  339. apwompaowm says:

    Chihuahua in a cup

  340. Jennifer says:

    Pom Paws Up PLEASE!!!!!

  341. Yin Yang kittens would look perfect on the right color shirt.

  342. Princess pup!!

    Pretty Please!

  343. evangeline says:

    The yin-yang kittens.. 8 paws up!

  344. fantasizing_fluff says:

    I would say either the Yin Yang Kittens, or the Princess Pup. Or both, to please the cat and dog lovers out there.

    I would personally go for the kittens, seeing how as I am a cat fan.

  345. Princess pup, soooooo cute!

  346. YING YANG!!!!!!!!! THAN GET IT ON

  347. Metostopholes says:

    Ying-Yang Kittens, all the way.

    And I’m 100% a Dog Lover. 😉

  348. Scaryann says:

    The Kittens!!! The Ying-Yang KITTENS!!!! *bounces*

  349. Oh Kitten Puddle TOTALY needs to be on that list!!!
    Kitten Puddle all the way!!! <3

  350. Elizabeth says:

    Bun in a dish!

  351. bunny in a dish

  352. Pom. Paws. Up.

  353. i vote for pom paws up!

  354. Yin Yang Kitties!

  355. pom paws up! makes me want a puppy… coming from someone who doesn’t want anything that poos, that’s huge.

  356. bunny in the bowl, totally. fluffulence always wins!

  357. I like the pom or the bunny.

  358. Meh. The die-hard Star Wars fan in me wants the princess pooch…But, the Dark Side is pulling me toward yin yang kitties! (It sort of fits with the Star Wars theme…Light and Dark…Maybe not. Shrug.)

    Also…Grr to no more hamster shirts after the 31st! Do you realize I only get a small allowance per month. I’m a poor college student! I won’t get my money until the 1st. Le sigh.

  359. Pom Paws Up!

  360. paws up rocks!

  361. Princess Pup and Get it On

  362. Sandra K. says:

    bunny or kittens!
    bunny or kittens!

  363. Paws up!

  364. madeline says:

    Pom Paws Up, definitely.

  365. Bunny in a dish!

  366. Ohhh!! Princess Pup! Princess Pup! Princess Pup, pulleeze!!!

  367. stephanie says:

    bunny in a dish!

  368. Princess pup!!

  369. Ying Yang kittens

  370. Bunny in a dish! Now!

  371. Poms paws up!

  372. the bunny!!!

  373. I totally vote for Get It On, but since it prolly won’t go, I’ll vote for Pom Paws Up. 🙂

  374. Bunny in a dish! 😀 I wants it

  375. too hard to desice!!!!
    “get it on” as first choice
    and “yin yang kittens” as a second choice. 🙂

  376. The pup in the cup!

  377. “sans carrot”?!?


  378. The Bunny!

  379. YIN YANG KITTENS … best T-shirtable image! After that, the Princess Pup.

  380. GET IT ON!!!!! that would be the best shirt EVER!! and i would totally wear it!!

  381. Must be Pom paws up!!!
    so cute…. eurghlle …
    **melts into puddle on floor**

  382. Bunny in a dish!

  383. YinYang Kittens!!!

  384. yinyang kittens for sure ^^


    Please oh please oh please!

  386. Bunny love.

  387. Bunny! bunny! Bunny!

  388. Pom paws up plz

  389. Rumcream says:

    It’s got to be the bunny or “Get It On!”

  390. Pom paws up!

  391. Yin-yang kittens, but ONLY if we can’t have Licking Kitten!!

  392. Princess Pup FTW!

  393. yin-ylang, duh.

  394. Ying Yang Kittens!!

  395. Absolutely Princess Pup!

  396. one that is not on the list but i love is rufus the dog in his training outfit. definitely deserves a mention.

  397. Yin Yang kittens!

  398. YIN YANG KITTENS!!! Absolutely no contest. Unless of course you want something less than the epitome of all that is cute.

  399. POM PAWS UP!!!!!!

    Or the bunny in the dish, if you must.

  400. YIN YANG KITTENS!!! aside from the fact that that is JUST. SO. CUTE., it also is a wonderful aesthetic for a tee-shirt. just look at them!! they are just begging to be on the tee shirt!!

  401. Lisa BoBisa says:

    Get it on is perfect t-shirt material…one of my favorites.

