When they weigh in at this size, they can provide two, sometimes three toupees worth of shedded fur. I think Nicole Kidman has some.


Jurgen! way to go, bra



  1. Hahaha I am the first
    I luv guinea pigs they are soo sweet and their little tongues are awesome(not pictured here) that is someone’s assignment though get a guineapig tongue picture

  2. Nicole Kidman has shredded fur toupees?? Weird.

  3. That’s the best pic of Nicole Kidman I’ve seen in a long time. She looks much better red.

  4. Just think, half of it’s body weight is due to hair.

  5. I’m kind of jealous…wish my hair looked that pretty.

  6. toupee + piggy = Toupiggy!

  7. Michelle says:

    What products do you suppose the guinea pig uses? Definitely a good conditioner…

  8. I wonder, could you get these at the grocery store?

    Is there a discount for a baker’s dozen?

  9. craftapalooza says:

    You mean Keith Urban? 😉

  10. LOL Crafty… or maybe Ty Pennington. (Extreme Home Makeover, anyone?)

  11. Dude, The Donald could use about five or six of these.

  12. Amanda Lou Snow says:

    Time for an appointment with a beautician. I need the whole works done. Cut, shampoo and new style.

  13. So THAT’S where Jennifer Aniston’s old haircut went.

  14. Hehe…Nice hair!

  15. Aww looks like my old guinea pig 🙂 Mine was black though.

  16. Paging Donald Trump…

  17. He’d shave off quite a few grams if he shaved off those luscious locks!

  18. Woods walker says:

    My parents had a dog that had that much hair. I’d get the job of giving it a hair cut every spring. There was enough hair left to make another dog. -Woods Walker

  19. So cute! And the whiskers/mustache! Like a victorian gentleman…!
    Also all in all he looks like a very dignified pig. :o)

  20. Awww he looks JUST like my guinea pig Pumpkin (also an orange mop)
    I adore these little cavielings <3
    Pumpkin’s brother (RIP) was 7lbs…anybody got a pggy fatter than that? XD

  21. I *swear* this guinea pig looks like some creature from a Dr. Seus book!…

  22. Nella: You’re right!!! He DOES look very Victorian… I didn’t notice the little whiskers until you mentioned it… That makes him all the cuter!!!

    Jaffy: “Paging Donald Trump” THAT’s funny….

  23. Jan Spencer says:

    Holy crap! BIG HAIR 80’S!!

    Dude, I think Jon Bon Jovi use to have that doo. All he needs is some frosted tips, and …”OOOOH SHE’S A LITTLE RUNAWAY….”

  24. it totally looks like the little piggy is propped up under someone’s wig… I LOVE it!

  25. Pig wigs! Cute!

  26. very rarely do I like guinea pigs, and this one is great!

  27. regencygirl: “Pig wigs” wins 🙂

  28. “Pigwig!” Sublime!

  29. lol, Jennifer Aniston’s haircut… and the Donald lol! lol I could just see her twirling her hair around her little guinea fingers and chewing gum. with a hello kitty backpack.

  30. lol, Jennifer Aniston’s haircut… and the Donald lol! lol I could just see her twirling her hair around her little guinea fingers and chewing gum. with a hello kitty backpack.

  31. Does anyone else get a picture of said Victorian pig (appropriately named Mr. Pigwig) with a monicle reciting “The Raven”… in some movie?

  32. Oooooooo, Mr.Pigwig with a monicle. Now that would be fantastic!

  33. BenPanced says:

    Ounce for ounce, Guinea Pig can’t be beat!

  34. Aw, he looks so serious and dignified. “Do I amuse you? What, am I a clown to you? Tell me, how do I AMUSE you?”

  35. Yay, piggy! But do the long-haired ones tend to get a little – *ahem* – messy? I’ve only ever had short-haired pigs…

  36. Half his weight is from hair? whoever said that hasn’t had a guinea pig, else he’d know 90% it’s weight is hair. There’s nothing funnier than giving a (warm) shower to your piggis, and see how they look with wet fur. lol.

    Btw for piggy owners/lovers, has any of your piggies escaped cage ever? I love when they set out to bravely explore the new land, going cui cui cui cui cui at every bend, like they had a micro radar into them.

  37. Guinea-PIG! 😮 I love his hair!

  38. gorgeous!!! hahahha… i just couldnt stop laughing.. 😛

    thanx for sharing!!

  39. Aww, I love guinea pig photos on cuteoverload.. I had a cavy that looked exactly like this regal baby. 🙂

  40. What a wonderfull cavy! it’s gorgeous….

  41. I had one like this as well! Her name was Blondie!

    “Call me!”

  42. rangelife says:

    Boris Johnson’s hair found at last

  43. We used to have a gorgeous one who looked just the same – Rodney she was called. She lived inside and was house trained too! This pic brings a little tear and a sob 🙂