Help me, CuteOverload—you’re my only hope!

How do I know if a photo should be posted? When I have to pick my lower lip off the floor. Michael M. sent in such a photo. Lil’ mini Princess Pup with Pearls. I need her stylist.




  1. Just believe yourself Meg! The answer is inside you. :”) Dont worry too much…

  2. Jan Spencer says:

    YEAY!!!!! SHE’S BAAAACK!!!


  3. Jan Spencer says:

    btw..look how she is totally loving the camera in this shot! WHAT a model! 🙂

  4. darth cuter says:

    the cute is strong with this one…


    [rummages in desk for napkins, for purposes of massive spit-take wipeage]

  6. I LOVE the over-the- shoulder-come-hither look. It’s enough to bring Darth Vader to his knees.

  7. OMG! Meg you did it again..luv ya girl

  8. Forgot to mention I’m sooo happy Meg didn’t leave us languishing in The Un-Cute Wastelands. She doesn’t know how to quit us! And we love her for it!

  9. I’ve been reading cute for a while now, it always brightens my day. Since my hubby is allergic to most dogs and cats, this is where I get my fluffies. This pick make me say one thing, “Help me Hammie won Kenobi, you’re my only hope.”

  10. what a pose!! is she miss december or what?

  11. “Yip, yip. Woof woof, I say. Greetings, loyal subjects!”


  12. ja-naynay says:

    You REALLY need to follow that pic up with something hideous because otherwise I will have all that cureness burned into my brain the rest of the day. arrrghhh.

  13. OMG. That dog is my inner princess!!

  14. E. Collison says:

    Totally, completely, utterly and insanely redonkulous!

  15. Now here’s a pup that REALLY knows its worth.
    It’s even more memorable than Vermeer’s Girl with a pearl earring.

  16. Theo, you took the “bwAAHAHAHAHA” right out of my mouth 🙂

  17. STOP IT… this puppy is almost too human! KEEEEEEUUUUUUUTTTTE!

  18. E. Collison says:

    Seriously – it reminds me of Titian’s “Venus of Urbino.”

  19. We’ve been saved!! There’s no question in those big brown eyes. La principessa is looking our for all her subjects. I willingly fall flat on my face in adoration, O Great Puppiness!

  20. you guys r silly! says:

    I *ADORE* the pictures on this site — I come to it every day just for my *CUTE FIX*. But I HAVE TO ADMIT —- the COMMENTS you guys post SINCERELY CRACK ME UP!!! — Thanks for the giggles, guys — YOU ARE THE BEST!!! &:o)

  21. now i am in the habit of logging on to your webpage as soon as i get into so i will assure myself that i will start the day right. omg this dog is too much – so glamorous – so innocent – so grace kelly. she is now my goddess for the day.

  22. xxxchloexxx says:

    wow wiked pic loving it i have only just ffound this site but you are da best

  23. i meant to say “as soon as i get into work” this puppy princess made my mind go ga-ga

  24. This should come with a warning… its too hysterically cute!

    PS: Ever snorked hot coffee in shock? Its not fun just for future reference.

  25. cachacachicken says:

    Karin! that is the best reference!!

  26. Oh. My. GOD. XD

    Is that little dog.. Standing up? And posing? With PEARLS?! She could be a model. XD

    So cute. I almost choked on pizza looking at it.

  27. sunnykat says:

    teeheehee, reminds me of princess leia. wadda little poser! bet she’s wearing a tu-tu down below.

  28. The cute will be with you. Always.

  29. mejezabel says:

    THIS is why Al Gore invented the internet!!

    Pupcess Leia with her jaunty pose is internet gold people…
    pure internet GOLD!


  30. That’s dogs eyes are “too human” – if you know what I’m saying and I think you do.

    She’s looking at me!

  31. My first thought: Sailor Moon!

  32. mejezabel says:

    In this issue of Glamour-Pup
    Your springtime fashion update!

    To make sure ‘he’ notices you.
    try a flirty over the shoulder glance

    Double loop your ear pearls for that kicky layered look
    Fold the your ears backward and tuck firmly

    Adorableness is the new black…

    Remember fur is in this season…so go strapless!

