Before Wolves Go Bad!

I kid, I kid, wolves are not "bad" or "terrible" or anything. Don’t write in about it, fer cryin’ out loud. Just Shuddyup. (Biting your schnozzle.)


Aroooooooooooo Rhea N.!



  1. fluffy wolves?

  2. oh the wittle fuzzy woofers

  3. ow-ow-awooooooooooo! (yip yip from the tiny ones)


    This is a cute picture…now let’s see what stupid shit people post about it. “Ewey gooey wolvies…..make me melt” YOU ALL NEED TO STOP! YOU ARE ALL SICK.

  5. I’m pretty sure those are foxes.

  6. mVivienNeil says:

    Yep, I think they are foxes. They’re incredibly cute and fluffy and wonderful. And oh, by the way, Normal One, if the silliness on this site is so troubling, why are you here? LIGHTEN UP!

  7. I’m going with foxes too. Foxy foxes! I imagine Moms is saying, “Shhhh, we’re going to get us a chicken” while that baby whispers “Mom, I’m boooooooored, kiss me!” and the other one scampers off to play with the fluffy chicks.
    I need to get to work!

  8. Wikipedia seems to back me up here.

    Oh and Normal One: someone’s a gloomy gus this morning! Aww, who’s a gwoomy gwus! Aww.

  9. motherbrother says:

    indeed, those are cute foxes. this site makes me happy:) 🙂
    but it sure didn’t take long for the haters on the internet to find it…I just don’t understand why they feel the need to tell people who like to be happy that they are sick.

  10. Dave… there goes my ass, laughed off once again. Lucky for me I’ve got this here chair.

    And btw THIS is what I’m talking about. Wolf, fox, badger, whatever… let’s see a bichon or some ‘wahwah in a soda cup stand up to one of of THESE homies.

  11. c lennie g says:

    Yup foxes. Just as cute as wolf pups though….

    Amen, motherbrother! Maybe he’s still feeling the bite of the Ides of March and felt the need to share. Wrong place to vent, “Normal One.”

  12. I think they are definately foxes, and since everyone else says they are too, they must be! 😛 They are a bit too small for wolves and have a different face, their colourings are kinda different to that too.

  13. PS — “Motherbrother” — like, Uncle?

  14. E. Collison says:

    I want the one in the middle (with closed eyes).

  15. while it is a fox, I dont really care what you wrote! It is cazyuuute! And “the only normal one” please get a life. If you dont like what people say here, and dont like the photos, then why come here? Is your life so pitifully boring that you need to make fun of people to have a good time? God Bless you in your obscene boredom

  16. i wuv the normal one. snooka snooka. normal one i wuv yoooooooooooo!

  17. E. Collison says:

    Tha foxes R gonna SNORG u, normal one…. Better watch out! 😉

  18. They would be cute even if they were wolves. I do not care if they eat me. xD

  19. DR. MENTAL HEALTH says:

    I am posting this ad to offer my professional services for free to all the freaks that write disturbing comments on this website everyday. Being a psycologist I can help you and all your Cute Overload wierdo friends become socially accepted again. My experience tells me that people who write things such as “I fall of my chair from the cuteness” cannot function properly in everyday world. Some people come on here to feel normal in this hectic world. People such as myself. When I am feeling like I am wierd I look at all the comments posted and I realize that I am very normal. I realize that I can think something is cute and appreciate it’s cutness without wanting to eat it, or squish it or do any of the other odd things that people on here like to do. So thank you to all the strange people who make me feel so wonderfully normal! PEACE OUT

    P.S. I am still offerning help

  20. HAHA! DR.MENTAL HEALTH you need help. What a weird comment to write!!! I wouldn’t be surprised if you are ‘the only normal one’ person.

  21. “dr. mental health”…in return for your psychological services, allow me to offer spelling and grammar lessons, as well as a brighter outlook on life.


    You’re not fooling anybody.

