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Today, Friday, I’d like to feature some of our Cuteologists. What’s a Cuteologist? They’re people around the world who’ve placed a ‘pin’ on a group map. You ken join too.

Everybody, meet Alexis of Pennsylvania, who posted this unbelievable kitten photo. Is this kitten even real? I mean, look at those eyes. Unreal. Brava, Alexis!




  1. Wow! “Hey mum. I think I’m high as a kite. I just sniffed this green plant and now my eyes are like mini blimps and i’m lovin’ it. bob marley rules” 🙂

  2. Rabid Bunny says:

    Holy crap! That kitty’s a ball of fuzzy!

  3. *sigh* i just died. so cute it hurts.

  4. DAMN. have i drunk that much already??

    pull us another pint, theo. things are lookin’ weird.

  5. wow, that is one freaky lookin’ cat. cute, but he looks weighed down by the peculiarity of his facial features. . .and oh so fuzzy.

  6. It’s a powder puff with eyes!

  7. That manages to be cute AND sad…poor cute little shmushy-faced cat…


  8. Happy Shaint Patricsh Day, Finn!
    Bums up!

    Wait, that’s a *cat*?

  9. that’s an invisible shudder.

  10. this is also a good example of eyes-at-the-same-level-as-nose. SOOO SQUEEZABLE!!!

  11. He looks so worried.
    *comforts kitty*

  12. Pernilla says:

    Hm. I think this is kind of a bad example. I can’t stop thinking that the little guy cannot breathe properly. These cats are not very healthy, you know…

  13. mejezabel says:

    OH MY GOD… I just choked on my breakfast!

  14. StormCat says:

    Widdle Kitty Ears!!!!! OMG how CUTE?!?!?!? It IS a fluffball with eyes…I bet he is just as cute in person!!!! *sigh*

  15. ok, thats not real. i call kitty crap. those eyes DO NOT exist. where is this submitter? hes an alien from outer space i tell ya! stop cuteoverload from posting extra-terrestrial kitty pictures!!!

  16. OK, this kitty looks like a real live version of a Gig painting. (link)

    all hail the big eyed art!!

  17. the eyes look like they’re going to pop out 😦

  18. Villeline says:

    That’s not cute – that’s tragic. Disgusting, even. Not the kitten, but the extreme breeding for no sane reason. Shameful. 😦

  19. definitely one for “cute or sad?”

  20. “all hail the big eyed art!!”

  21. I don’t believe you in the slightest. Not real. It’s a fake cute stuffed animal. Excuse me whilst I implode.

  22. Awwwwwwww. Leave the poor wittle kitty alone! He’s gotta grow in to those features of his. His nose is pink and moist and clean and not all that pushed in. His eyes show no signs of gook. He’s perfectly fine, just needs to fill out a little.

    The most frustrating thing about this site is that you can’t reach out and give all these damn cute critters a big squeeze or a snorgle (is that the word)!

  23. It’s adorable and completely lovable. But I think it’s sad that people breed deformities into animals to satisfy their own criteria. Genetically, this little baby is predisposed to sinus and eye complications.

    Big kiss to the baby and wotsa wuv.

  24. This kitten says, “I will suck your brain out in your sleep… don’t you want to naaaa-ap?”

    Too, too cute.

  25. *roflmao* Okay this is the funniest, saddest cutest little guy I have ever seen (how can something so small be the an example of so many adjectives).
    He looks like someone just pulled him out of a dryer and he’s not mad… no… his look says it all “why… why me?…”

  26. o.o IS it real? XD LOL PUFF ball!! cute xD

  27. Oh! “I so fuffy, it makes me sad!”

  28. wow, can you imagine that one meowing? :’)

  29. “people breed deformities into animals to satisfy their own criteria”

    Hold the phone and please be patient with my ignorance but people actually breed animals to this extreme?! I mean I knew that people bred for certain traits but to the detriment of the animal? What the hell is the point? This poor little guy isn’t just a genetic anomolie?

  30. oh my GOD!! this is *the* cutest cat I’ve EVER seen!

    until i read the posts, i had no idea that they were bred to look like this though; I just thought that’s how this kind of cat normally was supposed to looked. does anyone know the name of this breed?

  31. Unbelievable!!! What a cutest kitten I’ve ever seen in my lifetime! Sure he is very fuffy but what the hell! He is too cute not to love him!!! Give that poor kitten a chance!

