Just cookin’ up a liiiiitle breakfast

I know there’s been a few pets in pots this week (hmmm, one more and we can make a CATEGORY!)


Thank you, Christina! Now maybe you can tell us how this all happened!?



  1. This is a curious trend…methinks pets-in-pots on a *counter* may be a little more comfortable to view than p-in-p on the stove….

    pets in pots sounds like a proper category, am all for it

  3. dammit jaypo!

  4. Pot O’ Piggy!



  5. chock full of vitamins. note the cast-iron.

  6. nevermind. wishful thinking and/or deliri-yum.

  7. “(hmmm, one more and we can make a CATEGORY!)”

    Looks like Finn beat me to it. The category’s MADE, Meg.

  8. Ummmm… First we get the pup in the pot on the stove, now the piggy in the wok…

    …what exactly is going on here at CuteOverload???

    [twilight zone]IT’S A COOKBOOOOOOOOK!!! [/twilight zone]

    A cute cookbook, however.

  9. StormCat says:

    I like how the photographer made sure to push the skillet off the iron a bit, so we could see that it was NOT on…. I’m not crazy about these “Pets in Pots” pictures, but at least this one was kind enough to let us know that the litte cutie would not get hurt….

  10. O.k, I need to fess up, in Ecuador (where it is traditional) I ate a guinea pig. *blushes with a stomach ache* To be honest, if it was cooked with veggies it would have been tastier.

  11. Notice the hidden Mickey made by the burners behind the pan? Added cuteness bonus!

  12. Guinea pig stirfry? I agree with some of these people, this category is a little disturbing. I know nobody is eating these animals, but it just calls to mind too many bad possibilities. . .

  13. Sorry, dwine! Simul-typing I bet.

  14. oooooh, can i have what he is having?

  15. I love pigs; I’ve had many. But I also have a bit of a sick sense of humor and I immediately thought “Mmm, Peruvian dinner tonight!”

  16. I’m with A Thinker. It’s like standing really close to the edge of a cliff…just one tiny little step and everything changes.

  17. I’m reminded of a Pogo comic strip in which the 3 bats (Bewitched, Bothered and Bemildered (sic)) are sitting around after breakfast. One of them is sitting with his feet in the frying pan they just ate out of.

    Other bat: “Hey!! Get yer feet outen’ the fryin’ pan!”

    First bat: “Don’t worry, ’tain’t hot.”

  18. Jan Spencer says:

    Uhhh…yeah, if the pot was off the stove, I’d feel better…like the pup in the pot, you know, just don’t want to give wrong ideas to people with sick minds. He is a sweet little guy, isn’t he??

  19. Karl,

    I’m pretty sure the third bat is BEMILDRED. I’m just a huge Pogo geek…

    right on the money with the strip reference. kudos.

  20. Come on, people. The only way that this sort of drama is justified is if you don’t eat meat anyway. The stuff that happens to the animals that end up on people’s plates is way, way more gruesome and disgusting than this. I myself don’t see the appeal of putting the guinea pig in a frying pan (it’s just weird) but it doesn’t BOTHER me, and I’m a vegan.

  21. Some of you obviously don’t spend a lot of quality time in the kitchen. That pan is made of teflon or some similar non-stick cooking material. It is most certainly NOT cast iron.

    Also, you just CAN’T cook green lettuce (Romaine included, which is what that looks like)–it just gets all wilted and slimy. Might I suggest a nice red cabbage? It holds up nicely and adds a terrific dash of color to whatever small-animal dish is being cooked up!

  22. How tasty!

  23. NiteOwl — O RLY? — http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Orly.jpg

    HashiBrownsWithTwoEggsSunnySideUpAndGuineaPigTenderloinMedallionsInBalsamicGlaze — haven’t seen you around much lately. Here, have seconds.

  24. Subhangi says:

    Hmmm… first Bunnies in Bowls, then Pups in Pots … and now, PIGS IN PANS! Yay for Culinary Cuteness!

    Oh btw, I’m vegetarian.

  25. [bows to Subhangi, again]

  26. niteowl–note how i corrected myself immediately after looking at the picture a second time.

  27. Sauté until greens are tender and guinea is lightly browned on both sides.

  28. That is so cute it looks exactly like my guinea pig charlie!

  29. Why does everyone seem to think the idea is ‘cooking’ the piggie? Being an owner of two, my first thought was that it scaled the counter and hopped in to conquer the leafy greenness therein, thereby preventing the chef from making dinner.

    Because mine have done similar (albeit on the couch with a salad). ‘Haha, mumsie! Now it’s mine and not yours! Looks like someone’s gonna be nuking a meatloaf tonight!’

  30. Lick My Pickles says:

    awww little piggy pig!!

  31. poo bear says:

    guinea pig for dinner in ecuador is called “cuy”
    sounds a lot like the root word for “cute”
    “isn’t that little thing cu…” chop! its your dinner!
    what was it we were served? “i think it was called cuy!”

  32. That animal is asking to be cooked!!! Get out of there !!!

  33. Piggy thinks his master’s book “To Serve Pets” is an admission that man is a race inferior to that of the great guinea pig …

    Apparently Piggie doesn’t realize he lives with Mr. and Mrs. Kanamit!

  34. i’m a starvatarian, i don’t eat anything, so i’m even more supereriorer than you vegitarians and vegans


    cute category meg, it’s interesting how pets “in” things stir controversy (racks… pots…)

  35. JessJess says:

    *cries* That looks exactly like my old guinea pig, Patches. The markings are SO simliar, almost exact! *sobs into her pillow*

  36. I wonder if there are any raisins in that salad yet…

  37. I love piggies and their weird little purr, I miss it, though definately not the high pitch pissed off squeals though. (Never eat carrots as a snack in front of these little guys and NOT share)

  38. PIGGIE! -loves to death-

  39. This picture makes me very nervous. Animals In Perilous Poses That Their Owners Think Is Funny just doesn’t push my cute buttons.

  40. Wow, pardon the bad grammar.

  41. Brak_Silverbone says:

    This gimme piggums looks almost exactly like my dearly departed pig pal, Zeppo (and Zeppo would TOO have so loved to attack all those nice greens). Here’s to you, Zeppo!

  42. For some reason this picture made me gag. Could be the equating of the guinea pig as human food.

  43. Eeek! Bast and Anubis, save us all! This is one of those horrible schemes concocted by those villains Wile E. Coyote and the Big Bad Wolf to lure a harmless critter into being their dinner!
    But fear not. Our heroes, Bugs Bunny and the Road Runner will be along at any moment to rescue the hapless guinea pig!

  44. AHHHHHHHHHHHH the cuteness is taking over me!!!!! help it’s way too cute i’m about to attack my computer and try to rip it out……..ZZZZZZZZZZZZ ahhhhh I’m Bieng electricuted

  45. If there is to be a category, might I humbly suggest this addition:


  46. Matt Bailey says:

    You know, the Maya ate a lot of Guinea Pigs.

  47. i’m going to be sick.
    when i looked at the prosh squeak-squeak i almost passed out.