Did Someone Say Rufus?

Sparkster here again, with a CO Exclusive™.  Rufus rooms with a coworker and makes regular appearances at my office.  How bitter is the wife when I get to see scenes like this every other day?  Pretty bitter…  Ha!  Take that, wife!

I explained to Rufus how popular he is on Cute Overload and managed to secure this interview.  He gave me 10 minutes.


S: Rufus, what are you training for right now?

R: Bark, bark, bark!  *cough*  *cough*  Sorry, about that.  I’m in deep training right now trying to drop some critical pounds in preparation for kicking some serious dog ass in the park.

S: Right, right.  That Pit seemed to be, uh, "frontin’" the other day…

R: Homie, don’t try to talk street.  You sound like a jack ass.  Anyway, you’re talking about "Francis."  He scraped the inside of my leg the other day and thinks he’s a playah, but he ain’t.

S: That’s heavy.  How are you training?

R: Oh, yeah…  You’re talking about the Rufus Program.  The Program is rock solid! The Program is sound!  See these muscles?  See them!?  Go ahead and squeeze!  That’s pure muscle, baby!

S: OK, I’m feeling like I need an adult here…

R: Whatever…  Here’s the program:

1. Maniacal Office Run
– Run around the office at breakneck speeds for no apparent reason.
Reps: 5/day

2. Prancing
– Take extra high steps to work those quads.  Shows everyone else who’s the dog (man).  Also really important for those shorts endorsements.
Reps: All day

3. Garbage Can Stretch
– Stretch over a garbage can and put your head down as far as you can.  Burn, baby, burn!
Potential Bonus: Snackables!  Mmm…
Reps: 3/day

MB: Impressive.  So I noticed some iPod ear phones.  Rufus, what’s on your iPod?

R: It’s called a dogPod.  Anywho, Survivor is of course on heavy rotation.  I’m also a big fan of Quiet Riot and some early Black Sabbath.  Oh, and Britney…  I’m *all* about Britney.

MB: Great stuff!  So what about these rumors about you and Ms. Champion Eclipse Envy O Sportingfield?

R: Look…  We just had coffee.  That’s it!  And in case you hear differently, I’m all man!  Not that you will, because all we had was coffee.

R: This has been great, but I’m late for a meeting with my agent.

MB: Uh, right.  Thank you. Rufus.



  1. mejezabel says:

    maaaaaan I wish we could’ve run this interview in the spring issue of Glamour-Pup!

    It was brilliant…I smell an emmy or an oscar or a cleo or something. Or maybe I just smell Rufus!

  2. Meg—Thanks! I was recently told by my therapist that Mr Ed really could not talk ..I was *crushed*…:o( Just wait until I prove to him Rufus can!

  3. best dog ever.

  4. oooh, rufus, i love you! i miss your feeties!

  5. Stephanie says:

    Roofees! Show us the feets!

  6. Carlisa — not to split doghairs, but this post is the work of El Schmoopio del Meg, actualmente.

    Cute Overload has “staff.” ¡Verdad!

  7. Am I the only one who wants to cut ear holes in his hoodie?

    Welcome back Roofies! CO needs more of you!


  8. Meg, your husband kicks ass. He needs to make a guest appearance on my blog!!!

  9. love it.

  10. Jennifer says:

    Is this the little guy with the cute corn chip feet?
    He is adorable – love him!

  11. I looove Rufus! Is there any chance his owners will not want him anymore? ‘Cause I would be happy to take on his care, bad attitude and all…

  12. Nice hoodie! 😀

  13. The Guy Over There says:

    Odd, I saw that and immediately thought: Monk doegie! Medieval hero of the Dark Ages! Attach a little belt on his side and a sheathed sword and he is ready to fight in the Crusades for Jerusalem. The doegie would fight back the Saracens as a member of the Knights Templar and help bring to Europe the sacred Iron Lance between his teeth! And as the doegie sat and became blessed with highest honors, the Pope would bless upon him: “Good Crusader doegie! Goooood doegie!”

