Beady Eye Central™ is the place for me!

Beady Eye Central™ is the place for me.
Ferrrret livin’ is the life for me.
Daisies spreadin’ out so far and wide
Keep Manhattan, just give me that countryside.
Bee-Eee Centrals’ where I’d rather stay.
I get allergic caged in Timothy hay.
I just adore the green grass view.
Dah-ling I love you but give me Bead Avenue.


Featuring Cuteologist (with a Ferret specialty) Skye from Georgia.



  1. ooh first comment. that’s all I wanted to say.

    (the ferret is very cute too)

  2. Oh. My. Very. Goodness. Must. Remember. To. Breathe.


    Renee 🙂

  3. littlegirlwoo says:

    AAAAAAWWWW!! that is so cu…. -dies-

  4. Now… I seem to recall daisy blooms being 2 or 3 inches across. So, in proportion, that woozle must be as BIG AS ME. Holy crap.

    (yeah yeah, wink.)

  5. Oh yes, yet another reaction of the kind that has my cat thinking now might be a good time to look for a new owner:

    “weeeeeheeheeheehee!! Moo-ha-ha-ha-ha, hee heeeeee!!!!”

    That critter’s just too cute to be true *sigh*

  6. “I’m ready for my close up, Mr. DeMille!”

    (sexy ferret voice..)

  7. heeheehee! Ferret whiskers to tickle me!

  8. Hmmmm… this little ferret reminded me of this picture of a kitten chased by monsters… lol I think I need to get my head checked out.

    *very* cute ferret.


    Isabelle 🙂

  9. E. Collison says:

    The caption says it all!

  10. Aww, look at that tiny flower too..

  11. EEEEEK!!! TOO CUTE!!! *overload*

  12. So all of the times on M*A*S*H when they called Frank Burns “Ferret Face”… they were thinking of this? Oh, and thanks for getting the theme song from “Green Acres” stuck in my head…. (Why can’t I reprogram the brain cells that memorized that for something useful?)

  13. afroisalreadyinu says:

    man , this poem of yours has set a new standard for CuteKommentary(R).

  14. Amanda Lou Snow says:

    What a cutie!!!!!!! Take him home with me.

  15. dark_moonlight says:

    i guess its kinda cute

  16. twentythreecakes says:

    I nibble the widdle ferret nose! Yes I do! Yes I do!

    Isabelle – I almost peed my pants reading that bumper sticker!!

  17. i believe that is not a ferret, but one of its other weasely cousins. still painfully adorable!

  18. sadie_asher says:


    *falls over from lack of air*

  19. A knowledgeable friend of mine suggests that Tilli is correct, and picks this as a young beech marten (Martes foina) from a series of pictures taken by Tinne Wounters, a German wildlife photographer. The subject was a baby, photgraphed under controlled conditions, likely at the Otter Centre, Hankensbuettel.

  20. Wow, Sebkha…That collection of Beech is anerable!!!!!!

  21. The poem’s cute, the ferret even cuter! ^_^

  22. Who wrote the song to go with the pic? So funny! Had me singing it outload. Cute pic. I never knew ferrets had whiskers that came straight up like antennas! Haha!

  23. For many years I sought to be a Mustelid Master, but as a mere human I fell short. Alas, though I donned the Sacred Vestments of of the Ferret and meditated daily in the Hammock of Snooziness, I could only dream of the wondrous musteline insight that awaited the Chosen.

    But that, my friends, is all over now. For, thanks to the kind folks at CuteOverload(TM), I have achieved MUSTELID NIRVANA!!! At long last, I have become a Musteline Adept, and I’m surrounded by the faint odor of Ferretone and raisins. Lo, my soul romps upon the hallowed Field of Small Shiny Things And Stinky Socks. Yea, I at last have inner peace and–OOH! is that KEYS you’re jingling?!


  24. The norty norticle says:

    THANK YOU! You have brightened up my otherwise depressing and horrid day- I just feel as if I’ve been cuddled all over by a little beady eyed ferrety wotsit (Which isn’t a bad sensation…)

  25. Isabelle, 23cakes, and Tilli – I have seen, but for the life of me cannot remember where:
    Every time you think of a kitten, God kills a pregnant bishonen. Please, think of kittens.

  26. OMG!… Emily! Go back and look what you entered after Theo’s comment. Oops!…. Theo, be extremely cautious because there are a lot “cheek crushers” out there!

  27. its the bambi of its kind!

  28. Theo, if those pictures are from Germany then the daisies are probably the English kind which are like one inch (2.54 centimetres) across if you’re lucky.

  29. Ponygirl says:

    Oh my Gawd!!!

  30. Thalia — yeah, that’s what I’m hoping.

  31. That’s really NOT a ferret.

    Looks like a Pine Martin.

    Seriously NOT a ferret though.

  32. Jordan says:

    oh he is so cute! i lllluuuuvveee farrets!