Wake up!

Open your eyes! (you rub your eyes in disbelief)

You’re back in "Pup Heaven"! You’re still sipping that perfect Long Island Iced Tea when you come upon this little Pupulence. He certainly looks familiar, then you realize it’s Pete the Pup from the Lil’ Rascals. Ahn, nice ta see ya, Pete.


Gracias, Manuel P.



  1. Why am I suddenly thinking of Our Gang? Where’s Robert Blake?

  2. Oh. In the caption, of course.
    [feels stupid]

  3. Gorgeous doggie.

  4. *Swipes pupulence out of picture and runs*

  5. Whiskers in Full Effect!!

    FWIW, i can’t hear the word “dictate” without thinking of buckwheat now.

  6. oh petey – i’ve been waiting for you for all these years – let’s go out and get into a mess o’ trouble – come on buckwheat and alfalfa and darla – oh my god – darla wasn’t she a just a sweetie pie and miss crabapple! yikes

  7. Hey Petey! We missed ya! *hug*

  8. Kimberley says:

    He is so sweet looking! I just want to hug him!

  9. I think I am the only one who has not seen this Rascals show. I’m sorry to miss out on all the jokes 😦

  10. Oh, god. This was exactly what I needed to see right at this moment, as my day was starting to get Awfully Bad.

  11. demonstar says:

    This little guy is anerable!! look at the way he is pursing his lips, like he is posing for the camera. whatta little cutie!

  12. This sweet pup reminds me of watching TV with my family. My favorite was when he barked bubbles after eating a bar of soap!

  13. He’s waiting outside the candy shop for Spanky and Alfalfa.

  14. omg- yes thank you for reminding me of the barking bubbles – i can just see it now. so sweet – yeah for pitbulls!

  15. demonstar says:

    pitbulls *are* adorable yes, and petey was the most adorable of them all, but this little guy looks like my little guy, a jack russell? or am i all wet?

  16. Michelle says:

    Looks like a Jack Russell Terror to me. One of my ol’ pal’s JRT (who looked a great deal like this one) ate the Baby Jesus from the family nativity scene… which pretty much sums up JRTs to me! Way beyond cute and nothing but Trouble (with a capital T).

  17. “Jack Russell Terror” — LOL.
    Apparently they’re trainable, though; at least the little dude on Frasier was. Mostly.

  18. Sweet as he looks, there’s an adorable edge there, too. I bet he could be a saucy little rascal himself if the need arose.

  19. demonstar says:

    YES!! jack russell terror is the truth. i have my own and he was horrible till he turned 3! and they are very trainable dogs, if you can past the A.D.D.!! i wouldnt train my little terror for the world!!

  20. demonstar says:

    no no no!!! I meant I wouldnt TRADE him for the world!! he is very well trained now!! D’OH!!!! brain fart!!!!

  21. “D’OH!!!! brain fart!!!!”
    Must be the onions.

  22. Ponygirl says:


    Thanks for the “Our Gang” link. It was actually really interesting.

  23. demonstar says:

    Not today Theo! lmao

  24. JRT’s are my favorite kind of dogs! *huggles the puppy*

  25. AuntieMame says:

    I haven’t seen Our Gang, either, and I’m plenty old enough. So don’t feel too left out. 🙂

    The puppy looks more like a young Wishbone to me.

  26. grabs the cuteness face and squishes….

    ooooch! I wove you.

  27. For those who haven’t seen it I’m so sorry… it may be for the best though if you have kids. My mother loved the show so much as a child she and her sister convinced their little brother to try the eating soap bit so he colud talk with bubbles coming out. Lets just say he didn’t blow bubbles…

  28. dwarf rabbit owner too!(No I'm not a dwarf...My bun bun is though.) says:

    “…Where’s Robert Blake?”

    I don’t know but I do know he should be in jail and isn’t…R B, I mean…

  29. I love these little guys! 😀

  30. ya know i’ve always wanted to ask this question and this is sort of related to petey. the teacher on the simpsons
    “miss cra-bapple” is really a take on miss crabapple – right?

  31. ????

  32. AuntieMame says:

    Dear Anybody’s:

    I may be an old lady, but at least I’m smart enough to know that the word is spelled “You’re”.


    p.s. Shut up.