    If you want to “feel normal” here, and the user comments somehow don’t work for you, then duh, SKIP ‘EM. Don’t add your OWN comments, fer cryin; what kinda sense does that make? Just scroll through the top level at and PEACE OUT your own self.

    Alternately, other sites like don’t have any comments at all, which oughtta be heaven for you.

  23. Amanda Lou Snow says:

    A Mother with her little ones.

  24. Subhangi says:

    Absolutely adorable! Now I can go to sleep happily, its 12.15 AM here.

  25. Dr Mental Health says:

    Thanks Tara…your a gem! Let’s exchange phone numbers! Maybe we can melt form the cuteness of it all together!

  26. Dear Dr. Mental Health,

    I’m in need of your assistance. Ever since I read your note I’ve been completely taken over by the urge to sonrgle you and eat you and squish you and do other odd things that people here like to do. Can you help?


    PS – you’re a wittle poozie woozie woo, yes you are! Awoogeewoogeeboo

  27. Hey Subhangi — post a pin on the Cute O map for us! (Mine’s one of the pins in St. Paul, MN, USA)

  28. demonluvr says:

    “normal one”,
    hey mister/miss grumpy gills. come on, be happy!
    just keep swimming just keep swimming, swimming swimming just keep swimming. teeheehee
    foxes are adorable. love foxes.

  29. DR Mental Health says:

    Oh okay…let me go smoke some crack first!

  30. as a doctor, you should know that crack is bad for your wittle wungs! no smokey wokey in de wungs! bad bad bad! (taps dr’s fuzzy paw)

  31. Very cute. It’s odd that they were mistaken for wolves since the name of the image file is “articfox.jpg”, and the alt text is “Arcticfox”.

  32. Dr Mental Health says:

    As I doctor I know that you all are NUTS! And I love the responses…they are so expected!!!!

  33. meg, this is cute! found it on the site that theo mentioned above!! omg adorable!!! 🙂

  34. Arctic foxes are the cutest little carnivores/carrion eaters out there. When they’ve got their winter coats (completely white) and they’ve been eating, they have the cutest little rosy blood cheeks. Like a cartoon character. Gross, you say, but it’s true. Watch _The Life of Mammals_ and then say it’s not so!

  35. The fox cubs have such wee tiny ears compared to their mother’s. Also, THERE SHOULD BE A RULE AGAINST FLUFFINESS OF SUCH EXTREME PROPORTIONS.

  36. I would like to add:


    Thank you.

  37. Arctic foxes are especially “cute” because of short snouts and ears, which help them stay warmer– makes them look more juvenile. Giant pandas have “cute” big cheeks, but those are all muscle. I’ve seen them given bamboo stalks that had been cut with two-handed loppers, and the panda bites through it as if it were a celery stick.

  38. I think they are the ones that the bunny of a few weeks ago was scampering away from to the safe bunny hole!!

  39. those are defiantly foxes, but still veryyyy cute!

  40. Maybe it’s my imagination, but I’m thinking that “Normal”, aka “Dr. Mental”, has posted on here before because the email addy looks familiar. Then again, at stuffonmycat, some people insist on writing similarly inane comments so maybe it’s from there.

    Anyhooooo, I think I’ll go tell some coworkers that they are mentally disturbed because of whatever their computer wallpaper choice du jour is – would make about as much sense, ya know?

    A big “gnnyyaaawwwww” to all the amazing pictures on this site, whether I liked a particular one or not! Vive la différence!

  41. Momma Fox: “Ok kids ready for your first day of school?”

    Litle Fox:”Yeah Momma, smuch!”

  42. It’s always nice to see some appreciation for animals not normally regarded as cute on this site (whether misidentified or not). Yes, wolves and snakes and molluscs can be cute! It’s all nature.

    PS Mr. “NORMAL”: Die in a fire, loser.

  43. mejezabel says:

    dat on one da end looks like a little badger!!!

    Oh and kudos to all of you today… I haven’t laughed that hard in a while. fyi cold milk still burns when it goes through your sinuses.

