Cheek to chair

Mitchu lives with "The kittenmaster" inParis, France. They named him "Mitchu" meaning "kitten" in misspelled and mispronouncedItalian. Ever since Mitchu was a kitten, he has loved this chair so much (yes, that white thing is achair).

Here he is hugging the beloved chair while rubbing his cheek onit!



Purring props to the Daily Kitten and GolfWidow.



  1. Yay kittens!!! I have a chair like that it is pretty uncomfortable …maybe i should try using it like that

    oh and hahaha First post

  2. 2nd post!!!!!!
    that chair might need a cushion…

  3. he’s practicing for his date tonight w/ that cat over there in the sink!

  4. oh! so cute. it looks like he’s saying, “MINE! MY CHAIR!” aww….he looks like my Cory-chan.

  5. awwww, HUN-ny!

  6. He says Don’t you just l*o*v*e this chair?! Ahhhhhhhhhh…

  7. This is like the sweetest, cutest and definitely adorablest pic ever!

  8. Beauregard says:

    OH Oh AWWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! AWww. I just. AWwwwwwww…
    He’s hugging… AWwwwww. that chair. My brainnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
    >>>SPLAT< <<

  9. oh la la he is very cute i want the same

  10. That has to be the cutest chair I’ve ever seen.

  11. Kitten hugging chair? So cute! And check out this website too: it’s another website full of cuteness. 😉

  12. I want to spend the night mitchu.
    I want to go the movies michu and
    I want to share that chair mitchu!

  13. OOOOOOHH!!!


  14. Oh so adorable!

  15. Weird, chair-loving freak.

  16. ZOMG KITTEH <3

  17. Okay… who stole my cat? Its uncanny but thats the same exact face I get to see every night. I’m so lucky I get to go home and find one just like this on my couch. She even gets the same longing/co-dependant look on her face. Maybe its her long lost brother… I am going to rush home, snuggle her and ask!

  18. Even boy cats can be cute!!! Does anyone have any idea what kind of cat that is? Mine looks just like Mitchu, and rubs her face on similarly weird objects…

  19. Oh, I remember this one from the Daily Kitten. This guy looks just like my Edgar, except I just can’t imagine Edgar doing this… lol

    And, uh, that flopcute site looks sooooooooo familiar… Now where have I seen that before? It’s ringing some major bells…..

  20. Kimberley says:

    That is so cute!!! He’s marking the chair as his. My cat is always doing that kind of silly stuff- rubbing her face all over things! 🙂

  21. soooooooooooo funny!!! hehehehhehehehe

  22. Cat: cute
    Chair: uncomfortable-looking
    Wallpaper behind them: YIPES-O-RAMA.


  23. Amanda Lou Snow says:

    Awwwwwwwww! He wants someone to love and hold him.

  24. Lick My Pickles says:

    tehe… i said awwww out loud so it must be cute!!

  25. Is it just me, or is that the dopest wall paper ever?
    I love the composition of the photo! nice job!

  26. StormCat says:

    Who cares about the wallpaper!!!! We’ve got CUTENESS in a Kitty form and look at those ears!!!! I love kitty ears…Mine don’t like me to play with thiers…Come here Mitchu, let me play with your ears…..

  27. …along with having his scruff pulled really hard and his butt smacked…. what a cat!

  28. hey… lol… my comment above cut off the part about offering my cat’s ears to StormCat because he loves having them rubbed. Quite the comment I left without this as explanation… oopsy

  29. Teughcats says:

    OK, the FlopCute site is a total ripoff of our Meg! So Meg, I think you need to steal the picture of the teeny hammie with a teeny machine gun (it’s cute, honest!) and post it here where it belongs.

  30. That is so freaking cute!! He looks like sucha little poser!!

  31. Subhangi says:

    So cute … he looks like a lovelorn Romeo!!!

  32. Meow! Me love me chair!

    Tres Cute!

  33. Aww. And the wallpaper’s awesome, actually.

  34. he looks so sad like he is heartbroken. Pining for his lost love

  35. adrianna says:

    someone’s been dipping into the catnip.

  36. That’s funny! My cat does that when she wants to be fed. She usually stands with her front paws over the back of a kitchen chair and will stare me down until I get the hint.

  37. Not to diminish the cuteness – because he is DAMN cute! but….do his front legs look a little short? Maybe he’s holding on for dear life?

  38. as to the kitty, one of the sweetest pictures yet. as to “flopcute,” for SHAME!!

  39. but i don’t think you have to worry about caption competition. no contest!

  40. BenPanced says:

    Kitty looks like it wants you to love it more than you already do.

  41. Adrienne says:

    i love the wallpaper. i love the kitty more tough..he’s adorable!

  42. Kat — you’re right, those forelegs do look short… but I think that’s mostly because they’re pointing toward the lens, and 2-D black-on-black depth perception is tricky. Kitty’s prolly just cuddling that cute, cute chair.

  43. That is just too damn cute!

  44. it has a form of kitty dwarfism, also known as “dauchshaund kitty” syndrome. short front and rear legs, with concurrent insecurity in high places (acrophobia)

  45. OK, Cleo’s explanation is better.

  46. D.R. Tong says:

    OMG, could Flop Cute have ripped our beloved CO off any more? They even have a duck logo! I just posted a comment on Flop with a URL back to Cute Overload pointing out what a rip-off that site is.

  47. I’m going to name my kitty purrgle, when i get one.

  48. well, she is just a wee 9th-grader. maybe she doesn’t know about plagiarism yet.

  49. This reminds me of the cartoons that you used to see where the person was on a ladder and it falls apart and they are holding on to one part of the ladder that is still swinging in the air…tooooooo cute!

  50. My tortie does this to my laptop. And when I play music she bites it. There are little bite-marks all over my motherboard.

  51. Lisa BoBisa says:

    Gotta go along with the others that FlopCute has clearly used CO as its guide. Its everything from the category names to the comments with attitude, even the thanks are the same format.

    Even 9th graders know that isn’t cool. She’d be 14 in 9th grade.

  52. Haha! I think we all need to send in our cutest pictures of CHAIRS for Theo! LOL

  53. D.R. Tong says:

    Holy crap. FraudCute posted a lengthy reply to the copying accusation. I don’t buy the 9th grader line, given the fact that there are ads every other line. Smells like someone is trying to make a buck off Meg’s work.

  54. Easy now… think of it this way: If all that the “other site over there” has going for it is truly just its resemblance to this established one, then it will only ever have a semblance of the traffic & content & community over here. I suspect, though, that its target audience profiles a bit younger than Cute O, just for starters.

  55. Oh — and Carlisa: That’s thoughtful of you, but I’m all set, thanks. Heh.

  56. Mitchu looks just like a baby version of my Zevon! Black cats are BEST!

  57. Theo, you’re right. No one can top THAT chair. Yipes!