Get reeeeal close to the screen

So I can leeeeck you!


Slurps to “Skeeter” and Chris F. 😉



  1. Ok, you can lick me!

    Very cute!

  2. My face is moist and I don’t care. 🙂

  3. While the page was loading and all I saw was the title I was consumed with cuteness-related anticipation…AAAAGH! What’s going to lick me?!

    And now I see that clearly one of the rules is in play: The Tongue Peep!!

  4. StormCat says:

    KITTY TONGUE!!!!! Is there ANYTHING cuter?!?!?!

    OMG, My late Stealth, who was a cross between a British Blue and a Russian, used to sleep like this also… We used to play with her tongue while she slept… Oh man, this picture makes me miss her….

  5. It looks like he’s sneezing.

  6. oh YAY!! hurrah.
    so cute i want to start a parade…….

  7. Looks like my old cat. Would also fall asleep with tounge hanging out!
    Miss her.

  8. awwwwwwwwww. I want to be “leecked” by that cat.

    he reminds me of my Timothy who always used to leave his tongue hanging out when he was happy or sleeping. . .think it’s an infantile nursing reflex. . .

  9. tht is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo adorable.hes cheeks are soooooo fluffy makes me wanna pull it even more till his tongues scrwams out.rude?well temptation kills.

  10. Subhangi says:

    The ONLY time sticking out your tongue at someone can lad you a hug!


  11. Okay, new Cuteness Rule: forgetting where you put your tongue is cute.

  12. Laura Brunow says:

    Check this out for barrels of fun:

  13. mmmmaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwww.

  14. AHHH … Oh hell… must sneak up on sleepy kitty and touch the tounge!!! Can not resist the tounge… LUUVVV the kitty cuteness.
    Somehow with my demented charm around the house my cats don’t do this, I REALLY wish they did though thats just so irresistable!!

  15. I´ve died and i´m in heaven, i love it and i love this cat, it´s just awesome ^_^

  16. looks my my scouty-boy – with a half mask. also his brother tonto sleeps with his tongue out and i just have to touch it everytime.

  17. Meow House says:

    Why do Cats with Tongues look so dang cute and some guy walking down the street like that looks like a serious weirdo???

  18. Little (dirty) kittie nose and haslf a moustache – it don’t get much cuter than that!

  19. Amanda Lou Snow says:

    How cute.

  20. Come closer, kitty, stop teasing me! I need a kitty kiss Right NOW!
    loves me some kitten kisses…

  21. kkkkkkkkiiiiitttttyyyyyy

  22. my Kanji likes to laze about with him widdo tongue stickin out a teeeensy bit. we have a photo of it in our camera phone. but it is not as high quality as this photo

  23. LLCoolLisa says:

    My Sammy cat peeks out her tongue when you pet her head: the eyes and ears go wayyyyyyy back and the leetle pink velvet tongue tip peeeeeeeps out – I LURVE it!!!!

  24. Are You Guys For Real??? says:

    This comment really scares me … i fear for this person …

    Come closer, kitty, stop teasing me! I need a kitty kiss Right NOW!
    loves me some kitten kisses…

    Serisouly .. i like looking at these pictures as much as the next person, but some of your comments really scare me, do you guys really act and talk like this in your every days lives?? Or is this like some strange double live ya’ll lead?

  25. For Real —
    “Or is this like some strange double live ya’ll lead?”

    …welcome to the internet.

  26. Yeah welcome to the internet…now let’s go smoke some crack with all the wierdos. And you wonder why I think dating online is a bad idea…

  27. meggums, can you block ass heads?

  28. Uh…this is Cute Overload, right? What’s with all the anti-Cute from WOW/Only Normal/Dr. Whatever?
    Sweetie-pie, come over here and let me pet you a while, you anerable wittle bundle of not-enuf-wuv! I Wuv U! snarfle snork mwah!

  29. Are You Guys For Real??? says:

    I never said that there wasn’t cute stuff on here .. actually what i said was that i like looking at these pictures just as much as anyone, therefore, i think they are cute. What i think is strange is the way grown adults use words like wuv, snarfle, snork, and squee like its an everyday word. Did mommmy and daddy now hug you guys enough?

  30. People, people. Ignore the big green stinkin’ troll. Or just make enough mushy “WHO’S A WIDDLE WIDDLE POOOO!” comments to knock him out. It might just work.


  31. Who are you to tell people what they should say? You’re reminding me of a certain numbfuck who was trolling on Livejournal recently. “LIEK OMGZ YOU PPL TALK BABY TALK YOO MUZ BE DEESTURBED!1!!1 MOMMY DIDNT HUG U ENOIGH!1!!”