    Next month’s issue…’Should a prosh pup snorgle on a first date?’

  33. Mais, monsieur, why you look at me zo? Zat loook you geev … how you say…zo *sympathique* You geev me blush.

  34. “I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille….”

  35. OMG! Miss Sex-Pot Pup 2006!


  37. ohmy GAWWWWWWWWWWWWD!!!!!!!!!! THAT CANNOT BE REAL?! What the?!

    haha, I’m with Carlisa on that one.

  38. shes so gorgeous! i just wanna scoop her up and take her away with me!

  39. What’s going on with that wallpaper pattern in the background? Some kind of major photoshop job or something?

  40. Julie, if you’re not joking, then look at the picture: it just looks like she has pearl rubber bands on her ears! GOSH!

  41. Princess Leah’s dog? Cute. 🙂

  42. The Guy Over There says:

    Princess Leia? I was thinking of a pose for a painting. Maybe the unfinished work of high art from the same man that brought us “Dogs playing Poker.”

  43. BenPanced says:

    Do my ears look better up or down?

  44. oh my god. that is just too cute to comment.. can i have it in wallpaper size PLEASE??? 🙂

  45. *cant*stand*cuteness*
    wtf? i have **never** seen such a human look as the one on this gorgeous little girls face. **priceless!!!***

  46. Woods walker says:

    Meg, I don’t know how you keep doing it, Just Keep Doing It.-Woods Walker

  47. hahaha!

  48. sock monster says:

    oh my goodness, look at that face! aww, this picture captured the perfect expression, plus those accessories. hahaha

  49. adrianna says:

    that pup is stylin’. tinkerbelle has nothing on her.

  50. Subhangi says:

    Oooooh, baby … that is SO 1920s. Damn cute. What an awesome model!

  51. reality check says:

    uh, i think thats photoshopped

  52. mejezabel, lmao!
    You’re using all the CuteOverload words in one sentence. It might cause a heyx-plosion!

  53. She’s got that head-tilted-down, eyes-to-the-side look that Paris Hilton always does whenever there’s a camera around. Except this pup is cuter than Paris could ever dream of being. And is smarter too.

  54. um, it is the doggie incarnation of Paris Hilton. they both have their rightful princess mentalities running overdrive.
    Something so cute must be so evil! When the cameras is off, she flies at you wtih 5 rows of razor sharp toofz and bites your cute overloaded head

  55. Paris Hilton came to my mind first thing too… is that good or bad? Personally though, I prefer the poochie.

  56. No no, Paris is *here* :

    If I were king of the world, or maybe just a Cute O admin, any gratuitous misguided posts crying “PHOTOSHOP!” would be auto-deleted by my ruthless scripts, every 60 seconds.

  57. bonaircat says:

    way, way way too cute! kudos to both photographer and editor!

  58. i dunno why, but when i saw this i laughed really hard. it’s ridiculously cute. maybe it’s the pose too though.

  59. Mejezabel, you seriously need your own blog. My god, you crack me up!

  60. Le’ Woof….Le’ Bow Wow….

  61. hmm reminds me of PARIS HILTON, in a way. O_o

  62. ooooh I will not send this to my boyfriend and then have to follow up on his request for a shot of insulin… Not gonna do it…. wouldn’t be prudent…

  63. This picture is ssssssooooo cute! Hope you don’t mind me putting it on my site? Struddle Noddle is to be a spot for all the cutest pictures. To bad I can’t fit all the pictures on my site:[ but my site would be full:]. So I hope you visit the site.

  64. Britt — um, normally I don’t nitpick about spelling, but since it’s the *title* of your whole blog… check it out:

    So, “Strudel Noodle” (or maybe Strudel Nudel if you wanna be cute).

  65. hate to ask but says:

    uhm.. that dog’s not stuffed, is it?

  66. Marie Antoinette in pup form! Let them eat bones!

  67. That was such a cute pic it was in the Sunday magazine in Australia

  68. Reminds me of the girlie of pirates of the carrabian. So cute

  69. “you like my earrings?”

  70. Victoria says:

    This picture is so cute!

  71. There seems to be something wrong in the background in this pic. Look at the left side and it’s O.K. but on the right side there’s a different shade.