Happy delicious birthday to me

Happy Hamburgler to Atticus who celebrated his first birthday, and made a wish for 50 million more hamburgers.


Blow out the candle, Traci R.!



  1. awww it’s like he’s saying: can i eat it yet? can i eat it yet?
    ^_^ such a sweetheart <3

  2. Hmm, I could be wrong, but I thought onions were something that shouldn’t be fed to dogs (like chocolate), and that hamburger appears to have a red onion on it.

  3. Lick My Pickles says:

    Lub that tounge!!

  4. Awwwwww. 🙂

    This is so cute!

    Yet… unhealthy?

  5. yeah, cute but onions aren’t good for dogs.


    Calm down everyone. Let’s just enjoy the cuteness of the picture!

  7. Onions are dangerous to feed both dogs and cats, but the amount they have to consume to be harmed is rather large. (See the link.) A dog that weighs 20-25 lbs. would have to consume over a pound of onion to really be harmed. It is doubtful that a ring of onion on a burger is going to harm a dog of this size. If he was eating that everyday, he could be affected.

    My guess is that the onion and all that are on there just to make the “cake” look pretty. I would imagine if the dog got to eat this at all, he got the patty and nothing else.

  8. Num num NUM. Gimme gimme gimme!

  9. I love it!

  10. I agree with Errata. Atticus should definitely not be allowed to eat this burger. Onions are not for dogs.

  11. That dog’s big for one year old. And judging from the size of his paws, he’s going to be a MONSTER! grrrr…

  12. mejezabel says:


  13. (Oe nooooOOOOooez!!1 not teh UNJUNS wut make pupmonster a nasty ol gassybags! No worries w/teh candle tho, just do it like WAAY FAST, snarf gulp poof smokerings, w00tness!!111!1gahhh)

    Hush, hankie-wringers. You make my back hurt.

  14. E. Collison says:

    Vet explains dogs ‘n onions stuff (not, not *hot* dogs!):


    I bet Atticus enjoyed his.

  15. Dog tongues may be common, but they’re no less cute than bunny, hamster or squirrel tongues. Just look at this, people! We have to learn to take a second look at dog tongues of the world that we otherwise may take for granted. Take a look at the dog tongue in your own home today and appreciate!

    As for the onions, the owner will learn. Oh yes. They will learn.

  16. christina rodriguez says:

    ok all these ppl complaing about that onion just took a very cute piture and turned it ugly. i love the picture and think atticus is so adorable with his birthday treat and to be fair maybe the owner didn’t realize onions are bad i have had dogs while growning up and all my life and didn’t know that with all that dogs consume i’m thinking a very tiny bit of onion is alittle better than drinking out of the toilet

  17. Oh my gosh, that dog looks tortured!! *I want the beef!*

  18. Whoo-ee. Onion AND puppy breath. Get that boy a breath mint, PRONTO! 😉

    As to the onion-howlers, a dog that size would have to eat a LOT of onions–and manage to keep the stuff down in the first place–to suffer any harm. C’mon folks, take the broomstick out and chillax, yo!


  19. Do you guys have e-cards to send with cute stuff on them? That would be swell.

  20. You people complaining about people complaining about onions are reading a lot of emotion where there is none. I don’t think the onion people used a single exclamation point, while the reactions to them certainly did. Nor did they demonize anyone. “be fair maybe the owner didn’t realize onions are bad” – precisely why its worth a polite mention.

  21. Great idea on the ecards, Edwina. I need a sweet programmer to work that up for us.

    Theo, you totally had me fooled with your 13-year old comment. I love it. And thanks for teaching me what “<3" is.


    Happy B-Day pup!

  23. i doubt a dog would eat onions… so he’s probably ok. i don’t know, though. my dog eats aluminum foil sometimes… lol.

  24. AuntieMame says:

    Is that even a real burger? I’ve never seen lettuce that…green.

