Cheeky McCheekerson (aka Jowley McJowlerson)

That’s it, cheek puff *must* be a rule of Cuteness. Also, this lil’ pup looks like my Grandpa. Are you reading this, Papa? If so, leave a comment!

Thank you, Negin B.



  1. Aahhhhhh, relief into cuteness at last!! How adorable is that face?! And those unsteady feet…now that’s a baby.

  2. Those cheeks look heavy.

  3. First, get the poor thing off the slatted cage floor. Those can seriously damage his poor little feet. Jeeez.

  4. well fuck me, i just died.
    thanks meg, i had a lot to do still…..

  5. What kind of dog is that??

    Aww I want one!!

  6. He looks like he’s going to tip over in that first picture. BIG head! 🙂

  7. It looks like a French bulldog.

  8. I think this dog proves rule #16 established earlier today.

  9. He could fly away like a butterfly with those ears. Scrumptious!

  10. omg! his head is as big as his body! this has to be the next tshirt!

  11. you young wippershnappers saying I look like a dagnab dawg dagnabit. I had 50 men under me in the war the trouble with you kids is you never been tired or hungry. Or old. Thats the trouble with young people today, they ain’t never been old. Cute dog, looks like the one in Patton.

  12. ^^^lmao!

  13. skeet skeet skeet all over this dog

  14. mejezabel says:

    S….you totally said what I was thinking.
    This poor lil guy… he looks like Winston Churchill.

  15. Haha, very cartoon face he has!

  16. ohhhhhhh!!!! <3

  17. You forgot the cutest part:


    I’m totally serious. He is a french bulldog that is very popular on I love him. He has really cute adult pictures as well, you can search for him by his name. 😉

  18. the second picture is just tooooo much! adorable!!!

  19. mejezabel says:

    Meg…thanks for the ‘cheek puff’ link I was just thinking today that it was time for some otters.

  20. Corn Nut has been a pal of mine on Dogster since I joined the site almost 2 years ago! He ROCKS!

  21. CUTEST DOG EVER!!!!!!!

  22. That ain’t cute. That’s ugly. Bring on more kittens and rodents! Or snakes. Whatever. This thing is deformed.

  23. CreepyGroovy says:

    Oh, Tina, Tina, Tina. You need to see a doctor, and stat. Preliminary diagnosis: Cute Deficiency Syndrome, with grumpiness as the main presenting sign.

  24. thats one of those cute-ugly dogs. Like Bassett Hounds or Shar-Peis. lol he DOES look like a grandpa! Those cheeks kinda make him look angry, but youre just like “aww! look at the little guy thinking hes tough!”

  25. your honour, i’d like tina’s comment stricken from the record

  26. Subhangi says:

    LMAO at Gramps’ comment.

    “Noooow, seeriously deear, are you suuure you wanted a dawggy-paack?”

  27. Gramps? Gramps is that YOU!? It sure sounds like you with the WW2 stories! Now tell us—what really happened at Watergate?

  28. My husband just saw this pic and said “He looks just like the Brain!”

    So…where’s Pinky?! 😉


  29. awwwww! He’s so cute! Funny thing—- my grandmother use to tell us if we didn’t behave that “puff cheeks” would get us. NOW… I want to get “cheek puffs”!!!!!

  30. deltabob says:

    I love that his head is as big as his body – it’s reinforcing Rule 16.

  31. Oh, jeez. Those people must never leave the house.

  32. The pup looks like the Brain in the cartoon “Pinky and the Brain”. I know the cartoon characters are mice, but the faces are a dead-on match.

  33. aw, Tiny McFrownerson.

  34. Get that poor little guy off the grill!

  35. That’s an old picture, wonder what Cornut looks like now. Frenchies are snorgly worgly snorty little doll babies…their little snuffly faces!!! OMG!!!

  36. todd's pal says:

    Are we sure this is CornNut of puppywar fame?

  37. OMG…he looks like one of those Littlest Pet Shop toys my niece collects!

  38. French, i knew a cute litle french senorita in the war…he he..
    Watergate-dirty crooks…had a Spiro Agnew watch once…
    I like a manly dog, like a john russell or a spits.

  39. pouty mcsmallserson

  40. Grandpa? Try my grandmother, or Big Mama as she likes to be called. This little Brain-like dog reminds me of Big Mama Myrtis — and Winston Churchill.
    That’s a lot of weight for the tiny guy to hold, thank goodness his head is soooo huge…

  41. This dog is WilfordBrimley-tastic.

  42. Awwww.

  43. I just LOVE all of the Cheeky McCheekersons and Peeky McPeekersons on this site!!! This little guy is a big bundle of sweetness!

  44. how do i get me one of these guys?

  45. The same thing we do every night, Pinky.


  46. dusty082155 says:

    too cute ! i have three french bulldogs. nothing cuter or more lovable in the world.

  47. Good lord (something I *only* say when I’m comPLETely at a loss for words – and I’m not even religious)! Can ya find ANYthing cuter’n this? Ever think about a rule for that whole head:body ratio?? (or is that just plain scary??)

  48. Brisa Zhu says:

    I am your grandpa! Boy, I didn’t know that you were such an expert on cute stuff!

    (Okay, the grandpa part is false, im not ur grandpa, but the second part IS true!)