  402. The bun!

  403. Yin-Yang Kittens!

    Although I do like Get It On too.

  404. Ms.Macgilicuddy says:

    Yin Yang Kittens! It has the potential to bring about world piece in a cute fluffy world.

  405. ms.Macgilicuddy says:

    Um…Make that world PEACE. geez. I can’t spell this early.

  406. Bunny in a dish!
    Bunny in a dish!

  407. Yin Yang Kittens!!! Or Pom Paws Up! =O Bunny in a dish is good too xD

    too cute to decide =O ^^;

  408. Either

    Get it on


    (write in) Kitten Puddle!

    Love the kitten puddle.

  409. Ariel_db says:

    Yin Yang kittens

  410. POM-POM!!!!

  411. Princess Pup!! Princess Pup!! Princess Pup!

  412. Yin Yang Kittens for the win!

  413. BethDogg says:

    Where is the kitten puddle? That is just beyond cute.

    But barring that, the bunny in the dish is way prosh.

  414. princess pup

  415. SilvorMoon says:

    Yin-yang kittens!

    … Though the kitten puddle would be awesome, too.

  416. How about the original runner up, Licking Kitten??? I LOVED that one.

  417. 1 and 5 are precious and would look QOOT on anything. I do luv “get it on” – it’s now my desktop picture. ^_^

  418. Anybody's says:

    Ying yang cats sounds cute, but I like the one puppy in a cup.

  419. bunny in a cup..!!!!

  420. Ying Yang kittens!!!

  421. Anybody's says:

    Ariele, its a pup in a cup, but a bunny sounds cute!

  422. 1. bunny in a dish
    2. princess pup
    3. yin yang kittens

  423. Even though I’m surprised more people didn’t say Chihuahua in a cup….I’m going with Ying Yang kittens all the way!!! They’re so cute!

  424. Goth Bunny says:

    I vote for Princess Pup

  425. BUNNY IN A DISH ROCKS! (Plus, graphically-speaking, I think it will look the best on a tee).

  426. Princess Pup, please (though they’re all great)!

  427. Princess Pup. No contest.

  428. Definitely “pom paws up!” I’d buy three!!!

  429. It needs to be the bunny. Of the ones you posted baby bunnies are the epitomy of cute.
    But I think my favorite pic. of all I’ve seen are of the baby otters.

  430. princess pup!

  431. chihuahua in a cuP!

  432. Yin Yang kittens! I’ll buy one!

  433. crasta yo says:

    get it on!! get it on!!

  434. Bunny in a dish! Bunny in a dish!

  435. Fall;;Out;;Boy says:

    Sooooooooooooooo gotta be ‘Get It on’


  436. Why isn’t this puffy bit of adorableness up for consideration?

    If I had to vote for one of the chosen though, I’d pick the pomeranian.

  437. Pom Paws up for teh win!

  438. Bunny in a dish, please!

  439. vote for yin yang

  440. Pom Paws Up! I would say that in almost any circumstance baby bunny trumps puppy, but this guy has cute powers far beyond those of normal puppies.

  441. Rock's Ann says:

    Ying Yang kitten!!!!!

  442. NYCGurlie says:

    Pom Paws Up, it is so cute. I would love a shirt with that cute little puppy on it…awww please pick this one!!! 🙂

  443. KITTENS. every time.

    following the yin-yang principal, they’re both opposites, black and white, one on top, one below, they’re both part of a whole, both with the feline expression of “what? i’m not doin’ nuffin'” on both faces that’s always followed by the vanishing cat that would, if it could, leave a cloud of dust shaped exactly the same as said cat slowly evaporating away, like road runner does.

    kittens. there are not enough t-shirts with kittens on. i need a t-shirt that makes people in the street go “squee” and “awwwh lookit the leetul keetons” and stroke my chest.

  444. Princess pup!!!!!!!

    She would look awesome on a shirt

    or the ying yang cats cuz they are funny

  445. Pom paws up!

  446. Princess Pup…c’mon now!

  447. Pom paws up!

  448. Princess Pup! Paws down.

  449. BUNNY TONGUE!!! Old school, I know, but still makes me wee with delight.

    By the way, I think the graphic on the T needs the caption/name along with it. The one thing I really missed on the Akagami T was the phrase “World Peace Hamster.”

    Shouldn’t the T also have the Rules of Cute on the back?

