Rule #17: Have tiny ears

We all know that cheek puff is anerable. Duh!

But we have yet to document ear size. Obvy, the following otter is modeling ideal cute ear size, which is pretty much equivalent to a non-existant ear. So basically, less ear is better. I’m just sayin’.





What’s an otter doing in a bed of straw, Amy L.? (I mean besides making evil plans)



  1. OMG, Otters are anerable!! i never thought an otter could be so cute, but apparently they can! and are!!!!!

  2. Oh, geez. The second picture just sucks your soul right out of you can claims dibs. *w*

  3. Cheek puff ruins me.

  4. [deep breath]


  6. But, but things with BIG ears are so cute too. Like small dogs with big ears, or mice with big ears. Big, round, fluffy ears are adorable…

  7. Less ear + more cheek puff = MY FAVORITE!

  8. Oh man, I’m sorry about that.:/

  9. I think that’s the major pitfall of making rules or other heirarchical groupings of concepts: folks tend to either make it too widely applicable or too narrowly defined.

    In the case of ears, I believe the more accurate wording is “ears of an extreme difference in size from the rest of the critter”.

    Wee lil otter ears are pretty danged cute, though. Awwww. Look at how velvetty they are!

  10. Velvety, dangit. Velvety. I should be able to type that in my sleep w/out adding a “t”, dagnabbit!

    Otters: still cute. And their ears: velvety.

  11. oh, my god! my head is going to explode from the overload of cuteness!

  12. There needs to be a category for cute and pissed off. Wee otter man looks ready to bite your finger off.

  13. I agree w/ Grace and the basset-hound posters! Here’s another puppy pic, just to demonstrate that enormous perky ears can be just as cute as enormous floppy ears – or itsy little otter earlets.

  14. i agree with Grace: it’s not the *actual* ear size that counts, it’s the *relative* ear size that really matters.

    case in point, the bat-eared fox. i don’t know how to post a link, but google-image it!

  15. foooooooooooozzzy iddle odderssss!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. hey liz-is that a corgi???

  17. oh-it is

  18. Tiny ears? TINY ears? Go ahead, you look at a Fennec fox and try to tell me that tiny ears are cuter.
    I DARE you.

  19. bottom pic–perky nose, eye, and little ear all lined up…way cute and the size don’t matter,no?!

  20. Ok…. I understand if I get slapped for this but I HAVE to …. (see what happens from too much cute)… but this guy… he’s …

    otterly adorable!!!

  21. motherbrother says:

    I believe this is also an example of rule #16! *shocked* its true

  22. JessJess says:
  23. but we already have rule 15!

    i think meg is losing track of all the rules of cuteness

  24. dwarf rabbit owner too! says:

    He otter be in pictures! Hey wait…He already is!

  25. O.K. it’s official, at least for me, there ain’t nothin’ cuter than a baby otter.

    Where do I get one for my very own self?

  26. mejezabel says:

    hello mudder
    hello fadder
    there’s a website
    with cute otters
    puffy cheeks and
    so delicious
    but why is he in straw
    and not with all the fishes?


  27. Oh, yeah, could somebody please define “anerable?” I may have tuned in after the explaination of that one, and it isn’t immediately obvious to me!

  28. hey sara!

  29. mejezabel says:

    Wendy… look for Teeny bun bun under bunnies. Meg ‘splains it all.


  30. anmlvr21 says:

    Jez…that is absolutely hilarious!!!! Perfect..just perfect. Otters are anerable!!!!

  31. E. Collison says:

    Y’know, as cute as this guy is, I prefer squirrel ears…

  32. E. Collison says:

    And ‘roo ears, and fuzzy bunny ears (small or large), and KOALA ears and…

    Take the hints, Meg! (Please – more ‘roo joeys.)

  33. oh, WHY can’t I have an otter. . .

  34. Awwwwww, this is the cutest.

  35. [applause for Jez]
    Hooray for Camp Web-Otter!

  36. Wendy: “anerable” = adorable, said in a twee way.

    Lucy: agreed! I think the cuteness is getting to her ;]

  37. mejezabel says:

    Theo – where’s finn?

  38. Jez — um, right, let me pull up her calendar… seriously, I know Finn’s heading out of town (and offline) soonish, but I didn’t think it was *this* soon. Last I heard from Finn was “i’m just-about recovered from a 2-week death-flu.”

    Or did you mean, where in the world is Carmen Finn-diego? (Delaware, somewhere)

  39. mejezabel says:

    nah you were correct to begin with… I hadn’t read any posts from her in awhile.

    will you be taking her calls while she’s gone? 😉


  40. “So basically, less ear is better”

    The bunnies do not agree!

  41. BenPanced says:

    *looks around*

    Are the insufferable boors gone? Really?

    *clears throat*



  42. Twin Cities, representin’.

  43. Um, HELLOOOO, yes, Meester Otterpants is fargin adorable, but the cayooootest ears ever belong to basset hound puppies, and they’re far from small. So there can be two criteria for cuteness where ears are concerned: small relative to head size, á la otter, and big ‘n floppity, á la basset babies and wabbits.

  44. he looks just as confused as we are as to why he’s in a bed of straw.

  45. Subhangi says:

    “Dang Amy an Meg an all dese CO junkies smotherin me …
    Cheek puff an non-existent ear – dem friggin paparazzi!
    What does dat Meg dink of herself? Cutologist my paw.
    Now … where d’I find da backdoor in all dis dang straw?”

  46. the more ear the better… to a point, obviously.

    i personally think the ear-to-head ratio on beagles is perfect. but i’m biased cause my baby is a beagle.

  47. jez, you rock my world :)) That poem had me giggling all over the place…

    Otters Rule!

  48. I have to propose a new cute rule–one that is broad enough to be a metarule:

    Be an otter.

  49. Metarule?!?!?!?!?! hahahahahha!
    sweet litle otter, I want you to come curl up with me on the couch…. pluuuuueeeese?!?!?!

  50. Funny little guy.

  51. he’s searching for me!!!

  52. *squeals mutiphonic high pitched cuteness sounds

  53. the second otter looks a little grumpy, like hes gonna leap up and bite your nose. While tiny ears ARE cute, big ears are ALSO cute. Equally

  54. Photo. Bonus. Friday.

  55. AuntieMame says:

    Dadgummit, now I’ll be humming “hello mudda, hello fadda” all afternoon…

    They need to film a live-action “The Wind in the Willows.” This guy would make a perfect Portly.

  56. How cute is he? He should drive a Lexus with a bumper sticker that reads, “My Otter Car is a Lexus.”

    That’s how cute he is.

  57. OMG, that is the cutest otter ever. It makes you wanna jump into the screen just to touch it, but then you knock yourself out and blah blah blah…, but that is still cute!

  58. Hey! Big ears are aDORable. So no hating on big ears. Cheek puff is pREcious!!

  59. Hey! Big ears are aDORable. So no hating on big ears. Cheek puff is pREcious!!

  60. amanda W. says:


  61. D:
    Oh, I don’t think I’ve seen an otter more cute than this one anywhere, ever!!
    Otterable!! P:

  62. i think otters are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!! even with small ears or small ears

  63. I love baby otters, thats all I have to say!!

    -baby otter lover