A Little Photoshop Goes a Long Way

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed reader Todd T. sent this gem in. Yes, Hopelessly Photoshopped™, but high-larious. What’s happening in there?! Did Mr. Kitten-Pants get spilled upon!? Of course wet paws are always cute.




  1. omg, poor kittly looks so helpless and sad. give him a towel! get him out of that awful shower!!!

  2. Kimberley says:

    This site seriously makes me so happy. The world would be better if everyone looked at this site every morning? How can you be in a bad mood with all the cute puppies, kitties, bunnies, and everything else? It makes me miss my animals even more and want to give them lots of hugs when I see them in a few days! 🙂

  3. That person is living dangerously. My ex-brother-in-law once had the bright idea of bathing the cat by getting in the shower with it and closing the door. the cat climbed him like a tree and went over the top leaving him with severe and deep claw marks.

    Poor kitty – so cute…

  4. oh, how sad!

    showering with you cat isn’t a good idea. ha! unless you like scars all over your body!

  5. If it wasn’t for this site, I think I’d have killed myself by now; it never fails to cheer me up no matter how angry or depressed I may be.

  6. Awww, poor pussy cat. I guess thats one way to give it a bath!! This looks like a scene from a horror flick. In the next scene, the angry cat leaps up and exacts revenge on the man’s….

  7. the cat is sooooooo cute but we’re all lucky that the persons arm was in just the right spot
    oh! and did i mention how cute it was?
    P.S. its really cute

  8. Is that poo’ widdo kitty really gonna start to cry? Awwwwwwwww, he’s *so* sad looking…

  9. Did Todd T. Photoshop that face on the kitty?

  10. Bahahah I take my bunny with me when I take baths sometimes 😀

  11. I used to take my parrot in the shower with me. He loved it!

  12. LET





  13. Kimberley, you are so right! The world definitely would be a better place if everyone stopped by Cute Overload every morning.

  14. Awww poor kitty Cat! That person likes to live dangerously!!! I cant even wash my dog in the shower!!!

  15. you guys r silly says:

    jaypo — I used to take MY parrot in the shower with me TOO! She loved it too!!!

  16. Katherine says:

    Someone is very good at photoshopping o_o Perhaps the cat is declawed and that’s why the man has allowed the cat into the shower with this bareness!

  17. you guys r silly says:

    And you guys are *CORRECT* —- the world seems just a wee bit less lousy when you’re busy checking out *cuteness*… (and everyone’s comments crack me up TOO!)

  18. In response to all the cat tree like climbing of humans, my cat is not declawed, and on numerouse accounts she would cry and nuzzle into me untill I actually got in the bath with her, so not all cats will claw while being bathed.
    Although mine usually gives the worst glare in the world and that ones looking pretty damn cute.

  19. Michelle says:

    I also had a cat who loved baths. From a tiny kitten she would hop in the bathtub with me and paddle around. She liked it just deep enough so she could snag little toys off the bottom without putting her head underwater.

  20. Me likeee!!!!!

  21. This shopjob ROCKS.
    “Why? Why would you do this? What possible reason could you have??”

  22. cute, but its a shame they photoshopped the cute kitty from shrek =P

  23. adrianna says:

    oh my. is that a naked man in the picture?

  24. my cats like to watch the water go down the drain whenever i shower. sometimes they fall in, and when that happens, they are not very happy kitties.

  25. jessicrap says:

    that’s lame.

  26. Amanda Lou Snow says:

    Help me! Help me! I am getting all wet!

  27. Moondrop says:

    Hey Todd T., the one who posted this photo>

    Are you a turtle?

    Are there any turtles out there? You know who you are!

  28. Tina Rhea says:

    John: “Climbed him like a tree” to get out? That must have looked like the shower scene in “Psycho”! (blood circling down the drain)

  29. Of course when you pan up the photo, it’s George Clooney…

  30. My cat loved watching water in general — he hated having water ON him, but whenever I took a bath he would sit on the side and bat at the faucet. Sometimes he’d even cup his little paw to catch some and drink it (I wish I had pictures).

    Actually, the only way I could ever successfully give him a bath was to start one as if for myself, get in the bathtub when it was only a teensy bit full, and have him sit in my lap and pet him. Even then, if I didn’t lavish enough affection on him or be gentle enough with the water, he’d freak out and it’d be Claw City.

    ANYWAY… this post definitely qualifies for the “cute or sad” category, imho.

  31. Ohhh lord. That picture cracks my shit up.

  32. This picture is great for two reasons. 1.Hella sexy legs 2. Totally cute (though pitifully sad) cat. Cute overload has made my crappy day good once again!

  33. Poor kitty! D: That guy doesn’t seem to wearing any pants, so he’d better watch out for ANGRY KITTY CLAWS in a moment or two.

  34. i begin everyday with your site. it IS therapeutic. pass it on.

  35. i begin everyday with your site. it IS therapeutic. pass it on.

  36. That’s the face an unhappy cat would make if it only could.

  37. ah ah ah ah ah

  38. ahhh JessJess don’t say that 😦
    Don’t throw your life away carelessly, it’s precious because you’re in it!

  39. Overloaded says:

    Um…can we get some uncropped pics 😉

  40. perhaps CO shoul feature more naked men in showers. very cute indeed

  41. that is somewhat disturbing. naked man + terrified cat. . .I’m not sure if it’s cute or simply fodder for a lot of very scary speculation.