  33. Dear “Anybody’s” — enjoy what time you have left on this site. I suspect it will be short.

    You might try hanging out here, instead:

  34. demonstar says:

    ok ok, ANYBODY’S, you are a little punk and you need to watch your language! what set you off to begin with?? wow, some serious anger issues there, might want to consider some anger management classes before it gets too far outta hand there. wow.

  35. E. Collison says:

    Sorry, but we’re not playing, Anybody’s…

  36. E. Collison says:

    Cool it, kid.

  37. demonstar says:

    if you REALLY are a 12 year old punk, i think you need a time out!! potty mouth!!!

  38. E. Collison says:

    No – you first, kid.

  39. demonstar says:

    and apparently you aren’t a part of that all AMERICAN tradition of going to school either as you can’t even spell AMERICAN!!!!

  40. E. Collison says:

    Like we said, cool it all the same, kid.

  41. Maybe you should be…

  42. E. Collison says:

    And the point of throwing a hissy fit would be – ???

    Cool it.

  43. I mean that perhaps you should be a part of that “All American Tradition” of punishing kids…

    I’ll still send you my autograph if you really want it though. Maybe that’s why you’re so unhappy, you’ve been pining for some sweet scribbles of my penmanship for too long now. Just let me know where to send it and I’ll ship it on over.

  44. E. Collison says:

    How much $ would it take for you to be quiet and go away?!

  45. E. Collison says:

    Well, back to the main point – how ’bout that puppy!

    I’d prefer to snorgle the little Pomeranian pup in another recent post, but this one will do just fine, too…

  46. E. Collison says:
  47. E. Collison says:
  48. Woods walker says:

    Anybody’s I thought you were gay before you admitted to it. With you language I figured it, at least you’re out of the closet now. Punk refers to someone who is gay.-Woods Walker

  49. E. Collison says:
  50. E. Collison says:

    Promise her anything, but give her Arpège:


    Err, “sharpei.”

  51. People… common sense? Don’t feed trolls. (And some of you *know* how hard I’m biting my own tongue.)
    This kind of thing can’t last, if you follow.

  52. E. Collison says:
  53. dwarf rabbit owner too!(No I'm not a dwarf...My bun bun is though.) says:

    Out of the ball park!

  54. E. Collison says:

    You are. Now shut up.

  55. violingirl says:

    Anybody’s, you *do* realize that your desperate need for attention is quite pathetic, right? Just checking.

  56. Courtney says:

    Oh my goodness, I knew there was a problem when I saw there were 78 comments, and I thought, “What the heck is controversial about this little puppy???” 🙂

  57. I know you guys don’t REALLY believe this is a 12 y/o kid. This is most likely an adult who came across the site by typing in “pussy” (okay-pussy—CAT, lol)or “cute”. I think the best thing to do is to just ignore this person. Whatcha think? Yo estoy silencio! Theo__- Tu no sabes yo hablo Espanol?

  58. E. Collison says:

    yes…. shhhh…. peaceful.

  59. OMG!, Theo!…So sorry! I didn’t mean that to sound bad towards YOU, I’m so embarrassed! Just that you replied to an earlier post in Spanish. Guess I deserve this red face. I know a lot of Spanish but not fluent in it. ***hides face, and wants to die!***

  60. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!??…. Okay E.C. No hablo mas! :o) … Goes in to meditation…:o)…zzz…:o)…zzz… * HELL…I love THIS! *…

  61. Eh… I don’t speak Spanish so much as Babelfish. No worries, though.

    Hmmm… does something seem, y’know… different, all of a sudden?

  62. dwarf rabbit owner too!(No I'm not a dwarf...My bun bun is though.) says:

    Thank you Meg!

  63. dwarf rabbit owner too!(No I'm not a dwarf...My bun bun is though.) says:

    Out of the ball park!…Thanks to Meg!

  64. I had a Jack Russell terrier. It could jump as high as my face, and I’m pretty tall. I ended up giving her to the trainer I hired to get her under control.

  65. AuntieMame says:

    Heh! I’ve been out of the house for a few hours, so I missed all the fun. It’s amusing to read the remaining half of the conversation and imagining what our genius ex-guest said to provoke it.

    That being said, Meg, there are a few of his idiot comments in the Rufus thread that you might also want to delete.

    And Pete, er, Wishbone is still a cutie-pants.

  66. What a cutie!

  67. E. Collison says:

    No hablo español, Carlisa, though I can read some Portuguese.

