Smallest ear to head ratio….Ever?

I’m not familiar with this type of cat, but he has a SUPER tiny ear to head ratio. Can Anyone enlighten us?


LOVE the paws crossed, Emigre from NYC.



  1. I do believe that is a Scottish Fold cat. Very cute indeed! Maybe needs bigger eyes? 😉

  2. Yoicks… are they both stuffed?

  3. E. Collison says:

    Very, very classy paws-crossed pic. (Which is one of my favorite subcategories of Cuteness.)

  4. anmlvr21 says:

    Scottish fold…definitely. Very cute cats, but we just learned in our companion animal class (Animal Science Major) that they are homozygous lethal..which means that if the cat is alive then it has to have the heterozygous gene. Just some genetics for your brain today 🙂

  5. Adrienne says:

    scottish fold. what a cutie!

  6. Scottish fold. Biggest eyes EVER!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeee!!


    See J. Wellington Cat the third. I bet they’re related.

  8. is a scottish fold. they are absolutely adorable.
    must say this is the first “yeller” scottish fold I’ve seen… most I’ve seen are gray/heather tabbies.

  9. kristina says:

    yes indeed it is a scottish fold.


    lolol. this is one of those pics i can look at a million times and still laugh my ass off every time.

  11. pistache268 says:

    Does anyone else find this kitten a bit scary?

  12. this is one very cute scottish fold. i have one, they are the BEST!

  13. anmlvr21, please explain! Does that mean they can’t breed with the same kind of cat?

  14. jaypo- although I’m not familiar with this particular genetic trait, that sort of situation generally means that either 1/4 or 1/2 of all the cats who are conceived will die (depending on if they survive if both genes are negative)

    (now let’s see how wrong I am)

  15. that thing would be a little scary to look at before you got used to it hanging around your house.but it is reallllllllly cute.
    same question as jaypo…

  16. If you bred 2 heterozygous cats, 1 in 4 would be homozygous (have 2 copies) for the lethal gene and die. 2 out of 4 would be heterozygous (only 1 copy) and one wouldn’t carry the lethal gene at all. Mendel was a clever man…

  17. I think I get it–sort of. It means that one kitty in the litter is gonna die. 😦

    Two will thrive and breed. 🙂

    And one will be a mystery cat. 😉

    Mendel=fruit flys+sweet peas

  18. I have 2 Scottish Folds, but we have the straight-eared ones. From what I have learned about them, you never breed folded ear to folded ear – they have some genetic disorders that can result from that. And you can’t tell until the cats are about a month old if they will have folded or straight ears. The fold gene is dominant, I think. Because if you breed 2 straight eared Scottish Folds, they cannot produce folded ear offspring. Oh, and the straight-eared are just as cute. It’s all about the round heads and giant round eyes.

  19. *blah*

    can i get a dose of cuteness without getting the particulars of what’s wrong with the breed?

    not that it doesn’t matter…but people come to cuteoverload to feel a little more lighthearted and happy. I don’t agree with some of the breeding choices either, but i don’t post it here. just let people appreciate the cuteness or *somewhat* scary big eyedness.

  20. never mind the small ear to head ratio – start a new cat-egory of ear to eye ratio. must be 1:4 or less! scary but cute.

  21. I could have sworn that was photoshopped!

  22. It is just asking for a kiss right between those big ol’, very cute (NOT SCARY) eyes. It is darling.

  23. E. Collison says:

    “Does anyone else find this kitten a bit scary?”

    No, non, não, nein, nonononononononononononooooo…

    Please, could we all just enjoy the cute pics in peace?

  24. Ambersoe,
    The owner of the blog asked a question, and people answered it HONESTLY, & without drama. I see people being mature & learning something, not purposely upsetting anyone.

    It seems easy to solve. Look at the pictures, and control yourself from reading the comments. 😉

    Besides, in everyday cat & dog (no matter the breed) litter/baby situations, it is not uncommon for a baby in a litter to die.

    Heck, it even happens with wild animals, & humans (constant miscarriages due to something wrong with the breed).

  25. “Does anyone else find this kitten a bit scary?”

    Nope. Snakes, roaches & spiders are scary to me.
    Furry kitty that would love a scritch & a pat, does not scare me. When I learned of Scottish Folds 15 years ago, they didn’t scare me then either.

  26. Now, I don’t entirely understand the genetics behind it, but I don’t think it has anything to do with whether or not their ears are folded or straight– as long as they’re a Scottish Fold, period, you can’t breed them to another Fold cat.

    That is, a straight-eared Fold could still give birth to folded-ear kittens, but they have to be bred with American or (preferably) British shorthairs…

    We have one of each (a folded fold and a straight ear) and our straight-eared was going to be used as a breeding mama in her cattery but had complications with the first litter and had to be spayed. Alas! Still the cutest cats EVER.

