CuteOverload—where you can expect the maximum kittens per square inch

We really pack ’em in, People.


Rhum the kitten and Aluccia wrote in, and all Aluccia said was: "i love him."

P.S. Desktop photo alert! We’re talking twice life-sized, People!



  1. Must. rub. nose. in. belly. Ignore. instinctual. claw. response…..Argh! Ahhhhhh.

  2. awww it’s so comfortable that it’s smiling! made me all relaxed and sleepy just by looking at it.

  3. so sweet!

  4. He’s SMILING!!

    happy cat.

  5. Aww. I just want to snuggle up next to it and drink in the cuteness 🙂

  6. [imploring expression]
    [feeble paw gesture]
    [gurgling noise]
    [pink mist]

  7. [09:10] theo: !!!!!!
    [09:10] theo:
    [09:10] le_schmoop: hi sweetie.
    [09:10] theo: it’s a
    [09:10] theo: it’s
    [09:10] le_schmoop: wow, that’s a lot of !!!! from you. 🙂
    [09:10] theo: there’s
    [09:11] theo: mmmmmggghghhh
    [09:11] le_schmoop: ?
    [09:11] theo: sssssss
    [09:11] le_schmoop: ‘sup?
    [09:11] theo: S
    [09:11] theo: SMILINGGGGG
    [09:11] theo: see?
    [09:12] theo: do you seee???
    [09:12] le_schmoop: the cuteoverload bounce kitty??
    [09:12] le_schmoop: awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    [09:13] le_schmoop: making it my desktop picture as we speak. er, type.
    [09:13] theo: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. mejezabel says:

    i love orange
    i love kitties
    i love theo

  9. I’ve always told my husband that if I could be anything besides a human; it would be the cat’s life for me. Housecat of course, since I want to be pampered and cherished.

  10. Ahh that’s one very happy katty…in an orange world!!

  11. Awww, what a lovie! Is there anything sweeter that a sleeping baby or a happy lounging cat? SOOOOO happy!

  12. *DIES*

    *Dies again*

    *Stretches in warm covers and rolls over to make sure kitty is well insulated*

    *Makes warm saucer of milk for when kitty awakens*

    *Sips hot cocoa*

    *Dies again*

  13. TheIdleReceptionist says:

    PS: When your hind feets are really big cause you havn’t grown into them yet, its cute.

  14. great i just lost all credability at my work for giggling like an moron, and falling out of my chair because the cuteness choked me. eh, it was worth it to see that cute pink nose! *falls out of chair again*

  15. Beauregard says:

    Awwww. Someone looks so comferbles!

  16. Jan Spencer says:

    SWEET PEA!! Love the nose!

  17. damn you and all your cuteness – i now HAVE to go on CO as soon as i get in the office so i will remain sane. oh orange kitty you are now my god.

  18. Packed kitties on isle five!

  19. cat: cute.
    Theo-Schmoop exchange: cuter.

  20. What a happy kitty!! The smile and the crooked-ear-thing just make it all perfect! *KAPOW!* Oops, there goes my head!

    I love how content cats smile, just like people do!


  21. StormCat says:

    OMG!!!! Look at the little pads on his feet!!!! And the tail, how it’s wrapped around his legs!!! And that little pink nose….And ears…bent ears!!! And smiling!!! Kitty smiling!!!!

    I can’t stand it!!! CO, you have GOT to stop with all this cuteness…I can’t work!!!! ARRRGGGGHHHHH

    (P.S. if you DO stop, I’ll hunt you down!!! *grin*)

  22. BenPanced says:


  23. I squeed. I did.

  24. Ponygirl says:


  25. I love it…what a smile!

  26. Meow House says:

    Dat cat don’t have no bones. He’s just a lump of squashable goodliness.

  27. “Ok, your too cute, your coming with me!”


    “Come along now….”

    BTW, all the cats that I played with like to have their tummies rubed, without the claws out response. Is it me or am I playing with a different breed of cat?