  44. Does anyone know about foxes as pets? Or companion animals! I seem to remember some English guy on tv that had 3 or 4 foxes that lived with him, in the house, with a pet door! He said they were great companions, and they seemed very attached to him. Boy, I’d LOVE to have a fox!
    Also, I lived in rural Alaska for awhile, and went to work down the same road at the same time every morning. About 2 weeks into this, I realized that the small “dog” I saw waiting behind the shed every morning for the other small dog to be let out into the yard–was a fox! Evidently friends, and this went on all winter. Very cool!

  45. BenPanced says:

    Once again, I am amused and warmed by your choice of photographic subject. Regardless of the breed of animal, they are truly adorable and worthy of being featured on your website.

  46. foxes and coyotes (like the coyote in the picture, i think … which is not a fox or a wolf) are bad ideas for pets… they are wild animals… they are not domisticated… get a freaking grip

  47. foxes and coyotes (like the fox in the picture, i think … which is not a coyote or a wolf) are bad ideas for pets… they are wild animals… they are not domisticated… get a freaking grip

  48. Cute foxes~

  49. A big love bomb to mr. normie! We all love you even though you’re not cute.

  50. Agreed with whackly (minus the “get a grip” face-slap). But, I can think of one exceptional example: There was a recent experiment with Siberian foxes, where a controlled population was domesticated, even though no outside breeds were introduced. I think this *might* be a related link; haven’t dug up the appropriate article yet…

  51. E. Collison says:

    Normal(er, “Dr.”), just relax and look at the pics.

    I bet you just don’t want to admit that you want to snorg the fuzzies.

  52. sunnykat says:

    gweat. today i not only got to overload on cuteness, i got overload on laughter. thanks to everyone, and esp. to dr. mental! *^^*

  53. Woot! You posted my fluffy arctic foxes! ^_^


    Rhea N.(well, now it’s Rhea H. since I got MARRIED!)

  54. Erica E. says:

    I say that the fact that you all are toying with Mr. Normallypoo Vonshrinkenheimer speaks of your undeniable normalcy.

    Whose normal? …you are… yes you are… yes you are! …you widdle, squishy, normal thing.

    ROTFL! Go get ’em guys!

  55. Those are actually foxes, I think, but cute, nonetheless!

  56. Ponygirl says:

    I think that fox made it with ferret and the result were those fluffy love-children. Definatly ferretish!

  57. Hey, I have an albino possum-verrry cute and fat–wears a collar AND tags, goes to the vet, etc. She wasn’t doing too well, as she is an albino, and started living on my back porch, hanging with the cats. She’s fixed, keeps herself clean and bright, sleeps on a bookshelf, and comes to call. I post this because of the “domistic” comment–what did he mean?-that these creatures aren’t geodesic or something?
    Oh, and her name’s Pooka.
    Besides, one of my cats is hopelessly feral but she’s always very careful not to hurt me, all the way up to submax frightterrorparanoia moment. So I think the line is blurry, depending on the individuals and the setting.

  58. Beauregard says:

    I am sad that all the comments this pic is getting is about trolls. Common peeples! Let’s focus on the facts here. These pups are the cutest thing EVAR!!!! Look at the wee ears. Can’t you feel your skull expanding???

  59. i agree! these guys are just so precious. i fell inlove with them when i found their photo. aren’t they just so edile?!? O.o*

    Rhea N.(er…H.)

  60. “Ewey gooey wolvies..sooooo sweet…make me melt”…there i said it! and now i think ive pissed off the “normal one” ha ha go me! they r cute lil buggers tho

  61. Ok Ok everyone please leave poor Dr Normal or whatever his name is alone… not everyone is capable of handling this level of cuteness and we should try to be more understanding of people who can’t come to grips that they do in fact want to “snorg the fuzzies” (whoever said that i couldn’t find your comment again but major props for the awesome word) and by the way whoo’s a fuzzy wuzzy liddle fox kit???

