Soupe du canard

(I hope I got that "du" right—I minored in French and even lived en France for a school year so I should know for sure… But I did get a D+ in French Lit, so you know my grammar suuuuucks! [singsong] Moliere’s tough, Dudes)


Stay in school, Joakim E. [say in Mr. T voice]



  1. That should be “de” or “au”, not “du”. But they’re so cute I don’t care. 🙂

  2. Awww…. duck butts!!! I love when they get out of the water and waddle and wag their back sides… they are so cute!

  3. …l’orange.

  4. The Rents says:

    All that $$$ we paid for school, and now the D+ comes out?! Oh, well, the time you spent in France was worth it, “de” 🙂

  5. Yeep! Was that a bona fide comment?
    Just remember, Mom, Pop — she’s found her calling. That’s gotta count.

  6. be kind to our web footed friends
    for a duck may be somebody’s mother

  7. it is from a frost…
    is this site supporting you yet?

  8. i mean financially, not emotionally.

  9. OMG, my parents (The ‘Rents, above) just schooled me in front of thousands of people. I never told them about the D+ in French. Kinda like my sister never told them she got arrested two times in High School. Or was it 3?

  10. oh the ducky cuteness. [dies, happily, to later come back to life to feed her cats]

  11. We’re so fluffy and wee that we only need two inches of water to get our swim on!

  12. No soup for youuu!

    No really, I can do without these adorable ones outside of my plate!

  13. Meg!

  14. oh, they’re beautiful!

  15. DuckyTrucky says:

    awwww quack quack…sooo cute

  16. Way to go Meg – out the sister – always worked for me!

    And the ducklets are adorable!

  17. Oooooh, Meg loses points for the obvious attempt to distract her parents with worse news about a sibling…..

  18. Siblings sure come in handy when you want to divert attention from your own crimes. I was lucky to have a brother who had a weakness for flammables and explosives, myself.

  19. wth did I just type? (dat don’t make no sense at all!) Whatever. I um, got a D- in grammar. Yeah. But brother burnt down the barn! ::points::

  20. Amanda Lou Snow says:

    I want them duckies1

  21. dwarf rabbit owner too! says:

    Cuteness x 3! Me loves me some duckies!

  22. mejezabel says:

    Oh Meg!!! That is perfect! No wonder you are cool…you come from cool stock…if not criminal…but hey criminal is cool too.


  23. E. Collison says:

    Oh la la, ma petite, zee grahdes are *not* zee eessue – zee mignon-esse ess all!

  24. Le Bourgeois GentilDuck


  25. Ahh sweet duckies. I love duckies. We should have more of them.

  26. E. Collison says:

    A bit off the subject (cute, that is), but does anyone know what kind of ducks these are?

  27. awww there adorable!!!

  28. Subhangi says:

    Look at ’em fluffy lil’ quackers! Awwwww!

  29. “canard à l’orange”, I think

    but I don’t think it is possible to make a “soup of duck”, as you say…


  30. i would say soupe au canard but it’s all good…and cute!

  31. they are just beautiful.

  32. awwww… there’s a place (like a farmer’s market) near my house that sells baby ducks for $5 each. I don’t know what to think about that. But I’d *so* buy one if I had the time and space to take care of one. 🙂

  33. Nobody’s going to make a Marx Brothers reference? 😦

  34. Moliere isn’t that hard.
    Try reading L’Avare for a laugh.

  35. If anybody’s interested I turned this into an icon.


  36. my ducks flew away. they were malards. and they were fantasticly adorable!

  37. awwwww! I could spend all day holding a bebe duckulence all day. And pet him. If there was a job out there that you could hold a baby duck all day and pet him, even if it was like $2 an hour with no breaks or benefits, I would do it

  38. birdfarm says:

    I think it would be “soupe aux canards,” non?

    Now I know why I wish I had siblings.

  39. DUCK SOUP! best. marx brothers. film. ever.


    and ducks = cute.

  40. (Cara — oh good. Much better.)

  41. Yup, it’s actually “Soupe au Canard.” But I prefer the Marx Brothers’ version!

  42. Every spring, when the ducklings come out, I go through a vegetarian phase for a little while…they’re so precious.

  43. these look like the tiny baby duckling we rescued the other day! it lived and is now set free with a family! yay!

  44. A repeat link, for the duckie fans…

  45. 2Cute

  46. Isabelle Hansen says:

    OH!!!!!! SWEET!!!