    The dog looks like he’s trying to hypnotize the burger. “You’re getting veeeery sleeeeepy. Now, when I snap my fingers (?!?) you’ll jump onto my tongue!”

    Either that or he’s got a Gene Simmons tongue and he’s about to lick the burger up from where he sits.

  25. Hungry? Grab a poisonous burning hunk of birthday goodness

  26. SmileyMe says:

    wow, people are all over animal rights these days. My friend’s dog ate two (or was it three) batches of chocolate truffles and he was perfectly find, he threw up a lot, but he was fine. Dog’s have amazing immune systems, I say screw the doggy health crap and let them eat what they want to a point. But the dog is adorable! I love retreivers. I wonder how long after that pic was taken the dog was on the table and the tounge was busy slurping?

  27. Amanda Lou Snow says:

    Give me, giveme, give me!

  28. Hey, Atticus here! Please let me have my burger MY WAY. After I eat the onion, I’m going to back up to the table and pooty-toot the candle out! Happy birthday to me! Next year I’m not inviting you guys, I’ll just go to Burger King :o)

  29. should’ve wished for 100 million cheeseburgers

  30. Jan Spencer says:

    I use to take my dogs to the park, and run through the McDonalds drive thru and get plain hamburgers for them. They loved it! Spoiling dogs…good idea! Happy Birthday Atticus!!

  31. Too adorable! ^_^

  32. You shouldn’t feed a dog 50 million hamburgers, it would probably get sick!

    Hmm now imagine 50 million dogs eating one hamburger each. Much better.

    The wind from all those the wagging tails might start a tornado!

  33. StormCat says:

    Carlisa: Pooty-toot…That’s funny!!!!

  34. I’d just like to take this moment to complain about all the people complaining about all the people complaining. May we all get lumps of onion in our stockings.

  35. The crooked picture in the background is bugging me more than the thought of a dog (who has probably eaten more grotesque stuff than an onion in his puppyhood) eating a slice of onion. I guarantee we’ve all eaten stuff on our birthdays that was way worse than an onion is for a dog.

  36. That dog is super duper cute, by the way. Forgot to mention that while I was up on my soapbox. Makes me miss mine. Happy birthday pooch!

  37. lumps of onion in your stockins give you bunions. and corns.

  38. That onion isnt going to hurt the puppy. There isnt enough there to cause him any damage. What you should be worried about is if that dog might get overly excited and burn himself by jumping up to get that flaming burger D:

  39. i have to admit, the first thing i noticed when i looked at this picture was the onion. i was like, onions are bad for dogs!! it made it harder to appreciate the cuteness, because i didnt want the dog to get sick.

  40. Hey smileyme, it’s not animal rights, it’s called responsible pet ownership. Maybe your friend needs a lesson in that? ‘ate 2 batches of truffles and threw up a lot but he’s fine’. In people that’s called food poisoning.

  41. Listen…The dog doesn’t even like burgers -with OR w/o onions! Can’t you see him sticking his tongue out it? What I’m concerned about is the porno flick showing on the tube in the background!

  42. LOL Carlisa — or what about that can of Krylon on the kitchen table?

  43. …and, my goodness, I hope the family remembers to treat that granite countertop with sealant, every couple of months. It just wouldn’t do, for it to lose its lickproofing. Tongue-tastic!

  44. One more here. This pic reminds me of one I see every so often on the CuteTracker…

  45. BenPanced says:

    “Hey, Atticus! Blow out the candle!”

    “Eww! That burger has onion on it! *PBBBBBBBBT!!!*”

  46. why is everyone getting mad about the people who say the onion is bad? onions are very bad and they can kill your CUTE dog. I would think all of you cute lovers would like to keep the animals alive too. I dont really care if he’d have to eat a lot to hurt him considerably, its better to just not give them to him. sheesh.

  47. his tougue is super adorable though <3

  48. Jessica–we could say that about cornmeal. Or soy protein. Or anything else that wasn’t 100% meat. But it’s not like he eats that every day, right?