    “Shhh/Peaceful” is on this album: http://images.amazon.com/images/P/B00006GO9Q.01._AA240_SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpg

  68. Will have to check that out, E.C. Gracias! If you have a clip of it please send. My favorite Latin singer is Marco Antonio Solis. He’s not as cute as Rufus but he can sure “howl”

  69. Where is this little guy from? He looks exactly like my pup.

  70. E. Collison says:

    Carlisa, the album I mentioned is jazz-rock from the 70s. (Just warning you…) The title came to mind after someone stopped posting, that’s all.

  71. Our hero!
    When in Puppy Heaven, we will enjoy tearing into a nice bag of garbage together.
    We still have yet to figure out why it makes our Human so upset when we do this. It seems perfectly natural to us!

  72. Anybody's2 says:

    I’m baaaaccccckkkkk!! I have computer classes, I told you I’m 12, so if you plan to get me out of the post thingy 30 times, give up!!!!!

  73. getting back to the petey-thingy – what about that mean little boy butch – he also had a mean little doggie but i forgot his name

  74. OK. Here’s the thing, Anybody’s:

    If you don’t crap all over this forum (/blog/website), you won’t get kicked. You can be a punk without being a punk, if you get me.

    If you’re 12, fine. You want to play with the rest of us mostly 20ish-30ish-40ish folks (why??), that’s fine too. You’ll be expected to be respectful and thoughtful and polite, 99% of the time, because that’s the way we treat each other here. (Welcome to the world, that’s how it works.)

    You will be expected NOT to talk shit at the rest of us, unless and until we can tell you’re joking. You will be expected NOT to spam the comments sections.

    Further, I know you’ve read back through a bunch of the posts here. Cool. Maybe you’re starting to get a picture of who’s not actually all that stupid after all?

    Putting things as simply and as clearly as I can:
    Don’t fuck with me, and I won’t fuck with you. And before you start with the knee-jerk “bring it on” garbage, I’m a 35-yr-old IT pro, who’s been accustomed to having free rein on various computer networks since I was your age. I also have two teens of my own, I contribute both money and content to this site, AND I get along well with Meg (our Fearless Leader).

    On the other hand, I very much enjoy the interplay of real, honest humor & cleverness here, so as long as you stay on that level, you’re golden in my book. Trust me, you’ll have a lot more fun that way, if you truly want to stick around.


  75. i guess we know who’s our daddy. you go theo!

  76. Here’s another Petey-type… http://imreallysad.com/197

  77. Anybody's2 says:

    Ok, ok, I’ll stop being mean, but please let me post comments in here, from my home computer!!!!!!!!

  78. Anybody's says:

    Hi again, Theo, thanks for setting me straight, and the Pete picture is really cute.

    – a sorry girl, Anybody’s

    PS: My name is related to the name of the tomboyish girl in “West Side Story”, I bet all of you have seen this movie, this “PS” is because, most of you write Anybody’s like this: “Anybody’s” and I really don’t like it, its like writing Theo like this: “Theo”.
    PSS: I wanna be golden in your book Theo, can you forgive me?

  79. Anybody’s — well, for now, let’s just say that my book has you on probabation. And about the ban-by-computer: Remember, this isn’t my website, but I’ll talk to Meg.

    PS — I’d’ve emailed this to you directly, but since you’re 12, I’m actually happier that you don’t have a real email posted. We have that rule with our girls too.

  80. er… that’s spelled “probation” actually. ahem.

  81. dangit, you’re too fast. I was correcting MYSELF, not you.

  82. Oooh you do *not* want to go there.

  83. Let’s have this be the last we say about this, OK? This isn’t AIM chat; brevity is beauty.

    “Don’t go there” was in response to “even adults make mistakes.” Trust me, I don’t need to be told.

    I never said anything about your grades; that’s your business. But A+ is quite good, obviously. Congratulations.

    Fake email is fine, and it’s more than fine if you’re under 16; it’s the only sensible thing. I shield my own real email, myself.

    Now, onward, eh?

  84. Oh, I’m not the only nice one. You’ll see. And anyway, I’m not always nice, but I do try to be fair.

  85. OK, yes, you got me. I’ll let you have the last word here if you like. Promise.

  86. That is the cutest picture I have ever seen. It’s my dream dog!!!