  32. Meow House says:

    “Real”: how do you talk to babies? Do you use cutesy baby language? And do you speak that way ALL the time or just when greeting a cute little baby? Or do you speak to babies with the same language you use to talk to a professor? If the former, then surely you can see the similarities with the manner in which people post here; if the latter, then you must be a most unusual person. And I feel sorry for any children you know or may ever have.

  33. This guy probably hurls profanities at infants. Enough said.

  34. Are You Guys For Real??? says:

    Well first off i’m a girl so there will be no knocking out any guys today … and i’m just making an observation and asking a question, your the ones getting all bent out of shape about it, and last, i don’t baby talk babies, i think its disgusting when people do, and you guys can all rest easy tonight, because i’m not having children, i’m getting a dog 🙂

  35. aw, c’mon, doesn’t everyone talk to cute things in baby-talk? granted, I usually just give a big “AWWW” to the photos, but I talk to my own kitties like a loony, and make wierd noises when I snuggle my face into their fur. (some of which sound much like “snarfle” or “snork”)

  36. Dearest Are You Guys For Real???:

    This is where we come during our normal, work-a-day lives to get our cute on. This is an outlet for cute. It is in this place that it is acceptable to giggle like a 4 year old when Meg types “honkshu” (my personal fave!) and try to out-do one another with silly and cute captions.

    Just the same way that you would go to a bar to have a drink and yell loudly in someone’s ear to be heard but you wouldn’t do it at work (although you would reaaaaally want to). It’s all about the context.

    It’s a massive stress-reliever, too.


  37. I love this picture! The cat looks like it’s teasing us.

  38. Are You Guys For Real??? says:

    Thank you Maureen, thats all i wanted .. i wanted a reason as to why people say the things they do on here, thank you for being the only person to act like an adult, everyone else just can’t see past me just asking a question. You seem to be the only sane one on here. Hope you have a great day!

  39. Are You Guys For Real???? says:

    Although, i do agree with Troll Master … Troll Master i like you, your good people!

  40. Now he/she/it is getting smarter. Using different emails, eh?

    Meg, please ban this person’s IP. What an eyesore.

  41. Goodness!!! says:

    Wow, you people do take this seriously don’t you!

  42. If this is meant to be a joke, it is not funny.

    Leave us to our squealing over adorable animal pictures.

  43. Well…. that was a bit of a runaway train. Anyway, kitty tongue is fantastically adorable. Laura, thanks for the link.

  44. Meow House says:

    Everyone should just ignore this person – and it almost certainly is one person; notice that every address is from Hotmail. Don’t comment on what it writes and it will go away. It seeks attention and it’s only getting it by having people respond.

  45. FYI all — Troll has been reported to admin.

  46. Close But No Cigar! says:

    Actually, its 2 different people, or at least more then one, cause i’ve made some comments and some have been made by a person other then me .. but that was a nice try on the sleuthing! I’ll give you an A for effort!!

  47. BenPanced says:

    I am thoroughly amused by the photograph. It is incredibly cute and I find pleasure in looking at it. I request that more similar to it be posted posthaste.

  48. Wow! This cat is a real lookalike of mine O_o

  49. jennifuh says:

    “I’m gonna close my eyes and stick out my tongue.
    And if you get licked, it’s YOUR OWN FAULT!!!”

    tee hee!

  50. pongo pongo says:

    Cute kittie tongue… I’m glad this kitty tongue action is quite normal, my 17 year-old cat did this for the first time a few months ago: I thought he’d had a stroke. But he’s ok now. Love this site

  51. Awww, adorable! But….ahem, my kitty is cuter!!

  52. dwarf rabbit owner too! says:

    “…You seem to be the only sane one on here.”

    Now that’s just crazy talk…Get real, Real!

  53. FYI all — hear that sweet, harmonious silence?

    Troll go bye-bye. I [heart] CuteOverload.

  54. Reminds me of my old cat Winky, course when she stuck her tongue out it was usually right after she was done cleaning certain “areas”…

  55. dwarf rabbit owner too! says:

    Cute tongue capture pic and I also like the ink colored patches on face & chin!

  56. I'm Everlasting says:

    The Troll may be gone .. but i’m still here … — insert evil laugh here — 🙂

  57. CreepyGroovy says:

    You ever notice how the first third of a cat’s tongue (adorably modeled by Skeeter, above) is super mushy soft, but then it turns into sandpaper for the last two-thirds? I wish I had a pillow made out the tips of kitten tongues.

    Er…on second thought, maybe not.

  58. I LOVE the comments! First, I check the picture, get all gushy then read what you all have written – and laugh outloud at my desk!!!!! People here think I’m nuts…oh well. BTW I have a cat that looks EXACTLY like that.

  59. Aww. A Tuxedo Kitty! I loves Tuxes…

  60. The thing that I like best is that this is another one of those great, huge photos that almost fills your desktop when you make it your wallpaper!


  61. Cutie’s like the Phantom of the Opera. Sing it!

  62. awwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!