  62. I found the comment E.Collison lets give it up for the coolest word evar

  63. You know… I come here for peace, quite, to giggle at all the silly posts from people and then the troglodites come marching in. (please excuse the harshness if you are one of the soft souls who frequent this site… go peacefully play in the happy pics while I get on my soap box with a barb wire wrapped baseball bat)

    Wouldn’t some of you love to meet one of these little numbnuts in life, I mean really.. I deal with dying people and all sorts of grusome shit most of the teeny boppers can’t wrap their inexperienced little skulls around, the same little numbnuts who freak the hell out when reality comes for them. Sadly their raging hormones and empty little minds are the same reason I have seen more than one of the idiots knock themselves out of the gene pool and all I can say is this kids. Enjoy it while it lasts. You wonder why some of us are into the cute shit….. because we have seen the “real” world you think you know. Not so much for cutesy? Fine heres a fact thats not so cute. One day you will die, shit on yourself and look a mess and when you do – to people like me – you’re nothing more than a slab of meat too stupid to survive in the gene pool or if you’re real lucky you might live to a ripe old age and have some numbnut just like you fuck with your happy space just to spank off their ego. Here’s praying you live in my town and soon do the world the blessing of smearing your skull across the pavement so the world will not be poulated with people like you.

    Hows that for not being cute kids.

    Now back to the adorable little wolves and the rest of our show.

  64. Whoa, M-, heavy…
    The troll’s gone. It’s just us fuzzies now. I have it on very good authority.
    And… um, y’know… foxes.

  65. Sorry Theo and the rest… I’m normally the “intense” one people avoid, unless of course you are a bit silly in the head and can get past the rest. I just enjoy coming here and letting go of my happy fuzzy side. *g* I guess some people play violent games to get out their aggression … think of me as the polar opposite. And did I mention though I have much tolerance for the ugliness of life I have no patience with assholes?

    Lets move on with the cute while I go hide the big burley side from everyone again…my deepest apologies (other than to the troglodites) if any offense was taken.

  66. Hey deidre — I’m sorta having a similar experience with a fox (reddish) in Golden Gate Park. I only see it when I’m driving through really late at night, like after midnite. It has run across the road (JFK Dr., right around “vaseline alley” for those of you in the ‘hood) and then it stops, turns around & sits when it gets to the other side of the road. The first couple of times I thought it was stopping in a sorta “you missed me, bitch” way, but then I started wondering if in fact it was stopping and looking in a “hey, the rest of y’all bitches can make it across too” way. IRREGARDLESS, even under the glow of one dim streetlamp and my fading headlights, Totally Adorable Red Fox. FOXY!

  67. tanks tee-o n’ meg for cleanin it up. nuttin but wuvv.

  68. on looker says:

    It’s threads like this that make stay to the main page of this website and not bother reading the comments.
    Anyone who can’t just appreciate a cute picture really doesn’t understand the purpose of the site.

  69. M- and On Looker —
    Understood & agreed. We got yer backs.

  70. hey, belle–how lucky to see this fox! maybe she’s got a litter and is teaching them city ways.

  71. Oh hey! I totally forgot, and this is even ON topic… our old townhouse (which we recently moved out of) backs up to a ravine, and two summers ago, a mama red fox raised her litter of kits down in there. It was so cool. They had burrows so we never knew where/when they’d pop up, and there were like 7 of them total. They act more like cats than dogs, at least when they’re little. Hence “kits,” I guess.

    I took a bunch of photos, but with a tourist-grade digital camera (no real telephoto, just a little zoom) so unfortunately none of them were very clear.

    No rodent problems, that year.

  72. Woods walker says:

    Dr. Mental Health are you one of the inmates who took over the proverbial asylum? This web site is our therapy for dealing with reality. Apparently you do not have much of a reality to deal with.- Woods Walker

  73. Yeah. Those aren’t wolves. That is a CAYOTE.

  74. Fruitloup says:

    As a psychology student I find this site to be very therapeutic during times of stress.