  28. Woods walker says:

    That cat looks happier than “Garfield ” after a big meal.-Woods Walker

  29. thank you all! Rhum is my lovely ‘hairy son’, and I really love him so much.
    here’s his flickr photostream:

  30. Flat ear who cares I sleep and show you my jellybean toes!

  31. Oh! Ittty bitty ORANGE kittY!! Love him…

    Aluccia, is that a calendar you have made in the Flikr stream? It is gorgeous. I would like to buy one!

    *goes back to squeeing quietly about the stripedy kitten*

    (He really is il gatto piu bello del mondo…)

  32. kim, it’s free! you only have to download it and print it on your own 🙂

  33. Beauregard says:

    Ok peeps, I highly recommend checking out Aluccia’s flickr photos. There are more that are CUTER than this!!! (e.g. -“rhum, il papà e il sudoku”)

  34. Rhum looks like an orange Egyptian Mau–look at those big sail-like ears! They’re like huge, fuzzy satellite dishes. I just wanna rub them gently between my fingers!

    Aluccia, something tells me he loves to stalk and pounce on moths, just like my Underfoot kitty. (She’ll even leap three feet into the air to snag them in mid-flight!) Am I right…?


  35. WickedWendy says:

    People People!!! You have GOT to click Aluccia’s link! Rhum is friggin’ adorable!!!

  36. i sent in a picture really similiar to that!

  37. Amanda Lou Snow says:


  38. Ooooooo, he’s just soooooo cute and sqeeeeeshable! My sister has told me she is concocting a plan to steal him and i doubt she is the only one. Keep him safe, aluccia. he’s just too cute for his own good.

  39. Awww…he looks like my sister’s cat Ed when he was that little! Hmm…looks like Rhum is trying out his contortionist trick!

  40. Is that a limited edition Beanie Baby, or will they be around for a while?

  41. Oh my God that is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while. It looks like he is a floppy doll or something. You’re right it is cute overload. I want to kiss his belly.

  42. aluccia, I am dying of cute poisoning. the reading-a-book pic and the scared pix are the best! V. nice photography as well.

  43. He is a beauty! I think I’m in love.

  44. Cute Red Tabby Overload! All these pictures of adorable ginger kitties make me wish I could wave a magic wand and change one of my cats into a redhead…not changing anything else about him, of course, just the color of his fur. Gawgeous!

  45. Too much cute can kill.

  46. We will now fine all websites not meeting the minimum kpi requirement.

  47. Awwwwwwwwww. so cute!
    I love his color!

  48. That’s pretty darn cute — for a cat.


    Awesome photo/cat calendar, Aluccia!

  50. AWW i just want to pummell that kitty in his behind give him a good railing.

  51. JessJess says:

    I want to nibble on his cute little pawpads and then smoosh my face into that soft wittle belly welly and kiss his itty bitty teeny weeny little smile *implodes*

  52. do i see a nipple? kitty nip?

  53. What beautiful photos! Aluccia, your sense of color is really wonderful.

    (And I love how it’s spelled “ciomp ciomp” in Italian for that bitey noise!)

  54. waw i love this cat I want the same one u___u


    *passes out from sheer cuttieness*

  56. So so sooooo so so soooooooo cute! Argh!

    *bashes head on desk*

  57. It is the gums, shiny kitten gums are cute.

  58. SF Linda says:


    “Look at me! I’m all squishy and I have big wabbit foots!”

    Can’t you just picture picking her up, hearing her make little sleepy whining sounds and carrying her half asleep to bed for a little snuggle fest?

    Tabbies Rock!

  59. hes looks like a cute newborn kitty.makes me want to tickle him.and hes smiling,must be dreaming about chasing mice.:D

  60. Okay…I have been back to see him a bajillion times and finally have to post. He is SO HANDSOME! Our next ruler will be a Marmy Mitty!