  42. that’s scary.

  43. That kitty looks like my baby, but that guy definitely isn’t my husband! Real or not, it captures the disgust and grief of anyone trapped in an unpleasant situation! POOR KITTY!!!! 😦

  44. Michelle:

    “I also had a cat who loved baths. From a tiny kitten she would hop in the bathtub with me and paddle around. She liked it just deep enough so she could snag little toys off the bottom without putting her head underwater.”

    That’s quite possibly cuter than this picture, even…

  45. Naked man and sad wet kitty… ummm, if that was said without the picture we would have a whole new class of website. *g*

    He is a braver soul than me though. My cats can’t even tolerate staying in the same room with running water.

  46. nice pic. too bad it’s not photoshopped.

  47. Finn. Sick or not, this THPPPPPPPPBPTTT’s for you.

    (BTW I’m pretty surprised at the absence of one very, very obvious and crass pun, thus far.)

  48. CanadianSnowPrincess says:

    My kitty Kia has a love affair with the bathtub tap. She tongues it every 15 minutes.
    So I tried taking her into the shower with me last weekend. It lasted about 30 seconds, but we both emerged none the worse for wear. No scratches on me, and she just licked the water off after.
    I’m going to try again this weekend… try to get her accustomed to it. Everyone needs a bath once in a while!!

  49. Tina Rhea says:

    I nominate this photo to start a Cats ‘n’ Dicks category. Seems fair to me.

  50. Any chance of us getting to see the un-Photoshopped version? I’d love to see the cat’s REAL expression here, because I bet it’s even funnier than the artificial one!

  51. I’m more interested in the guy than the cat – nice bod!

  52. Tina R — pshaw. Obviously the category should be “Cats ‘n’ Cranks.” Clearly.

  53. Ooohw, he looks just like the puss in boots starring in Shrek !

  54. Michelle says:

    Is the cat photoshop’d too? I know the man’s dickle dackle is not there (probably already clawed off), but is the cat’s expression not real?? So confused….

  55. i had a maine coon that loved water. what was really funny was that he wouldnt lap up water with his tongue. he would stick his paw in the water, and then lick the water off his paw. Very cute, we called it his paw-water. Our other cat seemed to hate when he did this and and wouldnt drink out of the dish afterwards.

  56. hey, maybe the photoshop part isn’t on the cat…;-)

  57. AuntieMame says:

    If it isn’t, then obviously the guy didn’t do the Photoshop himself. *salacious snicker*

  58. HAHAHA, Michelle, I think the uh……….. “dickle dackle” is being covered by an arm…I hope…

    Unless that’s a woman….let’s all hope not!

  59. I particularly like how all his little toes are splayed just so.


  61. dr. filth says:

    more cats and racks, damnit!

  62. What? Have u lost ur mind? I’m not the one who gets a shower? I’m going to cry any second now.

  63. First I thought…saddest kitty ever…wait, thats a nice looking man in a shower hosing a furry….( can I say this on a cuteness blog?)

  64. “(BTW I’m pretty surprised at the absence of one very, very obvious and crass pun, thus far.)”

    I’m up to the challenge! Ahem… After much hopeful and strategic planning, he finally got pussy in the shower.

    I vote for more naked guys ‘n cats, or dogs, or hamsters, or anything, really.

  65. Cutefan — you’re halfway there. Think simpler.
    Alternately, we could all pretend to be marginally more mature & sophisticated, and let it pass.

  66. Bingo. [sigh]
    Your reward… http://www.weebls-stuff.com/wab/fleabag/

  67. I was kinda hoping I would win the the title of “Miss Lewd and Crude 2006”. But, oh well. There’s always next year. Unless Paris outdoes me…she always outdoes me. *sigh*

  68. this pic is so mean how could you do such a hateful thing to a animal you peopel must really hate cats what did they ever dose to if you ask me id say that all you people who think that was funny should go 2 hell

  69. I don’t see that the pic has been Photoshopped. The kitten’s face looks like the cat from Shrek, but not exactly. And I’ve seen cats look similarly. Or am I missing the editing entirely? Could the sender of the pic weigh in?

  70. oh my life you bloody tite ass get out him outa there

  71. im bored

  72. poor little thing! it’s obviously so scared! why is there a naked person in there? thats rude.

  73. look at how sad he is! poor thing! thant’s not even cute. it’s… it’s just SAD!

  74. I’m really sorry I love the site but I don’t like this picture I think its cruel – the cat is obviously distressed but is locked in a shower and someone (who is in the shower) thinks it is funny to make a kitten think it will drown (hysterical…obviously….)

  75. kariboo says:

    maybe the poor thing got paint on him? i’ve had the unpleasantness of having to wash my cat after he stepped in a vat of wall paint. neither one of us liked it, but it was waaaaaay better than him licking off paint 😦
    this is a lesson to all the other kitties out there reading CO: if mum says not to walk in the paint tray…don’t!!!!

  76. ashleigh says:

    this isnt cute, this is sad and mean and cruel.It’s people like that who are cruel to animals

  77. Oh dear lord, it’s not cruel 😛 For goodness sake, you people seem to think if an animal is in the least upset, it’s cruel.