  32. *look (not looked)

    i’ve really gotta start double checking my spelling before i post. i’m making myself look like english isn’t my first language. oh, well…

  33. I posted a couple links to possible breeds: Persian and Exotic Short Hair. They both have the flat faces. Persians have been around a long time, though I’m sure someone bred them that way originally. Exotic Short Hairs were bred to have the facial features and look of the Persian, but with short hair.

    Hopefully someone who knows more about cats than I do can tell for sure if that cat is one of those breeds….

  34. I posted a couple links to possible breeds: Persian and Exotic Short Hair. They both have the flat faces. Persians have been around a long time, though I’m sure someone bred them that way originally. Exotic Short Hairs were bred to have the facial features and look of the Persian, but with short hair.

    Hopefully someone who knows more about cats than I do can tell for sure if that cat is one of those breeds….

  35. seriously, that is one of the un-cutest kittens I’ve ever seen in my life. F-ugly!

  36. Enigmania says:

    So betrayed! *speculation time* “Why did you put me in the bath? I’m so little! I only need one lick!”

  37. The Guy Over There says:

    Why does looking at this depress me? :\

  38. Erica E. says:

    Wow! That pic is off the charts cute. My fave kitten pic on here so far was the kitten puddle. But I think this one pulls ahead.

  39. I have to respectfully disagree, this little guy just doesn’t fit my definition of cute.

    Overall though, I think Cute Overload is awesome and I love your posts; I have your RSS subscribed on my LJ. Keep up the great work!!

  40. Woods walker says:

    I think the kitty looks more scared than sad. Cute puff ball though.

  41. CreepyGroovy says:

    The ball of fluff is a solid (white) Persian. Don’t worry – other than a predisposition to goopy eyes and snoring while asleep, they are healthy, loving and energetic kitties, who lead normal cat lives. They are like Pugs or French Bulldogs – they are bred for those facial qualities. I’ve got two, and they are anerable. Honkshu! However, this baby is so puffy it makes me want to strap a stick to it and clean all my overhead ceiling fans and venetian blinds…

  42. Beauregard says:

    Awww man, it’s the ears that are getting me! How CUTE-INS! Kisses for the little smushy face-ins!

  43. If you look at early paintings, say from the 17th century, the fancy ladies loved posing with their dogs, and pugs were very popular during that time. And you’ll see that all of them have snouts, just like regular dogs.

    The thing is, that the genetic material for the upper snout exists on/in a different chromosome than the lower jaw. That’s why bulldogs, pugs, Persians, etc. have that look.

    Without judging any of this, I can’t imagine it’s a comfortable way to live for the poor beasties.

  44. I want to snuzzle.

    Please to let me snuzzle the kitten.

    *snuzzle snuzzle snuzzle*

  45. Subhangi says:

    It’s one of those Kittypugs. Or a Pugkitties. Wtf, its smushable anyways. Poor widdle thing.

  46. I can’t even begin to see this kitty as cute… the word that’s coming to mind at the moment is “hideous.” :/

  47. While this kitten IS anerable, it does look like the breedline is too close. I hate seeing the results of improper breeding. 😦 Nevertheless, I’m sure it will find a lot of love.

  48. Cathouse Blues says:

    If you go to Live journal and read the comments and objections there to the misbreeding of Persians (such as this kitten) and the like, you’ll get an earful. This is animal abuse, pure and simple.

  49. Oh, no. Kitty looks mutated. Nuh-uh, no likey!

  50. It looks…mishappen. It’s more sad than cute, really. Poor little fuzzball. 😦

  51. I’m sorry but this thing is scary. The fur is cute and round but the EYES…THE EYES!

  52. Alejandro says:

    That poor kitten looks like it has kitty Down’s.

  53. It looks like the unholy result of a mad scientists breeding program between a carp and a cottonball. It’s both cute and repulsive at the same time.

  54. Aww so cuuute.


  55. ohmygosh.. i just almost fainted.. THIS IS SOMETHING VERY VERY CUTE!!! <3<3<3<3<3 where lives that cute little kitten? <3 ^^

  56. The kitty’s eyes look upside-down!

  57. BenPanced says:

    The perfect kitten for this line of dolls.

    I still think the kitten’s snuggletastic.

  58. More living proof of Rule 16!!!!

  59. Jan Spencer says:

    He looks kind of sad… 😦 But he is adorable. I also wanna “snorgle” him!

  60. oh my god it looks like cthulhu D:

  61. Wow, almost as freaky as the big headed Stewie teddy bear. The eyes look like marbles I used to have. But again, I’m sure powder puff/kitten is very lovey…

    (not the same Alexis who posted the pic)

  62. E. Collison says:

    Totally kawai!!!