    I’m silly, but seriously, he looks a-ready to get Medieval.

  14. Best line: “Homie, don’t try to talk street. You sound like a jack ass.” Could Rufus please share this insightful advice with Ty Pennington?

    Theo honey, this pic is yet more proof that we need a dog. Look at the face…look at those EYES!

  15. I heard Da Rufs and Princess Pearl were slurpin’ from the same bowl o’ water.

  16. Roofie Roofie Roofie Roofie Roofie Roofie Roofie Roofie Roofie Roofie Roofie Roofie Roofie Roofie Roofie Roofie ROOOOOOOOOFUS!!!!!!
    r u open Friday night???

  17. my lil’ friend Lilly wants to spend some time w/ u!

  18. Roofies!!!

    Ear holes for the hoddie would be sooo adorable i would melt

    oops my dog just caught me looking at these got to go

  19. i think roffies needs his own category. i just cant get enough of him. that outfit is just prosh.

  20. i think i liked roofie better when he was sleeping

  21. Oooh ROOFIES! You make me swoon…


  22. Alina sez “helloooo Rufus. I’ve got snazzy clothes too, see?”


  23. Anybody's says:

    Dear Blondie,

    Your blog is stupid!!!!!! I was looking through it *yawn* and all there was is some thing about traveling or some shit like that, horrible!!!!!!!!!!

    You are boring,

  24. Oh, so funny! And I just love the dog!

  25. Subhangi says:

    Dude, dat is seriously da coolest motherpuppin’ dawg I’ve eva seen. Bring it on, playa!

  26. AuntieMame says:

    Dear Anybody’s.

    Shut up.

    Thank you.

  27. aw its a litle doggie running outfit

  28. E. Collison says:

    My illusions have been shattered – I did believe that Rufus was a true Casanova-type, with that accent and all…

    Lemme say it, on behalf of all the ladies who love Rufus: Don’t speak!

  29. E. Collison says:

    Now that I’m thinkin’ it over, I’m sure this is *not* the real Rufus – he “wrote” this, after all:

    “is “Note of Dee Love”.

    “Luzadies,” Rufus writes, “You know I haf been thinkingk of you seence my last veesit on the site.” [swigs a muzzle full of Brandy] “I haf been keeping your lovely faces in my mind, even een my dreams, seence I sleep so moishe. Ladies, I send you my love—dee love off a thousand Ee-talian greyhounds. I weesh you—no, don’t speak—[paw covering your mouth] dee best for dee Valentine’s day…You deserve eet.”

    Sparkster was talking to an IMPOSTOR!

  30. E. Collison says:

    Err, make that an Im-PAWS-tor… (Groans at own pun.)

  31. AuntieMame says:

    Unless the suave Casanova persona is just a front he puts on for the ladies…

  32. E. Collison says:

    The “Luh-zadies,” you mean… No, I will NOT believe that!

  33. Saint Stryfe says:

    The PuppiPod nano was much cuter.

  34. Oh!… Okay, Theo, Thanks! I see now that Sparkster posted it. Thanks Sparkster! :o)Love the conversation with Rufus!

  35. Jan Spencer says:

    So will this be a continuing story of Rufus and the dog at the park type series? “Tune in next time to find out if Rufus kicks that other dog’s @$$!”

    Go Rufus! 🙂 We’re all pullin’ for ya!

  36. Dear Anybody’s,

    It’s always a pleasure to meet a fan. I can autograph your arm or something if you wish.

  37. I would probably pee myself laughing if I ever saw a macho Italian Greyhound.

  38. Rufus is clearly a practitioner of the dark arts. Anyone who has EVER seen Buffy knows what a brown cloak indicates, and knows that something bad is afoot.

    Will Rufus be summoning a ham pile to crush Francis to death? I think so!!!!