Tiny, crawly, desk turtles

The latest fun from Dynamism, the same folks who brought you USB Sushi;


"Walkie Bits" Turtles for your desk! (tail wagging included.) You can almost hear them go; "ehn-erhne, ehn-erhne" with each step.



  1. Aww! So cute! 🙂

  2. EEE I want one! Where do you get them? Oooo first post

  3. Oops, spoke too soon ;-P

  4. littlegirlwoo says:

    EEEEEEEEK!! i want one!! but why do they have to be $30???? 😦

  5. pistache268 says:

    doooweeee they are le cute.

  6. That’s kind of cool. I would get one, but it would probably end up falling on the floor getting stepped on!

  7. lordofthedead says:

    Look on ebay — they are a bit cheaper

  8. Be careful of what you wish for! I became a box-turtle mommy for 2 years! It’s not as easy as it seems. Raised 3 from eggs but only two lived (I released them in a park near by :o} They need a whole lot more care than a BOX let me tell ya! b/t/w… lettuce has no nutrional value to them. They need a heat source and lighting. You also need to sprinkle this stuff on their food (omg…been so long ago!… think it’s called Nutra-cal or something(?!) It keeps their shell hard and that’s really important when you go to release them. They have tons of predators and their shells are their main defense. sings…***ninja ninja turtle!***

  9. um…but those aren’t box turtles.
    whatever, those are ADORABLE and me wants one.

  10. E. Collison says:

    Ah, product cuteness!

    Thanks, Meg.

  11. Oh my GOD those are cute! I’m making my boyfriend get me one for my birthday! ^_^

  12. i want one. now!!

  13. turtles wag their tails when they’re happy?

  14. Lyanna— it just brought back sweet memories of my box turtle babies. I really miss them. These things are cute! Does anyone no the dimensions because I couldn’t find it (?) I want one for my desk, too! :o)

  15. here’s an eBay listing with a video of the cuties in action:

    looks like you can get them for around $10 including shipping from other eBay sellers.

  16. oops, make that $20…I should learn to never post to anything when i’ve just woken up 5 minutes ago 😉

  17. aaawwww so kute!!^-^

  18. I saw those while over in Japan last September. They are super cute and I regret that I didn’t buy them. I never got to see one that was walking so I’m not sure how well they work. They were only about $6 there so eBay might be the way to go if you want one.

  19. Viv— thanks!!!! I think I’ll order one for my little boy and if it happens to walk across my desk, it’s not MY fault! :oP***

  20. Kendosan says:

    Not made by Dynamism. Just distributed by them. Made by Takara. You can get them at hlj.com rather cheaper. there is an order stop on them now, but once they get them in stock at the end of next month they should open the orders up again and they’ll keep restocking week to week. Shipping cost shouldn’t be bad because they are so small.

  21. That’s cool, Kendosan. Will have to shop around I guess. Thanks for this info as well :o) Approx what size are these? I still haven’t found out.. (r they palm size or larger? exacts not needed)

  22. for god’s sakes, they’re toys! cute toys tho! I think that they are copying micropets but hey.

  23. …thanks Lucia… I thought they were REAL

  24. There’s a page on the official site for them with a few videos of these in action… http://www.takaratomy.co.jp/products/walkiebits/play/index.html

  25. WHOA! Why does everything on that site have to be SO expensive! $250 for a sushi USB?!

  26. I was going to buy several, until I realized how much they were. Now I probably won’t even buy one. 😦

  27. i would so have these on my desk at work if i didn’t look like an arse playing with them. haha

  28. I got get me one of those 🙂

  29. wait a second……. do turtles go ‘ ehn-erhne’ ??????? confusing! what is so cute about these things? i can kinda see it but not really. they’re not as cute as some of the puppies!

  30. They are not $30, they actually come out to be $40 when all is said and done. But that didn’t stop me from making my boyfriend buy me one! 🙂 Now I have my cute little Tangerine (that’s his name :P) sitting in his little orange tin on my desk.

  31. carlise is sarcastic.