    (Oh, and don’t read what dog food has in it. Meat is hardly the top ingredient in most of them. And most of what IS in it is what got left behind at the slaughterhouse. Think I’m kidding? Hit the pet food aisle and be prepared to shudder in horror.)

    The tongue, however, trumps all arguments and discourse in this thread. FEEL TEH LEET HAXORPOWER OF TEH TOOOOOOONGUE!!11!one!

  49. Theo—That’s funny! And Katie—worried about the crooked picture on the wall. We sure are nosey people aren’t we? haha! I bet everyone went back to double check those things and to see if there really was a porn flick running in the background—for shame! At least it took their minds of that onion for a minute :o)

  50. WickedWendy says:

    Carlisa- You definately made me go back to the top of the page and check the TV. LMAO!!!

  51. He looks like my brother’s dog Buddy, who was recently put to sleep due to health problems. 😦 Oh well, keep up the great work C.O.!

  52. Okay, To anyone who went back to look for nudie booty on the tv screen—ante up $1 in the tip jar. If you are the owner of that picture and you had to go back to check, make it $20 haha! WickedWendy BAD GIRL! :o)

  53. I agree with previous posters that the owner either didn’t know about the onions or was going to remove them. *BUT* I can’t believe everyone is clinging to the case that he would need lots to get ill enough to require a vet. Who cares. Isn’t the point that it does damage and that you can prevent it easily? A single cigarette won’t kill a child, it pis unlikely to even cause an asthma attack. Would you give your child a cigarette? Just one mind you?

  54. dwarf rabbit owner too!(No I'm not a dwarf...My bun bun is though.) says:

    Take away the candle wax drips and the onion and I’d be droolin for that burger too!
    *Theo* re your post within these comments of the cookie munchter…LOL!

  55. It’s just a cute picture. Maybe the hamburger was just made atw for the pic and the pup only got the burger itself, we don’t know what happened afterwards, give it a break

  56. dwarf rabbit owner too!(No I'm not a dwarf...My bun bun is though.) says:

    Hey…I agree…so I know you weren’t talkin’ about my comment. We just lined up one after the other comment sequence wise…No worries!

  57. He’s actually a rare species of Chameleon-Hound. In a few more minutes no one would even see him ON the table. Notice how his paws had already changed color and his face was beggining to?

  58. cute~~~

  59. “Jessica–we could say that about cornmeal. Or soy protein. Or anything else that wasn’t 100% meat. But it’s not like he eats that every day, right?”

    Totally incorrect, Danita. It just proves you see fit to dismiss it without even looking it up. Dogs are omnivores. They can eat most things we can (like the bread and lettuce on the burger), even if its not always so healthy for them. Some mean people even put them on strictly vegetarian diets. But what they can’t do is eat onions specifically. Onions contain thiosulfate, which humans can safely metabolize but dogs cannot. Its similar to chocolate in this way, which contains theobromine. Nobody is suggesting that the pet owners intend to poison the dog, but its quite possible that like Denita, they didn’t realize the problem.

  60. Garlic too, don’t forget that. Also equally bad for dogs (and cats). I do wonder whether Italian Greyhounds & Neapolitan Mastiffs can develop a tolerance for it, though.

  61. Funny, I had always heard garlic was a good flea remedy for cats.

  62. Is that a Playboy magazine laying open next to that can of Krylon? *tsk* *tsk*

  63. Andee — maybe if you had some kind of garlic-infused flea collar? I’ve used herbal flea collars on cats before (with citronella too?). You don’t really want your cats licking garlic powder out of their fur, but it’s not like malathion, or anything nastier like that.

  64. Um.. Fire.. Blanket. That’s pretty stpid.

  65. Well, I’ll clear all of it up.
    Atticus did not eat the onions…just the meat. We gave our chihuahua the onions.

    I’m just kidding. We aren’t that stupid. Oh, and I blew out the candle