  450. First Choice: Get it On
    Second Choice: Princess Pup


  452. chad Steward says:

    Bunny in a DISH!

  453. Corey and Lynn says:

    Lynn: bunny in a cup
    Corey: yin yang kittens

  454. princess pup!

  455. Bunny!

    But I’d also put in a vote for the bunny who was stealing a cookie.

  456. I want “dude, I have had it! so tie-tie…”

  457. Sarah_pynk says:

    1) Princess Pup
    2) Bunny in a dish

  458. Poms pawas up last pic

    Close second is ying yang kitties

  459. Ying Yang kittens!!!!

  460. Yin Yang Kittens!

  461. The bunny stealing the cookie!!
    But if not that, princess pup or bunny, dish, carrot

  462. Pom Paws UP!

  463. Yin Yang kittens

  464. Pom Paws Up. Although, I’d be in serious trouble if you brought back Licking Kitten. I know I said that Pommie was Teh Offishul Cutest Thing Evar, but Licking Kitten is pretty up there too.

    (Can we do both? Pleeease?)

  465. pom paws up, please!

  466. GET IT ON!!!

  467. GET IT ON!!!

  468. bunny!!!

  469. Sarah-Louise says:

    Bunny in a dish — although i think it should really be the bun in the hand!

  470. Kitties! Any kitty, dogs suck ass…

  471. **flush**


  472. Pom Paws Up!!!!!!!!!!!

  473. Pom Paws Up

    Ying Yang kittens are a close second

  474. #1 Bunny in a Dish!!!!!

    #2 Yin Yang Kittens!

  475. Get it on!
    *stifles a little squeal*

  476. Chihuahua in a cup!!!

  477. kitten puddle or is it alright to squeeeeze a kitten…

  478. stephanie says:

    Pom Paws Up, paws down.

    P.S. Can we get it without the cute logo on the sleeve? That kinda ruined the last tee for me.

  479. ddogwoman says:

    yin/yang kittens. not only a cute pic, but would translate well onto a Tshirt

  480. JessieLea says:

    Bunny in a bowl, definitely. It’s so graphic satisfying but still pretty dern cute.

  481. Angelique says:

    Bunny in a dish!

  482. Pom Paws Up! That is the best one.

  483. BUNNY IN A DISH!!!!! please?!?!?

  484. amutepiggy says:

    bunny in a dish! bunny in a dish!

  485. 1) Caught In the Act
    2) Ying Yang Twins
    3) Princess Pup

  486. K, Bunny in Cup = Cute but not quite Quyoot!!!! Alas, the carrot is a bit too phallic (and not at all cute!)

    I luff, Luff, LUFFFF! Princess Pupleah.

    But it’s really only a contest between the last of Paws Up and Yin Yang Kittys.

    We leave the decision in your cute qualified hands!

  487. are you sure we need to lose the carrot with the bunny? That one’s my favorite. Nice carrot!

  488. paws up for sure. The other ones besdies the kitten make me sad :[

  489. Cute logo *must* be on sleeve, in some form or another. (IMO, at least.)

  490. Princess Pup or Bunner in a Dish get my vote.

  491. Bunny in a dish!

  492. Angellee says:

    bunny in a dish!

  493. please, please, please make a hedgie t-shirt! the one with the tongue sticking out!!

  494. Yin-yang kittens -fer sure.

  495. i looove lets get it on.

    but i’d settle for some yin-yang kittens.

  496. adorababy says:

    kitten swiffers – HANDS [?] DOWN!!!!!! please, meg, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  497. Bunny in a dish! 🙂

  498. Bunny in a dish!

  499. please please let it be this one!

  500. As of this writing, the bunny in cup is somehow winning… seems like a pretty generic image to me. Yin-Yang Kittens are in second place, and I hope they win, if only so that there aren’t two rodent tees in a row.

    My vote is for Pom Paws Up, but I am not holding out much hope. 😦

  501. Joe Sami says:

    BORN PAWS UP! WOO cute cute!

  502. J. Bannister says:

    Princess Pup!

  503. J. Bannister says:

    Princess Pup!

  504. I vote for ying yang kittens!! But also put in a vote for the monkey patting the kitten, clearly should be a contender!!!! (please)

  505. pom paws up!! so cute! but even more you should make this into a shirt and caption it “You can be angrier than me, but can you be cuter than me?”