Drink up this Formula

Formulaic? Perhaps. Seen it before?  Yes. Totally and completely prosh? Indeeeeeed.


Sunflower seed brought to you by Li Fen D.



  1. meep! so cute!

  2. Seeds always equate cuteness.

  3. That looks like my wee THOR!

    …but weer.

  4. …I love hamsters and their little hands and feets. YES I DO.


  5. cute! man, if i held up and ate something that was proportionally this size, i’d be labeled a porker for life. i’d probably get in trouble for my little poo pellets in the corner of my cubicle at work, too.

  6. Who’s the cutest little goozeepoogeemoogrgrgrgrgrgrgr…

    *sirens in the background*

  7. How can anything be that cute!!

  8. Subhangi says:


  9. JessJess says:

    Awww I want to kiss the cutie!! ^.^

  10. lmao, ihateToast and MH!

  11. lmao, pheral

  12. *high squealy noises*
    Just too cute, i’m going to explode.
    This is the bestest cutest site ever. It’s wonderful.
    Will visit every day for daily cute quota.

  13. I’m looking at the gibble… then the T-shirt design… then back at the widdle gibble… T-shirt kernel… gibble seed…

  14. The formula works.

    Aww, wee cute mousie thing (or whatever it is).

  15. sadie_asher says:

    I think there should be a new rule: “If your food looks like it’s too big to fit in your mouth, it’s cute.”

  16. anaKonda says:

    If he eats all of that seed there will be no room left for dessert.

  17. sadie, what about snakes gulping mammals? is that cute?

  18. this is exactly how i feel in the morning

  19. i wish they stayed this tiny! oh little tom thumb!

  20. SQUEAK!

    *REALLY wishes we could see a pic of the wittle hammie post seed ingestion with puffy cheeks*

  21. mejezabel says:

    He looks so blissful…

    ahhhh a seed!!

  22. sadie_asher says:

    Ariel — good point, I didn’t think about that. Ewwww…. must look at cute pictures to get snakes out of my head!



  24. StormCat says:

    He’s so ttteeeeeeeeennnnyyyy…I’d be afraid he’d get lost!!! What a cutie!! Just don’t let that cute Orange Kitty in the next pic know he’s here!!!!

  25. BenPanced says:


  26. Aww … there is no intellectual rhetoric that can sum it up better than


  27. widdo widdo beebee! How can anything be that *cute* and real?!?!

  28. i think that i shall never see
    a hammie quite as sweet as thee

  29. Littlegirlwoo says:

    that is the cutest thing i have ever seen in my life! baby hamsters are the meaning of cute!

  30. demonluvr says:

    i just adopted 2 campbells russian hamsters and they are now the second loves of my life!! ad-or-a-ble!! this teensy little one would fit in just purrrfectly with my managerie of dog,cat,bettas and hammie-girls!!

  31. aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwww, he’s just so widdle!

  32. He looks devious to me.

  33. demonluvr says:

    i wuv widdle hammie handies and feetsies!! dey tickle! eeeeeeeeeeeek!! i think my head just exploded!! *****

  34. ^.^ too cute!

  35. Li Fen D. says:

    Thanks all, i must agree with you all as the owner, she was just too adorable in that pic!!!!! You know she tried her hardest but never got that seed opened! LOL….but she tried and tried, so cute! 🙂

  36. awww wht a cutie…he looks like a chinese hamster offering some kind of herbal cure to the dude holding him.:P

  37. I want to pop that li’l hamster into my mouth. Not to eat him. Just to see if he fits.

  38. Awww, so cute and sleepy! Looks so silky!

  39. luhuuva da babee wodentias! says:

    *sqeals and smiles and tickles the screen till self explodes from sqealing to much*

  40. becka jo is SICK! says:

    beckajo, you… are… so… “f”ed up!

  41. Michael says:

    He’s so small!

  42. caketin says:

    SO SSSWWWEEETT and tolally CCCUUUTTTEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!