  27. geez. alright, alright, i’m not trying to be a b****.

    I saw all the responses, but didn’t see that the someone had asked the question. sorry, my mistake.

    now that i see that, I understand why i got the condescending response. It just a mistake, i apologize, okay? 😦 I was a little sensitive after that last kitty’s DNA got picked apart. Continue discussing, i won’t bug you anymore

  28. OK, I didn’t think any cat was prettier than a Maine coon, but that is the cutest cat I have EVER seen. Anerable.

  29. Amber,
    It’s Alright, that’s what I thought too. We all make mistakes.

    My friend have a Scottish Fold. He was quite an expensive cat but completely adorable.

  30. kisekileia says:

    Cuuute! I’m not so sure I agree with the small ear-to-head ratio = cute thing, though. Those ears look almost TOO small, and bunnies are adorable.

  31. I tend to find kitties with biiig ears & little faces much cuter than ones with little ears & biiig eyes, but regardless, this cat is passably cute.

    …I hope that made sense.


  32. a cat of my cousin’s had her ears removed because of skin cancer. perhaps this is similar.

  33. E. Collison says:

    Not to hammer on anything, but this kitten was photographed from below (note how much of its lower jaw and neck are visible) – so the folded-over ears are, understandably, not in plain sight.

  34. anmlvr21 says:

    WOW!!! Can’t believe the response on that one!! I’m glad to see people are genuinely interested! Andy hit it right on the head! If you breed a heterozygous scotty fold to another heterozygous scotty fold, one out of four will die (usually right at or before weaning), two will contain the debilitating gene, and one will not carry the debilitating gene at all! Thanks for the question! Now…if we can only get people to get that spay and neuter thing down…hehe! 🙂

  35. Lady_Douji says:

    How can you tell if a scottish fold kitty is heterozygous or not? Is it tied to the gene that makes the ears fold making it bvious or is it something has to be tested?

  36. Oh, what a lovely cat! My 3 have all passed on now, but they were the best breed. They are compact and have the thickest silky coats. They are healthy, happy, home loving. Very loyal and friendly, excellent hunters, get along with all sorts of animals. Mine came to me in a feed bucket from a barn that was being torn down, and they were THE cutest kittens we had ever seen. I cannot in good conscience ever buy a cat from a breeder when there are so many strays in the world, and these were just a gift. They lived long happy lives with us, and were the neighborhood childrens’ favorite. I miss them terribly.

  37. it looks like it wants to have a chat.

  38. Wow… First time I’ve seen this breed of cat. Actually, the tiny ears make it even cuter! and the EYES are big and round! This is a glamour puss—look at that pose! :o)

  39. AHAHAAAA….. hahahaaa, thats not cute, its odd looking! ahahaaaa

  40. My mom ( just sent me this. I only have ONE question: is that kitty for adoption? (i owe my mom for covering the vet bill for my big fat tomcat…)

  41. Ok, It wasn’t until I got to Carlisa’s comment that I thought Meg and I were the only ones who didn’t know what a Scottish Fold is! I thought I had apparently been living on another planet!

  42. No Blondie—- This is my first look at one, too! I don’t see were it’s NOT cute, though— just a bit unusal. Almost looks as if it’s praying “Please don’t let any one say anything about my widdle ears”…awwwwww! I like it :o)

  43. I’m sorry, but this is *not* cute. tiny, underdeveloped ears may be cute, but malformed ears on an adult cat do nothing for me. they just play up the (also not babyish) bug eyes…


  44. Hey you guys – it’s ears are not tiny! Like the poster above mentioned, you’re looking at it from an angle that just doesn’t allow you to see their “FULL SIZED EARS” folded down. The ears fold over so from this angle, the look tiny, but they’re not.

  45. Kitteh sees into your SOOOOOOOOUL.

  46. that is the ugliest cat I’ve ever seen. blech

  47. Kathryn Blume says:

    This cat is, like, the familiar of Bob the Friendly Vampire.

  48. Photoshop Liquify Tool

  49. misstking says:

    dat is da most cutest kitty ever!!!!!!!!! i love it!

  50. Paco Rosso says:

    Yes, I believe that’s an Adobus Photoshopicus. Very rare.

  51. Imagine if you crossbred that with a manx….

  52. it’s a sctottish fold! I those kind!! Too cute

  53. I’m pretty sure this is a Scottish Fold. A friend of mine found this picture and posted it in a comment on my myspace, and I just about DIED I thought it was so cute!

  54. Hi! I am new to CO, but I was searching for images of Folds. I breed and show Folds in Florida. They are adorable, snoogly, affectionate cats. Some people don’t care for the look of the folded ears, so the straight eared ones are perfect for them. There is a series of books written by a man named Peter Gethers about his beloved Fold Norton. The first one is called The Cat Who Went To Paris.