    And to the person who posted the imreallysad link – thank you! I’ve been looking for more sites like that.

    And as a wolf fanatic, I can definitely say: not a wolf, not a coyote. Arctic fox, summer coat. Never seen a fox confused with a wolf before, but then again I read the encyclopedia for fun as a kid.

  75. Why do *I* come here and squee over the cute widdle fuzzy wuzzy pookie wookies?

    Well, where *else* am I going to do it? If I talked that way IRL, my cats would call the funny farm on me!

  76. Rhea —

    This is a remarkable picture; not just for the cuteness factor (of which there’s a lot) but the color, the sharpness, the composition. And I love the not-at-all-cute, deadly serious look in the mother’s eyes contrasted with the clueless innocence of her fluffy pups. By any chance do you have a larger version of this photo?

  77. E. Collison says:

    Stargirl, “snorg” is Meg’s (site owner’s) invention – click on “Bunnies” and see where it made its debut.

  78. I really don’t understand why people feel the need to come on CO and be so sassy! I’m a full time college student and nothing makes me smile more than looking at all of these anerable faces! I apologize to the “psycologist” for trying to brighten my stressful day. 😛 pffffffffft

  79. FWIW, I *have* heard of people having pet foxes. I suppose the legality of it would vary depending on where you live, though. But these little foxy cuties make it mighty tempting, don’t they?

  80. If I could have a fox I’d be so happy I’d cry. They’re about as close to feline as a canine could get! And incredibly smart, too. *sigh*

    BTW–those are arctic foxes, folks. The markings on the babies exactly match the pictures at the Wikipedia entry on them.

    And let us not forget that they’re cutie-wootie pootie-pies, too! 😉


  81. E. Collison says:

    Has anyone noticed that the little guy in the middle is smiling? I need this animal!

  82. Those are foxes, not wolves. But definitely adorable!

  83. on imsosad there are several pictures of foxes sleeping on a bed. someone somewhere has foxes for pets…must know more.

    btw, my fav from co is the word squee–i still laugh over someone posting that they had emitted a supersonic squee. i have an image of alien cutologists in a faraway world adjusting their cutologist glasses and sagely agreeing among themselves that there IS sentient life out there!

  84. Vorfalath says:

    In Russia they have been breeding silver-foxes for many generations as a Psychology product to see if friendliness is in genes. 🙂

    They only bred the foxes that were the friendliest to humans, and now they have the cuddliest generation of foxes ever that they do often sell as pets. 🙂 Not sure how expensive they are, but they are the cutest, friendliest things I’ve ever seen.

  85. Naturalist says:

    These are definitely Arctic Foxes…not wolves or coyotes. They are adorable, but then most anything w/fur is cute, especially when they are babies…even hyenas are cute when they’re young.

  86. Yup, I thought “foxes” right away too. Very cute, regardless of what they’re called!

  87. Foxy Bonus Friday?

  88. Soooo cute!!

  89. Deirre–please educate yourself on foxes and wildlife, generally. Not one single wildlife rehabilitator, conservationist, responsible veterinarian or environmentally responsible person would encourage you to obtain a fox as a pet, because despite appearances, it is extremely cruel to the fox. Read up, learn, talk to experts. The danger of looking at cute photos is just this sort of response–but lets appreciate the photos and the wild animals without having to own them. They are already in danger of losing everything they have–their freedom, their environment, their lives. No criticism meant here–but this is very important to learn. For starters, see Shambala at or any reputable wild animal rescue.

  90. Sorry, Deirdre, for spelling your name incorrectly.

  91. Finally they get foxes on here! The kits just OOZE adorability and the momma is absolutely gorgeous. Foxes are fantastic animals, you know. Find some more pics, all.

  92. Hey…just to let you know those are foxes but their so cute!

  93. Aren’t those foxes, not wolves?

  94. These 3 look like the one’s i poached only a few days ago