Erin_l_3Interviewer: Perfect Little Pup—is there something you’d like to tell us?

PLP: Yes. I make the perfect AIM icon.

Interviewer: Thank you. [applause]

PLP: Here I am, at 60 by 60 pixels, below.

Interviewer: [more applause] Delightful! Thank you.


Erin of San Francisco, CA., "Baby in a Field" is terrif.


  1. He’s a Pupperhero, I’m telling you. I have photos. I’m like this pup’s personal Peter Parker.

  2. He can be my pupcon any day!

  3. demonluvr says:


  4. Bravo Theo.

  5. OMG Theo that is fabulous… but wait… if you’re Peter Parker does that mean you’re actually also the Pupphero himself, just in your day to day human disguise?!

  6. Maybe Theo’s more like Jimmy Olsen.

  7. Hmm… it could be that I need to think this through, just a bit more.

  8. This (along with the recent bichon-in-aviator-glasses) ought to silence the bichon-haters who were commenting a few days ago.

    Reminds me of my Kira (a Bichon) and my Brandii (my Maltese that just passed away) when they were little. “sniff”

  10. littlegirlwoo says:

    thank you mister pup! i love the IM icon😉

  11. This is a bichon? I hate bichons usually but THIS ONE IS CUTE! ^__^

  12. Bichon? No way! He’s a Maltese like me!

  13. Wow..the grass looks as perfect as te pup

  14. kisekileia says:

    cute cute cute little fluffball! must cuddle!


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