Breakfast of Champions



Nice ear flop, Platinum Ice 😉



  1. aww! and i love the contrast between the colors – red, black and white are my favorite color combo!

  2. I can just see his twee little nose sniffing the cold can.


  3. Ohhh! So cyuuuuute!

  4. Its about time he switched to diet! That lard pup…. with soulful eyes….

    Awww snap! I’ve fallen for him!

  5. DON’T DO IT DOGGY!!!!!

    the stuff will poison you.

  6. oh my gosh!!!!
    so adorable!
    *pig speaking*
    “well, i know i’m cute, if you look in the websters dic, under “drop dead adorable” you’ll see a discription and a pic of me! DUH!”

  7. oh my gosh!!!!
    so adorable!
    *pig speaking*
    “well, i know i’m cute, if you look in the websters dic, under “drop dead adorable” you’ll see a discription and a pic of me! DUH!”

  8. why did i say pig???
    (i think this cutieness is rotting my brains out, along with my sanity.) 😛

  9. Bonus points for a juicy nose!!!

    Looks just like my girl Lucy when she was bitty.

  10. mejezabel says:

    teeny tiny teeth and itty bitty dog nails

    ninja puppy tools of death

  11. He worried about the calories?

  12. Pupster has caffeine issues. Clearly.

  13. Meow House says:

    That nose just screams out “JUICY!”

  14. Meow House says:

    I’d like to teach the world to squee, in perfect harmony . . .

  15. Oh, the little wittle one is teething…
    May I take him home?

  16. This pic makes me want a diet coke. And an adorable little black puppy.

  17. Does anyone make rawhide Diet Coke chew toys?

  18. You know he is secretly thinking..
    “Damn those humans with their opposable thumbs! Fine, I’ll slobber on the can and then look so cute they can do nothing about it! HA! I’ll teach them…”

  19. BenPanced says:



  21. littlegirlwoo says:

    i love how his leash is the same color as the soda!!

  22. Jayn Alexander says:

    Can’t you just see him getting a tooth in there after dragging and shaking the can!! Diet Coke explosion! Fizz everywhere!

  23. I don’t think his teeth are that sharp and his mouth too small. But if they where, that would be a very scared puppy, would probably never touch the stuff again. I wouldn’t, with all the lab drool, but I don’t drink Diet, is bad for my taste buds.

    Still I wants me a puuuppyyy!

  24. He is going to get a PUPPY BUZZ…zoom-zoom puppy

  25. Oh poor pup – so young to be an addict! But I understand. Diet Coke will do that to ya!

  26. adrianna says:

    i bet he was just licking it. mmm, nice ice cold.

  27. I want to see the minute AFTER…puppy teeth are sharp!

  28. Meg, I think you should get big bucks for product placement from Coca-Cola. This puppy could sell me Diet Coke anytime, and I don’t usually go near the stuff.

  29. This is exactly how I would behave if I did not have opposable thumbs. I’d find a way into my Diet Coke somehow, but I wouldn’t be as cute.

  30. Awww, so adorable, reminds me of my lab puppy who has a diet coke bottle fetish. He loves to chew on the bottles and get the caps to come off. (don’t worry, he doesn’t swallow them)

  31. My cat licks the condensation from my water bottle…it’s so damn adorable.

  32. that pups a lil young to be dieting(note the label on the soda can) dont ya think? i mean its only a baby.. ahh peer pressure begins earleir and earleir with doggies i suppose…. i mean who cares if her tail is a bit chubby? shes an adorable lil pup! and beautiful in everyway! some one should tell her that so she can stop her crazy dieting! …ok im done being stupid now but i couldnt resist! my smart assed side escaped me!.. but all in all a very very cute pic!

  33. OMG. I want one. So bad. So very bad.

  34. dwarf rabbit owner too! says:

    Awwww… Cutest lil’ Poppy Dawk!

  35. dwarf rabbit owner too! says:

    “Does anyone make rawhide Diet Coke chew toys?”

    The…O…h so good one!

  36. Jan, my cat licks *me* after I come out of the shower. Weirdo.

  37. thalia, i once cat-sat a kreeture that did the same thing. it was an old bag-of-bones cat, with bad skin and ear mites. as soon as it heard the shower, it’d sneak into the bathroom and wait ’til i finished and thrust out an unsuspecting leg. fucker totally creeped me out, and i eventually ended up locking the bathroom door every time i went in.

    so, to say i have some Cat Issues may be an understatement. but at least i know it wasn’t just me. thanks, thalia.

  38. wow!he really needs tht coke bad tht he’s literally chewing it or maybe he’s training to be a faithful dog to his owner by offering him diet coke.whtever maybe hes soooo darn cute.

  39. Finn — I’m absolutely convinced that you just need to meet the right cat(s). Spot and Mr. Bounce could bring you around, no question. Le Schmoop calls Spot “The Satisfactory Cat,” and Mr. B. is essentially the all-growed-up version of Rhum:

  40. Barely a pup and already on diet?

    Its very sad to see children who should be frollicking around chasing squirels already fussing about their waistline :O

  41. Oh Finn, he doesn’t creep me out. He’s a real sweet cat, just likes his water a little flavored.

    Wait, what would that flavor be… HUMAN?!? Oh dear, now I *am* creeped out…

  42. Theo–“Spot and Mr. Bounce”? And I thought I was weird for naming the cat “Sir Isaac Mewton”.

    (He’s got his own page, too:

  43. Whoops, that close parentheses got stuck at the end of the url and screwed it up. Let’s try that again:

  44. Thalia – Sir Isaac looks almost EXACTLY like one of our former she-cats, who passed last summer: Zeitgeist, or more often just “Z”. Except, Z was always rail-thin, due to the thyroid problem that eventually did her in… and, cruelly, it happened on the very day she was scheduled to begin the treatment that would’ve cured her. She had a little inverse “moustache” stripe, though, rather than a whole white chin.

    I was the only human she liked. She would nap on my butt, all splayed out, like “this is MINE, go find your own.”

  45. PS — Mr. Bounce’s “real” name was supposed to be Aslan, but it never really fit him as well as the other.

  46. Anne Laurie says:

    Frosty metal feels good against hot, sore erupting puppy-teefies! Somebody give that baby a frozen washcloth to chew! (Also good for human babies with teething issues, believe it or not. Teefs is teefs.)

  47. Coke is the devil, but kyoot!

  48. pashhht (opening can)

  49. ScorpioSpirit says:

    shame, but the shop sold out of slush puppies for him.As long as it’s cold…