  63. Not Cute. Nope. Bred to be a cuteness freak, this kitten’s face will soon turn into a mess of crusties, boogers and respiratory and ocular problems.


  64. this cat scares me. not cute. at first i thought it had mutations, and i felt sorry for the ugly little thing.

  65. Adrienne says:

    i have to admit..i’m kinda scared of this kitty…

  66. Adrienne — a little healthy respect and fear is a good thing to have. For all cats. I predict you’ve got a long, healthy, happy life ahead of you.

  67. …and healthy. Can’t forget healthy.

    Healthy healthy healthy.

  68. Urgh! that thing is terrible. you guys think this is cute?

  69. Mel — no, not really; but I do get a bit tired of everybody ripping on the poor thing, who can’t help how it looks.

  70. motherbrother says:

    that cat must have excellent peripheral vision!

  71. goat_song says:

    Harmful breeding = abuse. Plain and simple. This is an example of it.

  72. Should that cat have its head so close to a camera lens? The lens might shatter, and the cat might be injured. Or the photographer might lose his or her balance and fall into the cat and injure it with the camera. There are so many ways this sort of thing could go wrong. Please, please don’t photograph cats. Thank you.

    Seriously, though, is this poor mite what Hello Kitty would look like in real life or what?

  73. Aww hes cute but sad looking.

  74. This picture makes me want to cry. He looks sooo unhappy. We all have to send this little one lots of love. 😦

  75. Oh… My… Gosh…

    I’m not sure if this thing is ugly or anerable. o0

    The fuzzyness, the smallness, the eyes…

    The nose. xD

    Hahahahaha, what a snuggly little creature.

  76. Photo Bonus Friday!

  77. All kittens are out of proportion: no telling what this–holy poopy, so cute!–kitty will look like when it’s all sorted out.

    That said, I’m glad my longhair has a bit of a muzzle: he really does run into walls sometimes, but there’s no need to look like it.

  78. MC said:
    “Seriously, though, is this poor mite what Hello Kitty would look like in real life or what?”

    HI-larious! Now I can’t see the poor mutated thing’s face without picturing Hello Kitty’s bow on its head.

    I’m not sure it’s an improvement, but it *is* funny.

  79. aaaaaaah! honeyhoneyhoney!! (not the scary white cat, but the kitten linked above)

  80. Theo are you trying to kill us with your Photo Bonus Friday!
    You know the rat in experiments thats just pounding the button for more crack… thats now me… thanks! I’m going to go into diabetic shock from all the sweetness…

    must go back to my fix now!

  81. oh it s sooooooooooooo cute i want the same with breed is it ?

  82. did anybody else get the feeling that this is just too far off the cute scale. i mean actually look at its eyes-they are bulging out of its head. poor thing just looks sad-and not cuz its favorite rainbow just dissapeard…like its body is rediculously out of porportion and in pain or something.

  83. AuntieMame says:

    Yikes! Marty Feldman has come back as a cat!!!

  84. Muoooo…. so so so cute

  85. This picture frightens me. The eyes are too close together. To me this pic is unnerving and not cute at all. Another case of breeding gone wrong.

  86. soeronimo says:

    reminds me of the brainbug from starship-troopers…

  87. E. Collison says:

    OK, so what would all you “It’s weird/scary/ugly/[pick adjective]” people DO if this kitten crawled into your collective lap and started purring???

    You’d SNORGLE it!!!! (And that laugh you’d hear afterwards would *serve you right.*)

  88. You’d SNORGLE it!!!!


    I feel sorry for it, but it’s not like I want to touch that thing with a ten-foot pole.

  89. E. Collison says:


  90. It might go well with fava beans and a nice Chianti.

  91. Awww… give the little guy a break he can’t help it. Is it his fault.. no. Poor little furby-like critter has to go his whole life like this. Poor little guy has to have someone to love him, hell human babies don’t exactly look cute immediately after birth, some of them don’t look cute ever but someone has to love them, or at least pity them, your choice. Maybe he has a good personality… heres hoping.

  92. E. Collison says:



  93. Nngh, poor little thing. I feel sorry for these cats and dogs bred to have such flat faces. I liked the old OLD school persians, which had lovely long noses like most other cats do. I have no idea why those deformed and problem causing flat faces caught on. It’s just sad.

