Hey, where have you guys been?

I’ve been waiting ALL DAY for you to post something!

What have you been DOING!?


Stherweeously, I’m sorry for the delay, I was held up in L.A. today and couldn’t… reach… computer….!

I think it’s time for the CuteOverload internship program—this kind of delay should NEVER happen again! There are no exscuses for doing a first post at 8:26PM PST. Any takers? I think I have to write up a job descripshe.

Your humble Cute Pusher™,



  1. 1st comment! I want to be a cuteoverload intern! can I help choose cute images! I promise I see tons of cute things every day! <3

  2. u2andcomicbooks says:

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I was still weeping over the bone-crushingly heartbreaking defeat of Gonzaga last night…

  3. Meg, glad you’re back… it was getting a little too wordy… more pics!
    I don’t know how you keep up already.

  4. Since you don’t have a job description yet, will you just hire me? I love this site!

  5. Three seconds later-


  6. me me me!!!!

  7. faerydragonet says:

    Me! Me! I qualify as a cuteologist.

  8. I’d be happy to do it, and hey, different time zones = 24 hours of cute!

  9. Kimberley says:

    That is so cute!!
    And U2andcomicbooks- no weeping for me. GO BRUINS!

  10. omg the doggy tongue is as big as the kitty! and hes just lickin him! dawwwww! he could just slurp that kitty into his belly, but he just give big ole puppy kisses!
    ps make me intern

  11. Hehehe look at kitty brace himself.

  12. Welcome back – you were awesomely missed! Luv the kitty puddle and the kitty-about-to-be-a-puddle!

  13. omg. this page is my discovery no.1! 🙂

  14. AWWWWWWWWWWW! Kitty getting BIG puppy kisses! *squees incoherently*

  15. Looks like kitty is saying “Oh no…not again….now I have to clean all this dog slobber off me”. That pic was caught just at the right second.

  16. Silvertail says:

    I think you will have to start taking applications… we all want to be cute interns, I mean interns of cute

  17. Lick My Pickles says:

    *bats eyes in a cute manner* in hope that maybe she will be noted as a possible candidate!

  18. I’ve had a postcard of this cute-a-palooza on my fridge for at least 10 years – it never gets uncute. I love it!!!!!

  19. army kitten says:


    i sent in this picture! of course, i bet hundreds of other people did as well. but it makes me smile to see it on here!


  20. I wish I could be an intern, but with my slow rural dial-up, I’d end up spending half my time just loading up the site page… :-/

    *wishes for broadband*

    Oh well, I’ll at least try to contribute someday soon. And the daily dose of Cute is worth the time it takes for this site to load up on my computer!


  21. I nominate THEO!!!!!!

  22. What we have in mind is breakfast in bed for 400,000.

  23. AuntieMame says:

    Katey took the words right out of my mouth. He could also patrol the Comments for trolls…

    You wonder what the Shepherd is thinking. Is he cleaning the kitten? Or basting it?

  24. …tasting it.

  25. I nominate Theo, as well. Looks like he has job experience, as well! :^)

  26. Brak_Silverbone says:

    You just know the dog and the kitten took a nap later in the same day, and that the kitten was sleeping on the dog’s head. Between his ears.

  27. can I be the CO Director of Security? Every entity able to sway the masses needs its own gestapo!

  28. Many female GSD have a motherly instinct towards small animals. One of my females, Lili, slowly tried to pick up my sleeping siamese cat by gently slipping her open jaws under the cat’s shoulders. Just then, the cat awoke, turned, and sunk her claws into Lili’s face and eyes. Not so cute. I had to pry to cat’s claws out of Lili’s eye lids. No one had to go to the vet though. 🙂

  29. Ok, whoever gets the intern job (Mememememeeeee!) their first job is to weed out some of the fugly pictures in the cutetracker. I don’t understand why some of them are there. /shrug

  30. Tunasammich says:

    That made me go awwwww

  31. Mama Cat says:

    Late…but worth the wait! I have to have my daily recommended allowance of cuteness! I noticed a new one was missing, but browsed around the site and found lots of great pics!

  32. haha I thought that dog’s toungue (sp?) was a tomato slice. on the cat’s head. haha.

  33. kitten puddle..you melted my heart. can anything be sweeter?

  34. Darcy—That’s funny! Does kinda look like a slice of tomato or bologna. haha!Just THANK GOD it wasn’t an onion, huh?

  35. Carlisa! NOOOOOoOOoOOOoooO!

  36. I’d do anything to be intern! Pick me, pick me! I even have political experience in Washington, DC… and I hated it. Time to be a happy intern!

  37. poor kitty

  38. Pick me, pick me, pick meeeeeeeee!!

    (In case you didn’t notice, I’m the one at the back of the class waving my arm frantically and jumping up and down.)

  39. Theo—-LMAO—okay, just couldn’t resist!

  40. This is the cutest picture ever!

  41. It’s the black and white kitten from those old Warner Brother cartoons with that bulldog, George! I guess his friend, Klaus, is babysitting the little guy.

  42. I will love him, hold him,and hug him. I think I will call him George…….

  43. I don’t find this fair. I posted this pic on the cutetracker last month. It was on the first page of winners for almost the entire month, oh’, but when Meg posts it it goes straight to front page news. Meg what is your secret to winning over the cute overload host?

  44. continued… oh, and if you loved this pic you’ll like my other post on the cutetracker “five pink bellys”. But my fav is no my post but is the one called “When I eat, I get sleppy”. Boy ‘o’ boy would I love to see some of the comments it might create! HOW CUTE is that!

  45. no doggy no eat the sweet cute little baby honey monkey kitten! even if it is cuter than u!

  46. Is Theo against me or something?

  47. Sorry, I just found Theo’s post confusing.

  48. Sorry, off-topic.

    I love this site, i just discovered it today and i have to say thank for insperation for a photoshop contest i am particapting on worth1000.com