Baby, let me get that

No lemme get that—you’ve had a tough day.



The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Tammy G.—did you make that lamp?



  1. How much catnip does it take to train a cat to do that?!

  2. cats chew on *weird* things sometimes.

  3. Cat to be electrocuted, saliva it’s very conductive, please keep that cat away from outlets

  4. yikes! I hope nothing happens to that kitty! That looks like it can be dangerous. 😦

  5. Nice hat-shade, but I’m thinking maybe the bohemian kitch just isn’t working for kitty.

  6. Hey, that’s a Chanel lamp. Nice.

  7. This is a cool picture. I like it alot. But it’s not cute.

  8. Wish my cats would turn out the lights. It’s all I can do to get them to come inside. 🙂

  9. And the price for the most shocked kitty of the year goes to….

  10. I always knew that cats are smarter than any other animals. Now we have photographic proof!

  11. I don’t know, but one time I set a hat on fire by using it as a lampshade. Run for your life, puss!

  12. Amanda Lou Snow says:

    Time for lights out!

  13. Anyone else’s first thought, “OH NO, he’s gonna burn his nose!” Singed kitty nose!

  14. Subhangi says:

    It’s a great pic in terms of photography, but I admit that the thought of a cute kitty fiddling with electric devices worries me. 😦

  15. There’s no electricity in the knob to turn it on; it’s just a plastic cylinder. It would be virtually impossible for him to be electrocuted by chewing on it, he’d have to be, like, SWIMMING in saliva so that it filled the inside of the mechanism and flowed out to him. (EW.) There’s more danger of him getting hurt from knocking it down or being burned than from electricity. I have to agree, though, more charming than cute. I’m not OVERLOADED by this particular shot.

  16. E. Collison says:

    In this case, it’s the caption that’s the killer!

  17. Heh, I found myself typing what ChriChri was saying :-p

    Anyhow, my only real concern would be for the cat’s whiskers to be burned by the bulb, but at that proximity, if the kitty’s not affected, then I’d say its A-OK 🙂

  18. Tammy G. says:

    Thanks for all the comments!! And Thanks for sharing my photo of my chompy cat!!Yes,I did make the lamp, which is still a work in progress. No, nothing crazy happened to my kitty, he’s a tough “cat”. We actually rescued him from an animal hospital before being sent back to the pound about 6 months ago. He had a terrible abscess on his arm
    and the pound told the animal hospital he’s “feral” WRONG! he’s the best cat ever, purrs all day. Anyway,for some reason, he LOVES to chomp on things, boxes, shoes, Potato Chip Bags, etc. By chance, he did this,which took him about a second to do and he walked away, doing his kitty kat thing. I think he was trying to turn it off, because he has turned off the light switch in our bathroom. We’re convinced he wants to be a person. So,don’t worry yourselves so much!

  19. anaKonda says:

    My cat’s relationship with lamps is very simple and cat like, she just throws them down and breaks them!

  20. The Guy Over There says:

    “Honey, why does your mouth smell like soap?”

    “Don’t let it break the feline mood, babe.”

  21. mejezabel says:

    Why thank you Kitty….come over here and I’ll scritch yer ears

  22. my cat used to turn the lights off by batting her paw at the switch till it worked. she usually fell, or got nocked over by the effort in the process, but it was adorbs, as is this pic.

  23. StormCat says:

    This big boy looks like my “Squirt”, or as I call him “SquirtBlossom”… I love “rescue” Kitties, they are truly the best!!!

    What a sweetie your boy is!!!!

  24. If I’ve learned ONE thing from CuteOverload, it’s that most people who leave comments have NO grasp on the English language whatsoever.

    “Cat to be electrocuted, saliva it’s very conductive, please keep that cat away from outlets”

  25. The caption made me laugh out loud, which i really needed, thanks CO. 🙂

  26. tm- yeah i remember that. this picture totally reminds me of her. she would also jump up from the ground and try and switch it off. She was a really smart kitty. i misses her.

  27. how come i can’t see this picture?

  28. E. Collison says:

    Err, Frankie – Do you know Spanish? Because that’s the *1st* language of the poster you’re criticizing. (Check their e-mail address.)

    ¡Hola, Argentina!

  29. i cant see the picture. 😦

  30. Augh, Photobucket bandwidth exceeded!

  31. err….my cat is not HALF that smart if it turnig off the light. but my cat is TWICE as smart if the person who took this pic put spam on the switch.
    (i’m leaning tword half as smart at the moment.) 😛

  32. ryan mutch says:

    thats the moast cutest thing ive ever saw ive got it as my screensaver!!!!!

  33. Tammy G. says:

    YIKES!! The photo is gone…Never fear:
    See if you can see the photos there, hope this helps!

  34. thanks tammy, that cuted out my day 🙂

  35. I’m not sure I see the “cuteness” in your picture. Sorry, I don’t find it amusing either.

  36. can’t see this picture!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrr!!!