  94. Hello, Kitty!

  95. “Oh dear me! Where’d my limbs go?” *whimper*

  96. A tribble!!

  97. Lick My Pickles says:

    Eye to head ratio… this kitty is freakin me out.. poor little bugger

  98. ok – I’m a little creeped out by the eyes. Cute fluff though!

  99. i have never commented before but THAT IS THE CUTEST CAT I HAVE EVER SEEN!!

  100. My cat Phunq looked like a freaky windup cat toy with giganto alien eyes when I got him from the shelter. Now he’s Mr. Sexay sleek black kittay. Regardless of breed it looks like this kitty is just going through some awkward adolescent kitty months and will settle into its features in time.

    About the breeding for specific genetic deformities or traits – it could be argued that all breeds of dogs and cats were developed in this way. But I agree with the people who are against unethical breeding done through overbreeding, inbreeding, or specifically unhealthy detrimental traits. I recently lost a pet who was completely riddled inside with cancer – likely caused by exponential inbreeding.

    But there are people who are against breeding of any kind, ever – ethically, using documented tested purebreeds for the good of the breed, or not. I do disagree with that.

    Either way. This kitty is terribly cute, cuddly, scary, and surreal. Poor liddle widdle thing.

  101. My boyfriend made the very apt point that this completely adorable kitten looks a little bit like Meatwad (of Aqua Teen Hunger Force fame) in kitten form.

    But ohmygod, cute? I adopted my Persian as an adult, and I often wonder what he looked like as a baby…

  102. Okay, you know the deformed guy from ‘the Goonies’ that yells ‘Heeeeeyyyyy yoooouuuuu guuyyyyys”? That kitten looks like that guy in a fur coat.

  103. Settle down now, peeps. My persian looked just like this when she was a wee kitten. And there’s nothing wrong with her now.

    Give it a rest. If you don’t think the kitten is cute, okay. But as pointed out above, someone really cares for this little one … its eyes are clear and nose pink and healthy. This baby can snorgle with me anytime.

  104. That kitten is just too cute
    to be real.

  105. That is the most cute, fluffy, poofy cat that I’ve ever seen, but the eyes make it look like it has a birth defect or that it is mixed with a totally different breed.

  106. Doodalalala says:

    I totally agree with these folks– it’s a healthy cat. So just calm down and accept its absolute adorability, okay? Also, go on out and enjoy your patty’s day, you scoundrel…

  107. Wow, I used this picture over a year ago to make an LJ icon and I’ve been looking for the picture ever since!

  108. Alexis from Pennsylvania says:

    I was the original poster of this picture on the Cuteologist map and I very upset at the comments of those who claim that the kitten was bred to be deformed for this look. That is so untrue and I am offended by that, there has always been inbreeding in any breed (cat or dog), but this persian kitten is fairly normal. He’ll grow up to be perfectly fine.

    plus he’s cute.
    and how many of you know a cat who’d pose in front of a camera without getting a little ticked off? he’s just upset he’s had to sit there all day.

    -Alexis from Pennsylvania

  109. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww hehe, i didn’t think it was deformed o.o; just cuz it’s eyes are a lil off doesnt mean anything…ERGH IT’S SO CUTE ^___________^;

  110. “Would someone help me find my mittens, Purry Pureeze?!”

  111. Hi folk! I saw this picture yest’day at work and this morning, heavenly Saturday morning, I was sitting and drinking my coffee with my own 3 kittys. This picture popped into my mind-and I’m sorry to say it disturbed me.
    I realize that we are supposed just to look at the photos and squirm, but this photo caused something like a philosophico-epistemological squall in the otherwise cloudless and placid seas of my Saturday morning mind. Can anyone help me with some thoughts? I find myself a little lost! 🙂
    (continued on next post)

  112. Ok. I’m back (a territorial squabble started on the couch!) SO-The question that is now haunting my mind is simply this: IS THERE A LINE TO BE CROSSED OVER WHICH A THING IS TOO CUTE? -because I think if there is, this kitty and the photo of her has stepped o’er the line. Aesthetic theory is a very interesting spectrum of human thought/endeavor-especially because in our modern/post-modern framework of thought, to concider things in a way that is not primarily Pragmatical is verboten. Aesthetic theory, in short, has no place in the world we live in.
    An immediate consequence of theorizing about things is that RULES begin presenting themselves to the thinking mind. It is such a rule I am seeking to understand in this posting. Is cuteness outside of the realm of formal thought? Does it?-should it-have general guidelines, perameters, etc? I am of a mind that says NO -all things that are perceivable to the human mind are entirely fair game for real concideration. Cuteness is a phenomenon which presents itself to the mind very early in life and never really goes away. I would like to suggest that this posting-site be a labratory wherein maybe for the first time in all of human history,Cuteness be examined as though it were something REAL and IMPORTANT. I hope that such a thing would not salinate the therapeutic waters of this site too much-this site indeed does a great service to mankind FOR FREE, because of all of the brutality we see all day every day in our lives, Here is a sweet soft spot where you can go for a minute or two and try to forget-if only for a fleeting moment-the ragged and bleeding edges of buzz-saw reality whirring all around us as we try to peacefully live. Well,thats all for now!

