Nyerhe! Nyerhe! stop eeeeeeeeeet


Stop eet, a thousand times, ‘Nyerhe!"



Ears back, Momo.



  1. Wow that cat looks just like me!

  2. Poor cat. That is one *very* cross-looking cat. Not very cuddly, are we?

  3. me not fluffy, me not huggy, me gonna scurtch you if you not lemme go…

  4. it reminds me of my cat – coalball…i am now so missing her…

  5. Hehehehehee! I know that expression quite well. And no worries about the kitty; if they want down, they get down. Claws & stuff.

  6. Poor kitty! I guess he/she does not want their intimate moments caught on tape!

  7. LOL!
    That’d be one for mycathatesyou.com…!

  8. but i just want to hug you and wuv you and call you george! stay! stay and drown in my smothering wuv!

  9. amendment: that’s “dwown in my smuvvering wuv.”

  10. So… fluffy! gruuuuuu!

  11. StormCat says:

    THAT, my friends, is one pissed off Kitty… But look at that fur… Preeeeettttyyyy Kitty…

  12. how could you NOT want to bury your nose in such fluffy-galore? I miss my kitty too…

  13. Nella — good call! I’d forgotten about MyCatHatesYou.

    “NARN.” http://www.mycathatesyou.com/cats/2006/03/23

  14. Ponygirl says:

    Why is it the fluffier the kitty, the pointer s/he can get?

  15. ManekiNeko says:

    Cute or sad?


    Poor little guy!

  16. mommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  17. My hunka-munka adopted stray cat Bluto wasn’t fluffy but he snorgled only on his own terms. Sixteen lbs of pure muscle on that one but did I care?! I forced a hug on him and he didn’t talk to me for three days. Then we made up. He was my Earth Wizard kitty *heart throb*

  18. OMG! That cat is IDENTICAL to mine. 🙂

    Does anyone know/have an idea what breed or mix this is? I have no idea.

  19. LLCoolLisa says:

    It’s a very cranky Russian Blue, I believe. Fluffy, but crankypants.

  20. Me thinks the cat doth protest too much… having a cuddle resistant cat at home, I am with Theo… if kitty wants down, come hell or high water kitty will get down from that gentle hold. A determined cat is like wrestling with a greased pig with claws! I have the scars from vet visits to prove it, literally.

  21. aw, he reminds me of my kitty. totally anti-PDA… but in private he’s all… “i lurve you….purr purr” lol.

  22. BabyCakes says:

    Wow looks identical to my cat 🙂

  23. The look oh his wee wittle face! So mean yet so hillarious! Totally pissed…love the caption…


    I must commend the auteurs of cuteoverload.com for your excellence in onomotopaedic descriptions.

  25. BenPanced says:

    Wow! SOMEbody doesn’t want their daily dose of huggins and snuggles!

  26. wow that looks like its going to end in tears!!

    but i LOVE it! such an angry kitty YEAY.

  27. No HUGS. Dah! I like that cat.

  28. mischievousmadchen says:

    And now…for your viewing pleasure, I present a veritable smorgasbord of kitten cuteness!! Enjoy!

  29. mischievousmadchen says:

    Uhhhh yeaaaahh…including the actual website might just help…here it is!


  30. This looks rather like a failed attempt at a Cat in a Rack. xD

  31. It looks like the cat is about to get his/her belly kissed before the camera, how undignified! What a feline work of art, though. I’d want to kiss its belly too!

  32. Nose-fur-atu says:

    I’d say this qualifies for the Cats ‘n’ Racks category, but just by the skin of its…um…

  33. what a lil lion 🙂

  34. Failed Cats in Racks is soooo true. Hee!

  35. MischieviousMadChen:

    THAT IS TOO MUCH CUTENESS!!!!! *overload* *dies*

  36. WoW ur cat is freaking cute!! i love em’ *blush*

  37. Sometimes my lil’ demon will purr while asking to get down — mixed messages! Seriously, she’s a love, but prefers to be close but not touching. Funny cat!

  38. Jan Spencer says:

    THAT’S MY SASSY GIRL! Spittin’ image!!!

  39. avensdesora says:

    the cat looks identical to my baby! including the “leave me the #$%@ alone” look!

    i love this site. keep ’em coming!

  40. BabyCakes says:

    Anyone know what kind of cat this is?

  41. Ugh! These cat pictures have nothing cute about them…the cat looks like (s)he’d eat you for lunch if (s)he was bigger.

  42. “the cat looks like (s)he’d eat you for lunch if (s)he was bigger.”

    Well, yeah. It is a cat, after all. Nobody knows this better than Roy Horn, I think. But they’re still cute. Cute and *DANGEROUS* (dun dun dun!)

  43. This cat reminds me of Church from Pet Semetary, and it’s kinda freakin’ me out!!!

  44. I know a few people have asked, but does anyone know if this is indeed a Russian Blue? Nobody offered an answer. I thought they had smaller, more angular heads. My cat, a stray, looks like that but with shorter hair. I’ve always wondered if she is a Russian Blue. Anyone know this kitty’s breed?

  45. The real Russian Blues seem to have short hair, from what I glean from Google image searches. I think this cat is just your basic Domestic Longhair, subclass Gray Crankypants.

  46. E. Collison says:

    “Grey Crankypants” indeed!

  47. That girl is having way too much fun pissing that cat off! Haha haha!


  49. My cat had an identical brother when I adopted him as a kitten from Feline Cat Rescue in Luton in 2001. I think that could be him cos if I didnt know better I could swear that was my cat in that picture.

  50. Misterina says:

    Hi the kitty looks EXACTLY like my cat. I have seen other cats that look EXACTLY like that as well. It is not a Russian Blue at all, that much I know. I think there are too many of these “longhaired russian blues” for them just to be a “special”. It has to be some or other breed.

  51. Tsumomo is his name. He is not a Russian Blue, he is a pure bred mut. His mum Ashling was a calico and a voracious slut. His brother Claus, is an orange tabby who speaks german.

  52. hrh.squeak says:

    Actually, my cat also looks exactly like this. He is also a rescue kitty. From his looks and the other information on this site we’ve decided that he’s a Siberian Kitteh: