A-ha! eyes at the level of the nose AGAIN!

See!!! what did I tell you about eyes at nose level, People!? Here it is, proven AGAIN, this time in Tokyo. See, once again, the Japanese kick our butts with Cuteness. BTW, I’d like to see him try and slurp something up.


Reuters, Yahoo News and Ant are to thank.



  1. agh! first comment! he has human ears! (imitating humans is a rule!) he kinda looks like he has a sly expression on his face, like he has some mischief on his cute little mind!

  2. This is going to sound stupid but is that an anteater or a sloth? Because I am incredibly confused.

  3. so so cute!

  4. and I’d say anteater, Marina. 🙂

  5. looks like he’s doin’ a little dance!

  6. magic8ball says:

    Reuters says it is a baby “Southern Tamandua,” aka anteater.

  7. What a sweet wittle fing! Looks like he’s dancing.

  8. I wonder if he listens to ant music.

  9. sadie_asher says:

    He looks very happy! Someone must love him! :):):)

  10. weasel_tea_party says:

    Mel- Probably not, since that’s for sex people, and he’s still little.

  11. Subhangi says:

    He seriously looks like he’s rapping.

    “Yo! C’mon all ya people
    Just shake it like I do
    Gimme one, I give ya two
    That’s da way its gotta be!
    So com ‘n dance wimme,
    Uh-huh, uh-huh…”

  12. I bet he has a reeeeeeeeally long tongue. And it’s real sticky.

  13. Amanda Lou Snow says:

    The New John Travotia in Saturday Night

  14. moofyboof says:

    aw its my school mascot 🙂

  15. damn!

    also follows rule #15: small ear-to-head ratio.

  16. it looks like it’s wear a whole-body swimming suit. so cute!


  17. claire g says:

    I have no idea what this is but it is strangely cute!!! 🙂

  18. Villeline says:

    Spraypainted swimsuit is not cute, but anteaters are. 1/2 point from me.

  19. AtSchool(is boring) says:


  20. Rachel Wells says:

    the anteater is cute!

    its a good thing he doesn’t fulfill the other requirements of that icky rule. (the stuffed bear is ugly)

  21. oooooooooohhhhhhh!!!

    it’s CUTE!!!!!!!

    I’ll take one of those curved-head panda things, thank you.

  22. Truthfully, it gives me the creeps. This looks like something I’d see in a horror movie, chasing me.

  23. this critter is a way cuter example of the eyes-nose-in-close-proximity criterion than that stuffed bear thing was.

  24. any blog comments page that has ‘adam ant’ references automatically wins the internets.

  25. E. Collison says:

    This little guy is super – grat choice, Meg!

  26. Beauregard says:

    Holy exotic baby, Batman! What a cute and bizarre animal. Super long kisses!

  27. Is that an anteater? It looks like a panda which poked its nose into the suction vent of a vacuum cleaner.

  28. What a jaunty little fellow he is!!

  29. “how dare godzilla destroy my garden city! i’ll get my revenge!”

  30. he’s dancin’!
    and kinda looking all coy and shit
    busta move lil’guy, woo!

  31. Jaunty is the perfect word, IR! He’s spankin’ new. So sweet I wanna kiss his shiny lil nose.

  32. awww!!! he is sooo handsome!!! i want to kiss his nose! He is precious. What do you think his name should be?

  33. emily-his name should be “ant-thony”

  34. The Guy Over There says:

    They should turn him into a character for the next “Tekken” game. He looks ready to grapple with the next punk that dares to mess with him.

  35. Ah wuz cuttin a rug
    In a place called The Jug
    With a girl name o’ Linda Lou

    When along came a man
    With a gun in his han’
    An’ he was lookin for a-you-know-who…

  36. Hehehe… okay so somehow I can see jaunty little Antony looking ever so inquisitively at someone asking…
    “Pardon me, but do you have any Grey Poupon?” …

    It gets better if you have Mr. McCheekerson answering….
    “but of course!”

    Yeah I know, I’m weird….

  37. Movin’ to his own inner tune! The ant chorus sings:
    eee eee eee
    ee ee eee!

  38. Okay.. its sticking in my brain, can’t help it…

    Do a little dance…
    Make a little love…
    Get down tonight, get down tonight.

  39. M- heh, that’s good… only, not in a Chris Rock voice. Definitely more of a Montgomery Burns voice, with the shape of that head.


  40. E. Collison says:

    This little guy needs his own animation, a la “Bing Cavy.”

  41. Hunter D. says:

    Yes, it’s an anteater, not a panda, contrary to popular belief. I love anteaters, and probably know more about them in the Eastern Upper Peninsula. So cute!

  42. Oh my god! I want to see his tongue!!

  43. LLCoolLisa says:

    He’s doin’ the “White Man’s Overbite” – but in a cute way (shakin’ his wittle moneymaker)!

  44. I’d like to invite him to my house to lick up all the annoying ants running around. 😀

  45. I think he looks like he’s wearing a basketball jersey…

  46. How cute! So fluffly and in two legs looks so determined. Who can resist that little face? x3

  47. He’s sitting on his taaaaaaaaaail!!! It’s a prop, like a tripod. A fluffy tripod of cuteness.

  48. AWw, funny looking, but funny cute!

  49. now this is just freakin’ adorable

  50. And note – ears are also in-line with schnozz and eye! Could this also part of the Cuteness Key?

  51. Anteaters kick ass…

  52. saw this in metro and just HAD to clip it.

  53. Hunter D. says:

    HA HA HA! See? People think anteaters ARE cute! Perhaps my parents and relatives should see this and the number of favorable comments on it! HA! IYF, DAD! MUAHAHAHAHA!

  54. It’s a Tamandua alright. I just got back from Panama this week on a study abroad trip. Our second day in Panama we were hiking and an adult Tamandua walked out on the trail, climbed about 6′ up a tree and just looked at us 🙂 They are so *neat*

  55. ManBeast Warmachine says:

    Its Han Solo in anteater form!