But, I…

Look, it’s PERFECTLY reasonable for me to sit here. I’ll simply be the first to the food. IF we ever get fed again, that is. I’m starved. Who do you have to nip around here for a little chow?

You know what? Forget the bowl, I’ll just open wide "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaghe" [waits]


This crafty, fluffy puppulence currently wins 81% of his battles on the CuteTracker



  1. kinleigh says:

    Oh my goodness! Fluffy ball of cuteness in a bowl :D. And I’m first!

  2. He looks like a little fuzzy football! HEE!!

    First post! WH00T!!


  3. AARGH! Second post…whoops…


  4. Put a black vest on him and he’d be a Panda cub!

  5. i agree w/ carlisa but he woudn’t just a panda cub he’d be a baby panda cub!

  6. Awww he looks like a mini polar bear. I lubs him.

  7. Awwww! Must…rub…sweet spot…betwixt nose and… mouth…

  8. They are soooo many cool pictures on this site,

    If you ever get boreed visit my site


  9. Ah! He’s almost as cute as me! 😉

    I love his back leg all folded up in the bowl

  10. What IS that dog? American Eskimo, maybe?


  11. what kind of dog is that

  12. Aaargh! if he looked that cute, I’d have to feed him. non-stop.

    when he wasn’t being smothered to death by excessive cuddling

  13. Floofy poof!!
    Such a creature deserves a doghouse with an all-weather paintjob at the very least, and possibly even Pergo and wainscoting. And beveled glass windows. And radiant in-floor heating.

  14. Awww! Widdle poof poof looks like he’s smiling! 😀

  15. Maybe little poofie is being potty-trained?… 😉

  16. 1. I will never, ever understand the “first post” compulsion.

    2. The Meg-splanation is one of the funniest in a while. Hee.

    3. OMG. CUTE. I think that’s a Samoyed pup, but I could be wrong. Regardless, it’s absolutely precious!

  17. Oh dear god. I love the teensy floppy ears. And the fuzz … so … much … fuzz!

  18. (Another one for the “Pets in Pots” stealth category, eh?)

  19. how cute!

  20. Amanda Lou Snow says:

    Feed me Leroy. I am hungry!

  21. I could not help myself, I would pick him up and squeeze him and pet him and play with him….

  22. fasial expression is priseless

  23. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Bowl o’ pup!

  24. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Cute: It’s What’s For Dinner. ™

  25. You know, this guy would make a pretty good T-Shirt as well.

  26. Hey! The doggie is sososo cute! SO CUTE!
    And hey thanks Vanessa for this link!
    LUV YA

  27. Tina Rhea says:

    Yep, forget the bowl middleman, just pour the food directly into the dog…. Most of them would prefer that anyway.

  28. I like the feet in the bottom of the bowl.

    Also, looks like we’ve got part of a littermate in the lower right corner.

  29. those feets! so fluffy… they’re just CRYING to be squished!

  30. Subhangi says:

    EEEEEEEE! Fluffy fuzzy puppyness *snorgles*

  31. Subhangi says:

    EEEEEEEE! Fluffy fuzzy puppyness *snorgles*

  32. Grace:

    Yep, those are Samoyed pups, I had a few of them over the years. Hard working, playful and extremely cute at all ages.

  33. Man, this really takes me back. I had a Samoyed/German Sheperd mix when I was a kid. Slept next to my bed & followed me everywhere. Except for the fact that she wouldn’t allow the cat to play with me (I was *hers*), she was the sweetest dog ever. I still miss her. Sniff.

  34. Must be the German Shepperd part, I had one dog that was a Shepperd/Spaniel mix. He had all the play of a Spaniel with the fierce loyalty of the Shepperd. He might have been a bit of a mongrel, but he was loyal to a fault.

  35. That is either an American Eskimo (is that the common name for a Samoyed?) or a white Newfoundland puppy. No matter what it is, it’s abso-friggin’-lutely adorable. I want to pet all that white fluff…*squeals so loud everyone in the computer lab can hear her*

  36. E. Collison says:

    “Yep, forget the bowl middleman, just pour the food directly into the dog…. Most of them would prefer that anyway.”

    ‘Zactly. What do they know from bowls?!

  37. Mr Fluffy says:

    Such a cat-like attitude is very un-doggy-like…

  38. fwee~~ Poofy puppy is so cute!

  39. Nah, not “un-doggy-like” at all – this is the split second before he jumps up to grab his dinner from the owner’s hands.

  40. darbysangel says:

    Lookit the little squished paw in the front… he’s just precious!


  42. “please don’t eat me”