  113. Ooh. Cwis is make me widdew bwain huwt.

  114. Please don’t eat me!

  115. Me thinks Chris should get a life…

  116. Cute Connoisuer (can't speel) says:

    Ugliest thing I have ever seen. reminds me of the brain bug from the end of starship troopers movie.

  117. Cute Connoisuer (can't speel) says:

    Ugliest thing I have ever seen. reminds me of the brain bug from the end of starship troopers movie.

  118. Cute Connoisuer (can't speel) says:

    Ugliest thing I have ever seen. reminds me of the brain bug from the end of starship troopers movie.

  119. Cute Connoisuer (can't speel) says:

    Ugliest thing I have ever seen. reminds me of the brain bug from the end of starship troopers movie.

  120. Cute Connoisuer (can't speel) says:

    Ugliest thing I have ever seen. reminds me of the brain bug from the end of starship troopers movie.

  121. Cute Connoisuer (can't speel) says:

    Ugliest thing I have ever seen. reminds me of the brain bug from the end of starship troopers movie.

  122. Is Nermal in the second Garfield movie? Cause If there was going to be Nermal then this would be him!!!

  123. is that a palm that the lil pussy is sitting on?
    also, does anyone own or no someone that owns a ragdoll cat, im fascinated by them and wonder if they make good pets:)

  124. dang…winston churchill has come back as a kitten. what kinda peculiar karma gets burned off this way?
    that said, it is horribly adorable.

  125. Trust me says:


    All cats are lovely, but persians and that hairless breed.

  126. I’m sorry. This one isn’t cute. Terrifying, maybe, but not cute. Looks like genetic engineering gone horribly wrong.

  127. Reminds me of Gizmo! Please don’t get water on this kitty!

  128. The whites of the eyes showing totally grosses me out for some reason.
    That and the fact that the poor thing is wall-eyed makes this more pitiable than cute to me. :/

  129. Is it just me, or does this poor kitty look like it has Down’s Syndrome?

  130. What a precious precious kitty!

  131. Unfortunately, this poor over-bred Persian kitten is the victim of way too much facial feature tweaking by Persian enthusiasts. This poor little kitty will forever have trouble breathing with an abnormally teeney, tiny nasal cavity, in addition to eye problems of various kinds.

    I am a huge cat-lover and wish breeders would take more responsibility for the lives they are creating and making suffer at their hands. These cuties deserve a better life. Pass it on… Thanks! 🙂

  132. another example of eyes level with nose cuteness!


    it’s tho thweeeet…

  134. Erica E. says:

    Poooor sweetie kitten… I had no idea. 😥 I knew there were such things as kitten and puppy mills but I didn’t know that they also bred them for features even at the cost of their health. That is awful!
    I’ve never owned a pet from a pet store. I’ve always gotten mine from a shelter.

  135. I don’t find the knitted things worthwhile at all but this is the first animal I would actually rather drown than see again. It’s that scary.

  136. OHHHH man. I literally gasped when i saw this, it’s so cute it’s scary.

  137. A perfect example of overbreeding. Why can’t people leave well enough alone?

  138. Phantom says:

    OMG!! its so cute i cant explain how cute it is!!!


  140. hii that kitten is ADORABLE. do you know by any chance what time of cat it is? my friend would like to buy one that looks like it :] PLEASE PLEASE e-mail me with anwers. asap. please and thank you

  141. i think that the cat has like down-sindrome. I feel sorry for the poor thing, all the people who said the cat was stupid/ugly are mean.

  142. OMG. It is so LITTLE. It’s a cotton ball. It can’t help its little eyes are bulging; it was bred that way. Imagine it looking up at you and opening its mouth to meow…and no sound comes out. AAAHHH **smothers cotton ball kitty with lots of LURVE!**

  143. holy crap is that thing even from this planet?