This just in: Squirrels have tongues

It’s TRUE, People! This anerable squirrel has his tongue slurping out. It’s so nice of Patty the Wildlife Rescuer to hold the water faucet on for him, it’s it?


Glugs go to Jenni H.



  1. Holy Crap!

  2. pistache268 says:


  3. BenPanced says:

    Little shweety looks so happy to be getting a drink of water!

  4. StormCat says:

    SQUIRREL TOES!!!! Look at those little toes!!! And he does indeed look happy, Ben, to be getting a drink…You can almost see him smiling… What a fantastic shot!!!!

  5. what a lucky squirrel to have a nice lady turn on the fountain for him/her!

  6. I love the little guy’s face. He looks so happy =)

  7. Jan Spencer says:

    OH my goodness, is that not the cutest?

    I almost squealed out loud with delight, but then I am reminded I am at work.

  8. Ok, the tongue part is cute, but the rest of that squirrel is creepy. I just realized that I only ever comment on things on this blog that are not cute. I think that 99% of the pictures you post are so cute that I am paralyzed and speechless at the sight of them and thus not able to comment. Example: the kitten post right before this one.

  9. Love it! I can almost hear him saying “Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………

  10. hahaha – i think that little squirrel is cute – how his little eyes are closed and how he’s holding on to the “giant” water fountain ledge. hee hee (but that hand is back!)

  11. I think there should be a cuteness rule about tongues. The bunny with the tongue sticking out is one of my favorites on this site.

  12. way cooler squirrel tongue picture here:

  13. O.M.G. So prosh!

    I can just see him, “SIGH…eeeehhhh zees ees zee life. Huummmphhh…Zee cold water calms mye nerbes after a hard day at zee office…”

  14. That picture is so great!

  15. JessJess says:

    I’d be scared he’d jump on me =X My dad used to have a squirrel that would sit on his chest and let my dad feed him peanuts.

    Lauri, the picture link you put on here is GREAT XD

  16. Ahhh! Those fingernails again!

    The squirrel is cute though.

  17. XD So content with a drink of water!


  19. oh, goodness.


    the eyes closed is the final touch.

  20. oh thanks lady with the red nail polish – i sure was thirsty

  21. Amanda Lou Snow says:

    Awwwwwwwww! Now my thirst is quinched.

  22. Dahling, we must ‘ave ze… ‘ow you zay… ze ‘eart-to-‘eart regarding ze painting of ze nails now, yes?

  23. lordofthedead says:

    That is so disgusting — those animals carry parasites

  24. You carry parasites too, dear– a lot more than you know– and the water’s going down the drain.

  25. dwarf rabbit owner too! says:

    That is cute…”Ahhh wahhatter! Shlurpcththankschshlurp… kind lady!

  26. That isnt just cute, its funny too! 😀

  27. And I just noticed that his left paw is actually lifted,like he wants to reach towards the water. How cute is that, he’s just so relaxed. What a beautiful little scene!

  28. It’s all wasted on me, I’m afraid — a pesky squirrel has been eating my crocus bulbs!

  29. E. Collison says:

    Its ears are extremely cute, too.

  30. Maria–try pouring cayenne pepper powder around your crocuses. They’ll start digging, get a nose full of the stuff, and think twice about bothering you again! (Plus, it’s harmless to them–just a little itchy heat but it goes away…)

    –TwoDragons, organic gardening fanatic supreme 😉

  31. Did that actually work for you TwoDragons? Tried that with my bird seed–was told it would bother the birds, but the squirrels hate it. Didn’t work. They just kept stealing my seed!

  32. Woods walker says:

    Cayenne pepper may irritate squirels ,but If your in bear country don’t try and use it as a repelant, it attracts the things. The squirrel looks cute also.

  33. victorygarden says:

    Try “blood meal” instead. Sprinkle it (use gloves) on top of the soil – it doesn’t wash off so fast (rather sticky) and it is good for bulbs. The squirrels hate it (also bone meal, but that tends to wash off quickly). I have to use it in my container garden or they pull out all the plants.

  34. I’ve used cayenne pepper to beat a variety of invaders, from feral cats to rodents…I just did some research and discovered that interplanting daffodil bulbs with the crocuses will keep the squirrels away too. They HATE daffodils!

    As for the bird seed, it depends on the type of feeder you’re using. If it’s open, the cayenne powder may be blown away by the wind. I don’t want to clutter up the thread, but if you e-mail me I’ll be glad to offer some other useful tips on busting the seed thieves! 🙂


  35. Subhangi says:

    The squirell’s cute all right, but what got me REALLY interested are the organic gardening tips among the comments! Thanks for the great info, guys.

  36. anna Hahm says:

    He just put on a Barry White album, didn’t he?

  37. anaKOnda says:

    Oooh, squirrel tongue…how cute with his eyes closed.
    He is totally happy!

  38. Cuuuuuute!

    Anyone know where this was taken? Looks like one of my favorite parks in Boulder, CO.

  39. the real question is do they poop? i have never seen squirrel poop.

  40. Yes, squirrels poop.
    I’m going to go out on a limb (snicker) and assume I don’t need to post a link this time.

  41. HAHAHA! Oh, I love squirrels! They’re so cute!

  42. hey.. I was looking hard at this photo set as my desk top and relized as I staired that the adorible little thing looked stuffed and placed there. view if full size I swear to god it is stuffed.

  43. hey.. I was looking hard at this photo set as my desk top and relized as I stared that the adorible little thing looked stuffed and placed there. view if full size I swear to god it is stuffed.

  44. Clover — one problem with that theory: Tongues don’t survive taxidermy.

  45. That is too cute! I wonder if she could tell he was parched.

  46. I think he looks so cute! He’s got his eyes closed, enjoying it to the max!

  47. Dude, you could have just asked ME if squirrels have tongues. I know for a fact that they do. One stuck it’s tongue out at me a few years ago.

  48. So cutesy-wootsy!

    This critter is a rock squirrel. Must have been taken in southwestern US.


    The photographer, and the picture with her discription. Not fake, not stuffed, 100% real squirrel goodness.